Today I want to amaze you and even have a little fun! ☺️

A friend of mine, she posted a video on Facebook and when I saw it I really enjoyed it, in fact it moved me.

example 01

This is a reaction to the execution of the Eurovision 2015 final song. Of course, I am biased, seeing IL VOLO, but observing the reaction of this boy, I become more convinced of the greatness of interpretation of our Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio.

I hope that not all of you have seen this video, in any case it is always nice to see it again.

This time there is no need for translation!

Really fantastic and absolutely sincere his reaction.

“That was amazing, it really was ….
I’d never three male vocalists perform like that. It was like hearing one person in a studio performs all three parts, that’s how strong their harmony was and how their voices complemented each other and blended together …”

Then I also found this good reaction.

It’s really a great satisfaction to see such positive reactions and given by young guys who are certainly not traditionalists but who appreciate the skill.

And finally, again to emphasize how our boys are taken as a model, I propose this video of PER TE CI SARO performed by three young and modern Asian boys at a race like XFACTOR.

It’s great to hear these three guys singing in Italian, and it must also be very difficult for them to learn the pronunciation well, also look at how young they are.

What pride to see the effect that the songs of our beloved boys make on a genuine audience.

Also, I’m so happy to see young boys imitating our fantastic young men, because they are the TOP, and their example is absolutely positive.

Come on, guys, the road is right !!


Credit to owners of photo and videos.

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  1. Those are the looks I had the first time I heard and saw them on American Idol! I’ve been a Granny Fan since that night!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. I had not seen them too and it was really fun and moving to see their reactions. However RoseMarie, were posted on you tube only in June and July 2018, so they are very recent.

  2. Daniela, Thank you so much for all your articles. Especially this one. I so enjoyed it. The videos shared are extraordinary. Thank you so much

    1. Thanks Connie, for your compliments, I’m glad you like the articles, and these videos are really unique.

  3. Barbara, we too saw the boys on American Idol and have been enamored ever since as well. Daniela, this is absolutely the best email. I loved it and the reactions were so fun to watch. The young boys did a splendid job with the song and I too thought they must have struggled with the pronunciation of Italian. Seeing the boys in person is a whole new experience. Thank you Daniela for sending these. I didn’t know they existed.

    1. Victoria, when I saw these videos, I looked at them several times, too good to see and hear the words of these guys. And as for the Asian XFactor, what a pride to see how our guys from IL VOLO are imitated !!!

  4. Thanks Daniela, once again you have come through for us Ilvolovers with your videos and translations. The Guys should have won the 2015 San Remo festival and for the majority of the audience they did, just not the official recognition..Let us hope they are able to win this year…..what a wonderful reward for all their hard work.
    Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year.

    1. Marion, surely you wanted to say that they had to win The Eurovision, you’re right, they really ripped the victory to them.
      Buon anno a te!!

      1. Sorry Daniela yes you are right I did mean the Eurovision contest.I always associate the Eurovision with San Remo.

  5. Love to see people’s reactions to our boys ! Also to see people singing their songs. I remember seeing a German man singing an Il Volo song at a wedding in Germany ! That’s when you know you have legitimate fans !

    1. Chris, I remember that video very well, and I think that many couples have used the songs of IL VOLO, the day of their wedding.

  6. Daniela, these videos are just great. So fun to see the man react to them in the second video and the three young men in the third video did a really nice job with that song! They all have nice voices that sound good together. Ill Volo continues to WOW and inspire others with what ever they do.

    1. Thanks Jane, I knew you would like them.
      Really very good to see these reactions, and yes, I would say that those guys (maybe Koreans) did a great job.
      So much snow from you?

  7. It gives me such delight to see how well other people take to IL VOLO(. Does anyone even remember the guy who took Eurovision the year our guys took 3rd but won the popular vote? I sure can’t, Thats just how forgettable that Swede was compared to Italiy’s IL VOLO

    1. Yes, Connie, I remember well, Vincenzo Cantiello won the JUNIOR EUROVISION SONG CONTEST contest, but it was the year before, 2014. He also participated in TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE in 2014, when he was chosen to represent Italy at Eurovision. He is from Naples and this year he will turn 19. In 2016 he recorded a CD. Unfortunately, he has not yet succeeded in being very successful.
      IL VOLO reached the third place, adding the votes of the juries with the voit of the public from all over Europe and Australia. The popular vote was clearly in favor of Italy, but then the popular vote could be less than the vote of the juries. Everyone understood that the juries of northern Europe had agreed to give favorable votes to themselves. Since then the regulation has been slightly changed.
      I am attaching the video of Campiello.

  8. Those were amazing videos. Where do you find these? Loved the guys’ reactions, so honest!

    So, can’t really tell, did the Japanese guys win something?

    1. Jana, I’m glad you liked them, they were only published a few months ago and I’m on you tube, I accidentally saw them and I immediately thought that maybe not even you in US had seen them.
      They are really fantastic.

      The Asian boys, they passed the turn, in the end the jurors approved them, but I do not know how the whole race ended.
      However, proves that there is a lot of attention to the music of our boys.

  9. Daniela, an unrelated question. Who would you recommend for a reputable and informative Facebook page for beginners to follow IL Volo on a daily basis. I have two friends who want to keep up with their news and, of course, I have recommended The Flight Crew blog, for one source. I’ve followed IL Volo facebook, but find they don’t update very often and IL Volo Mundial seems to be out of order these days. There are many others, but I don’t know who is reputable and reliable. I know there’s a lot of hateful comments and misinformation out there, so I don’t want to steer them in that direction, or maybe that kind of stuff will crop up on any site-it probably does. Your input would be much appreciated. Thanks

    1. Hi Mark, you ask me for an opinion and I’m going to give it to you, but remember it’s my opinion.
      There are many facebook page related to IL VOLO, none is official, not even IL VOLO MUNDIAL OFFICIAL, despite the name, was not.
      All the pages are very well informed about the latest news or events, when there is new news it is a tam tam of all the pages that publish the same things.
      I am registered on several Facebook pages, I will tell you, I like them all and I find they are all very well informed.
      I will mention the pages that deal with IL IL VOLO as a group, because then there are many pages that focus on one or the other of the boys, preferably.
      First I tell you the US pages, which are therefore in your language, and are:
      Then there are very knowledgeable Italian pages, such as:
      But if you want pages that in addition to giving news, also combine links with topics of culture
      IL VOLO EN CLASE , very interesting, Spanish language.
      Then there are many others, depending on what you are looking for.

  10. Daniela, thanks so much for your input, which I will pass on to my friends and will delve into myself. I wanted to find more reputable and reliable information. Your Flight Crew posts provide a great deal of this for us and it’s really all I’ve had to look forward to for real, solid IL Volo material, such that I got to know the real personas of the boys and their backgrounds. We extend much appreciation-thanks.

  11. Wow Daniela !! I never saw those amazing videos before !! I don’t know how you found them but I’m glad you did !! Our talented, endearing guys have had an enormous impact on people of all ages around the world and definitely deserve all of this well deserved recognition !! I just know that 2019 is going to be their best year ever !! I can’t wait !!💕🤗💕

  12. Oh, Daniela, i haven’t seen these videos before and they’re much much fun!. awesome! i really enjoyed them. and you mention they were posted just around half a year ago! wow!

  13. Daniela, in the 2nd video, the guy listening/watching says, “These guys really sing straight to your soul…. WOW!”

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