The adventure of our fantastic friends Deborah and Jeannette continues …

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Saturday, March 9

Now here is the scoop for Saturday night!!

After we left Max Cream, we went to the mall to get our passes for the instore tour on Sunday in Castrofilippo, then checked into our B&B in Canicattì.

So what should we do for dinner tonight!! Well, let’s go to Naro and eat at Ristorante Pizzeria Maison. This is a lovely restaurant we visited last year….and of course we knew that the boys were in Catania that day for the instore tour there. So we also figured there was no chance in “hell” that we would accidentally run into them!!

Instore 2 01

The two waiters recognized us from last year, and were excited to see us back! We had a great conversation with them and had a several course, fantastic long dinner, in typical Sicilian style.

Well….while we were sitting there, suddenly we noticed some familiar faces coming into the restaurant. I looked up and there was Gaetano Barone coming towards us with a huge smile. He gave us hugs and a warm welcome to Naro. It appeared to be a family gathering along with a few friends, as Eleonora, Mariagrazia, Nonno Pietro and Nonna were all there!! It was nice to see the family enjoying each other’s company!

As we were served our delicious dessert, we received an extra special treat! Walking towards our table was none other than….you guessed it….our gorgeous Piero!!! He gave us a warm welcome and was happily surprised to see us as we were him, because we thought he was still in Catania. He had a little conversation with us, and then rejoined his family and friends!

Instore 2 02

As we were leaving, we got hugs & kisses from Eleonora ….. Piero with an absolutely gorgeous smile, waved to us and said, “See you tomorrow!”

Sorry, we did not take any photos as we wanted to respect their privacy!!!


Sunday, March 10

Instore tour at Centro Commerciale LaVigne

We arrived several hours early to get a good spot…Unfortunately Mall Security had other ideas!!! They explained in detail to us, what we needed to do and where to go…. however …
Non ho capito!!!

So we wandered around until we saw a group of people gathered together and thought “Are these other Ilvolovers???”

As we approached them, we asked if they were there to see IL VOLO…the only thing they understood from us was…IL VOLO!!!! They said Sì! So we got in line! … We decided to mingle with the fans there…so unable to adequately communicate in Italian…Jeannette pulled out her special IL VOLO picture book that the boys had signed previously and that’s all the communication we needed!!!

Instore 2 03

We were actually adopted by this very nice couple that was in line in front of us!! They spoke no English and we spoke no Italian, however through Google Translate, sign language and “The now famous Book” we had a blast!!!

As we were standing in line waiting, it became apparent that crowds of people we going up the escalator for the CD signing!! We were getting upset because we came early to get a good spot and we were going nowhere!! To our surprise, when they finally let us go up the escalator, there was a lane that lead us to a special area with seats for the pass holders!! (Sure beats standing for hours like we did in Carini.)

Instore 2 04

The MC entertained us (in Italian) and was very funny even though we had no clue what was being said…He picked three girls out of our area..and named them…Ignaciette, Pieramia and Gianlita or something to that effect…and had them sing 🎶Musica Che Resta🎶!! They sang very well!!…

It was finally time for our boys to enter and everyone went wild!! The CD signing went pretty quickly this time, but we received their love and attention before we were hauled off the stage by the the big burley bouncer that was waiting for us!! 😉😂😊 As we went off the stage, who do we first see??? Eleonora and Mariagrazia!!! Once again we get big hugs and kisses!! We also saw Dario, Piero’s good friend, and talked with him for a bit and spent some time with Max Messina and his beautiful girlfriend!

Instore 2 05

The instore tours have now come to an end…with wonderful memories for us to cherish….Until our next IL VOLO adventure….we say ….

🎶Arrivederci Sicilia🎶

Jeannette Giglio and Deborah Georgini Beaupre

Credit to owners of all photos.



  1. oh how lovely, Deborah and Jeannette! Grazie Grazie Grazie for sharing!
    how utterly lovely! what a treat!!! 😉

    1. You are very welcome. We so appreciate you are enjoying our adventure… We love sharing our stories about Il Volo so that the fans here on the flight crew can see how much they honestly love making relationships with their fans

  2. I am dying here! What a fun adventure. You certainly have made a special connection with the guys and their families, and they seem so warm and welcoming. Thanks for representing the Crew and bringing us along on your trip.

    1. You are so very welcome…Please be sure to thank Daniela for posting our adventures to the flight crew… We do want to share that our three guys of Il Volo come from such Loving families… When you go to a meet and greet and they are there, they enjoy meeting the fans… When you see how kind the parents are to strangers and they try so hard to make you feel like a welcomed friend, you can see why our guys are so gracious…

      1. Jeannette and Deborah, your adventure was too beautiful, everyone had to rejoice with you. 🙂 🙂

  3. WOW! What an incredible set of circumstances! I’m so impressed, but jealous that I’m sure this is being typed in green.
    Thank you so much for sharing this part of your adventure with us as well.

    1. We both are sharing these adventures not to promote ourselves or make you turn green but to share how wonderful our three young men of Il Volo are to everyone who comes to support them… Whether it is at a concert, CD signing or just walking down the street, they will stop to take the time to thank you for being a fan, and sometimes when time permits they enjoy taking selfies with their fans… They do their best to let you know you are as important to them as they are to you… That’s why we all love them so much , it’s more than just their beautiful music that endears them to us…There are no other entertainers that work so hard to make you feel important to them as Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca does whenever you meet them…

  4. Jeannette and Deborah, we all loved being with you in your travels and it was very kind of you to share everything with us. What a stunning time you had and we all wish we were there with you just for all the hugs. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience.

    1. Thank you, to know that you are enjoying our adventure means the world to to us as we try to promote the guys everywhere we go and as much as we can…

  5. Jeannette and Deborah, What a wonderful adventure! I wish that I could be on that Cloud 9 with you ! They truly are very warm and sincere young men! Thank you for sharing your Il Volo journey!!!

    1. Thank you,we are sharing our adventure to have fans know that Il Volo has always tried to be grateful to every fan they meet… By sharing our stories we can promote and support Il Volo with new fans that do not know much about them and with seasoned fans like ourselves who just want to read all they can about these precious guys.

  6. Gale likes “They do their best to let you know you
    are as important to them as they are to you.” With
    millions of fans, it is wonderful to know how loving
    and kind these great guys are.

  7. Thank you,we are sharing our adventure to have fans know that Il Volo has always tried to be grateful to every fan they meet… By sharing our stories we can promote and support Il Volo with new fans that do not know much about them and with seasoned fans like ourselves who just want to read all they can about these precious guys.

    1. You are very welcome… We always like to share anything that involves Il Volo… We want everyone to know they are the same humble guys with love for their fans

      1. I had the pleasure of meeting them in Los Angeles but I was so nervous during the meet and greet that it went nothing like I had planned!! I so wanted a do-over! Last summer while I was in Italy I visited Roseto degli Abruzzi and Montepagano. Of course I hoped to run into Gian, but naturally that didn’t happen. Maybe someday I will get another chance! Sigh…

    1. Thank you, it just gets better each time we meet with them… They know we love and promote them everywhere we go and they appreciate that.

  8. Jeannette and Deborah!! What a fun experience you had! Thank you for sharing it all with us. You two surely were walking on a cloud for some time after!!😊

    1. Jeannette and Deborah,
      Thank you for sharing your experience with our guys, what fun you had!
      It’s nice to know how much they love their fans. Hopefully I will be able to see them again in Las Vegas, and look forward to seeing you again Jeannette, and meeting Deborah.

    2. Thank you, yes we have been on cloud nine throughout our entire time in Sicily, thanks to the warm welcome of Il Volo.

  9. Deborah & Jeanette, I think book number two is in order….”Adventures Of two Sassy American Il Volovers”. Your stories are priceless! Thanks for living our dreams! ❤️😎—Barb Morris

    1. Thank you so much Barbara, that is so kind of you to say…We may have had our last adventure with Il Volo, but our adventure continues in Sicily…. You never know we may have some more sharing from us two crazy ladies.

  10. I am a little late with this, but I, too, want to thank Jeannette and Deborah for sharing their wonderful experience with us. And yes I, too, am extremely jealous of your meeting up with our guys. In fact I am green with envy. The love I have for our Il Volo young men knows no bounds. Hoping to hear soon about concerts ion the US. – Allene

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