And here we are also at the concert of RADIO ITALIA, the great concert was held in Milan in Piazza del Duomo.

RI Milano Piazza del DuomoRI Milano Duomo

The boys arrived in the afternoon for rehearsals.

RI MilanoRI Milano 02RI Milano 03RI Milano 04RI Milano 05RI Milano 06RI Milano 07RI Milano 08

And here’s the short video of the rehearsals, they will sing L’AMORE SI MUOVE and GRANDE AMORE !!


Mamma mia, how beautiful they are !!!

I would have liked to have been there, but I think I saw them much better from my television than in that screaming crowd !!

But it’s a show !!

So the boys were interviewed.

Usual questions, nothing new.

RI Milano 09


RI Milano 10


RI Milano 11

And finally here we are in the evening.

The Piazza is very full, the wait is spasmodic.

Seventeen singers have already performed, now it’s their turn, the fantastic PIERO, IGNAZIO and GIANLUCA, in two words IL VOLO.


RI Milano 12RI Milano 13RI Milano 14RI Milano 15RI Milano 16RI Milano 17RI Milano 18RI Milano 19

Immediately after the performance the boys were interviewed by Gordon backstage.

After the pleasantries, Gordon says that it is the first time that IL VOLO has taken part in a Radio Italia concert (in reality, although it is only an Italian radio, it never transmits the songs of IL VOLO and NEVER invited them to their concerts, Daniela).

The boys confirm that they are happy to be there and they say the audience was singing well.

Gordon warns them that in the afternoon, during the rehearsals, there was a live on Facebook, IL VOLO had the peak of views on Facebook.

The boys are very happy and hope to have had positive comments, and Gordon says they have ONLY had positive comments.

After an exchange of jokes and laughter, Gordon asks what they feel, to bring Italy to a high level, because they are our flag-holders.

Ignazio says that it is not easy, because sometimes there are many prejudices, he says that they do not make a strictly classical genre, but this is what reflects them, that represents them and that is really appreciated by the public all over the world.

Piero says that they must thank the Italians anyway, because even if they are almost 10 years into their career, in Italy they only started to be followed for the last 5 years.

They end up laughing and joking.

RI Milano 20

But the thing that I personally liked the most was a comment on Paoletta’s Twitter.

Paoletta is a radio speaker, long ago, while on the radio they were broadcasting the song by Nek, she commented that Nek was the moral winner of Sanremo 2015. I was very sad and angry.

Here is his tweet from last night:

#Twitter @Paoletta_F Grande impatto, Piazza Duomo abbraccia @ilvolo. Per me è LA prima volta che li sento live e ho voglia di un concerto! @GianGinoble @IBoschetto @piero_barone #RILIVE @RadioItalia 🔊🗣#IlVolo #IlVoloSicilia grazie per la condivisione

I translate:

Great impact, Piazza Duomo embraces IL VOLO.
For me it’s the first time I hear them live, and I want a concert.

And also this comment on twitter of MUSICA TV OFFICIAL:

#Twitter @MusicaTvOfficial
Unico grande amore: e piazza Duomo tira fuori la voce! @ilvolo @GianGinoble @IBoschetto @piero_barone #RILIVE @RadioItalia 🇮🇹❤

I translate:

Unique GRANDE AMORE and Piazza Duomo brings out the voice: IL VOLO.

And finally an article that speaks well of our boys and their performance:

RadioItalia Article – click here

In Piazza Duomo also “L’AMORE SI MUOVE”: only applause for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

It’s time for another first time to RADIO ITALIA LIVE – THE CONCERT: on stage in Piazza Duomo, in Milan, IL VOLO debuts.

The power of the voices of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca resounds throughout the square: “L’AMORE SI MUOVE” in the audience, right in front of the Milan Cathedral. The trio takes in the applause of the crowd, full of amazement for the three prodigy boys.

“It’s time to sing together”: so IL VOLO anticipates their encore in “GRANDE AMORE”. One by one, the three singers walk the entire catwalk and approach the audience: first Gianluca, then Ignazio and finally Piero. “You are my only big love” is the statement that the trio launches with force and enthusiasm to all the spectators, who return with a full voice singing the piece that, in 2015, had triumphed at the Sanremo Festival.

The phenomenal voices of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca come together in a shivering finale. Then, the trio intones the refrain again to hear one last time the impressive choir of Piazza Duomo. “Hurray, the music!” Is the cry that closes the show.

RI Milano 21

What to say, it was simply fantastic, the guys were amazing and people reacted by singing.

The people present, not all fans of the IL VOLO, could hear and appreciate the magnificent voices of the boys.

I feel very proud.

Tell me your thoughts.



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

54 thoughts on “IL VOLO / RADIOITALIA by Daniela”

  1. Thanks a million Daniela for bringing us this concert, the Boys were truly fantastic, and their popularity grows day by day. Having been to Milan several times ,I can only imagine what it was like to be actually there. Their appearance enriches every concert and guarantees a huge audience. I wish we in USA could look forward to some concerts soon. !!!. Again many thanks Daniela, for the translations and pictures.

    1. Hi Marion, I’m sorry that my live connection with the concert failed.
      It was a nice concert but what a bore to wait, the guys were almost at the end.
      They were amazing !!
      A hug.

      1. Hi Daniela. I think having the Boys at the end is a clever calculation as this ensures an audience for the whole concert. I truly think that if they were at the beginning, after their performance, some of the audience would possibly leave , especially if the other artists were not very popular. The Boys have such a great following.

    1. Joan was fantastic, also because this type of concert is done every year, but IL VOLO, has never been invited. I would say that that evening IL VOLO was noticed!

  2. Good morning Daniela. I followed the Radio Italia in that beautiful setting, Piazza Del Duomo and enjoyed it. In following IL Volo Facebook and IL Volo Mundial, the favorable comments were a plenty and great to see. What comes through clearly day to day on those two facebooks is the “foundation fans”, the ‘true blue” fans from the beginning of their career and more along the way, who almost crave and beg ,through their comments, the Popera, Classical Pop, Lyrical pop or what ever the correct term is for the music that brought all those fans to IL Volo in the first place. They seemingly want to know that the boys will give them their share of this genre always in the future. It’s nice that the guys want to try other projects, such as Latin Pop, Pino E, Elvis or Uomini Soli and I understand that they are young, but I think they have to accept the fact that their genius and brilliance as performers is more like Notte Magica, with which they won over millions of fans, myself included-this is who they really are and the Brand has stuck. Ignazio alluded to the fact that they are viewed in Italy as mostly classical and they are stuck with that brand. I really can’t see them winning over the real young age group, but if they do, it would be great. They have reached back into the past and brought forward to the present beautiful music with handsome voices and won over millions of “for ever” fans. My thoughts-maybe I think too much on this topic.

    1. Mark, I’m glad you enjoyed the concert in the beautiful Piazza del Duomo, of course it’s a beautiful sight, the square overflowing with people and behind the splendid Duomo di Milano.
      It is true, Ignazio mentioned the fact that in Italy they are seen as those who perform classical music ONLY, but he also said that their genre (pop-lyric or classic-pop) is what represents them and also that it is much loved from the public all over the world.
      Understand Mark, the boys know very well that this is their style, the other things they face, are demonstrative, to show that they can do this and more. This is why I do not accept when the fans, especially those who are affectionate, make bad comments, indeed they should support them, because the boys are not at all stupid, they know well what is their strong point.

      1. Daniela and Gina: I guess I must seem a bit out of step with with the young performers of today and their dress and performance styles. And if I don’t know the “Boys” as well as I thought, then I will have to depend on those of you who do, so I hopefully won’t embarrass myself too much in my comments or, at the very least, be better informed. My foremost image of them is Notte Magica in my mind-the first time I saw them and I have trouble thinking outside the box when they do something different. Thanks

      2. Mark, you absolutely must not apologize.
        You follow the guys from Magic Night and this is the idea you have of them.
        You have to believe me, we all admired them in the Magic Night, I was present in Florence, at the very first Magic Night and it was a wonderful show.
        But for those who knew Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca from before, he immediately thought that they were a little forced, in attitudes, because the most beautiful thing about them in their concerts, in addition to the magnificent voices, is the direct contact they have with the public, It’s something that not all artists can do, and the guys do it very well.
        This beautiful contact, in Magic Night, could not be there because the program was very serious.
        But if you go to their concert, you will surely appreciate their way of acting with the audience.
        As for the clothes they wear, the guys know when to be elegant, and when to be sporty or even trendy (torn jeans), and I find that they are always pleasant, never too exaggerated.
        Saturday will be guests at an event for the Agnes award, we bet they will be elegant? It depends on the context. They are multi-faceted.

        Gina, do you agree with me?

    2. Mark, i very much appreciate your truthful, straightforward opinions.
      i would think several of us do.
      you are not at all embarrassing yourself.

      1. Thank you both. When I first saw the setting where they would be performing with the cathedral lighted and the beautiful square, I just assumed it would be a bit formal. Until Daniela explained today, I had never given much thought to the fact that the guys, of course, sing in different venues, from formal, casual and very casual and would dress accordingly-so, when I saw Gian with his kneecaps sticking out of holes in his pants I was a bit shocked, but should have reasoned this out for myself. Their performance was great just the same. I’m learning the new ways slowly-thanks to you.

  3. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures. I so appreciate keeping up with the guys who I so dearly love–who knows how long I have to enjoy them since I will be 81 in Aug. Many, many thanks. Arlene

    1. Arlene, what are you talking about? You will follow them again for a lot, do not limit yourself.
      You always follow us, and our beautiful guys will always keep you company and then next year they come to you.

  4. Daniela you bring the boys closer with all your translated articles. The boys seem to have become more relaxed and seem to enjoy their appearances. I think last year they had to be so proper during their Tree Tenor tour that they are happy to just be themselves. Ignazio especially is more himself. He was that way before he or the management made him more “proper:. I love him happy and being funny.
    Gianluca seems also be more relaxes and interacting with the audience. Piero is becoming more and more handsome. He is the “father” of the group.

    1. Gina, I do agree that the boys seem more relaxed and enjoying themselves, but I think what really put them on the world map, was their youth with mature, handsome voices, clean cut appearance and those Armani suits. This was the magic that made everyone sit up and take notice. When they perform in very casual clothes with holes in their pants, it lumps them in with too many of the so called status quo young performers and the magic may get diminished . They need to keep their magic front and center in this very competitive music crazed world. For what it’s worth.

      1. Mark I am sure when they start the Tour next year they will dress more conventional. It depends what genre they will choose to celebrate their 10thy ear in music. South America, Mexico and Miami love them more relaxed since they seem to get a younger audience.
        The management knows that some of the US audience only wants the more serious music. I am 82 and finally came to a point in my life where I seem to allow everyone to do their thing. It took me a long time not to judge. I do still slip once in a while. I love the young men for who they are and want to support in what ever music they choose.
        I even tapped my feet while listening to thei Video of “Noche Si Dia”

      2. It’s true Mark, but last year the guys at the Wind Music Awards, showed up wearing Armani and they sang Nessun Dorma, I found them a little out of place, the next night, they put on casual clothes and they sang GRANDE AMORE going down in the audience, and the public reacted.
        With this I do not want to say that they no longer have to wear too elegant clothes or sing classical songs, not at all, everything depends on the context.
        They can be elegant, but also sporty, sing classical and sing pop. How wonderful, few can do it.

    2. GIna, I agree with you, the boys are certainly more at ease in this role, we remember that at the beginning of Magic Night, we all said that we were missing their jokes in public during the concerts and their improvised with the public.
      Surely this way of doing brings them closer to the young.

  5. Thank you once again for this amazing post and translation Daniela !! Bravo Il Volo !! They sang last but not least !! They had the thousands of people in the auduence in the palm of their hands singing “Grande Amore” along with them !! I found it very emotional and was ecstatic for them !! They just keep better and better and more relaxed when they perform !! I will love them forever no matter what genre they sing !! I miss them so much and can’t wait until I can hug them again at their new concerts here in America !!

    1. Joaniefl2 is really a joy, to see them so happy and see how many people are dragged by their voices.
      It is something that fills me with happiness.

  6. Thank you Daniela. The article was excellent. I’m so glad Il Volo is receiving the recognition they deserve in Italy.

    1. You know Jeanette, when you see so many people listening to you and you’re not in your concert, where there are definitely your fans, but people who are critical of you and who have never listened to you are listening to you ………. I would say that it is a beautiful result, if you see that you are appreciated.

  7. Daniela thanks so much for a fantastic job of bringing this whole cpncert to us, You are fantastic & so dedicated we are so fortunate to have your expertise.

  8. Daniela we cannot thank you enough for all the translations of Italian thoughts about the guys. It helps us understand what is being said and what is going on in Italy.
    The 2 songs they sang in this concert were great and the crowd clearly loved it. I especially loved it when Piero started the acapella version of Grande Amore to hear the audience singing. That brought smiles to their faces. I am so happy that they are now embraced by the Italian public (even thought RAI does not play their music). If I remember correctly, it took a few years for Italians to warm up to them because they were considered “old School”. But seeing the crowds they attract now and the warm response they get is really wonderful, and must make the boys happy to finally have a major following in their home country. They are so charismatic on stage and this casual presentation of their music really suits them. I do not care what they sing, I love it , and love to see them moving around the stage and interacting with the fans.
    As an aside I read this morning that Piero is sitting for some college type exams to get his degree in business because he promised his parents in the beginning that he would do this. What a guy! I admire him for his talent, intelligence and drive.
    Thanks again for all you do for the Crew.

    1. Yes Janet, you’re right about everything, the guys showed affection for the audience and the audience responded with affection. They are very charismatic and although they are young, we consider them more mature than the boys of their age.
      But I think they have the strength to attract crowds with varying ages, and this is not for many.
      I read of Piero and I respect him even more for what he is doing, I think I will do a little bit about this.

  9. Oh , one more thing-they looked fantastic, especially Igna with a few of those new curls escaping to decorate his forehead. He also looked kind of healthy tan. They all have grown into beautiful swans.

  10. Wonderful summary of this event. The setting was spectacular as were their voices. Never get tired of watching them dazzle a crowd and what must that feel like when thousands of voices sing right along with you? Intense joy I would imagine!!
    Thanks Daniela and Pat.😄 (Jane)

    1. Dearest Jane, I hope that in Marostica there will be a beautiful chorus like this, I am already preparing my voice, you will see my videos and you will hear my voice. Kisses.

  11. Thank you Daniela for putting this all together in one place. They were wonderful, our boys, They have shown how multifaceted they are and how able they are to cross many genres of music. I think they are the best ever, past present and future. I’ve been around a very long time and have listened to every kind of music and I’m sure thousands of singers. None have ever given me the thrill that these three young men have. They do so much more than entertain us. We have loved them as young boys and now as young men. What a joy it has been to watch them grow and mature. Grazie mille, Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio.

    1. Yes RoseMarie, they have demonstrated all their freshness, they have been great.
      The thing that I liked the most is the comment from the Speacker radio Paoletta, now that he has heard their voices live, he would like to hear their concert.
      We know well that when you hear those voices …… it’s like the siren song, you can not do without it.

      But then are you here ???

  12. Thanks so much Daniela for the videos of Il Volo singing and the interviews in the Piazza del Duomo in Milan. It is such a beautiful setting for the concert and Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca looked and sounded great! It’s nice to know they are continuing to win over some of their critics. I don’t know how anyone can not love them once they hear them sing and especially seeing them perform in a concert.

    1. It’s really an impossible thing, Margaret, but I think this concert has won more hearts and I’m happy.

  13. Laney, thank you for posting the you tube video.
    I get very angry when I see the comments and are almost all foreigners, but the Italians where they are ????
    But, if they have to comment to be bad, better they are quiet, these guys deserve so much.

    1. Thank you, I too loved the video, focusing on IL VOLO! I only like to see supportive comments! SO ignore the ignorant opinions, below the,vidrowhich is all they are! Not the facts or the truth!

  14. Once again Daniela you have supplied us with the best pictures, videos and article about our guys and their performance at the RADIOITALIA CONCERT… It was so well written and gave such a rave review of how Il Volo was accepted by the audience…Watching it and seeing the crowd singing Grande Amore with them not only touched my heart but actually brought tears to my eyes… Italy has taken such a long time to embrace their National Treasure “Il Volo”… To finally see them get the adulation they so deserve from the Italian audience and when it is not even their own concert was a sight to behold for us most ardent fans who think they deserve nothing but grand reviews from the critics and praise from everyone who hears their music in Italy… I feel that they are coming closer to that dream coming true … I pray that it does… Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca love their country and share their love of Italy with the world… It would be wonderful for them to come home from an Around The World Tour to fan faire and parades in their honor for the great work they do in sharing the beauty of Italy to the world… If that is not enough, the work that they do for the less fortunate shows just how wonderful they are beyond their beautiful voices and handsome looks… They have a heart as big as the world that they tour, and the people of Italy should be so proud of these three amazing Ambassadors of Italia…

    1. Thanks Jeannette, I completely share everything you have written.
      It was really exciting to see that crowd singing loudly with the boys.
      Jeannette I just found this video, is the maestro of the concert, that in the afternoon, waiting for the guys of the Flight, plays Grande Amore and directs the audience. Look at it, it’s beautiful.
      This song has entered everyone’s heart.

      1. I also wanted to tell you that the photo of Ignazio near Piero and the one after, with two hands from the audience that make the heart to the guys, are from Deborah, she sent me immediately after the concert, she was good !!

      2. Thank you! This video is ahhhsome! I hope our guys get to see it someday! Know the are sooo well loved by many! …& me!

      3. It’s really fantastic, Laney, and the conductor had a good idea, directing an unexpected chorus.

  15. Prepare to close your ears because these guys who were present in the audience in Piazza Duomo, really jarring a lot.
    When the boy recognizes the song, he is happy because it is his mother’s favorite song, while he sings, dedicates it to his mother and says “I miss you so much”. Really very sweet …… then, maybe the phone fell !!

    1. oh ha ha ha! Daniela, this is perhaps the video you were referring to when you asked me if I saw the last video you posted. i saw the one just above this, and i thought that was what you meant.
      this is so sweet. of that young boy. brings a smile to my heart.

      and thank you that you emphasized to us, that this is not their concert, they are guests here…. and that the audience are not necessarily there for them, but perhaps for the other guests….
      and yes, i can see – our guys were very well-received by the crowd!

      1. Yes, Cynthia, this was the video I was referring to, these guys in the audience are really out of tune !!!

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