Something is Happening by Daniela

The guys have just returned to Bologna after the holidays with their families, that they are posted some photos that send all the fans into raptures.

Here are the pictures, posted by the official website of IL VOLO.

Something 01

Something 02

O MY GOD, the guys are in the recording room!

What are starting to affect the new record for the decennial (10 year anniversary)??

It would be really beautiful!!!

But the most beautiful picture is undoubtedly this.

Something 03

My friend Valeria, who you already know very well, made a long comment about this photo, which I’m now going to translate.

I stayed a few minutes to admire this photo. All the photos of the boys, both together and individually, are beautiful, it’s indisputable, but there are some photos that through the image, are particularly eloquent, communicate a meaning so meaningful that lead us to stop and reflect. In this photo, there is not IL VOLO, but Il Volomusic, there are not only the three guys with the wonderful voice, beautiful, lively and funny that we are used to seeing on the stages of the whole world, but there is “team”, the formidable team that has produced dozens of masterpieces for us, masterpieces that we all have in our ears, in our minds, our hearts.

A photo that lends itself to different levels of reading, there is the plan of the “group”, the three guys sitting next to each other, forming a circle of work, to which many other people participate, but which is true and productive at the highest level only when they are three, to study, to agree songs, rhythms, assonances, virtuosity!

Then there is the plan of friendship, a strong friendship, which goes beyond everything and everyone, the three of them who speak, listen and understand each other, strong in a life together, strong in suffering, in toil, of sorrows, but also of joys and triumphs together!

Finally there is the plan of simplicity and naturalness, three boys dressed in some way, smiling at each other, and in this way they smile to life and to the future.

Come on guys, we are thousands who expect great things from you, this image in your place of work makes us foretaste a new season of great music, “your” music, which as always will enlarge our hearts!


Something 04

What to say, Valeria expresses so well the things we all feel.

I only know that when I saw this beautiful picture, I was invaded by a really great emotion, the guys are in the recording room, something is happening …….. and see them, so, as neighbors, FRIENDS . . . it fills my heart with so many beautiful and positive things.

Come on guys, let us be amazed, we are waiting for you and we will support you in your projects.


Credit to owners of photos.
Last image is from Mollysianna.

17 thoughts on “Something is Happening by Daniela”

  1. I love this picture . I also feel that Ignazio has become less ‘shy’ and is becoming comfortable being in the circle. To me it seemed that he always stood back while Gianluca and Piero had the forefront..

    1. Ignazio has never been shy while he is on stage. I just think he is just a private person.

      1. I don’t think he’s ever been shy with his “brothers” either. I honestly don’t know how anyone can think he is shy with the other two.

    2. Gina, I also love this picture, and I think it has done to all, the same effect.
      I think Ignazio was never shy with the other two, in fact, when they met him at “Ti Lascio una canzone”, they immediately realized that he was the most impetuous and the one who had the most friends.

  2. What a wonderful description of the boy’s relationship. Valerie is really sensitive in seeing the relationship that has developed with the boys. They’re all individuals and yet they have a bond that is so strong, I sincerely look forward to whatever they were in the recording studio for. I have hopes that they will honor us with more of their voices. Thank you for being on top of everything and keeping us informed. Daniela… You are an angel!

    1. Thanks Victoria, an angel, who exaggerated ..
      You’re right, Valeria is very good at perceiving the relationships that unite these guys, it’s really a gift that she has, and to her, comes spontaneously, I love how she writes.
      I too can not wait to hear what they are planning for us !!!

  3. Daniela I feel very honored that you look after this site & us so well by the pictures & comments you send us about our precious trio. My heart is full everytime I read & see the pictures you post. No one does it better. I look forward to meeting you in the near future & hopefully it will be soon. God bless you & your wonderful husband.

    1. Loretta, you know, I’d be so happy to meet you.
      Thank you so much for your compliments.
      I read the comment to my husband and he said “but I did not do anything”.
      A hug

      1. Daniela, your husband said “ but I did not do anything” we love you, so we automatically love him too.
        Thank you for the pictures of the guys. Hugs

      2. Jill, thank you so much.
        I will report to my husband ….. that he shines with reflected light …. ha ha ha !!
        A kiss

  4. They are getting ready for the next phase of their career and I can hardly wait to see what they have in store for their fans. They love keeping us in suspense!

  5. you’re very quick on the uptake, Daniela…. something IS happening….
    love that pic that Valeria commented on….

  6. I love the picture of the three of them together. Talking things out together so they get exactly what they want in the studio. I can’t wait till they surprise in their 10th year anniversary should be awesome because I know the boys are just that AWESOME

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