Perhaps it seems to you that IL VOLO in this period is resting ……… not at all !!

These guys are tireless, they spin like spins. They have participated in different events, but let’s recap well together.

That Energy 01

Tuesday 26 June, RAI1 broadcast the recording of the third evening of the WIND MUSIC AWARDS, is a recorded event, but there are new interviews.

Here they are:

The boys are asked about new projects, but they do not say anything new, they just say that there are many projects and then they talk about their next five concerts.

And here is their recorded performance.

But we, live,  left IL VOLO at the Milano concert, after which, Piero returned to Sicily because, as you have all read, he started school exams to get the diploma. Poor Piero, managed to do the two written exams, and then flew to Sorrento, where he found Ignazio, arrived together with Torpedine, arrived from Bologna, and Gianluca, arrived with Ercole from Montepagano.

They participated in the PREMIO AGNES event, and finally Wednesday in RAI1 broadcast the video of the evening.

There it is.

The video brings together the two performances of the boys, who opened the evening with the beautiful CARUSO, sung impeccably, a pity that they made the shorter version of the beautiful song.

Then the boys concluded the event singing GRANDE AMORE, but first they received from the mayor of Sorrento, a wonderful recognition.

This is a sculpture in terracotta depicting the door of Sorrento, with three singers below, practically the three boys of IL VOLO. Really very nice this award, the boys are very happy, this award was not absolutely expected so it was a pleasant surprise.

That Energy 02

That Energy 03

Immediately after the PREMIO AGNES, Piero had to return immediately to Sicily to finish the school exams and the other two returned to Montepagano and Bologna.

The same evening that the PREMIO AGNES was broadcast in RAI1 (Wednesday),

Gianluca with Torpedine and Bartoletti, was engaged in Fano, at PASSAGGI FESTIVAL, an event dedicated to publishing, where he was presented the book of Torpedine and the new book by Bartoletti. The presence of Gianluca has attracted many people in the square of Fano.

That Energy 04

That Energy 05

That Energy 06

That Energy 07

And so we arrived on Thursday, and a message arrives on the various pages fans …….. IL VOLO will be present at LA VITA IN DIRETTA, a live program on RAI1.

And here they are, Torpedine in the studio and connected by Firenze Gianluca and Ignazio, so the guys are in Firenze, but Piero is not there.

Nice interview conducted by Barbara di Palma.

(I had the opportunity to talk with Barbara from Palma in Milan and she told me that she really loves the guys and if someone speaks badly of them she pulls out her nails to defend them, Daniela.)

The boys and Barbara joke about the lack of Piero, then Ignazio says that Piero remained in Sicily because he got the diploma, everyone is happy for the result and compliments Piero. Ignazio jokingly says, that now Piero, with his diploma, can look for a job!!

That Energy 08

Both Gianluca and Ignazio, remember that they were lucky to have an impresario like Torpedine, whom they value and to whom they love very much.

They also say that there will be many surprises for next year but they never reveal anything more.

The presenters try to find out from the boys some of the surprises for next year and Barbara says that maybe they can not reveal anything, so the cunning presenters say that Torpedine has asserted that they can unveil something. Ignazio answers and immediately says, “I do not think Torpedine has consented” and everyone laughs because Ignazio did not let himself be trapped by the presenters.

That Energy 09

Gianluca says that IL VOLO is the representative of the BEL CANTO, but that the times change and they are young, so they will try to keep up with the times to please young people too, so they want to renew themselves and have their repertoire.

Ignazio says that they do not want to distort what they are, they want to keep what is IL VOLO, in short, stay in the pop-lyric, in the wake of GRANDE AMORE.

Gianluca and Ignazio, end the interview by announcing that they are in Florence to participate in a football game for charity Cure2Children Foundation.

The blue won, 5 to 4. Three goals scored to Gianluca and one Ignazio.

But these guys are good at everything!

That Energy 10

Damn, but these guys never stop! But how many energies do they have?

Guys, try to rest because next year, for the tenth anniversary, we want to see wonderful things and you will need lots of energy !!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. The sight looks so good. Daniela as usual a great post. Thanks for your hard work to bring us all the translated information.

  2. This is wonderful, Daniela! You brought together the time frame of events as how each happened! Our precious Trio have been busy!!! With more important activities to come!!! Amore a tutti! ❤️. ❤️. ❤️

    1. Anne, I am delighted to know that you have enjoyed this weekly summary of our guys’ activities.
      They never stop.
      Thank you.

  3. I had a good laugh when I read the Igna said Piero, with his hew diploma, can now go out and get a job. He has such a good sense of humor and they seem to love kidding each other. Thanks for the information and my laugh for the day.

    1. Janet, you’re right, Ignazio has a very strong sense of humor, I laughed a lot when he said it !!

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