The long instore tour is over. It was really long and crossed all of Italy from north to south.


The official Facebook page has published this beautiful picture of the guys with this beautiful dedication.

“Hi guys! The InstoreTour ended, and it was really CRAZY! Thank you very much for your affection, you have seen many and it is always exciting to chat with you live. Now is the time to think about the tour, we are expecting more loads than ever.”

I think it was a very tiring period for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, all people want to hug you, kiss you, take pictures of you, everyone wants to exchange a few words, everyone  wants your attention …….. but you guys, you have been unsurpassable, you have had a smile for everyone, a sweet words for the weakest, hugs for everyone, because you are like that, without filters, just as you appear, humble and generous guys.

I propose a nice rundown of some of the most beautiful shots of the instore tour:













Beautiful photos, but surely the video that follows, is my favorite, it was done without our guys knowing about this. This video shows exactly the great hearts of Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca towards this disabled child.

Really special.

And who wouldn’t want special hugs like that?


OK, guys, the tour instore is over, you have dispensed so many smiles, so much joy, so much affection towards your fans, that, if possible, they love you even more.

Thank you guys.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

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  1. These photos fill my heart with love for these young men. Their talent, and their personalities make a unique combination of character that is beyond comparison. May they live long and happy lives.

    1. RoseMarie, I chose some photos, but believe me, are not a rarity, you could make a book full of photos so sweet and loving with their fans.

  2. It would be interesting to know how many copies of Musica have sold since the release in Italy and through all the in-store signings and where they stand on any of the notable charts. There’s a lot of us outside of Italy who have managed to secure a copy as well. The CD itself is, of course, more important than the sales statistics, but I’m still curious.

    1. You’re right, Mark, I’d also like to know where the sales of the album are, but for now there is no news. I will keep you informed.

  3. Daniela, Thank you so much for posting this. No wonder IlVolo has not only touched our Hearts but filled them with their unbelievable Love they have given of themselves. They are Exceptional young men like I have never seen in my life. Thank you Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero for sharing yourselves with us.. LOVE YOU..❤️❤️❤️

  4. Thanks Daniela. You find the best pictures. I am sure the boys are resting. They have to memorize so many songs to prepare for several different tours.

    1. Gina, I also hope that they are resting, an instore tour like this must be tiring, but also absolutely satisfying.

  5. Thank you Daniela for all these lovely photos. As you said, it must be exhausting for them to do these tours but seeing the love everyone has for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca is beautiful! And the same is true for them. They graciously smile, take photos, sign CDs and brighten peoples’ lives. I love seeing them with babies, little children and others. They are very comfortable with all and you can see the love Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have for them. On every level, they are the most extraordinary young men! God bless them.

    1. Margaret, they are like that. A friend wrote this comment “The music made them BIG. They have a big heart, a wonderful voice and a great humility !!!”

  6. Thanks so much for the great pictures in review of the in store signings!! For us who live very far away it’s one way we can enjoy these fine young men! I love their warm personalities, their affection for their fans, young and old, and their wonderful voices!! I can almost feel their warm hugs and the excitement and joy that was felt by all that could be with them!! I hope these lovely young men are enjoying some relaxing time off visiting with their family and friends and can rejuvenate themselves for the next phase, the tours!! Love you all! Thanks again! The best always 😘❤️

    1. Indeed, Linda, these photos convey so much affection and so much warmth, the last hugs, then, even if they are in black and white, they are “very hot”.

  7. The Boys are truly amazing and thank you Daniela for bringing us all the pictures of their store tour. They have tremendous patience and love for all their fans no matter how old or infirm, their kindness and love is beyond compare.Like Mark I too wonder how the sales of Musica have gone since the release.It deserves to be number ! on all the charts.!! Boys you are the best !!!

    1. Marion, as I said to Mark, there is no news, the Italian ranking is released on Friday and for now I can tell you that the first Friday after the release of the CD, IL VOLO was in second place, but last week entered into CD rankings of rap music, which are very strong here in Italy. Tomorrow there will be an update.

  8. How beautiful are these pictures!!!! Seeing our Boys with all these people, their affection for them, their beautiful smiles is endless pleasure and joy. They are wonderfull and unique. Thank you so much Daniela for posting them.

    1. Yes, Jolanta, it’s really nice to see their attitude with children, mature people and the disabled. The behaviors also vary from the zones, in fact in the north of Italy the behaviors are more detached, while in the south of Italy, there is a lot more heat.

  9. First of all, thank you Daniela for another lovely article. I always look forward to that you have to share with us.
    I am especially delighted to see the guys response to little children, older folks, and the disabled people. The generosity of love and attention that the guys of Il Volo give in those circumstances is immeasurable. They are so very thoughtful and empathetic, it touches my heart over and over again. The loved ones of those individuals must be encouraged and nourished in their hearts by every act of loving kindness that is given.

    1. Thanks Jeanette for the compliments.
      I must tell you that the video with the disabled child really touched my heart, I think it was great for the father of that child to see the generosity of these sweet boys. If you noticed, at the end of the video, Piero took one of the advertising signs to sign it and deliver it as a gift to the child. Really sweet.

  10. I love these three young men so much! They are always so kind and in good spirits when they are with children or people who are handicapped. They are sweet to crazy pirates too! They are a treasure for Italy to the world!

    1. Connie, they really are a treasure, but often, as it happens, here in Italy they still don’t see their splendor.

      1. Hi Daniela I’v given you my phone number to call me 5198024983 I dont want to write what I heard Loretta Foley

      2. Loretta, it’s useless to call you on the phone, because I don’t speak English fluently and I don’t understand what you ask me.
        I remind you that I have friendship with you, on facebook and you can send me private messages, where I sent you Ignazio’s photos, remember ???

  11. Heartwarming pictures Can’t love these guys anymore that I do Great job to you and them

  12. What wonderful and touching photos of our young men interacting with their fans.I sure wish that they could do an InStore signing here in the states! We miss their presence here! But I am enjoying listening to the new CD and trying to decide which songs I like best. A very tough decision! Thanks Daniela!!

    1. Annette, it would be nice to have a go, even by you, I think it’s even better than a meet & greet.

  13. For those who want to be informed, today two more dates have been added to the tour:

    MALTA 19 July

    TAORMINA 23 July

    1. I would love someday to see Il Volo in Taormina which has to be one of the most beautiful venues for their concerts. That is my birthday and I can dream that I am there or see videos from it! I do hope to get to visit Sicily eventually.

  14. As always you did an amazing article of the CD tour and fantastic pictures…I especially enjoyed your review since Deborah and I were at two of the signings… I have to share with the flight crew that all three of our precious guys were thrilled that we came to represent the USA…They are always so gracious to their fans, it is never fake, they truly give their heart to every fan they meet…That is why we love them, they never strayed from the promise to themselves and their family to always be humble and know where they came from… It is also nice to see their family and close friends behind the scenes of the CD signings supporting them and helping them to keep their feet firmly on the ground… We also received a warm welcome from the Barone family and a couple of friends that we have come to know over the years …. Everyone enjoyed the fact that we came to Sicily to see Il Volo…

    1. Jeannette, you and Deborah, had a wonderful experience and I think maybe the first part of this will be tomorrow. Reading your experience, I believe that you will make people dream, so many people who could not be there where you were because of the distance.

      1. Jeannette and Daniela,
        The Flight Crew is so lucky to have you both as our representatives to Il Volo.
        You are both lovely ladies👏

  15. Thank you Jill, I have to say that Daniela has been a wonderful journalist for the flight crew… Her Accounts of everything Il Volo is priceless…And how lucky we are for her great translations for us who do not understand the Italian interviews… For most of us Il Volo fills our life with love and Daniela fills that need for us with her wonderful articles…

    1. Jill and Jeannette, thank you so much for the compliments, you are making me blush !!!
      Jill, you will read that beautiful adventure that Jeannette and Deborah have had, you will be very jealous !!

  16. Thank you so much for the beautiful photos! So much love & positiviy … they really are a light in this world.

    Daniela, can you tell me if any of the songs are getting radio play in Italy? If not, they should be!!!

    1. Stacey, in the radios you only hear MUSICA CHE RESTA and not in all the radios, unfortunately. Il Volo has never had many passages on the radio.
      But this is news today, Saturday 23 IL VOLO will be a guest on a television program, exactly on Channel 5, the program is called VERISSIMO.

  17. I am stumpd I have called diferent venues to try & find out in Toronto where Il volo is performing to no ivale so hope someone else can find out. i dont speak Italian otherwise Mr. Torpedine could tell me & I dont know Barbaras number or how to contact the boys.

    1. Loretta, I emailed you. They are not coming to North America for a while. No dates or venues have been set yet. Maybe by the end of the year we will know more.

    2. Loretta, I hope you know that there have been no tour dates or venues published as of yet for USA or Canada. As Penina has said above they will be announced later. We cannot contact the boys, Barbara or Michele by phone directly. They have millions of fans who would love to speak to them so we must understand it is impossible for them to receive phone calls. You will absolutely see the tour dates and venues published here when they are ready. We must be patient and wait. Relax and just enjoy their music for now. And believe me we are ALL waiting. Take care my dear❤️

    3. Loretta, I understand your impatience, but we still don’t know anything about the tour and the dates in the USA and Canada. As soon as they are said, I assure you that you will know immediately.
      Listen to the advice of Penina and RosaMarie, they too are patiently waiting.

      1. Thanks Daniela God did not give me patience but I am trying hard. I hope the guys are getting plenty of rest & it will be a bonus when I can meet you & Penina & a few other people I know & especially our sweet heats

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