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The dream finally comes true and the three young artists of IL VOLO can sing in the presence of Pope Francis their special Ave Maria dedicated to him on the occasion of the 2017 Jubilee of Mercy. The occasion will be the World Youth Day, which will take place at Panama from 22 to 27 January next.

The three artists will perform during the vigil ceremony of the evening of January 26, in Campus San Giovanni Paolo II, where it is expected the presence of over a million people and the simultaneous transmission worldwide monovision of the event that will precede the Mass that the Pope will celebrate on Sunday 27 January.

“How to describe such a profound emotion? We are three young people – say Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio  – among millions of young people like us, with the privilege of completing a dream: to sing on such an important occasion for such a special audience, the Pope and the beautiful youth.”

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They had promised it to Bergoglio on the occasion of the private audience granted to them to donate to the Pope the first copy of their song Ave Maria Mater Misericordiaè with the intent of being able to perform it live in his presence.

This event will be an opportunity to meet young people from all over the world and live with them an experience of faith and communion.

With all of them Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio will sing a few pieces of the Latin American popular repertoire on the same occasion of the vigil. “2019 is the year of our tenth anniversary – the three artists add – and could not start better, giving us a unique opportunity that will accompany us forever in the memories of our career and our lives.”

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Here the Pope’s program:

January 23 = 9:35 hours departure from Rome, arrival in Panama 4:50 pm

January 24 = Meeting with the President of the Republic of Panama and later with the bishops and inauguration of the WYD.

January 25 = Meeting with the inmates and Via Crucis.

January 26 = Mass from the S. Maria la Antigua Cathedral.

6:30 pm Vigil with young people in the San Juan Pablo II camp.

January 27 = 8 am, Mass for WYD, visit to the Buen Samaritano house, meeting with the GMG volunteers in the Estadio Rommel Fernandez.

At 6:15 pm, return to Rome.

IL VOLO should sing at the Vigil with the youth, where they will sing songs of entertainment of the Latin American tradition and then at the Mass of the WYD where the Ave Maria Mater Misericordiaè will be sung.

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It is because of Poland that we expect this to happen, because of the missed opportunity for IL VOLO to sing in Poland at the World Youth Day 2016.

What a thrill, singing in front of the Pope and the immense audience of people.

We will be glued to the television to see this incredible event.

Ever more proud of our boys.


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32 thoughts on “IL VOLO SINGS FOR POPE FRANCIS by Daniela”

  1. Love love love this for IlVolo……wow haw blessed are they and their audience…..I know that Pope Francis will embrace these young role models for the youth….May God Bless this special time for the youth of the world. The world will be watching, I know that I will too.

  2. I am so excited and proud of the guys! Daniela, Thank you, I enjoy reading your posts! 🙋❤️

  3. Our boys are thrilled to share their talented music
    with their home country Italy and indeed the whole
    world. This is a great privilege for them and also
    us as listeners. Thank you IL VOLO. You are
    loved throughout the many nations.

    1. Yes, Gale, is a great privilege for both of them, for them who are there, and for us that we can see them and listen to them in this important event.

  4. Thanks Daniela. I know the boys are excited to finally sing for the Pope.
    They must be busy preparing for two important events so close together. Do you know if this event will be shown on TV for us to watch:

  5. This is an incredible event. I hope it is televised. We’d all like to see it. The timing a perfect too. Everyone should see the boys sing st this event. I’m so excited. Thank you for this email. I’m over the moon.

    1. Yes, Victoria, will be live on TV2000.

      In these days there will be several e-mails because there have been days that we have not published. Also yesterday there were two e-mails.

      I too am in seventh heaven for this commitment of the boys.

    1. True, Joan e Jim, we are all proud of this appointment that will surely remain in the hearts of these guys.

  6. A great honor for our boys. I hope the Pope likes what he hears from the guys as much as we do. They are a real example to the young people of the world on how to treat their parents, siblings and others.
    I hope it will be televised on Univision.

    1. RoseMarie, I have no doubt about this, the Pope will certainly like, moreover, they are really a good example.

  7. I am not Catholic, but I love our boys singing the Ave Maria. May God bless them and keep them safe always. I am so very proud of them. I can’t wait to keep them in my heart for the next ten years and beyond.

    1. That Ave Maria is a beautiful song and they sing it very well, beyond the Catholic message, we can hear a really beautiful song, Allene.

  8. I’m very happy that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will have the opportunity to sing their beautiful Ave Maria before the Pope. It must have been a disappointment when they couldn’t go to Poland, and they have kept their promise to attend the gathering for World Youth Day. It should be a wonderful experience for all!

    1. After the disappointment of Poland, Margaret, we are all waiting and I hope that this time there will be no inconveniences.

  9. Daniela, the excitement is building as we get closer to the Il Volo team singing for Pope Francis. Their is no doubt that the Pope will be touched by these three disciples of music. Our guys bring to the altar a perfect blend of beautiful voices from their heart and soul.when Il Volo sings for the the Pope Francis emotions will run high. All will be touched by this Special Performance!

    1. Vincent, I’m not in the skin anymore. It’s a wonderful opportunity and I think our guys will live up to it and that this presence will be very important for them.

  10. I hope to find this performance on TV. What time of the
    day will they perform? I don’t want to miss it. Thank
    you Daniela for your hard work to keep us informed.
    God bless you and your family.

    1. Gale, the day is 26, begins at 6.30pm (Panama hour) will be broadcast live and also streaming on TV2000.

  11. I am listening to Il Volo sing at the WYD. They started singing
    at 7:05 pm. I first heard Gianluca, then Piero, then all three,
    then Ignazio, then all three. It was a very solemn occasion.
    It seemed they sung only about a minute but it might have
    been longer. Then it was over for the day, at least the part
    that was shown on TV.

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