I am sure that after you read this beautiful and long adventure of the instore in Sicily of our friends Jeannette Giglio and Deborah Georgini Beaupre, you will all want to come to Italy, preferably to Sicily, to participate in an instore ……. Jeannette and Deborah are just two forces of nature: Daniela

Instore 1 01

Centro Commerciale Poseidon is where the IL VOLO adventure of a life time started for Deborah Georgini Beaupre and Jeannette Giglio, oh that’s me… We went to the CD signing two hours early and there we met Giovanna and Nino Leone, Daniela Galati-LaFata’s sister and brother-in-law… They were up front and we were able to get to them with a great view of IL VOLO when they came onto the stage…Deborah purchased our CD’s a couple of days before I arrived and had our passes for our CD signing with the boys…We met some nice people in line and did our best to communicate with our limited Italian and their limited English. With the help of our new found friend, Giovanna, we were able to share stories of the love we have for IL VOLO…Nino took pictures of us all together and then surprised us by taking pictures of us on stage with lL VOLO...  

Instore 1 02

In 2016 after the Las Vegas fanfare I had a beautiful book made up with pictures of IL VOLO when they were young boys and through the years…In the middle of the book was pictures of the fanfare and lastly pictures of them in 2016 , Notte Magica pictures with Placido Domingo, and some of Michele and Barbara mixed in. The Italian ladies and a few Italian men were thrilled to see the book and it was funny to see Deborah and I trying to explain the activities in the pictures to them, you have to remember we are trying to explain to them in English and a few Italian words sprinkled in and them talking fast in Italian to us and we just had the best time with them in spite of the language barrier… 

Instore 1 03

It was finally our turn to get in line to see our boys and get the CD’s signed … There were about 400 to 500 people crowded around the stage. We pushed our way out of the crowd and tried going around to the left side of the stage where the fans were lining up… The people standing there watching our guys would not let us through even though we were holding up our passes to show why we had to get ahead of them… We gave up and went around the entire crowd of people and went to the right side of the stage and around the back of the stage to where the ticket holders were lining up and the mall cop would not let us in!!! He said we had to go back around and just work our way through the crowd…Now we are angry and hot from jogging around the mall of 500 people so this time we just pushed our way through the crowd and let them yell at us in Italian, we didn’t care, we didn’t understand them anyway, we were not going to miss our time with “our boys.”

Instore 1 04

Deborah went up first and said, “Ciao guys!!” They were very surprised to see her and recognized her right away!! Ignazio gave her a big hug and smile and Gianluca a big smile and said to her, “Come stai?” She drew a blank and almost said “Bueno”!!! The words “Molto bene” just wouldn’t come out, until Gianluca said you need to speak in Italian “Va bene”? As she was speaking to both of them, we found out later it was being filmed, as you probably already saw in her post. As security was about to have her move on, Piero said wait, grabbed her hand and told the MC that she was from America, so he came to her with the microphone and asked her what her name was and where she was from and also gave her a big hug!! What an special moment!

Now it was my turn. I went up the first two steps and Ignazio was the first to see me and he wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big warm hug… I was flabbergasted almost at a loss for words… but this is mighty mouth Jeannette and I recovered my vocabulary quickly and asked him if they would sign my book… He took the book and smiled as he looked at some of the pictures and then signed on the front page.

Instore 1 05

As this was happening, Gianluca saw me and with his biggest most loving smile said, oh you are here tooooo!!! He gave me a big hug and double cheek kisses then played tug of war with Ignazio trying to grab the book away from him… Ignazio said something in Italian and made one of his angry funny faces in his comical style and let Gianluca have the book… Gianluca got all excited and started looking through each page and commented how great he thought the book was… Then by this time Piero noticed the book and pictures and wanted to see it… Gianluca said no, no, no and continued looking through pages until he saw a picture of him and me, he then signed the picture and handed the book to Piero and asked if we would be going to Catania… I said no but we will see you Sunday… His face lit up again with that million dollar smile and said good, see you there and gave me a little hug as I turned to Piero…

Instore 1 06

By this time Piero found a place to sign and we had a minute to hug and talk… He wanted to know how long I would be in Sicily and would I see them again. I said yes on Sunday… He smiled that big smile and said you mean you are coming to my hometown? I said yes and I got a hug for that… The guys were just surprised and very happy to see Deborah and I. We certainly had more time with them than most fans did…What can I say, it was better than any meet and greet because they made the extra time for us and we have been on cloud nine ever since…

Instore 1 07

Today was a long drive from Palermo to Canicatti .. We had our GPS take us to places we had never been before, however after the third time around we figured that was not where we wanted to be. After about and hour or more returning to dead ends, unpaved roads with paths that could not even be called a road, with huge pot holes so big that we were afraid we would lose the car in one of them. We decided to give up on the GPS and find the sign that said Canicatti … We were there in a short period of time but so stressed out that we just had to go to Max Cream and have a gelato to calm our nerves. We had a great conversation with our friend Max Messina…We checked into our B&B and relaxed and put this first episode together for all of you…

We had another great adventure tonight but we will keep you in suspense until tomorrow as our adventure continues…

Buonanotte Amici…❤❤❤

Jeannette Giglio and Deborah Georgini Beaupre

Credit to owners of all photos and video.



  1. I loved this account of your cd signing meeting. It is so amazing that with the tens of thousands of fans that they meet that they remembered you. That is why we love them. Looking forward to the next installment.

    1. Thank you so much…Il Volo are three amazing young men…They are gracious and they truly do appreciate their fans…Deborah and I have been to so many of their concerts and meet and greets in the USA , London, all over Italy, Sicily and Malta…I along with Myron Heaton put together a fanfare in Las Vegas in 2016…In fact that is where Deborah and I met in Person…The guys truly appreciate that we love their music and promote and support them every where we go.

  2. How wonderful and exciting. I got goose bumps reading about your delightful adventure…. even the potholes. It was like being there with you and I got sooooo excited that they recognized you. We can hardly wait for the next installment. I hope you gave them a giant hug. It comes from all of us. Blessings and thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much, Deborah and I are so happy to know that sharing our adventures has been enjoyed by you and so many Il Volo fans on the flight crew…We appreciate that you took the time to read about our grand adventure

  3. Hello! Since you’ve been right next to them, in person, I’m dying to know how tall they all are??

    Sounds like a great adventure! Thanks!

    1. I didnt have a tape measure of course, but I would say Piero and Gianluca are about 5’8 and Ignazio probably about 6’…Thank you..

      1. I think Gian and Piero are shorter than that Jeanette. I am not very tall (and shrinking!) I would guess they are more like 5’6″ at the most as I was almost eye to eye with them when I met them. We had a very relaxed M & G after pictures were taken they circulated among the fans for more than a half hour. Everyone was standing so I have a pretty good idea of how tall they are.

  4. Oh what a fabulous story!!! Would love to have been a mouse in your pocket. Living vicariously through you two or sure. Keep up the contact with our boys….you are keeping a smile on my face and hope in my heart. ❤️🌹❤️🌹-Barb

    1. Deborah and I are so happy that you enjoyed our adventure with our fabulous guys… Il Volo has a special place in our hearts and they appreciate our support.

  5. What FUN! This is a wonderful story. It was so great that they remembered you and were able to give you so much time. I’m looking forward to the next episode. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing adventure.

    1. Thank you that is so kind of you to say…Deborah and I have really enjoyed sharing our adventure with the flight crew about our time with Il Volo

  6. Oh, what a experience, not only to be so close to our boys, but been remembered, hugged, kissed….. they are darlings!!
    Anybody can tell me if there are plans for signing in US?

    1. Thank you for enjoying our adventures with Il Volo…I am sorry we have no information to share on the USA tour in 2020…We want to know as well so we can plan the concerts we want to attend..

  7. Even though I read a little of this earlier, this whole, complete story is very nice indeed. Somehow, I feel that little green envy bug creeping up behind me. This whole story still makes me wish I could have been there. I am very happy for you both.

    One little question: did you see Barbara there ?

    1. Thank you Myron, we are enjoying sharing our story about Il Volo… As you know they are my favorite subject to share with anyone who will listen… I’m sorry to say Barbara was not there nor was Michele…

    1. Thank you so much Chris…We appreciate you enjoying our adventure with our guys…We try to promote and support them by sharing our story so people will understand they are truly great guys who love their fans

  8. This wonderful account of your meeting with IL VOLO made me shed a few tears because of their genuine affection toward you! So happy for you!
    By the way, are you from Illinois?!

    1. Thank you so much Karen…We are very happy and truly appreciate you taking the time to read our story about our grand adventure with Il Volo…We want everyone to know how much they appreciate their fans…

  9. Thank you so much for your detailed report. I felt as if I was with you. And the boys were so warm & welcoming to you. Love you all.!!!

    1. Thank you, we are happy to know our story is being enjoyed by Il Volo fans… Our guys truly appreciate there fans… We want to let everyone know how caring they are.

    1. You are very welcome, we have enjoyed sharing our story because we enjoy promoting and supporting Il Volo.

  10. How exciting to read about your trip and your
    meeting them at the signing and those darling
    young men recognizing you. I get joy and
    happiness just reading about the events of your
    visit. And do tell us more when you get a chance.
    It helps we fans in America know how much fun
    our guys are, sweet, loving and kind. Thank
    you so much for sharing your visit.

    1. Thank you so much for enjoying our adventures with Il Volo and our tour through Sicily… It is such a beautiful place and we are hoping you enjoy our photos we share.

  11. Thank you Jeanette for sharing your story with us and I am looking forward to the rest. What a wonderful experience to be able to do this and also to have seen Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca in concerts in so many cities. They obviously appreciate your traveling so far to see them and the book was a lovely idea!

    1. Thank you… We are so happy to see that so.many fans on the flight crew are following and enjoying our adventures of Il Volo and of Sicily…

  12. can’t wait for the next experience Sure would love to have been there thanks for sharing

    1. We are sharing our adventures so that we can share the love our guys have for their fans… We also want to share the beauty of Sicily as well… Italy has so much to offer, and thats including the most beautiful young men, Il Volo

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