On March 19, IL VOLO was a guest at the famous Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, for the SECOND BRAVO AWARDS ceremony.

For those who could not follow the whole event, let’s recap everything from the beginning.

Moscow 01

Monday 18 March, departure for Moscow.

Moscow 02

In this video, the usual Ignazio joker on the plane says he wanted to try to read the safety instructions of the plane, but says it’s a little complicated (they are written in Cyrillic) !!!!

And then he says, “We’re in Moscow.”

Here they are on arrival, with some fans.

Moscow 03

Moscow 04

In this video Piero says:

“I just arrived in my room and Barbara gave me the wonderful news that in half an hour we have the official tests for tomorrow, so we have to run to the theater.”

This photo was posted by Piero, and shows the theater in its beauty.

Moscow 05

The tests.

Moscow 06

And here we are on the big day, the boys are simply beautiful !!



I would say that guys take our breath away because they are elegant and beautiful. They wear Armani, and they wear it just fine !!

Moscow 07

Moscow 08

Moscow 09

Moscow 10

Moscow 11

And here we are at the time of the event ….. the curtain rises, IL VOLO sings “Libiam de’ lieti calici” from Traviata.


Too short, all over, good as always.

What is surprising is that these guys go from a pop program to a classic program with such a disarming ease.

But let’s enjoy some more shots.

Moscow 12

Moscow 13

Moscow 14

Moscow 15

Moscow 16

Reposted from @bravopremia – Yesterday, the Second BraVo Awards ceremony took place on the Bolshoi Theatre stage. We are pleased to share with you some photos from the red carpet, which brought together the best artists: opera and ballet stars, world movie stars, guests and participants of the ceremony. 

Moscow 17

Here they are with Alessandro Safina, an Italian crossover singer.

Moscow 18

Like all good things, end soon, and they are already there when they return.

Piero says: “We are in Rome.”

Ok guys, go on like this, fascinate everyone with your skill and your charisma.

You have added dates to your tour that becomes, always longer, you will also be in Russia and Hungary ……. but here, everyone is waiting for the dates for the Canada and USA tour !!!!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


29 thoughts on “MOSCOW : SECOND BRAVO AWARDS by Daniela”

    1. Susan, we all look forward to receiving the US and Canada tour dates, but for now nothing. Every day there are new dates, even today, added Croatia.

  1. Thanks again for another wonderful article and great pictures
    These guys are the greatest and you feel like you know them when you have followed them for so long and feel so proud when you see them in such surroundings with all the famous people and beauty of the Bolshoi Theater

    1. Beverley, I can say …. Three beauties in a beauty.
      The boys were really very beautiful (as well as good) and the Bolshoi has a wonderful charm of its own.
      All very cool.

    2. Hi Berverley, you asked me a question about the film UN AMORE COSI’ GRANDE and I asked Federica Andreoli, producer of the film. She replied to me saying that the DVD of the film was dubbed in English and has subtitles in Spanish.
      The film will be presented at the Huston Film Festival in April

  2. Thanks for putting this together!!! Cannot wait for the tour!!! All that way for one song!!!! Lol love your page!!! ❤️

    1. RoseMarie, I admit that when I saw them with those outfits …… a blow to the heart. Really elegant and appropriate.
      I think of jeans with holes in the knees, in Piazza in Milan … everything has its context.

  3. Nothing better than seeing our guys win another award for their greatness.. they are simply the best… Thank you Daniela for the article and beautiful pictues of our guys…I have to say that last picture breaks my heart… I was there in Rome Airport yesterday morning and I MISSED THEM COMPLETELY… Deborah said keep your eyes open for an Il Volo sighting, and they came in a few hours after I left… I hate those kind of mishaps… All joking aside they do look fantastic always, even when traveling from Moscow back to Italy… They always look camera ready…

    1. Damn Jeannette to these setbacks that do not make us meet our boys for a while …. it would have been a formidable greeting.
      They came back and you left.
      Knowing you, I would say that there will still be many opportunities and many hugs in the future.

    1. I was waiting for your comment Mark, you’ve seen, this time no jeans and holes in the knees, but much, much better !! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Daniela, your work is wonderful and we are so grateful! I always look forward to your postings! ❤️

    1. Thanks Judy, I write these posts, because I know that someone has no facebook and it is difficult for them to follow the guys like we do.

  5. Thank you for the article and beautiful photos. Our guys look fantastic, so handsome, I just can’t take my eyes of them. They are very busy, first instore tour, yesterday ceremony in Moscow and today in Rome event for the Chinese and Italian culture, I’ve read on Facebook. I’ impressed. Thanks again Daniela and Pat, you’ great!!!

  6. Jolanta, I have to tell you that when I saw them, I couldn’t take my eyes off, they are really a “pretty sight” with those suits.
    You have seen, they have just returned from Moscow and now they are already busy in Rome, they never stop.

  7. Thank you Daniela for the photos and videos. They look fantastic and very elegant at the Bolshoi Theatre. It seems they are keeping very busy!

    1. I agree with everything you have written Margaret, and now there is already a new event coming.

  8. Thanks for all the exciting updates. I so appreciate knowing what is happening in the days our young men are out and about!! You make it so interesting! They have such busy lives! 🙏💕 them!

    1. Actually Linda, I’m not the one who makes them interesting, they are themselves, that are interesting and they give us so many opportunities to talk about them !!

  9. Those suits have three handsome young men wearing
    them. They compliment the clothing. Soon, we will
    be reading the dates for the USA – Canada concert
    dates. Can’t wait.

    1. Gale, absolutely very elegant, there is a certain class in these guys.
      We keep our fingers crossed for American dates.

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