Every time I read this title MUSICA CHE RESTA, I think that a title of a song could not be more suitable than this, for a song sung by our boys.

But let’s find out more about this song, little news, because privacy is absolute.

We all know that GRANDE AMORE had already been written for many years, and who held the rights on the text, made our boys listen to the song, this man, is called Pasquale Mammaro.

And here’s what Pasquale Mammaro has published these days:


PASQUALE MAMMARO = Once again at the Sanremo Festival with a song proposed by me to Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio! I hope that “Musica che resta” will be able to repeat the success of “Grande Amore” …. the song is signed by my friends Piero Romitelli, Emilio Munda, Antonello Carozza and … Gianna Nannini

And Piero Romitelli, has published this:


PIERO ROMITELLI = Return to the Sanremo Festival with “Musica che resta” interpreted by IL VOLO. I am happy to share this adventure with my old friends Emilio Munda and Antonello Queens Carozza. The piece is also embellished by the pen by Gianna Nannini. Thanks to Pasquale Mammaro who made all this possible.

In the newspaper of Marsala, this beautiful article that I translate for you.

Marsala Live Article – Click Here


Marsala – As we wrote a few days ago, Il Volo is among the 24 Big that will participate in the next Sanremo Festival, aired from 5 to 9 February 2019. They will present the song entitled “Musica che resta”. The official announcement was given by Pippo Baudo and Fabio Rovazzi during “Sanremo Giovani”, on RAI 1. The group, formed by the Marsala Ignazio Boschetto, by Piero Barone and by Gianluca Ginoble, won the 2015 Sanremo Festival with the song “Grande amore” and with the same piece represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, ranking in third place overall.

IL VOLO said: “It will be the best way to celebrate ten years of our career. Returning to sing in Sanremo, the stage that saw us born. And as we wrote above, the song is titled Music che resta’ (Music that remains) and was written by Emilio Munda, with Piero Romitelli and Antonello Carozza, the whole was enhanced by the collaboration of the rocker Gianna Nannini who, after hearing it for the first time, she fell in love.”

Emilio Munda, one of the authors: “I’m really excited about this result. The only thought that the song ‘Musica che resta’ will be heard all over the world during 2019 makes me very happy. The song is a lyrical pop genre. With Il Volo I have touched all the variety of artists and genres. I love to range in all musical genres as I collaborate and write for Francesco Renga, Nina Zilli, the Nomads, Umberto Tozzi, Valerio Scanu and others. Love for lyrics is losing a little polish? The lyric was born in Italy but in recent years is appreciated much more abroad, as in Russia or the United States, but I hope that this song, which thanks to Sanremo will reach everyone, will give many to approach again or for the first time in this genre. I hope that this music pleases, even to young people like me. How do I live these hours? I’m living them like a whirl of emotions. It is the first time that I have participated in such a great musical project: a piece that takes part in the 69th edition of the Italian Song Festival, interpreted by an international group. I always want to thank my friend Piero Romitelli, and Pasquale Mammaro who has taken care of it from an editorial point of view.”

Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca were artistically discovered at “Ti lascio una canzone” (I leave you a song) by Antonella Clerici (2009) – which took place right at the Ariston Theater in Sanremo – they undertook, within a few years, an international career of the highest level. They have trod the most prestigious stages, winning a series of very prestigious record and prestigious awards.


I would say that the authors have a lot of confidence in their composition, so let’s get ready, because this song, hopefully, will leave its mark !!

MUSICA CHE RESTA, in our heart.


Credit to owners of all photos.

34 thoughts on “IL VOLO : MUSICA CHE RESTA by Daniela”

  1. Daniela thanks for this information. Everyone interested in the music world would love to get the lyrics and the music. I am excited to be part of the Sanremo contest. I remember the last time the boys participated at Sanremo we all became united in pulling for the boys.

    1. Gina, I must tell you that, aside from the amazement I had, as soon as I heard the news, I’m very excited too!

    1. Chris, I think we’ll have to defend them a lot here, but if the song is going to be fantastic, it will not be needed, they’re already good!

  2. Hi Daniela. thank you for this. are our guys guest performers?
    or are they participating in the contest with this new song?

    1. thank you Daniela so very much. yes i noticed the previous post the other day but have not yet read. will definitely read. grazie.

  3. We’re so excited Daniela and look forward to that night and listening to this song. We are all so devoted to the boys and all of us want them to win. This is an important night for sure. It is so wonderful to get the updates from you and all of the little insights that we would otherwise not have available to us. You are very important to us in keeping us so close to all the boys activities. Your involvement has made our admiration for the boys more personable and certainly very enjoyable. Thank you so much for all of your work.

    1. Yes, Victoria and Jay, anxiety will be sky-high in those days. We hope that the first impact with the song is positive, Grande Amore at first listen, fell in love immediately.
      As usual, I thank you for the compliments.

  4. Thanks for the info Daniela. You and Pat are great!
    The 5th of February, exactly a month from today, can not come soon enough!!! Also I am very glad that Il Volo will be part of the first 12 singers that will be performing on the 5th of February.

    1. I try my best, Ineke, to make Daniela’s posts look the best! Thank you for your kind words.

  5. Thanks Ineke, yes, exactly in a month, we’ll be waiting for them to enter the race. I have to correct you, on February 5th, all 24 competitors will make their song heard.

  6. With this post, the suspense has just entered the earliest stage of the obsession/addiction phase.

      1. In rereading this post and thinking it over, it seems that the guys are far more seasoned professionals than 4 years ago and are surrounded by seasoned professionals backing them in this decision and they know all the aspects to expect of this type of competition, good and bad. I think they know they have a special secret weapon this time,”the song itself”, and can therefore risk it with confidence. My gut feeling is now that they will win!

      2. Yes Mark, all true, but the expectations are really high. This year if they have a song too much like GRANDE A MORE, people will not like it, if they deviate too much, it will be the same thing, so I hope the various music writers have found the right balance, which showcases the skills of our guys, but that is catchy but also modern. IL VOLO will be constantly kept under observation and the critics are not at all good with them, on the contrary, they are very harmful. Last night I read an article where 3 singers are favorites for winning and are: ULTIMO, RENGA, IL VOLO. From my point of view I do not fear RENGA, even if he is very good, but I fear ULTIMO, he won the festival last year in the young section, he is very loved by the young and has done an Italian tour all sold-out (also Valentina and Piero were at his concert), also he is also good.
        Very positive the fact that one of the authors of MUSICA CHE RESTA , EMILIO MUNDA is only 36 and writes beautiful lyrics of songs.
        We just have to cross the fingers.

      3. Daniela, if I remember correctly the public votes on the song as well as the critics. But I do not remember how much weight the public vote is given. It is not a 50-50 decision. How does it work?

      4. Penina I have already prepared a post on this topic, will be published in the week.

  7. Daniela, i saw the list and saw that Nek is also in the race….
    if i understood correctly, when he won 2nd place in 2015, he insulted our guys – is that correct?

    1. Cynthia, you remember very well, had not insulted them, but certainly had made some pretty little statements about them, like saying they had won but that in a short time no one would follow them or remember …….. nothing more wrong !!!
      Also this time he has already said “they will find me prepared”

      1. I’m peaceful and know the boys will be terrific. I scare away the other thoughts. Listening to their music tells me they will be awesome and the song will be too.

      2. yes, i remember those details that you mentioned regarding Nek’s comments.

        and about Nek being prepared this time, aha! we shall see!

  8. Sanremo is a grande way for our guys to celebrate their 10th Anniversay !! I hope the song writers made the song very special !! I know the guys will when they perform it and of course I hope they win again !! No matter what I know they are very excited to be a part of the contest again and are going to have a blast there !! Joan Brenin

  9. Love this album. One if my favorites is a Chi Mi Dice. But honestly every song is beautiful. Hope to see them in person one day in the States ir Europe.

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