Bologna, 27 April 2019 – The Fico Central Eataly World Arena (photo) struggles to contain spectators for the presentation of Ricomincio dai tre. Young, very young and less young, they fill the stands enthusiastically, waiting to be able to hear the sweet and thunderous voices of their idols. Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble. They are the three youngsters, from whom, ten years ago, Michele Torpedine, manager of VIPs, set off again.

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You can perhaps call it a bet, the one that Torpedine faced when he decided to “take three small singers by the hand”. Who would have said that, at the time of pop, overseas music and digitization, two tenors and a baritone would have broken through the national and world music scene to the point of becoming the first Italian artists to sign a contract with Geffen Records, US major? “These three talents are here for their great friend – began Oscar Farinetti, founder of Eataly – who, in the world of music, worked with great artists like Gino Paoli and discovered talents of the caliber of Andrea Bocelli and Giorgia”.

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Michele Torpedine, always in the world of music, has seen us along and perceived, right from the start, the potential of the trio ‘Il Volo’ and it is this that is told in his novel, autobiography, Ricomincio dai tre, published from Pendragon. “The first victory at Sanremo was with Bocelli – Torpedine recounts, digging into his memories – an enormous talent that was not easy to break into the music world because of his handicap. But as soon as I put him on the Zucchero tour, everyone noticed the power he had.”

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A manager-mentor, who, after working for thirty years as a drummer for big names like Dalla, Orietta Berti wanted “to give” his knowledge to these three boys, today almost godchildren for him. “One thing that all the young people who want to emerge should know is that talent and application are not enough – Torpedine warns in his autobiography – you have to have your head, otherwise you end up off the road before you even get into gear.” Ricomincio dai tre covers the stages of the career of the manager from Puglia with anecdotes, stories, advice and experiences. At Fico, they discussed this, including laughter and chatter, Torpedine, the three of IL VOLO, Farinetti and Red Ronnie.

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When, then, the three opera stars took the microphone to sing (video), the spectators reacted with enthusiasm and the boys dominated the Arena as true gladiators. “You have been fundamental for us – Boschetto emphasizes – it is not easy today to find someone to help you realize the dreams and you did this for us.” Piero Barone then underlines: “We are three privileged boys because we travel the world doing what we like.” At the end, they sang “Grande Amore” that moved and united all the fans who are then rushed to the center of the stage to greet the boys and Torpedine without forgetting to get selfies and autographs with the three of IL VOLO.

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This nice article was published by the newspaper IL RESTO DEL CARLINO.

IL RESTO DEL CARLINO Article – Click Here

The boys sang:





The exhibition by Dave Monaco is also beautiful, the tenor supported by Torpedine and our boys, sang a wonderful “Una Furtiva Lagrima”.

Here is the video of the entire event. (starts at minute 7)

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Here are other shots.

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A beautiful event, very spontaneous and funny to celebrate Torpedine and promote his book RICOMINCIO DAI TRE. Recall that the proceeds of the book will be donated to a hospital of children.

The event took place at FICO Eataly, you will have recognized Oscar Farinetti of Eataly as the host of the event.

FICO is located near Bologna and the logo means Fabbrica Italiana Contadina (Peasant Italian Factory)

Fico Eataly World is a park, with a food theme.

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17 thoughts on “IL VOLO CELEBRATES TORPEDINE IN FICO by Daniela”

  1. Finally we know little bit more about man, who is almost singlehandingly responsible for the huge success of Il Volo!! The mutual respect and friendships is evident. Sorry I can not read his biography since I do not speak Italian, still would like to know, since he introduced them with classical music, how he feels about the change in their repertoire. We, Americans, still love sweet, classical Italian songs, and we hope they are not completely abounding them…..
    Daniela, can not thank you enough for all the work you do,
    Please, keep doing it.
    Thanks fro Florida

    1. Irene, thanks for the compliments, I will certainly continue to translate for you, I do it willingly and you give me so much satisfaction, I welcome what I write to you.

      There are already some pieces translated from Torpedine’s book !!!!

  2. Thanks again Daniela for letting us understand what was going on. The audience loves the boys because they are so easy to approach.

    1. Regina, absolutely in agreement with you, these three are absolutely “special”. Also this time I could not participate in person ….. what anger.

  3. Really enjoyed that video such a bond among them Loved watching the boys interact with the audience they are truly awesome Love their new music but hope they continue singing Italian classics along with the new Thank you again Daniela for your great work.

    1. Beautiful video, Beverley, I saw it live, Bologna is not very far from Brescia, but unfortunately I could not go.

  4. Daniela and Pat…what a beautiful article. I loved every bit of it. Such a strong, genuine bond between Michele and the guys. They are like family. The world was certainly blessed the day their paths met!

    1. Yes, Jane, I also believe that between Michele and the boys there is a “special relationship” based on respect for positions, and affection.

  5. Dear Daniela and Pitterpat, thank you again for putting this altogether in one place. Michele treats the guys as if they were his own sons. I don’t think he has children of his own, is that correct Daniela? Now Dave has joined his management group so I am sure the feeling is the same. We must not forget about dear Barbara who is their road manager and surrogate mother on the road. Did you see that Caterina and Vito were also there? Haven’t seen them for awhile. I was in Las Vegas 2 weeks ago and went to Eataly at the Park MGM, a fabulous place for everything Italian. Food, wine, gelato and other dolci. If anyone has the chance, you must try it.

    1. Hi RoseMarie, it’s true, Michele has no children, and neither does his brother and his sister, nor even Barbara, I believe that in the end towards Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca also have a family affection, because they were really small when they started and grew up with their. I must also say that our boys are exquisite people and it is not hard to love them. Yes, I noticed that there were Ignazio’s parents and I was very pleased to see them together.

  6. Great event Daniella! Thanks for this post! I have to say I really like Ignazio’s rendition of Una Furtiva Lagrima MUCH, much better than Dave’s!

    1. I have to agree Penina. I don’t think anyone could do a finer rendition of Una Furtiva Lagrima than Ignazio-It’s my favorite solo of his.

      1. Mark, I replied to Penina and it’s also true for you. 🙂

    2. Penina, I like Ignazio’s version too. But I must admit that Dave was very good, maybe very technical, but Ignazio’s passion is unique.

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