An evening like so many, I scroll the television programs, and find nothing interesting.

Some images capture my interest, they are on RAI 5 and the images concern Sicily.

I stop to look at this beautiful island that I had the pleasure of visiting, far and wide, last year.

It is a beautiful program that combines images with beautiful verses of poets who have described these beauties.

taormina 01

At a certain point it speaks of Taormina and of the beautiful Greek Theater, and while an “off camera” voice describes the theater, in the background a music that I recognize well : UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE, performed by IL VOLO

With amazement I’m even more interested in it, it’s a cultural program and who thought that IL VOLO was suitable to decant its beauty. 

I did not expect this surprise.

Daniela Ci, was able to reproduce the video of the moment in which there are our boys.

Look at it, it’s worth it.

I translate the background words, because they are really beautiful.


The theater of Taormina is so wonderfully situated, that there is certainly no other comparable point in the world.

Where are the people who could do such things?

Where are the men capable of building, for the fun of the crowds, buildings like this?

Those men, those of the past, had a soul and eyes, which did not resemble our own.

In their veins, with blood, flowed, something that disappeared: love and admiration for beauty.

J.W.GOETHE Trip in Italy 1787

Beyond the high rock wall that rises to peak, not far from the beach, there are two rocks, connected by a semicircle, whose shape, whatever it was by nature, has been transformed by art, so as to make it a hemicycle amphitheater for spectators.

At the foot and transversely to the stepped hemicycle, the scene was built, joining the two rocks and thus completing a gigantic work of art and nature.

If we place ourselves at the highest point, occupied by the ancient spectators, we must recognize that never, probably, a theater audience will see something similar.

taormina 02

I had the chills, looking at those images, listening to those beautiful and appropriate words of the ancient poets and listening to the sweetness of our guys’ song ……. and you?


Credit to owners of photos and video.

20 thoughts on “TAORMINA , PEARL OF THE IONIAN by Daniela”

  1. This is a spectacular spot on our planet. And this Il Volo concert is one of my favorites, one that I have watched many times. The beauty of Taormina matches the beauty of Il Volo. I had the pleasure of visiting Taormina about 18 years ago when the choir I still sing with did a concert tour of southern Italy and Sicily. We stood in the very spot where Il Volo performed and marveled at this amazing ancient structure. I would love to revisit Taormina. Hope it is in the cards to do so.

    1. Yes, Janet, Taormina is truly spectacular, very well described by the words of ancient poets.
      I’m sure you’ll come back to Taormina, maybe for a concert by IL VOLO? I wish you with all my heart.

  2. Grazie Mille Daniela !! This video of Teatro Greco, our guys singing and your translation are all so magnificent that I had both chills and tears in my eyes. That memorable concert was very special both for Il Volo and Italia because it was the first time that that they performed in their homeland and what an amazing place to do so!!
    I was very fortunate to be able to visit this amazing Ancient Greek Theater in 2015 and while standing there looking around I felt many emotions and found it difficult to wrap my head around it’s magnificence and history. I hope I get to see it once more and experience one of our guy’s spectacular concerts there!!

    1. Joan, I’m glad you liked it, I got chills too. The song IL VOLO has been included in a program that talks about art and culture, evidently they considered their performance to be absolutely appropriate.
      I’m sure you’ll be back in Taormina again.

  3. 2017 we visited Taormina (from our home New Zealand) especially to see IL VOLO in concert – wow – we even attended twice! Now keenly awaiting to hear if they are singing again in this wonderful ancient open theatre this year 2019. We cant wait to hear so as to book flights and accommodation as soon as possible. This is the most magical place to see IL VOLO – a highly recommended experience. Does anyone know when they will reappear there??? Have been huge fan since they first appeared together about 10 years ago and travelling to Sicily to see IL VOLO was sensational and a dream come true.

    1. Annette, wow what a trip you did, but it was worth it to see this magnificent place and hear the amazing voices of our boys.
      Surely they will sing again in Taormina, now it is a fixed place for their concerts. I’ve been to Taormina but not to their concerts. This time I want to be there. Maybe we meet!

  4. Siempre he pensado que Il Volo combina muy bien con el arte y la cultura. Y tanto en este precioso programa de televisión, como en el vídeo con la actuación de los chicos, como en tu propio artículo esta maravillosa simbiosis se pone en evidencia. Gracias Daniela por tu trabajo.

    1. True Carmen, you immediately understood, IL VOLO and the art, and you describe it so well in your blog and in your page IL VOLO EN CLASE. It’s really a fantastic combination, Art, Music and Culture.
      Grazie a te Carmen. 🙂

  5. I would love to go to Sicily with my husband and especially to Taormina. It would be amazing to actually hear Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca sing at the beautiful Greek Theatre. A spectacular ancient arena for three beautiful voices!

  6. Taormina has always held magic for me….from the very first time I saw it on video with our guys (their 2014 concert as shown above!)
    that’s it! I was captivated.
    Enamored…held by its spell…

    and yes, the synergy of having the arts, culture (as Carmen mentioned), and the producers’ choice of having boys part of their presentation!

    that you had Beppe promise you – you will be there for their next concert! WONDERFUL!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this video! Glad to see Italy has finally recognized their talent! Way back at Christmas in 2015, I was speaking with my cousin in Frosinone & mentioned I was listening to Frank Sinatra & Il Volo, & he said they weren’t “Italian” and I was shocked that Italians felt this way.

    1. Maybe he was mixing them up with Il Divo? I often get well-meaning employees where I work, who know my love of the guys, and they will say to me last year a few times… “I see your guys are playing here or there…” and I have to tell them “no” it is not my guys, it is Il Divo… 🙁 I tell them I know this for sure, since they are not touring last year. Then they are disappointed for me….

      1. No, unfortunately he knew who I was speaking about and I haven’t mentioned them to him since.

      2. Jana, believe me, he knew well who he was talking about, also because here IL DIVO is not known, for nothing, perfect strangers.

    2. I know, Lois, what should I say to you, sometimes I think Italy (not all) does not deserve them, I also think they told you that they are not Italians, because they do not forgive them for being successful abroad.
      I have to tell you that so much hate was produced by journalists, and it is incomprehensible, but I must also tell you that lately something is changing, people have stopped having eyes, and especially closed ears, but is still very much subjected to the opinions of the media.

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