During the tour instore in Rome, Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, had an interview in the headquarters of the newspaper Repubblica, with the journalist Ernesto Assante, who was never very generous in his praise of IL VOLO.

This resulted in an interesting interview that I translate for you. There is only one video, unfortunately not very qualitatively beautiful, but that shows us our guys perfectly at ease.

Assante = It’s 4:15 pm, we’re live from Repubblica, via Cristoforo Colombo 90 Rome, see behind me, I’m not alone, I have a band called IL VOLO

G = A band? An unusual band.

(they sing live an acoustic version of Musica Che Resta, Ignazio plays the guitar)

I = (after the acute) Sorry, sorry.

Assante = He wanted us otherwise they think you are fake.

G = Exactly

Assante = Because they have the big voice, they are not IL VOLO, who knows who they are (he jokes) …. Gentlemen, welcome, it is the first time we meet really, we had only heard once by phone, long ago.

Start by a question, really stupid, stupid, stupid ….. How did you become IL VOLO ? – a band that has a great success with the public, a sequel and a warmth – a love, so great, be of the boys , therefore maintain a “normal” life in a condition that has nothing normal, you grew up in public, you grew up on television, in front of people, you were little, you’re not anymore, you’re soon bigger than me … then, how difficult it is grow this way, and if it did you good or bad.

P = It is not so difficult, I must tell you that we three have the same past in common, and the same adolescence, fortunately we met at the age of 14/15, we live for music, for the greatest passion that we share it. It takes much “group spirit”, but the fundamental thing is that we do not tolerate the teasing and the whims, do not exist in our group, then, we help each other, we support each other.

G = Maybe we sing a kind of music that is close to people, also because they are our traditions, it is our music that is the “bel canto” which is then appreciated above all abroad. So, maybe that’s why we approach the people, we also saw the more than positive result of Sanremo, a podium, after the victory of 2015, we are happy with the result.

Assante = Damn, actually you were first, more than often, during the week.

So, beyond what you’ve just said for the relationship with traditional Italian music, why do they love you so much? What are your strengths?

G = And why do they want us so bad as well? (certainly refers to journalists)

Webnotte 01

Assante = What do you transmit to people? I’m interested in your point of view.

I = Maybe because ….. I think that the musical genre influences the personality of the person, a person who does rock and roll, influences his personality. We have always maintained what have always been our personalities, always with humility and with passion of what we are doing.

So the key to getting to people’s hearts was that, so they love us so much and follow us.

P = Because there is nothing built.

Assante = That is, the truth is that you are so off the stage ……

I = We are so off stage and on stage, during an interview and during a lunch.

P = And according to you, why?

Assante = I am convinced of the fact …

I = He cannot explain it.

Assante = The thing that has always surprised me, is your passion for traditional music, being very young, this is not normal, if it were so, all the boys of your age would sing romances, or arias.

G = This is true, but ……

Assante = Let’s say that the thing that surprises, in this country, but that has also allowed your success, because you are the only ones to be young, and to do a type of traditional music.

G = It is clear that normality is not even, having so many tattoos and talking about drugs in songs.

Assante = But no, of course.

G = Let’s say that normality does not exist.

I = There are habits

G = Exactly, then everyone tries to express their passion, in the end we do nothing but do what we like best, SING. Then, that this is a musical genre that is heard more by adults ….

P = But it is not true …. Spotify gives us a good answer …. but maybe because we are the only ones to do it, after many years, and we are the only “young”, because our goal, we always have said, is to bring this kind of music, which was born right in our country, and maybe even a little “forgotten”. No young man has EVER proposed it again.

Webnotte 02

Assante = Let’s start again from the initial question. Before doing IL VOLO, what music were you listening to?

G = Look I tell you what I was listening to: I grew up with Gaber, Guccini, De Andrè, (Italian singer-songwriters) so, you figured, completely different things, my father inculcated this style, then, growing up, I became crazy, completely John Mayer. I love the guitar a lot, even if I do not play it, but I love a more acoustic genre. My greatest idol, however, has always been Andrea Bocelli, that made me really approach this vocal genre.

 P = But each of us has different tastes, different personalities, I have always listened to the classical world, I love Elvis, I love Queen, but in the shower, I listen to the classics, Pavarotti, Domingo, this kind of music, I really like Julio Iglesias .

Assante = (indicates Ignatius) and the rocker here? The boy with the tuft ….

I = No, I’ve never listened to so much music, I fell in love with the songs, I love Stevie Wonder, even though I do not know many of his songs, I’m madly in love with “Over Joy”, “You and I”, “Isn’t She Lovely “. Or Brian Mcknight, I really like it, Joe Cocker …

P = Even Lenny Kravitz

I = Yes, Lenny Kravitz

Assante = However, this is noticeable, that is, that your singing styles, especially when growing, have changed, there are those who are more linked to opera (Piero), who has a middle ground (Gianluca) and who, above all in Sanremo it has been noticed more than the other times, I do not say that he has freed himself from lyrical singing, but has sung with greater autonomy (Ignazio).

P = (turned to Ignatius) you could not wait (and gave him a little flip on the head)

I = It’s not, I could not wait, but it’s what I am, so it’s me.

Assante = This allows you to do different things too, are you working on a change, an evolution?

I = It is not so much a change of ours, it is more pulling out what we really are, rather than a change of what we do.

Assante = Castaldo (journalist who always gave very low marks to IL VOLO) in Sanremo did not give you 5 1/2 to make you just a courtesy, but because he saw, that something …

P = But that was the biggest victory.

Webnotte 03

G = But we have to travel on two different tracks, because what our international public wants, it’s just the Italianness, just the made in Italy, that maybe in Italy, for that, there’s a bit of snob about it , as if sometimes we were ashamed to be Italian.

Assante = But sometimes it’s not like that.

G = Sometimes unfortunately yes.

Assante = But try to think, the French listen to a lot of music, French, but modern.

We Italians, we have a traditional repertoire that for us Italians is old, but for an American, it is not.

P = Excuse me, I want to say this, we do not do anything strange abroad, because we are famous all over the world? Not because we are better than others, but because we sing this kind of music that is famous outside of Italy. If we take a look at the past, the only Italians who have succeeded abroad, and abroad I do not mean South America, which is like Italy, but Europe, North America, Japan, all those countries, were Luciano Pavarotti, Bocelli and vabbè Modugno, but it was a special case. But Pavarotti, Bocelli, Il Volo, have one thing in common abroad, the same kind of music.

There must be a reason.

Assante = I agree with you, it’s like us here, like rock and roll, and true rock and roll, no one plays in Italy. If you feel the real rock and roll, you love the original.

I = What do you think about Achille Lauro? (in Sanremo he sang on a rock and roll rhythm) because there is a bit of rock and roll.

Assante = I confess that I find that the piece of Sanremo is very beautiful. It’s a rock and roll piece and it’s fun.

I = I like it too, I confess that I’m not the type that listens to the text (the song by Achille Lauro has been much disputed because it talks about drugs), I only listen to music, I have to listen to music, for me the text goes into the background.

Assante = I like that too, it’s “reckless life” updated to the times. I found it nice, frankly, but let’s get back to your piece. I too appreciated this piece of yours, more than on other occasions, just because you seem more free, in being each of you three what he wants to be, that is, each of you three is finding his way.

Webnotte 04

P = Excuse me, but this album MUSICA, crown 10 years of career, is the tenth anniversary of IL VOLO.

If you read the titles, see the three personalities of IL VOLO, because from an “Arrivederci Roma” which is a genre more like an American crooner, it represents more his tastes (of Gianluca) there is a “Be my love” which is a classic, then there is a “A chi mi dice” where the voice of Ignazio prevails more. Let’s say we give vent to our personalities.

G = Even the second single, “Vicinissimo” marks a path of more contemporary sounds, we are no longer linked to the too classic world.

Assante = You want to make me a little mention of “Vicinissimo”, even vaguely, only for 30 seconds

P = You know we never sang it live.

(Piero and Ignazio begin the song but in a low tone)

G = No, so it’s not good and then it’s bad, if it’s done like that you do not like it and then it’s bad.

Assante = Do not be, never. There is something that you could do to me, so at the moment, even if only hinted at, you can also say no.

G = Let’s say “ A chi mi dice”, do you know the chords, Ignazio?

I = Yes, I try …. (they start to sing the song, Piero and Ignazio sing in chorus)

G = It looks like church, you see, it’s difficult.

Assante = It’s okay, you touched the key point, to someone like me, who are a music freak, you can say to me, I’m unpleasant, bad, but I’m a fan of music and what I like is this, the ability to be wrong, to try to play a music, not to think that you are, as you were born, a television product built at the table. I like to discover that you play the guitar, that you sing the pieces that you like.

G = But we want them to come out well.

Webnotte 05

Assante = On that we agree, but you understand what I mean, you have a matrix of a television program, a talent, which has given you the imprinting, and getting rid of imprinting is not easy.

P = It is clear.

G = We will get there slowly. This CD however marks the beginning of a new IL VOLO, because the other CD’s …

P = It’s not like we do rock.

G = Absolutely, but there is the fact that we begin to have our repertoire, we are not always tied to the “covers”, always things already done and redone, that people say, “Oh well we have understood, now enough”. So there are already three unpublished and for us the beginning of a change, because however we are preparing a new project, for the end of the year, then in 2020, we will do two years of tour, even releases of new albums, we are starting to have a new important path.

Assante = Is it difficult to get along in three? You know that the real bands quarrel a bit, because to be together, they cannot always love each other.

P = But we too, it’s a bit like marriages, cohabitation is not so simple. Also because we have not chosen ourselves, we have been put together, but the important thing of our group, I think is mutual respect. In the end we get along like this.

G = Beautiful the booklet (of the cd) right? It is very elegant.

Assante = Yes very elegant and beautiful.

G = Did you still want to ask a question?

Assante = Yes, the last one. Between making records and singing live, for you, makes the difference, that is the idea, so that someone like me can fall in love with IL VOLO, it’s the concert, go and see you, as it was for Sanremo …..

P = You’ve never been to one of our concerts?

Assante = No, unfortunately not, Danilo (Danilo Ciotti, press office of IL VOLO) has invited me so many times ….

G = Will you come to Cavea della Musica this year? (in Rome)

Assante = It’s the easiest thing.

P = Together with Castaldo, arm in arm, so he will give us a 6 1/2.

Webnotte 06

Assante = I objectively, on the 6th at Sanremo, I gave it to you, and also for me it was the first time, live, you gave an idea of conviction, of truth, in that song, singing it just as you wanted, that according me, it was not yours before.

I = Look, being in three is sometimes a fortune or misfortune, you know everyone has their own personal idea. I personally, with all due respect, never imported me 5 1/2 or 6, because in the end one must not go chasing the vote.

P = Long life sincerity.

I = I am like that, I think that an artist does not have to chase votes, if an artist likes, likes, if he does not like amen, there are many other artists that can be heard. For us, say 5 1/2, 6, is our way to say that slowly, slowly, we try to make ourselves appreciated by people who are always very susceptible to us (the critical and journalists), also because often, in Italy, but a bit in general, it is used to have prejudices, without knowing people. A little like Castaldo, he did not know us, when he met us, he finally realized that we are three simple guys.

G = As he believed, even worse.

I = Three guys who like to joke, we are not set, as he thought, and that’s the problem, nobody goes chasing the votes, one just wants to be known, to be understood.

Assante = The result of Sanremo was right for you?

G+I+P = Yes, absolutely.

I = For us yes, for someone else maybe not.

Assante = For someone else actually not, but it was the result seemed to me balanced, the three juries were three different juries.

P = Only one thing, in my opinion, maybe I’m wrong to speak, but maybe they had to give a little more recognition to Bertè. Only this, for the rest, was right.

Assante = You’re right, in the end it was fourth.

I = In the end we talked about it. It is not Sanremo that makes the classification, finish first, second, third, fourth, but it’s all week, also because Sanremo, it’s not the end, but the beginning, it’s a little like when we won, that Nek said, “Now you have to show what you can do,” and he was right. Anyway it’s true, everything starts from there.

P = On the contrary, this has also stimulated us, we thought we had to give our best.

Webnotte 07

I = Start everything from there, the promotion, the CD, the tour. You have to be focused, because in any case on tour, ours is a fairly difficult repertoire, and so you have to always be focused, make a date after another, travel.

G = It is always necessary, in my opinion, to know the managers ……. because fashion, you can make a song that lasts a month, two months, three months, if you do not do another one, it’s trouble.

Assante = The thing that I want to know, if the return of listening to Sanremo, there was, as today there have been here the Zen Circus (other participants of Sanremo) and have said that many people who would not have them never listened to, seeing them in Sanremo, now they listen to them. Certainly there is a part of the public that, looking at Sanremo to see Zen Circus, Achille Lauro, Motta, discovered IL VOLO, beyond your popularity, there was someone besides me, who did not listen to you, and now, yes?

P = There is certainly another person Michele Monina (another very fierce critic with IL VOLO). He did not listen to us, but we had the opportunity to meet him one morning in Sanremo and I must tell you that we did not know him, to me sincerely, he was unpleasant, after I met him and I said: “But you’re an ‘other’ person.”

Assante = But people, people’s reaction? There was much more young audience.

G = Definitely.

Assante = The Spotify effect has been seen.

G = The Spotify effect, yes, certainly more than in the past, because the song is slightly more modern. Our audience is not exactly that of Spotify, which is also listened to by 15-year-olds. But there was a super-positive response also from the younger public, as not.

P = But the answer and the greatest satisfaction for an artist I think is to see the pre-sales of their tour, which are going very well, so I’ll see you at the concerts.

Assante = Before closing the interview, give us another live piece.

I = We do not know what to do, but we do it.

Assante = Meanwhile, do you think about it, the next live event, when?

P = We leave now for Japan in May, but then we come back, in June and July in Italy, then again abroad, and at the end of the year, we are back in Italy again.

Assante = Very good. The dates found on the site of IL VOLO, on the Facebook page of IL VOLO, the album has a very simple title MUSICA…… and then, at this point, I speak, while they decide, they will not take much ….

G = Of the new song or the last one? What do we do?


G = What can we do?

I = The cool thing of being in a group … the nice thing about being three is that we create harmonies, and we …

G = Then let’s make IL MONDO, the final ….

P = See, three seconds ago I said “Let’s make IL MONDO” and they do not.

G = Wait, let’s make harmony (Piero taps him on the head). He plays the central part (Piero), I play the lower part and he is the tall one (Ignazio).

I = Are you there? We can start?

(the final harmony of IL MONDO begins … beautiful !!)

Assante = Thank you so much, it was a pleasure to have you here, come back when you want …. and thanks to you (to the public) for following us.

Webnotte 08

I would say that the boys have always been kind and polite.

Assante is a journalist who, together with Castaldo and Monina, have never had good words and good criticisms about IL VOLO, indeed, they often denigrated and wrote badly about them …….. but without ever knowing them personally.

This year in Sanremo the boys have personally met Monina and Castaldo and now, with this interview also Assante.

Undoubtedly the tastes of these three journalists-critics, are deeply distant from the style of our boys, but this does not allow them to denigrate the hard work of these young people and even sometimes to despise them.

But now they have known them and have changed their opinion on them, not on their style, but certainly on their personalities, because these journalists have recognized that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are very simple guys and prepared in the music field. Their votes at Sanremo 2015 did not arrive at 4, now they gave 5 1/2 and even 6. The road is long but the journey has begun ….

I noticed in the interview that the boys, always in a polite tone, managed to remove “some pebbles in the shoe”.

Good guys, heads held high, we are with you.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

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  1. Following Il Volo for 10 years, we loved them, but new very little about them, thank to your translations, we now see them not only as a killer handsome men with incredible voices, but as a incredibly smart, intelligent , hard working human individuals, love them even more,

    1. Irene, they are really very mature and serious guys, sincerely they should be taken for example by many young people.

      1. You have noticed, Sue, they are good even when they have to answer impertinent questions, they are never rude.

  2. Again Daniela! Thanks for the translation of a most interesting interview. The guys are so down to earth you can’t help loving them like your own children/grandchildren. Apparently they were not adversely affected by the outcome of Sanremo. As Ignazio said they do not chase votes, if their fans love them, that is enough for them. I am so proud of these young men, I will make sure to tell them when I see them again.

    1. RoseMarie, I’m very proud of them too. They do not bring success to the fore, but they want to satisfy their audience. Yes, they were happy with their result in Sanremo, because they are not greedy people, and from the images they also enjoyed the victory of others like Mahmood.

    1. You said really well Barbara, in two words you summarized everything, “pure class”.
      Grazie mille !

  3. Just love them more when I read another interview Makes you so proud of them Thanks again for another great translation

    1. Thanks to you Beverley that you liked.
      I am very pleased that through my translations, you can better understand the personality of the boys.

  4. Thanks for this interview Daniela! It was an interesting one!
    My CD came today!! I am very happy–I did not expect to get it for another week or more!

    1. Penina, I’m very happy that your CD has arrived. Enjoy listening because the guys did a great job.
      Thank you for having enjoyed the interview.

  5. Daniela this video was on twitter and for 22 minutes I tried very hard to grasp any familiar word that they said, but to no avail, it made no sense to me, so I just enjoyed watching them talk.
    Now, thanks to you, thinking of us on the other side of the ocean, I am able to appreciate this interview in a whole new way. These guys are so interesting, so unique, and just awesome!!!!!
    Looking forward to the future with Il Volo!!!!

    1. Ineke, three days ago I saw a video and there were two English people talking, I tried to understand, but they spoke so fast that I could not understand anything.
      So I understand you very well and when I see some important interviews, my desire is that you too can understand.
      The guys are really unique!

      1. Ciao! I am taking my second Italian class at our local communty college and Americans think Italians speak very fast!

  6. Very enlightening of the three boys and their one big love,music. I don’t understand why anyone ever was concerned about how they came together in the first place or for what reason or by whom. It’s so easy to see that they have talent that blends so beautifully and talent is talent. Why are the critics and journalists so hung up on their origin as a singing trio? As though they can never be legitimate artists because someone got the idea to put them together as sort of a gimmick, just to see if the public would go for it. I think that is so insulting in a way. They could each separately perform on their own and the talent would still be there. Thanks for this post Daniela, it’s one of the more gritty interviews from the standpoint of the guys defending themselves with one of these jerky critics.

    1. You have just hit the mark, Mark. To our guys, they do not forgive being born of a talent program, but only they are not forgiven, in Italy there are many singers born of similar programs and to them, it is allowed to succeed. Also almost for a game, Piero Ignazio and Gianluca were put together and composed a trio, but could last for a song or an event if there was not the talent. Then we add, that over time, the boys have always studied, to improve their innate talent, in fact, we all notice the diversity of the way to sing from the first times to today. The guys worked hard, they studied …….. but they are not forgiven ……. “they came out of a talent, they were created at the table” ….. all nonsense, because over time, if there had not been talent and study, we would no longer have heard of them. But this our critics do not want to understand and can not even explain why there is so much affection that surrounds IL VOLO, maybe they have not yet realized how simple and humble are these young men ????

      1. Daniela, this interview really hit it on the head so to speak. If I understand you right, IL Volo has never been forgiven for starting as a result of a talent show….Well, they were born of the show BUT it was as if Lightening and Thunder hit too!. It wasn’t just a happy bit of luck. No, these three were meant to be together, to bring these fabulous voices and great personalities to bloom into this super internationally enjoyed group to become known around the world!. They really didn’t need to win Sanremo like they did the first time, they just proved to those who had eyes to see and ears to hear that they are even more powerful than what was put together ten years ago. I am so proud and grateful to be alive during this time to be a fan of theirs. Thank you for your wonderful work with the English language we are much in your debt.
        Connie aka Piratesorka

      2. Yes Connie, that’s right, the critics do not forgive them for having had the luck of their meeting, it seems that for the critics everything was born from that “stroke of luck”, but they do not understand that, of couples or trios, every day form in the field of music, but not for this that they succeed, they can maybe make a song and then that’s it. Our boys are different, but critics do not admit it. In the interview Assante says that their success is because they are the only ones in Italy to sing this genre, still does not admit that they are really good. You know, Connie, the guys are so opposed, that sometimes critics tell him to change the genre of music, to do the rap ……. it’s like telling Michael Bublé or Celine Dion to stop singing like that and doing the rap!!!
        Now you understand why I wanted the Latin cd to come here too, because they could show that they could do something else.

  7. Thanks for translating the interview. Wonderful guys, handsome, inteligent, kind and much, much more. We are very lucky to be their fans, very proud of them. It was a really happy fate that these three beautiful personalities with angelic voices met 10 years ago to give us so much joy and happiness. I hope they will do it for us for many many years. I wish this to all of you. Thanks once again to you Daniela.

    1. Yes, Jolanta, we are really lucky to be fans of young people so full of talent and good principles.
      I, too, hope the boys continue on their way for many, many years.

  8. Yes Daniela, we are really blessed to be fans
    of these young men. You know they had very
    good upbringing to have the good principles
    and personalities such as we hear and see
    in their interviews and concerts. They are
    beautiful both inside and out and it shows
    each time they sing and give an interview.
    They are good, pure human beings that lets
    it show in their interactions with their fans.
    I can only imagine the pride that their families
    have for their sons. God Bless Them and
    their families.

    1. Right, Gale, we are proud of them, as artists, but also as people. I believe you will notice this, even more in the post tomorrow, I wait for your comment.
      Their families have a lot, to be proud of them, moreover the teachings of families continue. Did you see that the aunts of Gianluca and uncles of Ignazio, when the instore were close to their countries, went to meet them in line like all the people? Very well, people appreciate these teachings.

      1. And even the fact that they waited in line like everyone else shows the values of the family! They are wonderful people,

  9. Daniela, I loved your translation and seeing the boys in that interview was wonderful. Thank you so much for bringing it to us. I watched without understanding much and noticed their body language. It was good of the boys to invite the journalist to a concert so he could see for himself what the boys offer all of us….. although I’m still getting over the nasty press they got. The boys are a gift to the world and it was refreshing to hear them talk about what is normal. They are loving and giving kids who have a rare gift to light up all our hearts. What more do we need? I should get our new CD any day now and am so excited. I love all of the songs already.

    1. Yes, Victoria, I like to watch them in their body movements. Sometimes I notice small gestures that make me understand that they are not built at all, on the contrary they are sincere with each other and with others. They respect each other very much and help themselves in case of need. All very nice to see.
      Impossible not to love the songs of that cd.

  10. I pre-ordered Musica from Amazon US. This morning I checked on the status of my order and was dismayed to find they were showing a delivery window that extended to April 24! Amazon UK gave me a delivery window March 18 to 20 so I cancelled the US order and re-ordered from Amazon UK.

      1. Jill, you will love this cd, for sure.
        There are songs for all tastes. We will have to make a post where everyone writes what the favorite song is.

    1. Hi everyone,
      I ordered mine from Amazon Italy and got it yesterday! And Canada has a really poor post office. I wasn’t expecting it for another week or two–miracles do happen!

      1. Penina, I’m very happy for you, now enjoy listening to this nice cd.

    2. Frank, someone told me that in the booklet that comes with the CD are the lyrics and translations into English of all the songs. I got mine from Italy, and of course the lyrics are there but no translation. I am wondering if the booklets from the English speaking countries will have the translations in them. Would you please report back when you get your CD to tell us whether there are English translations of the lyrics?
      Thanks so much!

      1. Penina, at the suggestion of Gina, I think I will do a post with the lyrics and translations of the songs.

      2. Thanks Daniela! I went to and found some of the lyrics. But they don’t have all the songs in Engiish just some of them.

    3. And now Amazon US says anywhere from April 3 to May 1! There must be a delivery problem of some sort.

      1. Margaret, maybe they printed less CDs than they expected to sell? We hope so.

  11. Daniela, i saw this video the other day and saved it for future viewing. Now you even translated it! What a treat. PRECIOUS. GRAZIE

  12. I didn’t see the aunts and uncles you mentioned, but
    that shows that the entire family loves and respects
    their art and talent. And Victoria, I hope that interviewer
    does attend the Rome concert. If so, he will be in for
    a real treat. It would be impossible to listen to the
    concert an not be happy and glad you attended. They
    are a special treat to the eyes and ears. Thank you so
    much for translating this interview for the English
    speaking fans. You have opened so many doors to
    help us understand our wonderful IL VOLO and the
    interviews I saw you in the crowd at the signing.
    Those questions were great and helpful to all of us.

  13. My copy of Musica arrived today-five days early. It is GREAT!!!
    I would never be able to decipher the autographs to know which one is which of the guys. Anyone on the blog know which is which?

    1. I got mine early as well. The autograph over each of the guys is theirs. I have to say I was a bit disappointed that that autographs were machine printed but then again, I suppose you can’t expect them to sign millions of CDs! Having said that, though, Gianluca’s signature isn’t his. He doesn’t typically sign GG, that I know of. Usually it’s Gianluca in his scrawl. Anyone else have a though?

      1. Roxanne, I think the signatures are not typed, are you sure about this?
        I saw videos, where the boys place all the CDs on the table and then proceed to sign them one by one, however I inform and let you know.

      1. Daniela, the signatures on your card are quite a bit different than on my card. In both cases the signatures are hurried or scribbled. It may all depend on how many they have to do in any one sitting. Their hands may get fatigued? Anyway, I’m happy with what I have. Thanks.

      2. I think the one on the right is Ignazio but I may be wrong. I see a PB in the middle one.

  14. Thank you Daniela for the post of Gianluca’s aunts and
    uncle. It looks like they are just one big happy family
    and that is the way we all should be. You can feel the
    love and admiration flow right out of the videos. My
    prayer is that they keep climbing upward in their
    careers for 2019 and beyond. Wouldn’t you just love
    one of those big hugs? I look forward to your posts
    every day and appreciate your work. God Bless You.

  15. Thanks, so much, Daniela, for the translation. Maybe some day my Italian will be fluent enough that I’ll not only be able to read it but understand the interviews! I’d like to ask and comment on a couple of things. This is the first time I’ve heard that Il Volo was being criticized for coming out of a talent show. And yet those from other talent shows are readily accepted. Has anyone ever posed this question to any of the critics? Gianluca won the talent show (Didn’t Piero and Ignazio come in 2nd and 3rd?) That alone should tell the critics that the Italians like this genre of music and that the critics are out of touch with the public. You’re absolutely right that one just can’t win a talent show and then become a superstar overnight. You have to work at it which is what Il Volo did/does because music is far more than a passion for them. I’m always amazed that three children with the exact same family values and respect for music met on that one show. Karma I guess. I also agree with you regarding their Latin album, Amame. I, for one, want to start a campaign to make Sony Latin release the album worldwide. I believe it’s important that everyone, not only Italy, is made aware of Il Volo’s versatiliy. Typically in music, when you have a group, the voices/harmonies would be indistinguishable between one another. In Il Volo’s case, the fact that their voices are so different but blend beautifully together with unique harmonies makes them special. I enjoy picking out the individual voices. The boys know this and their coaches know this and they all capitalize on it as they should. On the other hand, it appears the critics won’t see this because they really don’t know music. They are just critiquing their personal choice of genre which happens to be stolen from the Americas. Rap, trap, rock and roll, reggaton etc. is not native Italian as we all know. So they are comparing their preferred artists to the CDs they listen to or concerts they’ve gone to. They have no real knowledge of the genre. I would say the only one who would know is Red Ronnie and he’s not called upon as a critic. But I digress. I should end here, because this is getting too long. Thanks again, Daniela.

    1. Yes Roxanne, you’re absolutely right, only to IL VOLO is not forgiven to be released, from a talent program, in fact, even Mahmood has participated in a similar program. I would say that to our boys, the success is not forgiven, in fact, to them, this is arrived immediately, too soon, and this is not forgiven, moreover this success continues even if they have become young men. These critics have blinders and ear plugs, because I can understand that style is not their favorite, but denying the obvious skill …. is not possible, a true critic, must be above their own personal tastes.
      I must also tell you that Red Ronnie, until last year, was not very favorable to IL VOLO , he said they were “built” not natural, then he met them in the live broadcast and everything changed.
      The same thing are doing these critics, in fact Assante, Monina and Castaldo, were three very hard critics with the boys and they also wrote very heavy things. Now that they have finally met them, they have understood that they are boys, like many others, without crickets on their heads, really humble and good. It was time!!
      As for the Latin CD, I have always been in favor of diffusion, even defending them from attacks related to the recording of this CD. Instead I think that IL VOLO has a thousand facets and must be put on display.

  16. Just to add a short thought. When each of the guys do their solos, as they did in Notte Magica, this is the true test of the fact that they are not “built”. Their real voices alone and singular, any person would have to be deaf and blind not to see and hear their individual talent. Put them all together and you get three times the real talent. To me, it is as obvious as can be.

    1. It’s true Mark, in fact how many times have I told you that critics and journalists here in Italy have closed eyes and ears ???
      Only in this way can one justify their incompetence !!

  17. I am extatic to finally read that the stupid critics have finally opened their eyes & ears & realized perfection which we have seen & heard since the beginning of Il Volo so my motto is still VIVO ILVOLO the best singers in the world

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