IL VOLO and ELVIS by Daniela

14 June 2018 – Milano Forum

The only Italian stage presentation of “Elvis – A wonder of you”, the tribute to the King of Rock, currently touring the world to remember the singer at forty years (forty-one, to be exact) from his passing.

Elvis and Teddy Bears

On the stage there was a 70-piece symphony orchestra that performed live all the historical pieces of Presley’s repertoire, accompanied by Elvis’s original voice – which was also on video through a vertical maxi screen that rose in the middle of the stage.

Elvis singing

The evening was hosted by Priscilla Presley, former wife of the singer, who recounted memories and anecdotes of Elvis’ life. A special guest was IL VOLO. This is how the trio of “Grande Amore” commented on their participation in the event:

“It will be an extraordinary emotion for us, to get on the stage of the Forum with a large orchestra and sing a song by a legendary artist like Elvis. We have known Priscilla Presley for a few years and it was an honor for us to accept this invitation to participate on some songs this evening.”

IL VOLO and PriscillaIL VOLO and Priscilla laughing

Here is the original article:

Rockal Article – click here

This is the promotional video made by Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio.

In this video, the guys thank Priscilla Presley and say they are honored to attend the concert.

Here are the guys at the tests, in the afternoon.

IL VOLO sound check

And here we are in the evening. We have known that the boys will do only one song, too bad, it would have been nice to hear Gianluca in his beautiful solos on Elvis’ songs.

It begins….

Start of show

Here is the video of the boys. They sang only one song, “O sole mio”, in English/Italian, they were very elegant and impeccable. Priscilla presented them as his dear friends.

Thanks to AAIV for the beautiful video.

So much waiting for one song, but they were very good as usual.

Did you like their performance?

I was satisfied with them but I would have preferred more songs, especially Gianluca.

What do you think?


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17 thoughts on “IL VOLO and ELVIS by Daniela”

    1. Loretta, finally, but where were you?
      I was a little worried, I did not read your comments anymore.
      Then? You’re happy to come back in concert next year.
      However I agree with you, IL VOLO are the best!

    1. Thank you Rose Marie, you know that I have a weakness for Ignatius, but as he was able to perform with a little song at Pino’s concert, I wanted Gian to perform in a little piece by Elvis.

  1. I agree with your comments Daniela. Gianluca captures Elvis very well without trying to become Ellvis. I too would have liked to have seen them do more than just one song.

    1. Absolutely true Jeanette.
      Unfortunately, the Italian fans of Elvis, are very exclusive and would not like other songs, in particular from the voice of Gianluca. Too bad, they do not understand anything.

  2. It is never enough to hear just one song. Keep on digging Daniela and see if you find out if the boys have new romances. It has been a hard summer not being able to see and hear them at different concerts. What happened to the release of their new CD?. Maybe they are waiting to release it at the end of the year or before they start their 2019 Tour.

    1. Gina, look, it’s really something incomprehensible, we Italians can not even understand why Italy was excluded from the transmission of the video of Noche Sid Dia, however the CD was made and it is not clear when it will be published. There was also a lot of talk about a CD for the tenth year, I do not think it’s the Latin one, so there’s hope of a new CD of their beautiful pop-lyric music.
      As for the concerts, I understand you, in fact these 5 concerts that they do in Italy, and these participations in other concerts, are a godsend for us fans.

  3. Thank you Daniela for caring I am always reading what others are saying on this site about our precious treasures. I dont want to miss a thing. Nice to hear they are going to be touring next year but from what I am hearing there may be a problem crossing the border. I so hope that news is wrong. I hope Il Volo will make Canada one of their countries they will come to, then I will be in seventh heaven. There are so many times I have wished I lived in the states. I have to phone a couple of stores to see if I can get Il Volo’s newest CD or DVD or has it been released yet. Hope life is condinuing to make you & hubby successful & comfortable. I appreciate you thinking of me. God bless you

    1. The last published single was NOCHE SIN DIA.
      For now there is nothing else, but if there will be news of new CDs, we will notify you immediately.
      Of course I think of you and I’m happy to hear from you.
      A hug.

  4. Thanks Daniela you have given me a boost for sure I am going to meet you some day wherever you are. You are a super lady. GREAT BIG HUG BACK

  5. Hi Penina you are doing a great job keepng us posted with all your information. I am in Brantford now a few miles away from Toronto so don’t go to the city at all BUT as soon as I hear of Il Volo concert I will be there with bells on.

    1. I sure hope they come to Canada/Toronto on their next tour!
      And I also hope they don’t kick off the new tour in the middle of winter like they did last time. Management should learn from experience!
      And when oh when will that CD come out? We’re tired of waiting for it!

      1. Hi Penina, it’s a bit ‘that I do not hear you too, at the concert of Marostica, if I have the opportunity to talk with the guys, I will say that in Canada they are waiting for them.
        A hug.

      2. ThanksDaniela😊😊❤️❤️ we were so disappointed last tour that they did not come toToronto or for that matter anywhere in Canada.

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