In these days, on all the fanpages, photos of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have appeared in Capri, the beautiful island that is located in the Neapolitan gulf.

Capri is an island much frequented by VIP’s, and famous for its beautiful FARAGLIONI (rock formations which jut out from the Mediterranean just off the island’s coast).


Gianluca’s photo.


The first clues were given by the boys as they reached Capri.

Ignazio’s video

Gianluca says: We’re going to Capri, I’ll show you ….. Here it is.

Piero’s video

But why do the boys go to Capri?

Certainly it is a beautiful island and the sea and the weather, these days deserve a vacation ….. but the boys are certainly not there to have fun.

A couple of days ago, to all the Italian members of the official fan club, (I don’t know if, even to foreigners) an e-mail arrived, warning that IL VOLO would record the new video of the new single and wanted to involve also the his fans in the shooting. It was also anticipated that the day of the video shoot would be the 18th and in southern Italy, but did not specify the place.

But after the first videos posted by the boys, everything was clear, the new video would have had the background of Capri.

Here is a photo of this video for the song: “A CHI MI DICE”.



How wonderful this video will be, and the guys seem to have had a lot of fun, work, yes, but with fun.






Ignazio says: Float in the water.

I seem to be Jim Carey in ONE WEEK FROM GOD (BRUCE ALMIGHTY).



Their arrival has not gone unnoticed, here is a video posted on a local newspaper that headlines:


And this little article that I translate for you:


Il Volo in Capri, touch and escape Easter on the blue island


Il Volo, the group composed by Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, was last night for a few hours on Capri. One hit and run just before sunset. The trio arrived with a speedboat at the marina, then a walk in the streets of the seaside village before returning on board. The arrival on the island, probably linked to a photo shoot or a video clip, has not gone unnoticed: so many photos and videos taken by the fans.

…….. and this:

Il Volo, a surprise blitz on the island. The ecstatic musical group: “Magnifica Capri”


“Blitz” on Capri for Il Volo. Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, the two tenors and the baritone. members of the famous musical group, made their fleeting appearance on the island yesterday afternoon, returning from a sea excursion. “Capri, you were magnificent! Today was one of those days for which 24 hours are not enough, we look forward to telling you more. Stay tuned.” These are the words given to their own social channels. A presence in Capri, apparently, for work and not for vacation. As it turns out, the three artists were busy shooting a video clip or a photo shoot. Many selfies with fans: in this photo Il Volo is in Marina Grande with Lia Guercino.

Barbara, always with them, beautiful and good, Barbara !!


Beautiful things run fast, and the day ends early.

Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero greet Capri.



Once again a beautiful adventure.

The e-mail had also arrived to me, I never saw Capri, I dreamed for a moment, but only a moment.

I can’t wait to see this new video, I already feel it will be beautiful, and you, what do you say ??


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

28 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO: CAPRI by Daniela”

  1. Thank you for sharing “my guys” with all who are fans. I am praying that when they come to America I will get to see them. I cannot believe I never knew of their existence until my friend said her dad loved their song Mondo… then I clicked on it and that was it. I am forever a fan, a friend, and will promote them to all. Never had a bucket list, as I know some do, but now IlVolo is my promise to me, I am seeing them before fading into the sunset. I decided I would take “my guys” for my own.. there is a song sung by many who sing “My Guy:. My Guys are Guinluca, Ignazio, Piero Thank you for sharing the info and pictures Daniela, <3

    1. Sassylady, what happened to you, happened to all of us. When you become aware of their existence, it becomes a frenzy to know all of them. All of us fans spent hours searching for videos and informing us about them, greedy for everything we haven’t seen or heard, and everything we find we like and makes us want to know more. Welcome to our world! <3

      1. Glad to know I am in excellent company who know class and style… lol. Thank you for sharing your Il Volo with all of us. A truly magnificent gift for sure. <3

      2. So we’ll said Daniela .. I adore these boys all the way from Australia .. knowing I won’t get to see them anytime soon .. I just have to be content with your brilliant posts .. thankyou .. disappointed that I’ll volo don’t interact with fans on Instagram

  2. Same as ‘sassy lady’ I met my boys by accident on our PBS special with their Note Magica tour, fell in love with them, introduce them to so many of my friends who fell in love with them same way, but I’m not waiting for there tour in USA, (??), but as a member of Fan club, bought tickets and flight from Florida to Rome to see them in their Musica concert!!
    I’m still wondering where was I when they had all those concert in USA even in Florida….
    Thank you Daniela for giving us the pleasure to follow our boys where ever they are, whatever they do.
    Thanks, Irene

    1. Irene applies to you, as for Sassylady. We say, that they cause addiction, but it is so nice to be lulled by their voices, they are also generous enough to let us peek into their beautiful and healthy lives.
      Congratulations on getting tickets for Rome, it will be a good concert.

    1. Arlene, actually I’ve already had a chance to talk about this. In Sanremo, we all had the impression that Ignazio had put on weight, also because of the clothes he wore, but in Milan, when I saw him in person, I immediately noticed that he was much thinner. Sometimes the television effect, amplified by certain clothes, is not the best.

    2. That bothered me also .. hoping he was not Ill … I prefer him a little heavier .. he’s a funny sweetheart ❤️

  3. Thank You Daniela for translations and sharing beautiful pictures and photos. I also can’t wait to see the new video of our boys. Beautiful music, beautiful guys and beautiful island, I’m sure it will be magnificent video. I have spent one day on Capri 27 years ago, it’s really wanderful place. I have to find my old pictures from my Italy trip and reminisce a little. It was beautiful time. Thanks again and Happy Easter for all.

    1. Thank you Jolanta for your nice compliments.
      I am glad that watching the video in Capri reminds you of a beautiful day there.
      Our boys continue to exalt the beauty of Italy, thanks guys.

  4. Hi Daniela
    I received an email from the fan club about a trip,to see them film a video somewhere in the south of Italy.
    I know Capri is very beautiful.
    Many years ago when I was on a cruise ship docked in Naples for the day, I had an opportunity to go to Capri for the day, but I was already feeling seasick so didn’t want to take the small boat that takes you there.
    The guys looked great, they love being on the water.

    1. Jill, I’ve always heard so much about Capri, but I’ve never been there.
      It is my wish, to be able to go there.
      The e-mail, it is the same one I received as well, did not expressly say Capri. Who knows who were the lucky girls who could have been present, we’ll find out soon.

  5. Loved all the pictures taken on the water Looking forward to the new video also hope they will be somewhere close in Florida next year They are definitely on my bucket list So sorry I missed them in Miami Thanks for the article

    1. In effect Beverley, the boys seem absolutely at ease in the water. They are fine everywhere, but certainly the marine environment is in “their strings”.
      You will see that you will soon have the opportunity to see them close.

  6. Thank you for your reply. I hope to get to see them in person one more
    time before I kick the bucket. They are simp;y the very BEST.

  7. Daniela, how right you were to call it ‘addiction’, yes, it is addiction, but how beautiful, healthy addiction, we want to stay addicted….

    1. Absolutely fabulous is the word I use to describe “My Guys”…. I love this song and I love theseguys and so I’m calling them “My Guys”.  God Bless and may you always be as sweet and lovable as you are now.  <3

  8. Thanks for sharing Daniela. What a wonderful place Capri is and what a wonderful shooting. Looking forward to the results.

  9. what an excellently produced video! who produced it, Daniela?
    an italian company?
    (curious – would it be the same company that did the Noche sin Dia official video?)

    Grazie, Daniela (after watching this video, i went online to look at more pics of lovely Capri)……

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