Another nice interview with IL VOLO by journalist and music critic Ernesto Assante, that I translate for you.

Assante Interview – Click Here

The interview begins as if Assante were a teacher and Piero. Ignazio and Gianluca, his students.

Assante = Gentlemen, what subjects of study did you bring?

Piero = Mathematics

Ignazio = Physical education (gymnastics)

Gian = I geography.

Assante = None of you brings singing, of course, because IL VOLO, which we have here today with us, does not sing.

You have gathered together, to do something else, tell the truth.

Piero = Today we do something else, he cooks (Gian), he tastes (Ignazio) and I buy the food.

Assante = The new album which is called MUSICA, a challenging title, because “music” means many things.

For you three, for each of you three, music, what is it?

Piero = It’s our life, we chose this name for the CD, without any presumption …..

Ignazio = But it speaks for you, because he has asked, “For each of you, what is it”.

Piero = For me, music is the only thing I can do, maybe I was born and I hope to live all my life for music.

Ignazio = I am sincere, I as a child, I did not pursue the dream of becoming a singer or a musician, I did not have the thought of being born to be a singer. I always enjoyed doing a little bit of everything, playing soccer, tennis, doing everything. I was lucky enough to get interested in music, at a certain point, and to make it the daily bread of my life.

Assante 01

Assante = And so it remained, the daily bread …. and for you (to Gian)

Gian = I’d like to become a musician.

Assante = So I can ask a more specific question, beyond the work you do, beyond the commitment, the music remains your main interest?

P+I+G= Absolutely

Gian = My dream is to start writing music, songs, I do not play an instrument, I’m the only one who does not play an instrument.

Piero = But music is not an interest, we need music.

Assante = Of course, I understand that, you need to sing, above all.

Gian =  To sing, absolutely, but I want to learn how to play the piano, and I’ll do it, I’ll have to abandon laziness.

Ignazio = If we do the calculation, that the driving license has taken him six years, we still have time.

Assante 02

Assante = The experience of Sanremo, however, has presented another aspect of your “being a trio”, each with its own personality, a different way of singing, you are a little freed from the scheme of IL VOLO.

Gian = We say that we cannot change what IL VOLO is, but we can bring out the personalities of each of us, who have not yet come out completely, so from this CD MUSICA, this path of slight change has begun towards what are also our personal tastes, to make them reflected also in the songs of IL VOLO.

Assante = The tour that is about to start, as usual, you will be around the world. What experience is at your age, having seen so many different audiences, so many different cultures, and everyone appreciates something very Italian like the one you do?

Piero = Surely, travels, concerts and getting to know many people, makes you grow a lot and understand many things. Each concert is a story to be lived and told, for us that this year we celebrate 10 years, we could not celebrate them without concerts, so it will be two years of tour, of course we will return to the city where we have been several times, but it will always be a new experience, we must repeat ourselves and this is our goal.

Assante = What do you like about Italy that you carry around?

Ignazio = The beautiful melody for sure.

Gian = The classical repertoire. In fact, when we return to Japan, or even to the United States, they require a certain type of repertoire.

We have got a tribute to the three tenors, with Placido Domingo, for example we will soon go to Japan, this year and we will return with that kind of repertoire and we will do about 6/7 concerts throughout the territory of Japan.

Piero = 8

Gian = So, it depends, sometimes you have to travel on two different tracks, maybe in Italy, you can not always do the classic repertoire, here you can allow to record new songs, unpublished, that maybe have a different path, in radio, that in Japan they would not transmit.

Assante 03

Ignazio = It is not to criticize what our colleagues do, but unfortunately in Italy, but a little in the panorama of music in general, we are losing a little, that which is the true melody. In the songs now, there is no real melody, it’s all based on the production, the sounds. Instead it is this that we like to carry around the world, the melody.

Assante = Is there something you missed or miss?

Ignazio = It is normal that we have not made the life of any fifteen year old, or even twenty years old.

But it was nice, because we skipped a few stages, which came back also useful to jump, because we grew up quickly and we see things differently from the boys of our age.

Gian = Take it the other way around, if we had not done this life, we would have lost a lot of things, so in the end we have more earned than lost.

Piero = The only thing that perhaps is missing is the fact of waking up in the morning more carefree, with less responsibility.

Assante = Responsibilities, you certainly have them.

Gian = Even if sooner or later, when you become an adult, your responsibilities are always there.

Assante 04

Still many beautiful questions and answers that make us discover deeper and deeper, who are Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, and what we discover, we do not mind at all !!


35 thoughts on “IL VOLO INTERVIEWED BY ASSANTE ~ Daniela”

  1. The boys have grown up. Since I followed them from ‘day one” I am like a parent who is proud of the grown children but misses the years of their childhood. Daniela thanks again for a great translation.

    1. Gina, and as a parent, you are proud that these guys are very sensible and generous. Good job!

  2. Do I see it right? Even fiercest critics like Asante are melting down toward them, when finally known them better…. never been in their concerts and yet putting them down all the time. I understand they will be in Rome concert, I would like to see the expression on their faces, I will be there, this should be the best concert yet!
    Thank you Daniela for your work,
    Irene from Florida

    1. Yes, Irene, you see very well. How many times have we said that those who know them appreciate them Perhaps even the toughest critics have been fascinated by their personalities.

  3. Daniela, Thank you very much for translating. I appreciate it very much. I am anxiously awaiting when they come to New York and I can go to the M&G. Oh how I Love them so much or should I say I am addicted.👍. I think they are the BEST GROUP EVER. So very TALENTED. OH! Did I also say HANDSOME..😘❤️

  4. Once again thank you Hate to see them grow up so fast As long as they don’t lost that sense of fun and silliness that’s the part I enjoy along with the best singing in the world as far as I am concerned

    1. Beverley, absolutely yes, they must always remain so positive and friendly, do you think that if they were different, could they have endured what happened in Sanremo?

  5. Ignazio with his quick wit- about GG , the piano ,and his driver’s license!😂😂😂😂❤️

  6. Thank you Daniela. Don’t we all love the boy’s personalities. They have such an easy way of being around anyone. I love their spunk and humor. I’m so glad to be able to get these interviews from Daniela so we can feel part of the their world. The boys are always just delightful wherever they are. They are conquering the hate…. one person at a time.

    1. Victoria, I think their humor is really special. They are unique guys. Thank you for your compliments.

  7. Great translation work, Daniela. Thank you. earlier this year there was some controversy over something at SanRemo that was not very clear mostly because the translations I read on different sites were more verbatim than concept-wise. I think you do a good job on that cause.

    1. Thanks Myron, I’m very happy with your appreciation. I hope you managed to read all the posts we published after Sanremo, there were some facts against our boys who made us very angry, but the three of them, as usual, were able to overcome everything with so much patience and humility. UNIQUE.

  8. Thank you for translating another interview Daniela. There is so much insightful information about each of our boys, and unfortunately for someone who does not speak Italian that info from interviews is lost, Unless of course Daniela comes along and interprets it for us :). Written text is easy, I just use google translator. It is not perfect, but better than nothing, I think someone can make lot’s of money by developing a program that interprets verbal text and makes it available to public. But then we wouldn’t hear from you Daniela. I feel like I have a friend in you <3

    1. Anna, but you certainly have a friend in me. When I read something important, I immediately think that I have to translate it for you. I am also here to dissolve some of your doubts, I understand that being far away, you can not have the right vision, as for example in the case of Italian journalists and critics.

      1. I think I have a pretty good idea about those “journalists”, I actually hate to even call them that! I have been following Valeria’s excellent posts, so I knew even before Sanremo how bad they were in their unfounded criticism of Il Volo.

      2. Anna, you have just learned about it, but we in Italy are so much that we endure these prejudices, but what was said by us fans had no value. Sanremo blew everything up, and everything turned against them, now everyone knows that we were telling the truth and the press, the fake. Valeria is a very dear friend of mine and writes very well the feelings we all feel. We are a good group that we defend our guys with all our claws.

  9. Thank you Daniela for another great translation. It’s very nice interview, reading it is a real pleasure and joy. The boys are awesome, both as personalities and musicians and I agree they carry the melody around the world. That’s one of the reasons we love them for. Grazie mille

      1. It made me laugh when Gianluca said “ I’ll have to abandon laziness” when talking about learning to play the piano. That is the last thing I would ever think about he or his brothers, that they are lazy.
        They don’t have any time to be lazy.
        I often wonder how they fit their career’s and all those activities they have into each day.
        At least Piero and Ignazio can help him out with some lessons🙂

      2. I laughed too, but I think Gianluca is sincere, he is lazy about learning to play an instrument. He was good at engaging with exercise to improve his body, so he has to work hard, even to learn to play. The same laziness, Ignazio has it for physical exercise, he too is a lazy one.

  10. Daniela, was this interview before you were able to speak to them about how the fans in the USA want the same music in the concerts as in Italy? Gianluca was speaking about a more classic repertoire in Japan and even in the United States.

    1. Laura, unfortunately, this interview was made after the instore of Milan. They don’t seem to understand. You think that twice that night I said it to the microphone …… but we will insist, they must understand that you Americans also want more, not just the classical repertoire.

      1. I have to say, as an American of grandparent age, that I love Il Volo’s music. I love the classical with harmony because it soothes my soul. Please never venture into ‘rock’ or ‘rap’ or production sounds.
        Yes, some Americans want that, but I do not believe Il VOLO audiences want it. Those Americans who want those genres can get them elsewhere in other concerts. I pray our beautiful, harmonious, soothing, yet energetic and emotional Il VOLO music remains.

  11. This was another enjoyable peek into the personalities and thinking of the guys. I loved that Igna said for him a beautiful melody is important, contrasting with some of the other popular music today as “production and sound” . They do make a beautiful melody and hope they will always continue to do so. They referred to this album and the song choices as highlighting the tastes of each one of them. Do we know which song was chosen by which of the guys, and therefore telling us more about what music they are interested in. Mr Assante seems friendly to them and interested in getting to know them better, a good sign. Thanks Daniela for all you do for the English speaking fans.

    1. Yes, Janet, the boys have spoken sincerely and Assante, it seems he liked, in particular he understood that the boys are really sincere and polite, besides of course good.
      We hope this is the beginning, at least for mutual respect.
      Ignazio did well to point out the fact of harmony, because here in Italy one looks only at the text and sometimes, rather than singers, they are people who read beautiful words.

  12. I was quite touched by Piero’s coment of “For me, music is the only thing I can do, maybe I was born and I hope to live all my life for music.” But I think Piero will discover he has other things he was born to do besides music…. maybe acting?

    1. Connie, I think that Piero’s statement encompasses all his personality and how important music is to him.
      I hope that music can always give him great satisfaction.

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