Among the various articles that came out in these days of the frenetic life of Sanremo, with one, I was genuinely pleased.

I translate it for you.

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The whole world is supporting IL VOLO in Sanremo, the performance on you tube, commented by the United States to Russia.

Greece, Egypt, Poland, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Turkey and Sweden are just some of the countries where the approval messages for the trio competing with the song “Musica che resta” come from.

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That the trio of IL VOLO was famous all over the world is now well known. Despite the very young age the “tre tenorini”, a nickname with which they are known, can boast a respectable career that has led them to duet with singers of the caliber of Barbra Streisand and Placido Domingo and to perform in every corner of the globe.

After the victory at the Sanremo Festival, which took place in 2015, the vocal trio has landed at the Eurovision Song Contest where the song “Grande Amore” has managed to climb on the third step of the podium, but is in fact the most voted by the vast public from home, made up of over 200 million viewers.

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An experience that has made them even more famous internationally and has allowed them to grab fans from every country. Now, on the occasion of their return on the stage of the Ariston theater for the 69th edition with the song “Musica che resta”, their admirers have been poured much praise on the YouTube video uploaded by RAI a few hours after their performance.

Immediate comments from the numerous supporters and to amaze is the amount of reactions from people from all over the globe. Romania, Greece, Egypt, Cyprus, Poland, Guatemala, Bulgaria, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Canada, Indonesia, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, Georgia, Serbia, England, Sweden, United States, Russia, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan are only some of the countries from which the approval messages for the trio of IL VOLO come, a sign that the international public has not forgotten them after the European song contest, but rather expects to find them on the stage of Tel Aviv for the 2019 edition that will be held next in the month of May.

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“Dear Italy, send your pearls to Eurovision. Sincerely. All the Europeans.” , is just one of the many comments under the video of the Sanremo exhibition. If Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble turned out to be the winners of this edition of the Italian Song Festival, in fact they would automatically represent our country on the famous European stage and, after the success achieved in 2015, could easily point to first place.

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But now here are two other episodes of the video-diaries of

I = Hello friends …. I start. Hello friends of Sorrisi, today is the third day, today there is a lot of promotion.

P = But why did you leave with a blessing gesture?

G = But we were lucky, because we found a wonderful weather, about 15-16°C  (59-60°F) every day, better than that it could not go.

I = So, today a lot of promotion, as always every day, but especially today there is something special.

P = Today we will rehearse with our beloved Alessandro Quarta, the one who will duet with us tomorrow night, in the evening of the duets.

G = Great musician, great violinist, we cannot wait to try on the stage of the Ariston, there will be many surprises on Friday.

P = Tonight we will not sing, we will finally watch the Sanremo festival, the whole episode, on the sofa.

G = Relax, we relax a little tonight.

I = This morning I woke up earlier than the other days.

P = I did not go running.

I = You, what have you done?

G = I slept, I needed a little rest.

I = Boys, as always, see you tomorrow, and you can always follow us on Hello.

P+G = Ciao

Friends of SORRISI, here we are, this is our fourth day in Sanremo.

G = Another episode of Sorrisi’s video diary. Ignazio takes the sun ….

I = Excuse me, yes, a beautiful sunny day today. However today is an important day, especially beautiful, because tonight will be the evening with the host, with the duet.

P = Who will we sing with?

G = With a great violinist, the Jimi Hendrix of the violin, which will make the show really special with his violin, with a touch of rock.

P = He is called Alessandro Quarta. This morning we did a lot of interviews, radio …..

I = We woke up early …

G = We will continue to do interviews, the day is still long.

P=  Yes, it is long.

I = So guys, do not miss tonight Sanremo 2019, festival, we will sing, and then, always here on Sorrisi. com.

P+I+G= Ciao

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I just watched the third performance of IL VOLO in duet with Alessandro Quarta, they were simply fantastic.

They got a long applause and a standing ovation.

The boys were visibly excited.

Very good Alessandro Quarta, I did not expect such a performance.

In the face of all the bad comments.

Here are some photos.

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And here’s a piece of their performance.

This beautiful interview is made immediately after the performance.

P = Performing with Alessandro Quarta, I think it was the best choice we could make. Because it is unique.

G = It was an added value, it made the song even more powerful if you can say that.

I = And then he, like us, tries to send the same message, tries to make understand that the music is beautiful all, there are no factions.

AQ = Exactly. I could not come with others. Either come with IL VOLO or you’d better stay home.

P = You are biased

AQ = No, I’m not biased, I’ve played with many artists (Lenny Craviz, Liza Minelli, Celine Dion, Carlos Santana) but no Italians, they are the first, but why? Because they sing with the heart, not with the head, with the heart !!!

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There . . . are . . . no . . . words.

Our guys are by far the best of all the singers competing in Sanremo.

I do not think they will succeed in winning, as they are hindered, from the first moment.

Even the vote from home will not help them, because the “favorites” have an impressive following by Italian followers.

It does not matter, for us they have already won.

They knew it would be tough and they took this race, thinking only about promoting their new CD.

We want to support the boys. We all make a comment under the video of the first night of Sanremo, even just a heart, but we declare our city, so that everyone sees that they are really supported by every part of the world.

And then …….. go as it goes,
we are always with you!


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Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

59 thoughts on “THE WHOLE WORLD IS ROOTING FOR IL VOLO by Daniela”

  1. This third night at San Remo was their best yet! A fantastic performance with so much excitement and emotion. The violinist is amazing and added so much excitement to their evening. It seemed they gave it all they had and could not possibly have done any better. I understand that their odds of winning are not great because a couple of other performers are very popular in Italy. But Italy is missing the boat if they do not send these amazing performers to Eurovision. Just my opinion. I love that the whole world is supporting them and sending messages of good wishes and love. I hope if they do not win they still know they were the best and that they will always be winners in the hearts of their fans.

    1. Yes, Janet, this performance with the violinist was superb.
      But I do not think enough, they have against the jury of experts and that of the press room.
      Also I was so pleased to read the nice comments from all over the world !!

  2. Daniela, thank you so much for your lengthy translations to keep us up to date. You are our “rock star.” When I come to Italy in May I am hopeful to meet you in Matera and share a glass of wine in celebration of our awesome guys.

    IL VOLO was stellar in the duet. I like this version by far over the others and hope that this is the recording on the CD. I am so proud of them and was delighted to watch the long standing ovation. Much deserved.

    I have been unable to vote for them with my USA cell phone- I had an unsuccessful attempt. I am reading about online voting—how do I do that?

    I am excited for the final night. Will it be longer since all 24 perform, and then there is the final 3? What is the format? Do you know?

    Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio—you are #1 in my heart. Wish you the best for the final night.

    1. Of course, Crystaldawn, if I can come to Matera we will definitely meet.

      This performance was the top.

      I understand that all of you are disappointed that you could not vote. Really a pity.

      Tonight they will all sing again, they will be the eleventh in order of exit. We will vote again.
      Then the ranking will be published with the sum of all the votes of every evening. From the ranking there will be the first three places, I seem to remember that the vote is reopened and eventually adding up everything, the winner will be declared.

      Come on guys, you are our winners!

  3. Thank you Daniela for your next wonderful translating. Thanks to you we can feel so close to the boys. The version of the song with the violonist was magnificent and I hope Italians will wake up at last. I cross my fingers all the time and I’m very excited for tonight.

    1. Thanks Jolasz69, I’m glad you liked it, but unfortunately I have to tell you that the Italians are still sleeping. I too keep my fingers crossed.

  4. Grazie once more Daniela! That was a very informative article. I am both frustrated and sad that I cannot vote for IL VOLO. I am afraid they will not get their chance to go to Eurovision this year with the magnificent song they have now. Italy will have kissed away its opportunity to have the world applaud for IL Volo at Europvision. I will not say what I think if something is a unhappy ending in Sanremo. Some things are better left not said. I WISH I COULD VOTE!

    1. Connie, I am so disheartened these days, noting that nothing has changed in Italian journalists and critics who persist in not understanding and not listening.
      But after Sanremo, here we will talk a lot about this, it’s a promise.

  5. Daniela you have answered many of my questions with these wonderful translations!! Grazie!! There are no words to describe their stupendous and powerful performance with the great Alessandro last night. I felt very emotional watching them and still am every time I watch the video. They seemed to be very pleased with their performance and they should be!! I know what the odds are but they are the BEST and should WIN tonight !! I love them and I’m rooting for them but no matter what the outcome they will always be winners to all of us who love them.💕😃💕😃💕

    1. It’s really incomprehensible how they are treated, but you’re right, Joanie, we love them and we’re rooting for them and they will always be the winners.

  6. Thank you Daniela for all you do for us & our boys ! I am so disappointed with this whole Sanremo contest ! It’s like they are biased against our boys from the start ! I listened to all the songs from contestants & could only get through maybe two ! Honestly none are memorable or as original as I’ll Volo’s ! They represent all that is good of Italy ! Yet their odds of winning keep dropping ! I was able to vote once for them & I’m from Michigan but that was all . Those boys are winners to me & should be at Eurovision ! Shame on the people doing odds & judging etc.. for doing this to our boys !

    1. Chris, on one thing wrong, it’s not that they seem to be biased against our boys, ARE prevented.
      Anyway I’m happy with the result because now I could not believe it anymore.
      Our boys are definitely the best.

  7. I’m still on cloud 9 after yesterday’s performance; the added violin elevated the song to perfection!! Unfortunately, I just checked the betting odds again and they’ve actually dropped IV to 6th (even behind that lady with the blue hair – I don’t get it!!) From the beginning, we knew the odds and critics were against them. Let’s face it, Ultimo was always favored, even with a boring song that, in my opinion, has no chance to win at Eurovision. But last night, the boys sang with passion and spit in the face of the critics – they have fans all over the world and a great year of surprises ahead. Hold your heads high, boys! You’ve made us all proud!!!

    1. Yes, the woman with the blue hair—she screams into the microphone, I cannot call that singing—yet the audience gave her a standing ovation. She was horrid. I do not understand. Not deserved in my opinion. IL VOLO’s performance was filled with passion and up to their stellar standard. I loved it. I am hopeful that this is the version included on their new album.

    2. Stacey, they deserved a better reception from critics and journalists, just because they were back in the race.
      We are really proud of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

  8. I can not understand why Italy does not cherish the boys. They bring so much joy to many people who are not the ‘screaming teenagers”. I feel they represent the best of Italy and they should be proud regardless of the nasty comments they get from the other participants fans. Those of us who have followed the boys from age 15 we feel the hurt that they must feel with the undeserved criticism. The duet was fantastic.Daniela you have done a fantastic job keeping us informed.

    1. Gina you said exactly what I feel. Their performance with Alessandro was wonderful and I loved that he said in the video that Il Volo “sing with the heart”! This is so true. They are kind, smart, elegant, respectful and immensely talented. These are all qualities you should cherish, and be thankful for to have in three young men. God bless them and keep them strong! We have known for years that they are the best and will always be so!

      1. I fully agree with your statements. These guys are gems and worthy of deep admiration and love.

    2. Gina, it’s an incomprehensible thing for me too and believe me when I see and hear these attacks, so bad and unjust, it’s just as if they did it to my children.

  9. After surfing the Internet for quite sometime, I actually got the live streaming of their performance !! What a thrill it was to see and listen to such a passionate performance from our guys and the heart stopping performance from the violinist, Alessandro Quarta!! Oh my gosh, he is unbelievable!! Together, they were perfection!! Thank you again Daniela for all the up-to-date news. Even if they don’t win, they will always be #1 in my heart as well as all of their fans around the world.

    1. Annette, they were fantastic and the statements made by Alessandro Quarta talking about IL VOLO are really exquisite.
      All of them deserved more respect from critics.

  10. I think they deserve to win even dough as you said Daniela they may not, but to me or better to us their fans they already won. I followed their performance on live streaming. It was just fabulous. They are our number 1 in our hearts

    1. Wow!!!! Unbelievable that they did not win…this performance was outstanding!! Thank you so much for sharing this video.

      1. Hello Manola, you saw how wonderful, they were exceptional, certainly a victory ………… and instead the evening of the duets was won by another. Tomorrow there will be a very critical post on how IL VOLO has not been enhanced by the judges.

  11. Stunning performance the fourth night! How could they not take first place overall? I’m dumbfounded at the thought they may not win.

    1. YES, Mark, but they have had against all the votes of the press room and also the experts, yet they have entered the final, they are within the first 3 places, now we have voted again, we await the results.

      1. Yes, Jill, for us, they are in first place and deserved it.
        No, Jill, they do not receive any trophies for the second and third.

  12. So proud! I wasn’t expecting top 3 because of the press…power of the people! Imagine if the critics didn’t put them in the yellow day 3. . they would have won … the audience seemed stunned by the result … so was I ..

    1. I, too, Stacey, was so happy to know that they were still in the first three. Even the boys were happy about this. It means that they are very much loved anyway.

  13. Well we know they are the best and are very proud of them as usual! They must be exhausted after all the interviews, rehearsals and performances during the week. And yet they were always gracious, having fun and hopefully enjoyed themselves. They never disappoint and it’s always a pleasure to see and hear them. After all these years, I am still so impressed by Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and not just with their talent. They are wonderful role models and I can’t imagine how proud their parents must be!

    1. Yes, Margaret, they have always been kind and friendly. Indeed I must tell you that yesterday during an interview there was a small debate between Gianluca and a journalist …… but I will tell you in the next post. I think the boys yesterday before the show were also demoralized by this episode.

  14. They are the best and should win but in these unfavorable conditions the third place is very good result. Congratulations I’m proud. I don’t understand that rapper’s Mahmood choice and I don’t think he has any chances on Eurovision contest. That’s really sad that talented artists and beautiful song are not enough to win the contest. The press have hurt our boy, big shame.

  15. Hi Daniela:
    Do you know if they’ve released the vote breakdowns yet? I saw somewhere that Ultimo got 46% of the public vote & Mahmood only received 14%, so I’m assuming that means Il Volo received 40%? If that’s the case, I’m happy with this because it means the people see through the critics. I think I’m more disappointed with them losing the duet award – I can’t stop watching the video – what is up with the “expert” jury? Do they not have ears?
    Also, to me, it seems the jury/press chose this winner because of his song subject of immigration (very political) and nothing to do with quality of singing, etc. But who knows, maybe it will do well at Euros for the same reason.
    Thank you, again, for all the updates this past week.

  16. Never mind – I found the breakdown – IV did, in fact, received 40% of the televote; however, only 11% from the jury – Mahmood got 63% from the jury – there’s also a video circulating of the press room cheering and insulting the boys when they announced 3rd place – and these are the “professionals” that are voting! I hope that video goes viral so the Italian people can hold those in charge of Sanremo responsible.

    I’m so proud to be an Il Volo fan – they are always humble and professional no matter what the circumstances – they did an amazing job this week.


    1. Yes Stacey, sorry but today I could not connect before, we are all stunned by the videos of the press room and we are trying to take counter-measures. The boys are too polite and the press room is too vulgar and hateful with them.
      From voting you have already understood that it is all about the press room if Mamhood has won, certainly not of his skill.
      I’ll talk about this in the next post.

  17. I saw the clip of the Jury cheering. Gave me the creeps. I figured that Mahmood’s subject was that the jury chose to reward. Ultimo had some unkind words to say to the jury. So happy IL Volo is acting so classy. I feel sorry for Mahmood at Eurovision. Love the picture where Ignazio is congratulating him.

    1. Si Gina, you understood everything, but we will talk about it in the next post for a long time.
      I am embittered by these people.

    1. Ciao Color du jour, he only says: thank you, thank you, thank you ….. congratulations to Mamhood and to Ultimo …… now I try to sleep.

  18. IL VOLO are winners in my mind and always
    will be. They are the best singers and are
    certainly a class act. Their last performance
    with Alexandra was the best I have ever
    heard. Their voices blend so well together
    it just melts my heart. I WILL LOVE THEM
    MATTER WHAT. I know they still love
    their fans.

    1. Gale, they were very good and also I think they understood that their fans have supported them to the end. Tomorrow there will be a very hard post, read it.

  19. Official Il Volo statement from Sanremo 2019::

    We needed some days to get lucid in order to say our story of what happened. Some journalists (and it is good to say only a few) have attacked us badly. They used words like “shit,” “f …,” “in jail,” which we see as a result of a real form of intimidation, and attempt to drive us out of the stadium. These people do not honor the profession they represent, their attitude was an insult to us, and to all their fellow journalists working in a serious and professional manner. In 10 years, we have received a lot of criticism about our music, on the kind of music we sing, we have been accused of being arrogant and affectionate.

    We have never cared about all of this, also because, fortunately, we have fans who support us daily and love what we do. But when we see the videos that bear witness to the evil and the lack of humanity by people who could be our parents (many of them our grandparents), it bothers us a lot. It bothers us cause every artist must have his own space to express himself musically. To call “shit” or to see someone shout “go to jail” simply because we do what we want to do in life is great disrespect for us, but above all for freedom of expression. Music must be freedom, not a reason to offend!

  20. May God be with you fine young men! Unfortunately there is evil in this world! You were with the Pope, weeks prior and ofcourse you would get attacked by the dark! Just keep shinning bright IL Volo, you are amazing!!!

    1. Kathy, you must know that here in Italy, journalists have not talked about their wonderful participation in mass with the Pope.
      But they shine equally, and of their own light.

  21. I am so glad to see that the 2 ladies from Canada agree with me that Il Volo is perfection. I love these beautiful talented boys who grace my heart with their beautiful music. I don’t care what songs they sing the fact they are singing is music to my ears. I am appalled the hatefulnes which is sent their way is unforgivable Those journalists should be fired. I know if I was some place where I heard someone say any bad remarks about our boys I would not be able to stop myself from responding harshly to stupidly. I was listening to Mamhood sing if you call it singing in fact all I heard was him talking through the whole performance & I couldn’t believe he won. The people who are choosing who are the best singers are tonedeaf & should get another job. I was looking at the list of concerts the boys will be performing on the previous page & am on cloud 9 to see they will be coming to Canada YIPPEE now I have to find out what theatres they will be performing in. Daniela as I have said before you are a treasure & we are lucky to have you translating for us & keeping us up to date on the goings on as to what out precious sweethearts are up to.

    Marie I just discovered the coment you made on my site a couple of years ago unfortunately I missed it I moved etcetra. I hope life is treating you well. So long for now I always try to keep up to date on all coments. I am sending my love to our boys VIVA ILVOLO.

  22. Hi Daniela, thank you again for all you do to boost our guys and keep us all up to date. Unfortunately for me I’m new to Flight crew posting, like about five months. As I read back through so many wonderful articles about or glorious three, I’m constantly struck by the ignorance of some people, come on Italy fight for your own! How do you get to watch or listen to this contests and vote for them, I’d really like to see the next one in Israel?. I think Alessandro only adds value to what is pure gold from IlVolo…I know I’m biased but I’ve been listening to some of the artist from the 40s-60s and whether it’s Gianluca singing an old standard or the three of them they have top everyone….even Sinatra (hope I don’t get struck down🥹). They are so wonderful, I truly don’t understand what anyone can find to complain about unless it’s just jealousy that 3 kids could best some of the greats and they only stand to get better. They’re voices just keep getting richer every year.
    While I’m newish to the fan club and flight crew I ve been a fan for 13 yrs and want nothing more than to see them in person. And to know they’ll be around forever.
    With great love and respect for Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio from Sarasota, Fl and Fairfield, Ct. from Carol Orlando

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