Il Giorno Milano Interview by Cynthia

Cynthia, from the Philippines, has been kind enough to translate the boys’ interview with Radio Subasio. They had the interview on Friday shortly before the signature party event.  THANK YOU, CYNTHIA!! 😘

Il Giorno Milano

Il Volo with the editorial staff of Il Giorno: “Our tricolor song, our signature” / PHOTO

The Italian trio has conquered the international audiences and has sold millions of copies!


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The trio in the editorial office.

Milan, 23 February 2019 – Three unpublished works and eight covers poised between “La voce del silenzio” and “People”, “Be My Love” and “Arrivederci Roma”. In stores since yesterday, the new album MUSICA marks the limit between yesterday’s Il Volo and tomorrow’s. Between what was and what promises to be the new tour at the start on June 22 from Palmanova, after a new concert tour in Japan and a double event in Matera taken by the American PBS. Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, Gianluca Ginoble spoke about it yesterday in the editorial office of the Day, starting, naturally, from the Sanremo rentrée of “Musica che resta”.

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Four years ago, the Festival was a discovery. And this time?

Barone: In 2015 Sanremo offered us the opportunity to let everyone know what we did. It went very well and so, this year, to celebrate our first ten years of career we could not go back on the stage of the Ariston.

You did it in the race while in 2018 you were back on the Riviera as guests.

Barone: We had an important anniversary and a new project to be shared with the public, so it seemed right to do it in the race.

Boschetto: The real winner of the Festival is not so much who arrives first, but the success of the project brought to that stage.

Ginoble: Switching from guests to competitors does not mean taking a step backwards. The belief in the goodness of our new job did not make us feel the spirit of competition. We are very satisfied with the third place because it means that, four years after “Grande Amore”, the public is still there to follow and love our music.

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The album was released yesterday.

Ginoble: We are at work on a record entirely unpublished, but MUSICA is already a good step forward compared to those of the past, because for the first time we decided everything ourselves. Since we have completely different voices and musical tastes, everyone has vented as he thought.

You will also engrave a version in Spanish. Bet at the Latin Grammy?

Barone: We smelled the Latin Grammy in 2011, thanks to two nominations. We have not won it, but whoever stops dreaming stops living. So we continue to pursue our dreams.

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Among the authors of “Musica che resta” there is Gianna Nannini. Who called it?

Ginoble: Me. And she accepted immediately. I also told her that in the album we would have reinterpreted her “Meravigliosa creatura” and she said she was very happy.

Barone: Gianna has an explosive personality. With her, friendship was born two years ago behind the scenes of a TV show and from the beginning there was a great feeling.

Also the other unpublished will make people talk.

Ginoble: Well, there is “Vicinissimo” written by Davide Petrella and Dario Faini, the producer of Moneyby Mahmood. While “Until it’s good” Tony Maiello wrote it and it’s a pop song in all respects.

Boschetto: Last year we sang just to prepare for two years of touring all over the world. We have also created a “commemorative stamp” that will appear on products related to us.

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IL VOLO with the editorial staff of Il Giorno.

What does it mean for you to come back on tour?

Ginoble: MUSICA presents an IL VOLO different from the past, with more contemporary sounds and slightly less voices. So, ours will be a concert under the banner of beautiful singing, because that is our signature, but with different sounds, which are also approaching a slightly younger audience. We are maturing and we are trying to renew ourselves project after project.

Boschetto: The first tour will be summer, in the open spaces, then the we will arrive in the concert halls.

Ten years of career impose the first budgets. Is there a particular exhibit that has remained there?

Barone: For an artist, every concert represents a story to be lived and told. But to us who are Italians and love to sing in Italy, the Arena di Verona transmits a unique tension and vibration. We’ll be back on September 24th and we’re happy: like this, or like that of Ariston, you never get used to it.

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At this moment there is much talk of the proposal to play an Italian song on the radio every three. What do you think?

Ginoble: In my opinion, regardless of the origin, on the radio they should play beautiful songs.

Barone: I, on the other hand, agree with the proposal; because there are many quality Italian artists who deserve to be valued.

Ever thought of the musical?

Barone: Not yet. Meanwhile, however, we sang “D’Artagnan” with Cristina D’Avena.

Boschetto: A few years ago we recorded the soundtrack of a Mexican film: “Luna Nascosta”. But in the drawer we have songs that could be good for the cinema. As for the musical, I would very much like to interpret “West Side Story”.

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After the experience of four years ago, will you try to bring Eurovision home?

Barone: Of course. The Eurovision week we have the tour in Japan, but in case of victory at Sanremo we would have canceled it. Eurovision remains one of the greatest experiences of our career. I wish good luck to Mahmood and I think that all of us Italians should support him, because participating in a race is not so easy and so people’s proximity helps.

Boschetto: The Eurovision is a manifestation that binds you to the flag, to the tricolor (the Italian flag), and for this very beautiful. With a bit of controversy, however, I say that Italy (and therefore Rai – nda) should participate with the desire to win it ….

Any advice for Mahmood?

Barone: Only one – the Eurovision is not Sanremo, where those in the race are almost all friends but a place where you have to get on that stage convinced that there is nobody better than you.

In the MUSICA booklet the last thanks is for Pope Francis.

Ginoble: We met Papa Francesco in Panama ten days before the Festival and he gave us the right position to face it. At our age have an experience like the World Youth Day in which to represent, by singing to our peers is an extraordinary emotion. Doing it then a meter and a half from the Pope was an experience that leaves its mark.


Credit to IL GIORNO MILANO for all photos and to ANDREA SPINELLI for the interview.

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  1. These guys are so exceptional in many ways! Their singing, of course, but their values and love for their fans too! They are very special people!!!❤️❤️👍🏻

  2. Thank you for the translation, eye opener for us, who do not speak Italian… Musica album is beautiful, listening to it over and over again, when I heard Mario Lanza Be my love, I was thinking, what Andrea Boccelli is doing there, before I realized, it is GG singing it, best baryton voice in the world!! Yes, I feel little change in the music selection, as they said trying to appeal to younger generation, but are not they afraid by doing too much they would be loosing major part of the audience, mature audience, we love them because the are unique, special, I hope they will not try to be like everybody else too much…..
    God bless them and keep them safe.

  3. Thank you for sharing this post! I’m am enamored with these guys, and a very special place in my heart is for Gianluca. He struck a chord with me from the very beginning, and he still holds that chord with me. With all due respect and appropriateness, Gianluca brought me out of a very lonely and sad place, and for that, I am eternally grateful. He is my Blue Velvet Prince to my Sleeping Beauty…in illustration of course. I pray that in my lifetime I meet my Gianluca…please accept my eternal love and devotion. Thank you for allowing me to go deeply into my soul…

      1. I too relate to what you say about Gianluca,
        Eleanor. That was special when I discovered
        IL VOLO. I love all the young men and their

  4. I have been praying every day that they would finally come to Canada. so wish I knew who I could contact in their party to request that they come to Canada. Loretta from Canada

  5. Thanks for the translation so frustrating when everything is in Italian, as it should be, but for us that don’t speak it is very frustrating

  6. Oh, Pat (PitterPato)! I open my email and OMG! What a shock! there’s a flight Crew Post by…. me!

    The other night I came across that interview in Italian. I wanted to read it, so ran it by the translator. (Thus, the translation is courtesy of the translator. Not me. Unedited.)

    It was late at night, I was tired… but it was not lost on me that it was significant because the guys officially announce and acknowledge the new trajectory of their music-style.

    Also, I recognized that the guys are now grown men, fully in charge of their careers, deciding for themselves the direction they wish to proceed.

    When I awoke the next morning, the thought came to me that Daniela may want to include this in one of her posts. She usually puts in various mediums – pictures, videos, reflections, translations of interviews etc. So I sent the translation to her, to help her, so she need not have to translate it.

    Then last night, tired again, and just a quick peek at my email before going to bed – a new post from Flight Crew….by me (!) what a shock! I did not know it would be a main post. I thought it would perhaps be included as an annex. Thus, sent raw, unedited. The only thing I corrected was Piero’s name. Because the translator translated it as “Baron”.

    So thank you also, Pat and Daniela. The very first time I even put in a comment I was so nervous, the only thing I could muster was, with trembling fingers, a “Ditto” here and there. Now, a full post? Thank you and you’re welcome, Pat. You did an excellent layout job, interspersing the pictures nicely.

    I wanted to mention to Irene – I also appreciate that our guys are not the usual type you hear in the radio. Thus I don’t listen to radio music. Our guys are different, so I listen to them. …
    but it’s not only for mature listeners.
    I recall a video on youtube that I watched – about 2-3 years ago. It was their concert in Mexico. After the concert, they talked some with the audience, then pulled up a young boy, about 7-8 years of age, to the stage. They asked him which of their songs was his favorite. He replied, “’O Sole Mio”.

    And thank you, all, that you appreciated this translation, raw as it is. Next time, i’ll edit a bit so the sentences flow smoother. Grazie.

    1. Cynthia, the post is nice, you had a good idea and Pat has very well laid out. Nice team work !! 🙂 🙂

      1. Daniela, thank you. i thought this contribution was to be included in your post. you are generous in spirit and gracious. Grazie

    2. Prego Cythina and good job on the post! 👏 I’m glad we could get this nice article to everyone. It was my pleasure to help! And now you can feel great about submitting another idea if one comes to mind! 😘 and Grazie to you, Daniela! 😘

  7. thank you everyone for keeping me up to date with the il volo boys & thank you Daniela also Andrea Spinelli. Without you girls I would not what is going on & probably be in the dark & miss opertunities to see our precious guys in person

    On Thu, Feb 28, 2019 at 10:04 AM Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love wrote:

    > pitterpat0 posted: “Cynthia, from the Philippines, has been kind enough to > translate the boys’ interview with Radio Subasio. They had the interview on > Friday shortly before the signature party event. THANK YOU, CYNTHIA!! [image: > 😘] Il Giorno Milano Il Volo with the editorial staff o” >

    1. Loretta, keep in touch with us that we update you and give news about our beloved boys.

  8. Pat (Pitterpat) I woud like to aso thank you for keeping me posted when I am reading what your comments are. I.was trying to say this above when my fingers always want to do what I dont want them to do. Keep up the good work & if ever we are lucky to see Il Volo in Toronto then I hope I bump into you again

  9. Pitterpato do you know Italy enough to find out for me what news paper those journalists who critisize ilvolo work for. I’ve gone into the internet but cant get that info. I’m champing at the bit I dont know who else to contact

  10. Also Myron what a wonderful post you wrote about the Il Volo boys it was so heartwarming & if I ever see you again I just might give you a big hug dont worry you can run faster than me. Also I went into the internet to see if I can find the paper in Italy that those journalists work for. If anyone knows what paper they work for please tell me. Also my suggestion that also all of you who live in the same proximity of the paper or papers let them know how unfair & ignorant they are to go after Il Volo they way they have. Also Myron if you can help me find out the name of the paper & any information regarding the paper please tell me. I swear if I had the money I would hire someone to find out for me. The only other thing I can think to do to contact my paper in Canada & see if they can find out for me. Lets shake them up

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