GOSSIP: “L’ AMORE SI MUOVE” !!! by Daniela

I believe that we have all seen the photos that portray Piero and Gianluca with two girls who seem to have captured their hearts.

We are, of course, talking about gossip, but because the photos have appeared in the newspapers and even on all the Facebook pages, we also talk here, treating the news, just as a gossip.

And here are the photos of Piero.

Gossip 01

Let’s start by saying that the girl is called Valentina Allegri and she is 23 years old.

She is the daughter of Max Allegri, the well-known football coach of Juventus.

In the picture we can clearly see Piero, Valentina hugging her father.

Behind them we see Ambra Angiolini, who is an actress and showgirl, currently a partner of Valentina’s father. Before that she was Francesco Renga’s wife – he wrote L’AMORE SI MUOVE.

It seems that the photo was taken at the end of Sunday lunch, where the family meets.

Valentina took the opportunity to present Piero to her father.

Gossip 02

Rumors, they say that the two met at the end of July, so it’s a very recent thing.

Valentina studies Modern Literature at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, and this photo was posted today by Piero.

Gossip 03

As you understand, this statue is on the internal scale of the university, so Piero sends us clear signs.

Gossip 04

This video was posted by Valentina. Evidently Piero is trying to educate, Brioche, Valentina’s dog.

But ….. I remember badly or Piero was allergic to any type of animal hair ???

What love makes us do !!

And here’s a last photo of the blonde Valentina, definitely a beautiful girl.

Gossip 05

Of the new romance of Gianluca, for the moment there are few things to unveil. Because from very little we learned of this new story, that is since they were seen together in Taormina for the GDS Show a few days ago, even if it seems like they’ve been dating for more time, or at least that’s what the rumors say.

Gossip 06

Her name is Francesca. She is from Roseto degli Abruzzi, the same area of Italy as Gianluca.

As you all may have noticed, there is a strong resemblance to Martina, or at least the characteristic traits are similar.

Gossip 07

Here Francesca is near Gianluca, during a dinner in Taormina with friends. Also present is Ignazio.

Gossip 08

Really a beautiful girl.

Gossip 09

Here is a journalistic report on their love story, paparazzi in Taormina.

Gossip 10

Both are two beautiful girls, on the other hand Gianluca and Piero are also two handsome guys. For my part, I am happy to see them involved in a love story. This is the most beautiful age, where feelings make fun of the heart.

Their happiness and our happiness, and time will tell us what we are talking about.



27 thoughts on “GOSSIP: “L’ AMORE SI MUOVE” !!! by Daniela”

    1. Hello RoseMarie, I knew you’d be curious …. unfortunately I can not clarify your ideas, but in my opinion, is a friend who was at the party, I do not think there is something deeper.

      1. Jill, I had no doubt about you, if there were any news about Ignatius, I will not hesitate to communicate them to you too.

    1. Certainly they will find it, and we all hope that they are love stories of those of the past, those with a capital A.

  1. Daniela, thank you for all this delightfully yummy information. We women hate to admit that we love gossip but oh we really do. And it warms my heart to see these young guys SO HAPPY.

    1. Thanks Barb, I specified this at the beginning, that we are talking about gossip, but since on this page I know everyone loves Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, I’m sure that the gossip will not generate hateful comments, but only a further affection for our boys.

  2. It seems like they have reached that part of being famous when they are followed by paparazzi. Probably not much privacy for them. I imagine this part of being successful and famous is something they do not like very much. But I guess we as fans like to keep up with what they are up to and they have been pretty generous with letting us into their lives. I wish them much happiness and as much of a personal life as they can manage. Pretty girls in these pictures . It would be challenging dating someone so famous , busy and sought after. Thanks Daniela for all your posts.

    1. Yes, Janet, you’re right, I think they do not have much privacy. Sometimes I think some paparazzi are just exaggerated. Surely those girls will not have an easy life.
      Thank you Janet for appreciating what I am sending you.

    1. It’s the most beautiful age, it’s the most beautiful moments, those of the first loves, we all remember the emotions of those moments, right Arlene?

  3. Thanks Daniela for the “gossip”. Surprised that Ignazio is still a free agent. Wish all of them a nice young lady who will be able to understand their career demands.

    1. Gina, this post, was born from your suggestion, and I could write it, because in this site there are people who really love guys and who just want their happiness.

  4. Hi, Daniela! I always had a feeling that there could well be a home-grown gal just ‘waiting in the wings’ of destiny, regarding Gianluca. From the pictures, she (Francesca) strikes me as an unassuming, sweet soul. Yes; very pretty, too, like Piero’s new friend, Valentina. Looking at the pictures, plus listening to her speak a little in the video, I get the feeling that Valentina might have a bit of an extroverted and athletic side, like Piero has. Also, since her father is a professional sports coach, he might have engaged her in physical sport activity from an early age. Just thoughts.😊

    1. Hi Laura, I have only read your comment now.
      It’s true, Francesca seems a sweet and reserved girl, but we know very little about her.
      Valentina, however, is a very social girl, who has profiles where she is very followed, moreover with a father like that, is always in the spotlight of the paparazzi.
      With a girl like Valentina, it was impossible for Piero to go unnoticed.
      They are two extremely different girls, the important thing that they make our guys happy.

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