Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero, have just returned from Moscow, and have stopped in Rome, a new commitment for them: The Gala of Italian-Chinese friendship.

Gala 01

The event took place at Fuksas’s Lantern.

La Lanterna is a structure in glass and steel of triangular geometry, a project signed by the famous architect Massimiliano Fuksas and remains in the center of Rome, and that stands on the roof of the former Military Union building.

Gala 02

Gala 03

In conjunction with the Chinese President’s visit to Italy, this Gala was organized between the two cultures, Chinese and Italian. The music will be the basis of the event, enriched with fashion shows and cooking shows.

During the gala an episode of the Chinese program “Day Day Up” (Tian Tian Xian Shang) will be recorded, which will be broadcast on Hunan TV, one of the most important Chinese television stations, with a coverage of 1.2 billion people.

Preparations were in full swing.

Gala 04

Gala 05

Gianluca’s video:

Gala 06

Gala 07

A nice team of guys, then we’ll find out who these young Chinese singers are.

Gala 08

Gala 09

Gala 10

Gala 11

Together with the event organizers.

Gala 12


The rehearsals of the event follow one another.

Gala 13

Gala 14

Official rehearsal

Start the evening

Gala 15

Gala 16

Some short videos of the evening:

Grande Amore


L’Amore si muove

Libiam de lieti calici

Gala 17

With the President of the trade and tourism association of the island of Ischia.

Here with Giovanni Saldì (artist) IL VOLO, THE GOOD GUYS that make us TURN THE HEAD with their music.

Gala 18

And here is the interview before the performance:

Interview – Click Here


Ignazio= Art has always been one of the great bridges between the various cultures of the world. In fact, even this evening, there is a union between Chinese culture and Italian culture. We are certainly honored and happy to be a part of it.

Gianluca = And give our contribution with our music and our voices and sing along with these Chinese artists who love Italian bel canto, and it’s nice to hear them sing in Italian.

Piero = We met these guys in a Chinese talent show, they won that talent show with one of our songs, so we’re honored.

We can say that 10 years have flown, it’s like a play on words, this year it will be a year, indeed a year and a half, two, quite challenging, full of concerts, especially in Italy. We will perform the first part of concerts in Italy this summer, in Rome, in Sicily in Taormina, and then there will be the second part, as soon as we return from Japan.

Gianluca = Let’s say that at the age of 14 we had an anomalous life, so, surely, we got to know the world, learn languages, there were also sacrifices, like staying away from family and friends, but we absolutely cannot complain, in fact, he taught us that in any case we must commit ourselves and to reach a goal, we must believe in it to the full, in order to reach our dreams.

Gala 19

And here is today’s newscast, where the news of the event is given.

The television studio is set up in the heart of Rome, but the program is a very successful Chinese TV show: DAY DAY UP.

The protagonist is music, linking two different cultures, an event that also turns the spotlight on the “New Silk Road” with the visit of the Chinese President.

To open the evening the Piccolo Coro dell’Antoniano.

The most awaited guests, the tenors of IL VOLO, ambassadors of bel canto.

Ignazio = It’s a great evening of sharing culture, between China and Italy. We are honored to be part of it too, and we are delighted to be able to sing here.

Journalist = A special Gala evening here in Italy that dialogues with China, through music.

IL VOLO, on stage, performs a duet with a trio of Chinese tenors.

Gianluca = Our music is still so present, around the world and especially in China, because they won a talent with our song, singing in Italian and in Neapolitan.

Just Naples celebrates its cuisine, with these acrobatic pizza chefs.


Final toast, the glasses rise up, to sign an artistic partnership.

Gala 20

L’Amore si Muove – Click Here

At the Gala of friendship, between Italy and China, IL VOLO sings “L’Amore si Muove”, together with the Chinese trio.

Here the news on Chinese television.

Gala 21

And here’s the interview Askanews.


Presenter = Il Volo represented Italy, with her music, in the Italo-Chinese friendship gala that took place in Rome, at the Lanterna of Fuksas, on the occasion of the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Italy.

Gianluca = It’s nice to be here and to represent Italy through our music and our voices. These meetings are beautiful between different cultures, the Italian and the Chinese. It’s nice as Chinese singers, guys like us, love this musical genre, the Italian melody is so much appreciated all over the world.

Presenter = And indeed, on the stage, three Chinese tenors arrived, somehow inspired by the guys from Volo. The Italian trio, fresh from third place in Sanremo, will start the live tour from May for a whole year.

Ignazio = We will go to Japan, for the tour, and then we will return to Italy with 17 concerts.

Piero = This is a busy year, we are celebrating our 10 year career. We started from Panama with the Pope, then Sanremo with great satisfaction, we released our album ‘Musica’. Then 17 concerts in Italy, we will do many concerts around everywhere but singing in Italy is always a different emotion. The album is called “Musica”, it is our common passion, which brought us forward for 10 years. We believe that this album fully represents us.

Presenter = Il Volo is back from a concert in Moscow. Afraid of being included in the Ukrainian blacklist?

Gianluca = We have not expressed any appreciation about politics, for now there is no danger.

Gala 22

The Traviata toast from Chinese TV.

Another beautiful interview with the Corriere della Sera.

Corriere della Sera Interview – Click Here

Gala 23

Journalist = Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, IL VOLO, welcome back, hi.

P+I+G = Thank you, hi.

Journalist = As soon as you returned from Moscow, you participated in the Bolshoi Theater at the BRAVO INTERNATIONAL AWARDS, how did it go?

Piero = It was a great experience, we say that these two days are quite special, full of emotions. Moscow, singing at the Bolshoi, one of the most prestigious theaters in the world, does not happen every day, and singing here in Rome for such an important event, I believe that it fills us with responsibility, but above all with pride, for us, but above all for everyone Italians.

Journalist = 10 years of activity, six CD’s including the last one: “MUSICA”.

Ignazio = Yes, “MUSICA”, includes unpublished works and there are also covers. We are very happy, the music is what unites us and accompanies us in these years of career, and it is for this reason that we have decided to call it this cd.

Journalist = In fact, it is the CD of the turning point, there is this collaboration with Faini that also collaborates with Mahmood, Petrella, Cremonini, Canova, Tiziano Ferro and many others, I think it is the desire to give a twist a little more pop to your style …

Piero = Without losing our personality.

Gianluca = More than turning point, it is trying to convey to everyone, this pop soul that is in us, but without losing our essence, our music, but surely we are not just classical music.

Journalist = A way like any other to get closer to the pop world.

Piero = Obviously, we must always keep up with the times, Michele Canova, did not disappoint us with the new CD “MUSICA”, he is an avant-garde producer, always new sounds, he is always looking for new things and obviously his resume speaks for itself.

Journalist = However in 10 years of your career, you have won so many prizes and had so many awards, toured around the world …. where can IL VOLO still arrive?

Gianluca = There is still so much to prove, 10 years, after all they are few, we are only 24 years old, we started early, if all goes well, we are still 40 years old and maybe more, there is so much to prove. But we are proud of what we have built over the past 10 years.

Journalist = We are here this evening, for this twinning between Italy and China. You are the guests of honor of the evening, from Russia to China.

Ignazio = Surely being able to represent our country all over the world, is something that makes us feel proud of being Italian and we are honored, this is an evening where Italian culture meets Chinese culture and what better way to do it with music, in fact we will also duet with Chinese artists, a trio that came out of a talent and also sings our songs.

Journalist = I seem to have heard that it is called IL VOLO CHINESE .

Piero = We saw these guys in a video on you tube, they won a talent, singing one of our songs and today we will sing the song together “L’AMORE SI MUOVE”.

Journalist = The tour starts in May and starts in Japan.

Piero = And it will be a long tour, a fairly demanding year, a full of concerts, an artist, a birthday, must celebrate it by singing, but we would like to say that we will return to Italy, in June and July with 17 concerts, and we don’t see the time to sing the songs from our new CD “MUSICA”.

Journalist = You will also be at the Verona Arena in September and also here in Rome at the Auditorium at the end of June.

Gianluca = Exactly, it will be a long tour that will start from Japan and until next year it will keep us busy and then there will be many other surprises that we will talk about next time.

Journalist = Good trip, good luck to IL VOLO and thanks.


Some photos of IL VOLO and  the Chinese trio SUPER VOCAL.

Gala 24

Gala 25

Gala 26

Gala 27

Fantastic guys, as you always brought the high image of Italy that pleases the world.

What a surprise to see a trio of Chinese tenors who take you for example, who love what you propose, to copy your style, even singing in Italian.

Because your music, to which perhaps here at times, is not given the right appreciation, is instead much admired, up to imitate it, because it is imitating what it likes.

We can say that the music of IL VOLO has served as a bridge to two different cultures.


Gala 28

❤️  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️ ❤️  ❤️  ❤️   ❤️  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️  ❤️

Gala 29

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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    1. Regina, the most beautiful thing is that the Chinese imitate IL VOLO, certainly means that for them they are a model to imitate and this makes me very proud, in spite of some press and Italian critics.
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  4. Wonderful article these guys have done it all and still have a full plate for the next year and a half or longer So proud so proud

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    1. Daniela, as always thank you for the video’s and translations.
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      I was yelling at the video for them to get off the stage!🙁

      1. Jill, it makes me laugh. In fact it was a combination of music and fashion. I didn’t even look at them, I had eyes, only for boys. 🙂

  9. Another wonderful translation…Il Volo is aways so elegant …No matter what what language they are doing an interview in… I love to watch them even when I do not understand what they are ssying…I know that each of them speak with passion and with love in there heart… Now thanks to you always working so hard for us and providing us with translations, I can understand them and love them even more…Thank you Daniela for all you do to provide us with with up to date information and with these wonderful translations…

  10. Another wonderful translation…Il Volo is aways so elegant …No matter what what language they are doing an interview in… I love to watch them even when I do not understand what they are ssying…I know that each of them speak with passion and with love in there heart… Now thanks to you always working so hard for us and providing us with translations, I can understand them and love them even more…Thank you Daniela for all you do to provide us with with up to date information and with these wonderful translations, videos and pictures

    1. Thank you Jeannette, in fact they are always a “beautiful to look at”, but besides being beautiful, they also have a nice way of expressing themselves in the answers, always kind and polite, even when, at times, you would like to shout in the face of journalists , your disappointment …… you noticed Gianluca’s answer …… “they sing our songs, because our music, like it, and a lot, and they try to sing even in Italian”

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