UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE – the film by Daniela

Hi everyone! This news has appeared on many Facebook pages, but I still want to communicate it here, as I know that many of you don’t have Facebook, who reads on the site, will find this news useful.

Un Amore 01

The film UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE in which our Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca also act, will be broadcast by CANALE 5 on Thursday, 25 April at 9:20 pm (Italian time).

The news was given by the producer Federica Andreoli.

Un Amore 02

The news was taken up by the newspapers.

Un Amore 03

Here’s a “behind the scenes” movie.

And here a short trailer of the film.

And a TV advertisement with a little greeting from the boys, who are going on television to announce the film. 

I = It was our first experience.

G = Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

P = We give a big “good luck” to the film UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE.

Un Amore 04

The film is also available on DVD on Amazon, in Italian language, with English subtitles.

I hope so many of you are able to see this movie, via Channel 5.

Canale 5 Link – Click here

It is a sweet love story, with a lot of music and with the participation of our guys, all filmed in the beautiful Verona, which you will see in beautiful images.

Good vision: Daniela 

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

11 thoughts on “UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE – the film by Daniela”

  1. Daniela thank you for the information. I was hoping to watch it but I have a doctor’s appointment at the start of the movie.

  2. Hello Daniela,

    Are you sure all DVD’s on aAazon are for sale with English subtitles? (it does not matter where they are sended from)

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Tineke, I answer you this way, attaching the photo of the back of the DVD that I have enlarged, and where you can read that there are subtitles in Italian (for the deaf), in English and in Spanish.
      But they told me that there is a problem, namely that Italian DVDs, may not be compatible with your video recorders, you must have a suitable one.

  3. Ciao a tutti!!

    Yes, I ordered the dvd from amazon.it. when you start to play it, you can choose English speaking as well as subtitles.

    However it is true it will not play on US dvd players, HOWEVER, it might play on your computer if you have dvd. It should play using Media Player 14. If you don’t have this, you can download it from the internet.

    Hope this helps. I really enjoyed the movie and thought our guys were great in it!


    1. Thank you Jana for explaining how to fix the problem with the PC.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the movie.
      The boys were great, very natural. Everything is good for them.

  4. Hi Daniela I managed t found the video & understood a bit at least I saw it I’m satisfied. I didnt see our boys but I got the gist of the movie. Now i am going t try & be patient & hope our sweethearts will come to Toronto soon.

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