It all started in July, while IL VOLO was in Taormina for the Notte Magica 2018 concert.

Salvo La Rosa, is a great friend and admirer of the boys, who has always supported and presented them, on various occasions in Sicily.

GDS 01

“In July, in front of a granita (al Bambar) I invited Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca to the GDS SHOW on September 15th in Taormina.

With generosity, IL VOLO, will participate in this magical evening.

The proceeds will be donated to charity.”

GDS 02

Then, even our friend Dave Monaco, (remember, the first singer taken under the new label of Torpedine and IL VOLO), lets us know that he will be present at the evening, with this message:

“Good morning friends, I am glad to tell you that I will be taking part in the GDS Show! It will be a great honor to share the stage with many artists and my friends of Il Volo, thank you very much to Salvo La Rosa for the invitation!

The entire proceeds of the evening will be donated to charity associations, so in addition to enjoying a great show, your participation will be a work of good.

I wait for you!”

GDS 03

The boys have returned to Taormina (I think with great pleasure). Here they are during the rehearsals of the show, together with the presenter of the evening, Salvo La Rosa.

Missing Piero, ultimately skipped the rehearsals, the scoundrel!

GDS 04

Piero has arrived!!

GDS 05

Here we are at the evening, the show started, in the splendid setting of the Greek Theater.

GDS 06

Thanks to our Deborah Georgini Beaupre, we have some very beautiful photos and videos.

Good thing that Deborah was able, at the last moment to find a ticket for the show.

The guys sang three songs: they started with L’AMORE SI MUOVE.

During the presentation, Salvo la Rosa, says that when the boys were in Taormina in July, he joined them and asked them if they would participate in the show and they immediately said yes!

Immediately after, they sang the splendid CARUSO.

In the interview after the songs, Salvo la Rosa asks the boys if they have a particular memory to tell. In fact, he himself, remembers when there was the first Italian concert, after the great success they had abroad and their first Italian concert was held here in Taormina.

Piero says it was frustrating for them, to be so successful abroad and not to sing in their country.

Salvo La Rosa remembers having hosted in one of his programs the guys from IL VOLO who said “We want to sing at home”.

Ignazio intervenes to point out joking, that they sing at home in the shower, but they wanted to sing in Italy.

Salvo goes on to say that Taormina has brought them luck.

Gianluca continues by saying that Taormina is now a fixed stop.

Piero adds that there are many friends, that Gianluca is Sicilian by adoption, that Ignazio taught Gianluca to speak Sicilian.

Gianluca pronounces two or three words in Sicilian and everyone laughs.

Salvo asks them for what they are preparing. Piero answers that they are working on a new album, because next year will be 10 years of their career.

Salvo says they were children, but success has been steady and growing.

Gianluca says that there is still a lot that they have to show and that they will be ready to surprise the public and their fans who have been following them for many years.

Salvo says that every time they post a photo of the guys or a video of them on social media it’s a success. He says that in an evening where love is celebrated, you stay and sing your GRANDE AMORE.

The beautiful GRANDE AMORE begins and as usual the audience sings with them.

This show has been recorded and will be streamed on September 27th at 9:30 pm Italian time at this link: www.gds.it, so those of you want to see, connect.

 Some photos from Deborah:

GDS 07

GDS 08

GDS 09

But the most beautiful pictures Deborah made them in the afternoon, naturally in front of the Bambar.

GDS 10

GDS 11

Two out of three, Deborah, I think you can be satisfied, you also attended the show, we say you were in the right place at the right time. I’m very happy for you!!!

What a thrill, and then, as usual, Taormina offers a magnificent scenery, and the guys feel they are “at home”, so many people were there for them, and the guys, as usual, did not betray their fans’ expectations.

Thank you guys!!


Credit to owners of photos and also credit to Deborah for her photos and videos.

4 thoughts on “TAORMINA : GDS SHOW by Daniela”

  1. Once again a beautiful review of Taormina, Daniela…As I read it I relived the weekend, not from being there in person, but being there with Deborah throughout the day thanks to being able to communicate all over the world with a cell phone … We texted, we talked and she shared the grand experience with me of being in Taormina and meeting up with Piero and Gianluca… Il Volo is ever present there to interact with fans.. They love the intimate settings that Taormina is, where no matter where they walk they will run into fans and friends…The Arena is so beautiful in such a perfect setting with the sea behind the them that it inspires them and great things always happen when they appear on that stage… Thank you for always bring the best Il Volo articles to the Flight Crew…

    1. It is true, Jeannette, to have been in the same places as our beloved boys, allows us, even when we are not there, to see them walking in the streets, taking selfies with the fans, singing in the beautiful theater, sitting down to eat a granita.
      As we have already said, this is the charm of Taormina, but it is also the charm of IL VOLO, and the dream never ends!

      Thank you for your compliments!!

  2. Way back in about 1998 the choir I sing with did a singing tour of Italy, visiting many places, and the last singing stop was Taormina. I had not heard of this place before we visited, but it is indeed a beautiful, historical and magical place. We sang in a lovely church at one end of the main street and we were greeted by a very supportive audience. I can see why the guys love this place. I did not know of Bambar at that time, but if I am lucky enough to return to Taormina I will certainly find it. I love that the guys are now so embraced by the Italian public who know their songs and sing along with them. Waiting for them to return to the US when we can sing along with them.

    1. Yes Janet, I had already been in Taormina, but last year, I came back, unfortunately there was not the concert at the time, but I found the Bambar and La Botte, where the boys are often, in this way when I see photos of them I can exactly imagine them in those places. You would be amazed at how small these two places are.
      The ancient theater is then a true splendor.
      Taormina will surely be one of my future stages, but this time with a concert!

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