The first of five summer concerts this year in Italy has begun, in Asti.

In these days, several journalistic articles have announced the arrival of the boys, presenting them as true stars, they had never been in concert at Asti.

Let’s start with the soundcheck.

And here they are, ready to start, beautiful and elegant.

Asti 1

Asti 2

Thus the “Volomania” infects all the public in Piazza Cattedrale. Accompanied by the Symphonic Orchestra of Asti, the three tenors of Il Volo and their repertoire of “Magic Night: A Tribute to Three Tenors” – a tribute to Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Josè Carreras.

Asti 3

Asti 4

Asti 5

Asti 6

Asti 7

The program seems to repeat the program of NOTTE MAGICA of Florence.

Directed by the master Marcello Rota.

Some amateur videos have arrived, the first one, which is out on stage, of the boys, has no audio. The others yes, we listen to some songs.






Asti 8

Asti 9


But they also sang IL MONDO:


Attention to this next video:

LIBIAM NE LIETI CALICI begins and Gian looks for words on the musical score and does not find the page. Starting slightly late, he does not remember the words, then makes a sign to the guys who understand, Ignazio and Piero go on in his part and at the end Ignazio hugs him.

It can happen to anyone, but this gesture by Ignazio and Piero is wonderful !!


Asti 11

IL VOLO with the municipal council of ASTI

IL VOLO with the municipal council of ASTI

In the afternoon, the guys with Torpedine presented the book RICOMINCIO DAI TRE.

Asti 9b

Another really nice thing is that last night on the streets of Asti were hanging messages that said:







Another thing to report, the friend of Ignazio, Roberto Amade published this post:

“I really want to do a big good luck to my little brother Ignazio and my friends of Il Volo who will perform tonight in Asti, near my house !! I will not be there but with the heart I will be there ….. and who else can go because it is a really beautiful show!”

Asti 9c

I would say that the boys had an extremely long and heavy day, and there was also a little rain at the beginning of the concert.

They will be tired but certainly happy for this beautiful concert.

……. and in a few days it’s up to me !!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


19 thoughts on “IL VOLO IN ASTI CONCERT by Daniela”

  1. Certainly no shortage of fans present-looks like a packed house! I predict this series of concerts will win over even more Italian media and journalists with this wonderful program-what more could they want ? It’s near perfection! For those of us who can’t be there, it’s a big tease. Daniela, two questions: why does Ignazio end up wearing a T shirt-too hot on stage? And totally unrelated: What does the word tutti mean?
    Great coverage-thanks! Looking forward to your impressions of Marostica!

    1. Mark, you saw, the boys are very popular here in Italy too. Asti strongly wanted IL VOLO and was enthusiastic about it.
      As for Ignazio, you must know that the concert is composed of two parts, the lyric and the pop. When the lyrical part ends, the guys take off their jackets and become less formal, Ignazio went into the back and he put on a simple shirt, even their gestures become more friendly. Remember, we talked about it, they adapt to the various moments.

      TUTTI, is an adjective like your all. For us there is TUTTO that is singular and TUTTI that is plural, for you it is just ALL.

      I will report everything about Marostica !!

  2. Thanks Daniela. Some of the fan videos appeared on my Facebook and I loved hearing the boys finally together and singing again.

  3. Hi Daniela: It may be a little late in coming but kudos to those responsible for the new look of the site!! A “Big Thank You” for your wonderful coverage of our “Guys'” activities playful & serious !! Watching the video of Gianluca missing his music like true professionals that they all are, they carried on it seems without too much frustration!! Loved Ignazio’s “it is okay Gianluca hug”!! And what a good friend Roberto Amade is to Ignazio & Ignazio to him! You most likely saw a picture of Ignazio taking time out from his busy schedule at the time to visit Roberto Amande & his wife in the hospital where she had just given birth!
    They truly are three very special young men!!

    1. Hi Annette, I must tell you that you have noticed all the gestures that I like about these guys, the friendship that unites them and that comes to help when one of them forgets something, the gesture of affection, in the embrace, the comment Amadè, what to say there is a healthy friendship in all these guys.
      I remember well the visit of Ignazio, when the wife of Amadè gave birth, there was a post here on this topic.

    1. Dear Jill, you’ll be comfortable, as we go along to the concert, you’ll see you’ll have fun and hope to be able to approach these young beautiful and talented guys.

  4. I never get tired of listening to or watching the wonderful video clips of “our” young men. They are truly gifted and I thank the people around them for letting us be the receivers of their gifts. So excited for you Daniela, your big day is coming.

    1. Thanks RoseMarie, if you want I still have a place available in maccchina, near Jill, come both, we will have fun!
      Nobody gets tired of listening to these guys !! They are simply delicious.

  5. What a lovely concert! Thank you so much for the explanations, the video clips of the songs and the wonderful pictures. I feel like I might even have been there.

  6. Thanks Daniela, an uplifting of the heart, soul and spirit. Absolutely Fantastic. The selection of songs and arias are great. Sing on IL Volo your making the world a better place. God’s Blessings.

    1. Thanks Vincent, our guys, not only sing well, but always give lessons of friendship and brotherly love. We hope people will be as fascinated as we are. Everything would be better, if you want.

  7. Thanks for all the work required for the new look for the site. Thank you also Daniela for the videos from Il Volo’s Asti concert. It brings back beautiful memories of seeing them last year during their “Una Notte Magica” tour. It was my favorite one and they have all been wonderful! I really enjoy seeing the lovely places and towns where they have their concerts in Italy. I’m so happy Daniela that you will soon be seeing them and know you will give us a detailed account. I hope we will soon find out when and where they will be touring in 2019. We really miss them!

    1. Thanks Margaret, I will try to give you a summary, as detailed as possible of the concert.
      I know that the guys are missing to you, but immediately after the concert of Marostica, they will fly to Miami, a quick presence and then return for the concert of Taormina. They never stop.

      Yes, the new site is just beautiful !!

  8. Hello Daniela,
    this is beautiful… thank you
    one thing though, i couldn’t hear any sound in any of the videos!
    please tell me which ones have sound.

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