Saturday April 13, IL VOLO was hosted by AMICI, the Canale 5 program that looks for new talent in dance and music.

Here are the boys in the backstage who warn that they will soon enter the live broadcast.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca had to duet with a boy and a girl, aspiring singers of the white team.


All together, they performed a piece of “MERAVIGLIOSA CREATURA” and one of “LONTANO DAGLI OCCHI, LONTANO DAL CUORE”.

Then, at the end of the evening, IL VOLO, performed “A CHI MI DICE”, which just two days ago came out as a new single.

Here is the union of both performances.

At the end of the first performance Maria De Filippi (presenter of the program) says that the boys of IL VOLO are “in shape” and also says that when he sings Piero, it seems that he closes his mouth and instead his voice is loud!

What is your opinion about the two singers who duet with IL VOLO?

Here are some photos of the evening.

















Perfect, guys, this event is gone too.

I don’t know where you get all the energy, but you are always fantastic.

Now what’s waiting for us ??


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

38 thoughts on “PIERO, IGNAZIO, GIANLUCA at AMICI by Daniela”

  1. It was a lovely event, IL volo never disappoints, our boys are like a gift that keeps on giving! How do they do it? Aspiring male singer unfortunately didn’t leave a lasting impression. Ignazio was the star of the show, and he got total support from Gian and Piero, which was clear for everyone to see. Makes your heart happy to witness such a friendship. Love them!!❤

    1. Anna, I agree with you totally. It was a mesmerizing performance. Il Volo blows everyone else away with their talent, but they are generous with new young talent as well. Our boys are wonderful performers and great people.

      1. There is no doubt about this, Jeanette, our boys are generous with new talents, they sang without forcing, so as not to go too much at the expense of white singers.

    2. Absolutely agree with you, Ignazio was the absolute protagonist. The male singer dressed in white is a rapper, I don’t like rappers, I don’t consider the rappers of the singers.

  2. I agree with Anna!! And as I posted on the fan page, I love A Chi Mi Dice and yes Ignazio was outstanding !! The looks of support from Gianluca and Piero throughout the performance was so heartwarming! They truly are special young men!

    1. Absolutely true Annette, the support of esteem and friendship of our boys is evident. My friend Valeria Bosch, today, wrote a wonderful post on this aspect, I hope you read it.

      1. I couldn’t locate the Valeria Bosch post on their friendship. (I’m not on Facebook). I am a devoted fan of the boys (now young men) and always read Flight Crew. You do an incredible job!! I, too, enjoy Ignazio’s amazing voice and Gianluca’s smooth croon, but I thrill to Piero’s magnificent tenor. Although perfection to me is their Notte Magica performance, I thoroughly enjoy their pop music as well. There are two songs I particularly like that only exist on YouTube video (poor quality) as far as I know, and I would really like them to studio record: Piero’s “Love Story” and their collective version of “Someone to Love”. Again, many thanks for your articles and efforts!

      2. Sally, thank you for your compliments. Victoria, she found you a version of Love Story, perhaps better than the one you have, shared it at the bottom of all the comments. Somebody to Love, it’s wonderful, I hope the guys sing it in concerts.

        I’m looking for the already translated post by Valeria Bosch. There he is.

        The three friends – if a transmission is called “friends”, no one is more suitable to intervene that this group of boys, who of friendship can be the icon. Yes, gentlemen, because gianluca, Ignazio and piero not only had three voices among the most beautiful in the world, not only are all three young and attractive, but they also had the incomparable gift of three good and generous characters, Completely an by any hint of jealousy and envy, essential premise to be able to try a genuine feeling of friendship. Except there are ten years of life in common and artistic collaboration to prove it, however, it would be enough to observe with careful and deep eyes this photograph to be sure The three young people, invited by Maria de filippi to the transmission ” friends “, are playing ” to those who tell me “, cover of an old success of the blue, which of the new compilation of il volo ” music ” is part Ignazio. Each of them has his own piece in ” music “: gian has made you insert the unforgettable ” goodbye rome “, piero la romantic ” be my love ” and ignazio for the note ” to those who tell me ” that they will be very And that interprets with a strength and a passion that, even those who have long known his skills of instinctive and exciting singer, can not be deeply impressed and moved. In front of this exploit, are your colleagues annoyed, disturbed or jealous? This image is enough to give us the undeniable answer: Piero is smiling, of a joyful and smug smile, as to tell the public that he is witnessing ” feel what my friend is capable of Feel that rhythm, what strength, what an incomparable talent?”; gian looks at him in silence, seems ecstatic by so much skill, from so much musical ability, from such It is certainly not that gian or piero are less, each in his personal musical charisma, that the boys have different from each other, but all three of excellent grade, and this is a further enrichment of their incredible capacity. And when it’s time for one, the other two don’t chew bitter, don’t chew on envy, but they are loyally and deeply happy with the special moment This is the true friendship, gentlemen, and who can feed it sincerely, try one of the greatest joys of life!

      3. Thank you for the translation, Daniela. They do exude pride in each other’s ability to sing so beautifully and all have said they sound best singing together in harmony. Their strength is in their humility and humanity and harmony.

  3. It will be hard for the new aspiring talents to stand next to our boys, as Tony Renis who discover them said such a talent is born once in the century, but to be with them on the same podium is already huge achievement! They are wonderful, Ignacio is a shining star, love them if possible more and more. Thank you so much, Daniella for your work.

    1. Irene, I believe that confrontation with our guys is always difficult for anyone. They are shining gems.
      Thank you for your compliments.

  4. Daniela, thank you as always for news of the boys. The support the boys show for each other is wonderful and so evident to everyone, It is true that their talent is only born once in a lifetime. We are so blessed to be in a world with these fine boys. I know we’re all lapping up their every appearance and thank you so much for keeping us involved.

    1. Victoria, thank you.
      I also tell you to read Valeria Bosch’s post, it’s really well written and talks about the true friendship between Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.
      We are really lucky to follow these 3 good guys.

      1. Thank you Daniela, I just saw your post. These guys are so true to each other and it is heartwarming. I agree with Sally as well. I think ‘Love Story’ is a most beautiful song and I wish it could be recorded with good acoustics. It is a favorite as well and I’ve listened to it countless times.

      2. Thank you Daniela, I did read the beautiful post of Valerie Bosch and sent it to Tricianna. We enjoyed it together. The friendship between the guys is so heartwarming. It’s what makes them so special. I’m glad that we’ve gotten to watch them grow and expand their talents since they first came to the USA. And thank you for keeping the guys close to us through all your posts. You are a blessing to us all.

    1. RoseMarie, wow wow, absolutely fantastic, Ignazio super.
      I had to wait until 1.00 am to see them, but it was wonderful.

    1. Yes, Jill, you’re right, Ignazio is very well with his hair like that, I also liked his pants, wide, but not too much.
      This song, “A chi mi dice”, seems made for him and Piero and Gianluca, they know it, and they admire it for this, and they are happy for him.

  5. There was really too big a difference between IL VOLO and the 2 singers. In favour of IL VOLO.

  6. They were great as always. I liked the bouncing Gianluca
    and Ignazio did. They really feel the rythym of the music.
    Ignazio was outstanding on the vocals and they all three
    blended so well. Yes, in favor of IL VOLO, always. Thank
    you Daniela for this video.

    1. Gale, I stop at your first thought ….. they were fantastic as always ….. and we’ve already said everything there is to say.

  7. Daniela: I just read the post written by Valeria Bosch about Il Volo’s appearance on the show Amici. Just beautiful! Thanks!

    1. Annette, I’m glad you liked it, really expresses the friendship between the boys, Valeria got it right.

  8. I am so happy for Ignazio to be able to sing the way he does best. I feel he has been the ‘second tenor” in the past. This is his year. The young lady had a lovely voice.

    1. Regina, that song seems made for Ignazio, he interprets it very well.
      The girl is Sicilian too.

  9. Thanks again Daniela for the photos and videos. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were wonderful as usual and are so supportive of each other and new talent. The young man did not have much of a voice but I thought the young lady was good. In a way, it must be difficult and a challenge to sing with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca because they are so talented and so at ease. Love the new songs!

    1. Margaret, I too love new songs, especially unpublished ones.
      I like so much their way of being supportive.

  10. I agree that the girl is good, I don’t like the boy in white singing, but IL VOLO is the best, much much better than anybody. Ignazio was the star of this show, of course Gian and Piero were also fantastic. Thank You Daniela for sharing 😍

    1. Jolanta, I agree with what you said, the girl was good, but the boy in white couldn’t be heard. Our guys, fantastic.

  11. Our guys as always were three bodies of perfection… They were kind to the singers by not giving an over zealous performance but yet being who they are, greatest singers on the planet… I think they still remember the fear and butterflies they had going through them ten years ago when they first performed on TV…So they continue to be kind and helpful to new comers… They are such generous and compassionate people… . That is one of many attributes that makes us love them the way we do…

    1. Absolutely agree with you Jeannette, their humanity (in addition of course to the skill) makes them love even more. If you had followed the whole episode of that program, you would have heard the boy in white counter the judges and the teachers with an unheard arrogance.

      1. Yes, Victoria, I think google and you tube, contain many videos of our guys that maybe so many people haven’t seen.

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