On Tuesday 9 April 2019 Gianluca Ginoble was the guest of the Moretti di Roseto Institute.

Gianluca School 01

The meeting between the component of “Il Volo” and the students of the Rosetan school will give way to the scholastic institution to start a path of official recognition for the high role of representation, under the cultural and tourist profile, that Ginoble is carrying out for the local community and for the whole of Abruzzo.

“For our Institute – explains the head teacher prof. Sabrina Del Gaone – it is a source of pride to be able to start a path of official recognition for the beautiful image that Gianluca Ginoble represents for the whole territory. In fact – the principal concludes – one of our most popular courses is the Tourist one and this has allowed us to understand in depth how important it is to have a testimonial of this level.”


A short but beautiful interview, activate the subtitles! (Click on the settings gear on the lower right, then choose Italian, auto generated to English.)


And here is Gianluca, during his speech with the students.

Gianluca talks about his past as a student, he says that he has always been a little lazy at school and his mother got angry with his father, because he didn’t do his homework or he didn’t study much.

Gianluca says that the goal to be achieved in life is to be happy, he tells the students that after the period of study life opens up and wishes the guys to always be themselves and he wishes them success.

Luca Maggitti, who interviews Gianluca, explains, with a nice episode, that the greatness of the IL VOLO boys is that of being recognizable everywhere. Because so many times there are very famous idols, but only at national level, outside their nation no one knows them, while IL VOLO, is IL VOLO everywhere, in Italy, in Europe, in America, in south-America, in Japan.

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Therefore, he asks Gianluca if this world fame has taken away or given him something on a personal level.

Gianluca replies that surely he has had so much from this kind of life, he has been able to travel the world, learn foreign languages, be a better person and be happy because he is doing what he likes to do.

Gianluca believes he is a privileged person.

Then, Luca Maggitti, asks Gianluca, how important is studying for him.

Gianluca replies that the study is very important, but more important still to keep informed, to always maintain a form of culture, reading books, keeping always informed about the news, events, notional studies, but also the study of life events. Never stop learning.

Then Gianluca is asked, what kind of music he listens to and he confirms that he listens to many different types of music and then, as already said, other times, he says he would like to buy a piano and start playing a piano he would like to write songs and also take acting lessons.

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Gianluca is asked how important family and territory are to him.

Gianluca says that all his family believed in his talent, but in particular his grandfather, the most important person for him, and recommends that students stay close to their grandparents, who are the greatest treasure of life.

The family is very important for Gianluca, there are no secrets, there is a very close relationship of love.

Even belonging to a territory is very important for Gianluca, he always speaks of his land, he feels proud of his Abruzzi origins and of being a citizen of Montepagano.

Luca Maggitti, points out to the students, how beautiful is the true love that Gianluca has for his land, a sincere love that can be perceived from every word, from every photo that he proudly publishes from his Abruzzo.

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In the end, compliments are given to Gianluca, for his way of being a young man with healthy principles of love for the family. The importance of the worldwide success of IL VOLO is emphasized to the students, as opposed to many, many idols followed by the very young, but which are unknown to the rest of the world.

In addition, there is an incentive for all students to find their own way, just as Gianluca, while admitting he was not too brilliant in his study, pursued the path that was most important for him, THE MUSIC.

Final congratulations, because Gianluca has remained the same simple and humble boy.

Gianluca School 054

The comment by Sabrina del Gaone, headmaster of the institute.

“When reality exceeds all expectations …

Spurred on by Luca Maggitti who had the idea, I invited Gianluca Ginoble through his brother Ernesto to my school: I expected, if not a refusal, an elegant reference to a date to be defined.

Instead, not only did Gianluca agree to come to school, he did it willingly (as well as early), he lent himself to unplanned interviews, repetitive photos, sudden hugs, and selfies galore… without ever losing his patience. On the contrary, he seemed to be happy with the invitation and excited about the Morettiano award we gave him.

I discovered a Gianluca Ginoble that is not only a star, not only a VIP … but human, helpful, serene, incredibly tied to his family and his country.

Thanks to Luca Maggitti for helping me ‘review’ my positions and thanks to Ernesto for giving his school a morning to frame.” 💕

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Gianluca, never betray yourself.

You confirm what we all know, you are a boy, sweet, sensitive, lover of his family and his land, two great values that must be taken as an example for many young people today.

Thanks for your examples!

Daniela ❤️

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. As we Ilvolovers know he is the total package, talented, handsome, intelligent, generous, sweet, kind and with his priorities all in the right place. He is a great role model for young people everywhere . Thanks Daniela for helping us follow our favorite guys.

    1. Yes, Janet, it’s a great example for today’s kids, we hope that many want to imitate him.

  2. As we Ilvolovers know he is the total package, talented, handsome, intelligent, generous, sweet, kind and with his priorities all in the right place. He is a great role model for young people everywhere . Thanks Daniela for helping us follow our favorite guys.

  3. These guys never cease to amaze me they are so devoted to their public Nice article Daniela as usual

  4. Nice article. Yes we know how beautiful persons are Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero and they still confirm it. Really wonderful example for young peaple and not only. The citizens of Montepagano and the whole of Abruzzo are very proud of Gianluca and how proud have to be his family. Thanks a lot Daniela and Pitterpato.

  5. When these videos appeared all over twitter and facebook, I told myself just to be patient, Daniela will definitely do the translations for us!! You are a treasure, many thanks and also thank you to Pat.

    I am so proud of Gianluca, he is the best, always available to the public and dedicated to keep the fans that follow him updated as to where and what the three of them are doing in their busy lives.

    1. Ineke, you make me smile ….. just bring a little patience and the translation arrives !! <3

      Yes Gianluca is really a golden man.

  6. Gianluca is so special, to his family first, his country and
    then to his fans. His love just flows freely from his heart
    out to all of us. He really loves his family and his
    country and doesn’t mind a bit to say so. Erny has
    matured a lot in the last few years and looks like a more
    mature fellow now. The look in Gianluca’s eyes when
    he looks at him says I love you Erny. Such a great
    example of brotherly love. Gianluca’s love is
    measureless. Thank you Daniela and Pat for taking such
    good care of the Flight Crew fans with translations.

    1. Gale, I like your phrase “his love flows freely from his heart”, wonderful words.
      I also noticed how Erny grew up and what a beautiful brotherly love between them.
      Thank you for your compliments.

  7. Daniela lovey pictures & information of Ganlucas family. Its wonderful you are so close to them in Italy to keep us so informed. As I continue to say you are our treasure.

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