It’s Christmas Day, it’s 11pm in Italy, on RAI 1, as promised, the special registered by IL VOLO in military camps in Lebanon begins, based on an idea by Michele Torpedine.

I try to translate for you by summarizing in degrees.

The video is interspersed with actions taken at the base, songs performed by the guys in the military canteen and songs performed on stage during the concert.

Between one connection and another there are also personal greetings from the military to their families at home.

The video speaks for itself, simply magnificent. The clickable link is below.

Il Volo 🎅🏻 Voci di Natale 🎄 Lebanon


Begin with the speech of the defense minister Elisabetta Trenta.

“Hi guys (she turns to the military) , tonight, I had to be with you, but I can not, because I’m here in Afghanistan with your colleagues, here behind me, and they greet you with me.

I take this opportunity to give you many Christmas greetings, to wish your families best wishes, to bring you my greetings, greetings from the government and the whole country.

Thank you for what you do, thanks to your families who, perhaps, will look at us right now, thanks to everyone and, very soon.

Hi everyone!”

The guys are picked up at the airport as they leave for Lebanon. (in the background you can hear My Way)


and on their arrival received by the military.


On the bus to the base, Captain Gianluca Rosa explains that they are approaching the base near Shama, about 10 km from the Israeli border.

At the Millevoi base, they are welcomed with these nice words:

“I welcome you on behalf of everyone, it is an immense joy to have you here, when a piece of Italy comes here, makes us less distant from home, not just for me, but for everyone”

G = It will be an adventure that we will certainly tell, first of all to our families, but then also to our children and grandchildren.

To Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio are assigned a room like those of real soldiers.

The following morning they witness the raising of the flag and the singing of the Italian anthem. (very moving)


Welcome is given with applause to Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca de IL VOLO.


P = Beautiful

Military = For us it is the most significant moment of the day.

I = I have to say that behind me I heard people in tune.

P = Behind me, a little less !!

From the theater of Tiro, White Christmas.


The guys go to visit the souk, the typical Arab market.

The mission of the blue helmets is explained to the guys.

The blue helmets must be impartial towards the people, they must understand and deepen the knowledge of the people of those places in order to have their trust.


From the canteen of the military: Santa Claus is coming to town.

Ignazio = I was born in Bologna from a Sicilian family, I always lived Christmas as a return to Sicily to my grandparents and uncles, then, the true spirit of Christmas, I’ve been feeling it now in recent years, since we started traveling, is the only time of year, Christmas, more beautiful, because we can return home to families, I personally to my sister, that I, I hardly ever see.


Piero Ignazio and Gianluca then visit the archaeological site of Al Bas di Tiro, of Roman and Byzantine culture.


Gianluca = At Christmas I always sang in church, I sang the Ave Maria and Panis Angelicus. My grandfather very happy in the front row, even the parish priest of the village, because I live in Montepagano, a small town near the sea, in Roseto degli Abruzzi, so we all know each other and as a child they knew me as the singer of the country, we are a big family in my little country.

This is nice, because everyone loves me and I love everyone, as when I go out in the morning to have coffee at the bar, even Christmas is wonderful because everyone gathered in the square and we celebrate Christmas together as a big family.


From the theater of Tiro, Silent Night.


The boys are made to wear a blue helmet, symbol of military in peace action UN.

Piero and Gianluca enter a tank.

Ignazio explains the function of the automatic defensive turret.

I = It is a beautiful responsibility and a great tension every time you use a vehicle of this type, of course it is your job, but behind it there is a series of sacrifices and study.



From the canteen of the military: Christmas Medley.



Ignazio asks the commander what UNIFIL means.

The general of division Stefano Del Col explains that UNIFIL is very important because for 12 years it is the guarantor of peace in the area, controls and recalls those who border and guarantees that the borders are controlled.

It includes 43 nations, 10,500 peacekeepers and 1,000 civilians.

The blue bins delimit the dividing line and are spread over 120 km and guarantee a strip of peace.

Ignazio says that they are honored to have been part of the story in the few days they stayed in Lebanon.

Piero thanks the general for dedicating part of his time to them.

The general thanks IL VOLO for bringing a piece of Italy in this Middle Eastern context. Together they wish Merry Christmas.


From the theater of Tiro and from the canteen of the military : Grande Amore. 


The guys visit the helicopter hangar and get on one of them. (in the background you can hear IL Mondo)

There are always two helicopters ready for any mission.


P = Today, as soon as you breathe Christmas air, you breathe the air of home, because fortunately for the work we do, we turn a lot, we are hardly ever at home, but Christmas is a must return, also because our families have separated, some cousins have left for abroad. Unfortunately in Sicily there are not so many job opportunities and some have been forced to leave home. So Christmas is a moment of recollection for everyone, I can only think of a “moment of joy”.


From the canteen of the military :  Smile.


From the theater of Tiro : Adeste Fideles.


Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, sing, in the canteen of the military, along with the children who were orphaned, and who now live in the military base.

I = Today we sang with the children, a Christmas song. Even more beautiful, it was hear them sing in Italian.

P = This morning, singing along with those “magic” children, was a set of indescribable chills.

G= Today we had the great privilege to sing along with some children who unfortunately were orphaned because of the war. That gave us an even stronger emotion and it was really moving.



From the theater of Tiro : O Holy Night. 


A moment of leisure, a game of football in the military base.

And Jingle Bells played with Arabian atmosphere.


From the canteen of the military : ’O Surdato  Nnammurato.




From the theater of Tiro : Volare (Nel Blu dipinto di blu).


P = For us it was a very special Christmas, we hope to have given you a smile.

I = Special because … starting from playing soccer with the children, doing crazy experiences inside a tank, by helicopter, letting us explain the life of these soldiers. Everything was exciting.

G = Also because these experiences make you a better person, enrich the soul, and we can say that, despite our different characters, this experience has united us three even more.

I = Being here, has made us more proud of being Italian.

P = Now is the time of the good wishes, from Il Volo

PIG = Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Torpedine = The next event will be in Panama, at the end of January, on the World Youth Day, the meeting with the Pope. We hope to travel with him and sing the Ave Maria during the Pope’s Mass.


Here are the guys with the RAI troupe who followed them in Lebanon.


Still some beautiful shots.















This program has thrilled me so much, I was very proud of my “Italian being”.

These guys are really UNIQUE, immense treasures, sensitive, educated, humble and good.

The idea of the program was Torpedine’s and I must say, honor of merit, he always has some brilliant ideas.

The topics were treated in a delicate way and the songs were followed with such sweetness and involvement.

The latest news given by Torpedine, the presence of the boys at World Youth Day, where they will sing before the Pope was another twist, another step that makes me even more proud of them.

2019 will be a very intense year indeed.

But no fear will come on tour in America, wait and see!

Of course, despite VOCI DI NATALE was broadcast on RAI 1 at 11.00 pm, you must know that it has made the record of ratings !!!! News that makes us even happier.



We thank Il Volo Sicilia for the photos and
Il Volo Mundial (Oficial) for the Facebook video.

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  1. Daniela, an absolutely fantastic post. I know we are all so proud of these special young men. You can feel the love they have for their families, friends, fans, and their country! May God bless them and watch over them. Can’t wait to see them in 2019.

    1. Thanks RoseMarie, you say well, they are young to take as an example and I think the 2019 will be really crackling

  2. Thank you Daniela for all the news and video on IL Volo. What a wonderful Christmas present. It is very much appreciated. Really hope IL volo comes to the United States next year. Wishing them the best in all their endeavors.

    1. Sonia, this beautiful program was really a great Christmas present. I really like the camaraderie that has been created with our soldiers.
      I’m sure they will come to deny the United States.

  3. Thank you Daniela, this is great. I loved the programme, I was so pleased to find the link. But my brow was heavily furrowed by trying to understand the spoken bits, especially when the guys were talking as individuals. My Italian is still very, very poor. So I am sooo happy that you have translated it.
    We are hoping for a good Il Volo year, I hope we can meet again at a concert, Sue and Graham

    1. Hi Sue, I’m glad I took you a few wrinkles from your forehead … and helped you understand.
      It will be a year full of events with IL VOLO and I too hope that we will meet again in some concert.
      A hug to you and Graham.

  4. Very comprehensive, and close up look at the guys in a much different setting. Daniela. They don’t have to be on the stage to be just as entertaining. It was also very informative. I didn’t realize that it is so seldom that they are actually at their families’ homes. Ignazio lamented that he hardly see’s his sister. The constant actual traveling must be a boring burden. But otherwise, what a wonderful, thrilling and fulfilling life they lead, as they work their way into millions of hearts through their music and personas. I’m so envious, I feel guilty. Thanks

    1. It ‘s true, Mark, they are like that, they are simple and fun guys that adapt to any environment. You noticed the difference between their performances in the theater in Tire, where they were elegant and formal and instead when they sang in the military canteen, with a truly unique camaraderie with the military.
      They also always show us their most intimate side with their family, and they are NEVER ashamed (as many young people now do) to talk about their love for the family.
      Ignazio loves his sister a lot, even when he is in Italy, he lives in Bologna, while his sister lives in Sicily, so he only sees her when he reaches Sicily. Ignazio remembers very well what his sister did for him when he was little and their mother was in hospital.

  5. Thank you for the translations. I watched it twice to be sure I did not miss something. I am looking forward to 2019 because it seems they will be doing so many different things.

    1. Gina, we in Italy too are in fibrillation for 2019. First of all at December 31, they will once again be on RAI1 as guests in a program for New Year’s Eve.
      In January in Panama with the Pope, in February Sanremo …… really intense start !!

      1. This is the first I’ve herd about the December 31 program. Do you know what time it is going to be on? I doubt if I will be able to get it live, but maybe it will be on their archive page on Jan 1.

      2. Yes, Penina, December 31 Il Volo will host the program THE YEAR THAT WILL BE going to start at 21.00 (Italian time).
        Penina, they will only be guests among many others so they will sing one or two songs.

      3. In that case I will just wait for the videos that are sure to come a day or two later! Thanks so much for all the information you give us! And of course the blog posts! Abbracci !

  6. Thank you for this wonderful translation of our
    guys singing, entertaining for the troups. It makes
    my heart take a big leap when they give so much
    of themselves and I hear those beautiful voices.
    I too am looking forward to 2019 and the many
    concerts and performances they will do in the
    USA. They will make our hearts fly. Thank you
    Daniela, my gracious Italian friend.

    1. Grazie Gale, I was sure that you would like this translation. When I saw this special “Voci di Natale”, I loved it and I knew it was important for you to understand what Piero Ignazio and Gianluca were saying.

  7. Thank you Daniela,they seemed to have a wonderful time with the troops. I am so proud of them, and it made me very emotional to watch.
    On another subject, Daniela have you heard from Loretta? She hasn’t posted for a long time.

    1. Grazie a te Jill.
      Unfortunately it’s a long time since I’ve heard Loretta, my only contact with her is this site and for a while I do not read her comments. I hope everything is fine.

  8. Thank you Daniela. I enjoyed the video not understanding the spoken word. Your interpretation make it even more special. Maybe next time the producers will offer English subtitles. You filled such a void. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks to you Francyne.
      The same thing happens to me when they come to America and I can not completely understand what they say, so I quickly translated for you.
      The songs and the images are beautiful, but understanding everything is another thing.

  9. Thank you, Daniela. I was so happy to be able to see this video. The boys were so wonderful in it and I look forward to their future endeavors, hopefully a US tour and maybe even a return to Taormina!

  10. Once again you have given us the best interpretation of this event that any IlVolover can ever wish for!!!! So many thanks Daniela and your hard work is very much appreciated.

      1. You are right Daniela. Sometimes they speak in English and I think that I should write these conversations to you ~ now I will definitely return the compliment.

  11. Daniela, what would we ever do without you! You bring us the most wonderful posts. It must be enormously time consuming, but please don’t ever stop. I am always hungry for the tiniest bit of information and you give us a feast. I’m so grateful.

    1. Barb, the fact that you appreciate my work, pushes me to continue, do not worry, there will be a lot to read this year.

  12. Daniela I read the post earlier but I just now had a chance to sit down and reflect on it! I was so moved by how they interacted with the troops. And I am sure many soldiers there were probably around their age. Italy certainly should be very proud of their military and of Il Volo! They represent the good of all mankind. And may I add, another BIG thank you for the translation!

    1. Yes, Annette, as I watched that program, I was very moved and I felt really happy that the boys went to honor our soldiers on a mission of peace in such distant places.
      It was all very interesting and engaging and the guys immediately made “group” with the military.
      Thank you for having liked the translation.

      1. Daniela….Will you post their schedule on this site when it is available?

    1. Oh yes…Thank you so much for the translation. It was delightful to see the guys in that setting. They are ever so cute & talented beyond description. I have an 11 year old granddaughter who was born with Down syndrome. She is mesmerized by IL Volo. We listen to them when we are in the car together & she always wants to know the name of the song they are singing & what language in which they are singing. They have a very calming affect on her. She tells me they are so talented. ❤️

      1. Yes, Susan, the guys have always had a special relationship with the Down syndrome guys, I do not know how much you follow this site, but I remember an article where I was talking about a girl with down syndrome who used the music of Grande Amore for his artistic gymnastic exercise. I also remember the concert that IL VOLO made on New Year’s Eve 2015, when they sang a song with a guy from the audience with down syndrome.
        Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have a very strong sensitivity towards those with this syndrome.
        I am very happy that your niece loves IL VOLO.

      2. Daniela, I just recently found this site so I had no idea they have an interest in those with Down syndrome. This touches my heart. Blessings to you in the coming New Year.

  13. Dear Daniela, I can’t thank you enough for all your time and hard work translating this amazing documentary and the many other past interviews. We love Gianluca,Ignazio and Piero so much and want to hang on to every single word out of their mouths which you have made possible with your translations. This trip to cheer up the Italian Troops, while away from their loved ones for Christmas, was so very special and emotional for the troops, the guys and thier fans who adore them. No matter where they land they are always so articulate, down to earth and totally charming. I can’t wait for them to enchant us again here in the USA !! Grazie Mille once again Daniela !!💕💕

    1. Joaniefl2, what beautiful words you wrote.
      You’re right, they charm, wherever they are, no matter the place or with who they are, their charm, their personality, their sympathy, always remain intact.
      Thanks again for the compliments.

  14. Thank you for sharing this! The guys make my heart swell because of the caring things they do for others! Amazing young men! ❤️

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