On June 5 and 6, the WIND MUSIC AWARDS took place in Italy. This event awards Italian artists who have had the best sales during the year and also the largest number of people attending the concerts, the so-called “live” prize.

IL VOLO was expected in the second evening. The event was recorded and will be broadcast by RAI 1 on June 12 .

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca received the “live platinum” award for a presence in the Italian concerts of over 100 thousand people.

WMA 01

The guys arrived in Verona in the afternoon to take part in the rehearsals, here is the video of their arrival.



We did not know what song they would sing, usually there is only one song, and I sincerely hoped it would be “Noche sin dia,” because the Arena was full of very young people, also what better stage to present the new single?

Evidently, the refusal to listen to the single in Italy, was observed and so, the choice went to a mix between “L’Amore si muove and Grande Amore”.

They are two beautiful songs and, even if it’s just a video recorded from the top of the Arena, it’s great to see the total ensemble and to let you listen to how the audience sings with the guys “Grande Amore.”

In addition to the compliments, the guys were asked what programs they have for the future and Gianluca has confirmed that there will be BIG SURPRISES.

Of course, hearing all the people singing along with the boys makes me shiver …..

Here are two other videos taken by the public.



And here’s a special photo. The boys are in the company of Federica Andreoli, and Francesca Loy respectively they are the producer and actress of the film Un Amore Così Grande.

WMA 03WMA 04

More photos of the evening.

WMA 05WMA 06WMA 07

Good as always, the guys deserve all these prizes.

Expect other awards.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

6 thoughts on “WIND MUSIC AWARDS by Daniela”

  1. more like it… now we’re talking! this is them!
    am so relieved they sang what they sang (and not Noche sin Dia!)….. 😉

    1. Cynthia, I told you, these beautiful songs will ALWAYS part of their heritage, and even if they sing a different song or a different album, their repertoire will be even larger.
      Now they need to make new things feel, but we will NEVER get tired of listening to their beautiful songs.

      1. oh i know that, my very dear Daniela….
        am just happy not to have to hear Noche sin Dia again…..

  2. I’ve loved L’amore si muove from the first time I heard it. One of my favs. So danceable! The guys sound great, and I love Ignazio’s curly locks!

    Congratulations, guys, on a so-well-deserved award. Happy to see your Italian audience thoroughly enjoying their compatriots.

    Makes me think of IL VOLO concert in Taormina (was it 2014?). Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te… ahhh! The whole audience singing along, and their lights swaying to the music. I feel it in my being as if I was there!

    Wind Music Awards 2018 ~ what a sweet time!

    Love and celebration,

    1. Jeanine, I too love “L’amore si muove” and also “Grande Amore”, let’s say I love IL VOLO and all that Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio sing us with their beautiful voices.
      Yes, it was a well deserved reward.

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