IL VOLO and PINO E’ by Daniela

Our boys give us many participations in important events. Tonight is the turn of the tribute concert to Pino Daniele.

We are in Naples, at the San Paolo stadium and the event is called PINO E’.

Pino 01Pino 02

The boys have just arrived, Gianluca says, “We just arrived here at the historic Stadio San Paolo, we are ready for rehearsals, good morning everyone, bye.”

PIno 03

In the afternoon, the boys are interviewed by RAI RADIO2.

Pino 04Pino 05

Piero says it is a great responsibility to remember a great artist. “The emotions are different, from one of our concerts, but we are really honored, as Ignazio said, we will work hard and we will definitely be excited.”

(The boys are asked how they chose the song they will sing, Piero answers.)

“Ignazio chose the song, because he knows all the discography of Pino Daniele, we still can not say what it is, because it will be a surprise.”

Pino 06

Then they are interviewed by Radio Italia. 

Here is a summary of their interview:

“We are very happy to be here. Pino has made the history of Italian music and blues. We apologize in advance for the Neapolitan pronunciation.”

Ignazio Boschetto is a big fan of Pino and he has paid tribute several times during the concerts of Il Volo: “He is my idol, he accompanies my days. Another Pino Daniele will not be born anymore.”

What are the songs of Pino that Il Volo likes best? “‘CAMMINA CAMMINA’ that tells a heartbreaking love story. But also the energy of ‘A me me piace’ or ‘blues’ or ‘Resta cu’ mmè.”

“Pino E’ will be a special concert also because the proceeds will go to Pino Daniele Trust Onlus, OPEN ONLUS and Save The Children. Specifically, the projects are these:

The “Passport” European project of OPEN ONLUS – an electronic passport, in multiple languages, that will allow every teenager with cancer to be assisted in Europe and to share his clinical history for research on pediatric cancer.

– The “Lights Points” project of SAVE THE CHILDREN, to combat educational poverty in minors. A physical space open to children, adolescents and their parents, coordinated by educational figures and animated by volunteers, which arises in the difficult neighborhoods of some Italian cities without services and opportunities.

In this short video, Ignazio says that Pino has represented the story, both of Neapolitan music, but of a genre that belonged only to him, he represented the beautiful part of the Italian-Neapolitan blues.

“Personally, he has been my idol, I have been listening to him for years and he accompanies me in all my days, in my daily life.”

And here they are at the trials, it is impossible to know what they will sing.

The sound is muted to not allow you to understand the song that they will sing.

Pino 07Pino 08

Interviewed by Radio Montecarlo.

Pino 09

And here we are finally at the exhibition.

UPDATE: Here is a newly published video from the concert.

“Pino is in the past and in the present and will remain in the future, because he is the greatest of all.”

Pino 10Pino 11Pino 12Pino 13Pino 14Pino 15Pino 16Pino 17Pino 18Pino 19Pino 20Pino 21Pino 22Pino 23Pino 24

And here they are for the duet song with Mario Biondi.

Pino 25Pino 26Pino 27

The show is over, the guys were good. The genre of Neapolitan music is not easy to interpret.

See you next guys !!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

16 thoughts on “IL VOLO and PINO E’ by Daniela”

  1. Thank you Daniela for putting this together. You make easier to follow the timeline of events. I remember watching Ignazio sing “Alleria “ for the first time during a concert. He cried at the end of the song because it was so emotional for him. I had never heard of Pino before but knew immediately that he must have had a huge influence on Igna. I believe Ignazio was born to sing Pino’s music. Thank you Ignazio for introducing us to this beautiful music.
    Am I correct, the dialect of Naples is different than the rest of Italy? The boys were wonderful as usual. Bravi ragazzi!

    1. You must know RoseMarie, that I too have never been a big fan of Pino Daniele, I liked his songs …. but I have to say that when I heard them sing to Ignazio, they surprised me.
      The songs of Pino, especially the sweet ones, must be almost recited, in a whisper, instead many singers were yelling last night.
      I heard “Alleria” and also “Quanno chiove” and I must say that Ignazio interprets them a thousand times better, and I’m not biased.
      You’re right the Neapolitan dialect is very different from the others and I myself can not understand it much, it is difficult to understand, but also have, the right pronunciation.
      However the guys were very good.

  2. Thank you Daniela for keeping us up to date. It is so great to see the guys back on the stage looking and sounding wonderful. An emotional evening for them. It is great to see the audience filled with young people loving their music. I hope they become icons to everyone in Italy,as Pino was.

    1. Janet, have you seen how many people?
      You must know that the Neapolitans are quite strict with those who interpret the songs of their Neapolitan culture and in particular those of Pino, but I think that last night the boys were very appreciated.

  3. This is lovely, Daniela. Grazie.
    and you presented it in a really nice way. Bravo! 😉

  4. Thank you Daniela and Pat. You guys are so on the ball ~ giving us the input straight away after the Pino event!!
    Daniela on twitter there are so many positive messages of the performance of our boys from people who saw the show.. They all mention that Il Volo rank as one of the very top performances on the Pino Daniele tribute event. Super great for our guys!!!

    1. Ineke, believe me this is the thing that made me more pleased, read these comments from fans of Pino Daniele who were at the concert, you understand, not from us fans of IL VOLO.
      Many comments say they think again about IL VOLO and appreciate how they sang.
      These are comments born from the heart, from people who, if they are not happy, do not hesitate to say it, in fact that evening many singers considered to be BIG in Italy, have been commented negatively, but for IL VOLO many positive comments. Wonderful.
      Unfortunately, the newspapers have not reported these comments, indeed, the RAI has posted on Facebook the videos of all the singers, but not of IL VOLO, that anger.

      1. Definitely a difference in the comments (positive to very positive) from the attendees of Pino E on Il Volo Facebook and the comments from those who first viewed and commented on the Noche Sin Dia video and song on the same Facebook. A welcome difference!

  5. Daniela, I follow the official IL Volo Facebook page-I check it out once a day for the latest on the guys. Is this what you mean by “What page, are you registered?” I may not understand your question-sorry? Thanks, Mark

    1. Yes, I meant this. Thanks Mark, I wanted to know if you were just following the official page or other pages.

  6. Oh such a great job writing and posting all the pictures of this wonderful night…Thank you Daniela, It is nice to know that they received praise from fans… I know that PINO E’ is a favorite of Ignazio’s… To have all three on stage I am sure was a great emotion for Ignazio… I am sure that was a dream come true for him and to have his brothers by his side made it perfect…

    1. Jeannette, my heart was really full of reading the positive comments. This that I attach to you was written on the page PINO DANIELE – IL MITO and says:
      “Honor to the guys of IL VOLO, who understood, that to make this evening magical, had to fly in the sky of San Paolo, the voice of the MYTH.”

      Pino Daniele – Il mito
      7 giugno alle ore 23:26 ·
      Onore ai ragazzi de #ILVOLO, che hanno capito che per rendere magica questa serata, doveva volare nel cielo del #SANPAOLO la voce del #MITO!

  7. Daniela, you are so good to us and we all love you for your diligence in keeping us informed. I loved all the pictures and the boys are as handsome as ever. Loved the guitar solo. You give us opportunities with your insights and hard work that we would be lost without.

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