Happy Easter by Daniela

With all this series of IL VOLO surprise events and appointments, we almost didn’t realize we had arrived at Easter.


Spring is bringing beautiful and warm days, wherever the flowers bloom, the colors return.

Soon a long season of concerts and events will begin for our beloved Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

But we will always be here to keep you updated and give you the news of the boys, our commitment is with you.

But now we want to send you our best wishes for a

Happy Easter

Spend a beautiful day …….. we are waiting for you here, with all the news from IL VOLO.

Jana         Pat        Daniela P.        Daniela Ci


(image shared by Gary Istok)

28 thoughts on “Happy Easter by Daniela”

  1. Thank you for all of your postings…I love following the guys, and I adore Gianluca. I appreciate your updates and bits of news…please keep them coming. Happy Easter from America…

  2. Happy, blessed Easter to you, Daniela and entire staff, we can not thank you enough for your work, giving us so much information on what is happening with our dear boys… So God bless you and keep on doing this. And… I adore Gianluca too…..
    Happy Easter from Florida

  3. Happy Easter to all. Many Thanks for all of your translations. I enjoy them so very much. Have a wonderful and Blessed day. 😘❤️🐣🙏

  4. Thank you so much to for all you do day in and day out. Best wishes for a Blessed and Happy Easter!

  5. Happy Blessed Easter, and thank you for everything you share…I love the guys…most of all Gianluca…Sempre per sempre🇺🇸🇮🇹


  6. Ciao from Michigan! Fighting a bit of a cold here! ;( Was not sick all winter….

    Buon pasqua a tutti! At least it is sunny here today.

    Pat and Daniela, thanks for keeping this site rolling!


      1. Thanks, still some lingering symptoms, but well enough for work on Tuesday. 🙂

  7. What a beautiful Easter posting! Blessings to all of you who keep
    us so well informed on the comings and goings of our dear Il Volo guys. Hoping they are home with family and friends gathering strength for the upcoming tour. Happy Easter !!!

    1. Thanks Annette. I’m glad you like it. Daniela found some wonderful pictures! I wanted this post to look very bright and cheerful for Easter Sunday! 😄

      1. Your welcome! I especially like the photo of those handsome young men surrounded by colorful Easter eggs and balloons 🎈

  8. Easter Blessings to you all. Thank you for the wonderful job you all do in keeping this site going. It’s the best!

  9. Happy Easter to you ladies who work tirelessly to keep us all informed as to what is going on with the boys and thank you for all the translations you do for us it makes is so much more fun to know what is being said.

  10. Happy Easter to all. Especially to all the ladies who keep us updated on all the happenings of IL Volo. Without you, we here in the US would have little info about”our” guys.

  11. HAPPY EASTER to all and thanks for the good wishes.
    A small gift for you.
    The video of IL VOLO’s participation in Gran Canaria has just been published.
    There he is. <3 <3 <3

  12. Wow, lucky audience, beautiful sun, sea, and those great voices. Again thank you for all the current info about IL Volo.

  13. Happy Easter everyone!!!!
    Update on my pilgrimage:

    While walking my 800 kilometers Camino de Santiago pilgrimage across Northern Spain, I am praying and lighting candles in churches and cathedrals, to send IL VOLO blessings for continued success, prosperity, well-being, grande amore, and joy. I will do this in 10 churches to honor their 10 years together. Listed below are the dates and churches so far:
    16-3-19 Notre Dame (before the fire) —pre-camino
    20-3-19 Chartres Cathedral —pre-Camino
    25-3-19 Roncessvalles Cathedral – Iglesias de Santa Maria
    30-3-19 Estella- Basilica del Puy
    5-4-19 Burgos Cathedral
    7-4-19 Fromista- St Martin Church
    17-4-19 Sahagun- chapel of Benedictinas de la Santa Cruz
    22-4-19 Astorga Cathedral
    After my pilgrimage I plan to visit Italy and hope to obtain tickets for Matera and also to meet Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio in person. Happy anniversary guys!!!!!

    1. Hi Crystaldawn, IL VOLO has just opened its ticket sales in Matera, if you are registered at the official fanclub you have until tomorrow to buy them and you can also choose the place.

      Your pilgrimage is beautiful.

      1. Thanks— attempted to purchase but in Italian and i have been unsuccessful plus the date is two weeks later than I planned

  14. SUCCESS!!! Front row for Matera!!!
    It means I need to stay another two weeks—a bit of a challenge, but I will make the financial sacrifice for the guys.

    1. Wow, Crystaldawn, very well, front row, wonderful purchase.
      It will be beautiful and maybe you will even get a shot in the video !!!<3

  15. SUCCESS!!! Front row for Matera!!!
    It means I need to stay another two weeks—a bit of a challenge, but I will make the financial sacrifice for the guys.

  16. Happy belated Easter wishes to everyone. Daniela thank you so much for the beautiful video of the boys singing. I cant get enouth information of where they are & what plans they have & where they will be next & am hoping they will be in Toronto. I dont live in Toronto so information from Toronto is not sent to Chatham unless I see it here. which I try to do every day. Keep the excelent work you are doing keeping us informed.

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