As promised, here is the review of the film UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE by our PATRIZIA CIAVA, which I translate with great pleasure for you – Daniela.

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The debut on the big screen of the trio ll Volo in the film Un Amore Così Grande in the role of young mentors who discover the natural talent of a young unknown, their age, and help him to achieve success.

As announced by the title, love, declined in its various forms, is the motive that permeates the whole story of “Un Amore Così Grande”, the debut feature of the television director Cristian de Mattheis, which will be released in cinemas on September 20, produced by Federica Andreoli, who also edited the subject, and Michele Calì.

Not only the romantic love between the two young protagonists, interpreted by Giuseppe Maggio and Francesca Loy, but also that between parents and children, between teacher and pupil, between friends, and above all the love for music that is the real common thread and the bond that unites all the characters in the film in a symbolic embrace.

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And to unite them is the passion for a genre generally considered elite, the lyric, which here is presented as an art form accessible to everyone, even to constitute the exercise of a street karaoke in which anyone can try, proposed by young people for young people.

In this lies the true peculiarity of the film that sees in Il Volo’s participation its raison d’etre. As repeatedly explained by the three members of the trio, in fact, the “Notte Magica” tour, whose poster is known from the beginning of the film, was born with the intention of bringing young people to the lyric as only “three boys, of twenty years can do”, in an ideal continuation of the project launched by Pavarotti to bring the Opera “outside the theaters” and make it accessible to the general public.

The presence of the three young singers, the two tenors Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto and the baritone Gianluca Ginoble, who impersonate themselves, is not really a simple cameo, but offers the key to the film in which they play the role of young mentors in able to understand talent and to encourage and accompany the protagonist to the success he deserves.

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Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, where the film is set, is therefore the ideal setting as it is at the same time the city of love par excellence and temple of opera with its Arena.

The plot, however, also returns to the city its role as a symbol of contrasting love, of the destiny that first unites lovers and then tries to divide them. Love for music proves to be the only driving force able to transform suffering into passion and creativity.

A love story, therefore, that explores the different facets and whose meaning is contained in the title that is also that of one of the most beautiful songs of the Italian musical tradition, “Un Amore Così Grande”, composed by the maestro Guido Maria Ferilli , on whose notes the last scene of the film closes.

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    1. Lynn, if you read the post yesterday, Maura Pucci, who has been to see the film, says that IL VOLO is there most of the time, it’s not a small presence.

  1. Daniela you would know if they put movies on VIDEO for sale. If they do that then we in US could buy them and watch it. I think most of us watch things in Italian and sit there as if we understand. I do that and enjoy just watching the boys.

    1. Gina, I thank you for this question, I have already asked the question to Federica Andreoli, the producer, as soon as she answers me, I’ll let you know her answer.

  2. Daniela, as always you provide us with up to the minute information about Il Volo… I will send a note to Patrizia as well for doing this fantastic translation for us… The two of you have been such a special addition to my life… I am so thankful that I was able to go to Italy last year and meet the two of you in person and two beautiful friendships were born…

    1. I’m sorry Daniela, I realize I made a mistake in the above post… Patrizia did the review of the film and you did the translations… Please forgive me for the mistake… I only caught it after I sent the post…

      1. Jeannette, glad you liked it and, no problem with the mistake, do not worry. Patrizia was happy to translate for you.
        Did you read yesterday’s post? There are the words on the film, of our friend Maura Pucci!

  3. Thanks Daniela for keeping us up to date on all the boys’ activities.
    How about a post on the NEW ROMANCES of Gianluca and Piero.
    Also when they do release the Video of the movie we will need instructions on how to buy it. Doubt they will have it in the US.

    1. Certainly Gina, I will keep you informed about the release of the DVD movie and how to buy it.

      As for Piero and Gianluca, do you mean that I tell you about their new romantic relationships? Those news are just gossip, but since they were also published by the newspapers, I think you can talk about it, just treating them as gossip.

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