These days, the boys are facing the commitments of the instore.

We get many photos, but some certainly sweeter than others, confirm to us, the sweetness and availability of Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero.

Sweetness 01

Sweetness 02

Sweetness 03

Sweetness 04

Sweetness 05

Sweetness 06

Sweetness 07

Sweetness 08

Sweetness 09

The shots are really very sweet, but that’s not all, during their stop for the instore in Pescara, they made a special visit, documented by this video of AGBE (Association of parents of children with haemopathy)



They had promised it at Christmas with a video greeting message, announcing a visit right at home at AGBE !!!!! Back from Sanremo and on tour for the new album … Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio …. have conquered everyone for affection, sensitivity and their overwhelming sympathy !! Thank you for this gift !!! 💖👨👩👧👦



How much sweetness in these videos.

These guys fill the heart, how can you not appreciate these gestures?

You guys are fantastic!


And what about this child who did a haircut in honor of IL VOLO?

Really very special!

Sweetness 10

Sweetness 11

But now I want to talk about another very sweet thing, let’s call it a sweet memory.

About a year ago, in May 2018, I told you that IL VOLO had received a nice prize called ARTE E CULTURA. They were in Bagnaia, in Tuscany, and the award was given by Mrs. Marisa Monti Riffeser, here is the picture.

Sweetness 12

Mrs. Monti Riffeser, has held the figure of majority shareholder and president of the group Poligrafici Editoriale, in short, a very important person.

During the award ceremony, Piero explained how IL VOLO personally met the lady, by pure chance.

She was on an air flight and could not open a bottle of water.

Piero who was behind her, saw her in trouble, he offered to help her and opened the bottle, then when she got off the plane, Piero gave her his arm because she could get off the ladder easier. Piero did not know the lady, but instead, she knew very well who those three boys were and so she told to Piero, “Mr. Barone you, besides being a great artist, are a great person”.

From that moment a beautiful friendship was born between Mrs. Monti Riffeser and IL VOLO, and this friendship culminated last year with the award ceremony in Bagnaia.

I bought the MUSICA CD in the Deluxe version and inside there are several photos of the guys. At the end of the booklet, there are three single photos, where each of the boys have written thanks. In the photo of Piero, among the various thanks, there is this writing:

“A very special thank you to a great person Mrs. Marisa Monti Riffeser.”

The CD was released for sale on February 22nd.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Monti Riffeser passed away a few days earlier.

The announcement was given in the newspapers and among the various announcements there was also this:

Sweetness 13

It says:

Michele Torpedine, Il VOLO, Barbara Vitali, Eliana Dalila Biondi, embrace Andrea, with his sons Sara, Matteo and Bruno.

They remember the smile, the passion and the enthusiasm of Signora Marisa Monti Riffeser, grateful to have had the honor of meeting her.

and this:

Sweetness 14

A passionate greeting to Mrs. Marisa Monti Riffeser, we will always follow her valuable advice, and we will keep for example her enthusiasm.

We add an affectionate hug to Andrea with his sons Sara, Matteo and Bruno.

Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, Gianluca Ginoble – IL VOLO.

Sweetness 15

In short, these guys, as well as being good singers, humble and special guys are also very very sweet …. there are no words !!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.



  1. These guys are everything you would want in a person They need more like them on this earth Thanks for the wonderful article Daniela

    1. Yes, Beverley, they are just everything you want from a person …. too perfect to be true.

  2. The pictures, videos and newspaper tributes say it all!! It is no wonder they are loved as people as well as artists. Thanks Daniela and Pat for this translation.

    1. JD, in fact the critics, who continue to say that they make “old” music, can not understand why they are so loved ………. they should learn to open their eyes and ears …. you who you say?

      1. Well the critics are just wrong and the Italian public knows it and the international fans know it. In spite of those haters, Il Volo fills the theaters and stadiums. i am sure that is what is the more important to them. I would love it if I thought the guys, Barbara, Michele or any of the il Volo staff read the Flight Crew Page so they could feel the love. Maybe they do at least once in a while.
        As an unrelated aside I just saw Sting sing on a PBS program a song by Leonard Cohen called “Dance me to the end of Love” I had never heard that song before, and as I listened I felt sure this song would be great for Igna. If anyone of the Il Volo staff is reading, check out this song for Igna!

      2. Nice idea Janet for the song.
        I also hope that the staff will sometimes read our posts, indeed I’m sure they do it sometimes.
        As for the love that surrounds the boys, today I saw the institu of Bari, fabulous, some journalists should follow the boys to realize all this.

  3. Thank you Daniela and Pat for bringing to our attention the absolute kindness and consideration to both young and old by the guys of Il Volo. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are truly the best. !!

    1. Impossible not to be impressed by their affability with those who are young, with those who are elderly and those with disabilities, right Marion?

  4. Daniela, I so appreciate your generosity to share with us the honorable and loving actions of our wonderful young men. I continue to be delighted to call myself a fan of IL VOLO. Such tenderness and sweetness displayed by these guys. I cannot wait to meet them in person and tell them how proud I am of them.

    FYI- I leave on Sunday, March 10 for my Camino de Santiago pilgrimage walk of 800 kilometers in northern Spain. I will check in with the Flight Crew as I have time and WIFI access. I plan to visit Italy after my pilgrimage around May 12. I continue to hope for information and ticket availability for Matera. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Many blessings to you all. I’ll be lighting candles for the guys in churches and cathedrals as I walk past for their continued success and well-being, along with gratitude for this Flight Crew community. I love reading all your posts and comments.

    1. You’re almost leaving, Crystaldawn, a really nice trip.
      If there is any news from Matera, we will try to notify you immediately.
      I too am happy to call myself a fan of IL VOLO.
      It’s really a very sweet idea, the one you’ll light candles for them, if they knew they would be grateful to you.
      Thanks for the compliments, I’m glad you like the posts.

      1. Oh that would be wonderful if possible to alert me about Matera. I would be very grateful. Thank you!

    2. Good luck and God bless you Crystaldawn on your Camino de Santiago pilgrimage walk. I remember hearing about this amazing pilgrimage when my husband and I visited Spain and Portugal. How beautiful that you will be lighting candles and praying for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca on your journey. I always keep them in my prayers and thank God that we have been blessed to know of them.
      Thank you Pat and Daniela for the photos and reminding us of the friendship of Il Volo and Mrs. Marisa Monti Riffeser. She obviously realised quickly the goodness and kind hearts of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. May God bless her and keep her. Seeing them at the stores with so many fans makes us realize that their critics can’t harm them! Their faces light up with happiness and love whenever they are with children and those who may have some disability. They are really wise beyond their years and have loving and kind hearts. Their fans know their innate goodness and love them for their kindness and sweetness! Once again, I must thank their parents for raising such beautiful boys who are now beautiful and extraordinary young men!

      1. You are welcome, Margaret. You can tell that each one of the boys have been raised in a loving and caring family!

      2. Yes Margaret, I think the beginning of everything is to be found in their beautiful families. The boys grew up with great feelings and principles.
        Even Mrs. Monti Riffeser had understood the greatness of these humble boys.
        Indeed, seeing those instore with so much love of the people towards our boys, fills us with pride and happiness for them.

  5. Thank you Daniela! I hope you do know how much we all appreciate you for your English written contributions. I drop everything I’m doing when I see the email and I start reading. Bless you!

    1. Anna, please do not make me feel guilty, I hope you do not have something in your hands that breaks, when you let it all fall to the ground. 🙂 🙂
      Joke of course, I’m very happy that you like the contributions that I bring to your attention, thank you.

  6. Beautiful pictures and article, thank you Daniela and Pat. These guys are incredible and really unique. It’s impossible not to love them and they are real GRANDE AMORE !!! I had a very bad day today, had to deal with very unkind people at work, but now watching our sweet, sensitive guys with all these children is like a cure, now I’m much better. Thanks once again. Baci.

    1. Right Jolanta, impossible not to love them.
      They are a breath of fresh air.
      I’m glad they gave you a little relief on a bad day.

  7. I have one more comment to add:
    Listening to IL VOLO sing or behave with the sweetness as noted in this post is like “touching the hem of Jesus’s robe and being healed,” or touching the Pope’s hand and being blessed—it is the same thing, love embodied, love out-pouring, love extended to all in IL VOLO’s unique and heartwarming Italian style. Great job guys—so proud of you.

  8. Daniela, was the signora very old, or was she sick? She did not look that old in the picture…such a sweet gesture from piero!

    1. Jana, Ms. Monti Riffeser was 88, but I have not read about her illness.
      Piero really did a nice gesture

  9. What touching articles Daniela!! Our young men are truly very special. I just received my Muscia CD, love it, and I found the tribute from Piero to Mrs. Riffeser. It brings tears to my eyes knowing that she passed away before seeing it!! Thank you !!

    1. Annette, I only write what the boys do. They are really very sweet.
      I like to think that Mrs. Monti Riffeser received the cd of the boys first.

      1. Your right Daniela! I too would like to think that she received the cd first!

  10. Please, keep writing about these incredible boys, more we know about them, more we love them, if that is even possible…..

  11. I’m flying from Miami to Rome to se these beautiful boys in Musica concert. I understand that those two nasty critics will be at the concert also. They never bean in their concert before and yet, they criticized them, putting them down etc, so I would like to see expression on their faces there, and if they will not finally admit how good Il Volo is, they must be totally blind, def, stupid…. because this Musica album is the best Il Volo produced so far.

  12. Irene, if those critics really go to the concert (as they have before), they can only confirm how good these guys are, impossible not to admit the evidence.

  13. Not so often you find in the entertainment industry someone so real as a person, Loving, Caring and genuine; these boys are remarkable, I admire them so much.
    David Zucchini

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