Today I need your help.

In these days, an article has been published, which is concerning in a limited way, also IL VOLO.

The article speaks of Italian singers who are more successful abroad and writes a list based on notoriety.

Now I kindly ask you to draw up your own personal ranking, so as to check whether this article has made careful evaluations or has written inappropriate things.

Of course I will not tell you the order in which the article published the names, I will tell you after you have made your ideal list.

The names of Italian singers are these (in alphabetical order).


Carrisi ALBANO



FERRO Tiziano





ZUCCHERO Fornaciari

Please make a list by putting at number one the singer you think is best known where you live.

You got it right – the best known. I don’t want you to list who is the best for you, but who is best known.

Of course, even if all of us are fans of IL VOLO, I would like your list to not take into account the affection for our guys, which absolutely does not change, but I would like a truly impartial list.

And now we continue to list what happened to our guys these days.

The tour in Japan is over, and I would say in the best way.

The boys have had great success!

The last concert in Osaka.

From Tokyo, we received this video of Piero singing “Pourquoi Me Réveiller” taken from the opera WERTER, really very good Piero!

I would say that guys are very popular !!

Some shots of the boys between one concert and another.

They even found a store that sold their CDs, what a thrill!!

The tour in Japan was also filed, but there was another official announcement, that of the partial dates of the South American tour.

Many new dates and Mexico and Argentina are still missing.

Well, the next dates will be for Canada and the US, time is approaching!  

Well guys, congratulations on the Japanese tour, concluded beautifully and …… wow, how many new dates, but you never get tired?



I now turn to you volovers, I wait for many of you to respond by publishing, in addition to comments, the list of the most popular singers, so we can make some nice comparisons.
Thanks for the help: Daniela


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

113 thoughts on “REQUEST FOR A LIST AND… BYE BYE JAPAN by Daniela”

      1. Thanks Sandra, there was no doubt about Bocelli’s first place, but it is interesting to know who after him, those in the list.

  1. Andrea Bocelli (Blind man) world renown.
    IL Volo… They are fabulous and my choice.

  2. Andrea Bocelli most known
    IL Volo favorite by far
    Laura Pausini only know because of compliments from il volo
    Never heard of othersga

  3. andrea bocelli world definitely be the number one here in Ireland. my favorite is definitely i’ll volo but they are not well known here. i just came across them by accident and I think they are amazing. I know if they ever came here they would get full houses!!

  4. Of the performers you listed Bocelli is best known in the US and Il Volo are second best known. None of the others are well known in the US.

  5. Andrea Bocelli is the best known in the US. Il Volo are second best known in the US. I doubt that many people in the US have heard of any of the other artists on this list.

    1. Agree with Frank #1 Andrea Bocelli, #2 IL Volo for the US. I do not know the rest, sorry. The picture of the concert hall in Osaka is incredible-looks like every single seat is taken-very impressive! The Italian press should take note-apparently a lot of people think IL Volo is something worth seeing live.

      1. Thank you very much Mark. Great pride in seeing how much the boys were appreciated. Don’t worry, no major newspaper has talked about them, as usual.

  6. Of.course #1 well known is Andrea.Bicelli, #2 Il Volo. #3 Zucchero. I only heard of the others because of Il Volo.

    1. Zucchero has appeared in the US many times. He has sung duets with American singers, Eric Clapton, Paul Young and many others. Also with Pavarotti. My favorite is Miserere. Of course this was many years ago.

      1. I think I may be the only one who knows him. Anyone else?

  7. Thanks RoseMarie, I had no doubts about Bocelli, but Zucchero, do you mean that he is known there where you are or are you that you know him?

  8. Andrea Bocelli #1, Il Volo #2,Zuccero #3, (he appeared with Pavarotti in a concert),Laura Pausini # 4 ( she appeared with Il Volo) Ramazotti # 5. Cutugno # 6 ( he appeared with Il Volo in Russia). The rest are unknown to me. My favourite is of course Il Volo.

    1. Obviously Marion, thank you very much. It makes me laugh, because some of you met them only because they sang with IL VOLO.:) 🙂

    2. Marion, it’s nice to know someone else who has heard of Zucchero. I knew of him before Il Volo.

  9. Andrea Bocelli # 1, Il Volo # 2, Zucchero # 3 (he appeared in a Pavarotti concert), Laura Pausini #4 (appeared with Il Volo), Ramazotti #5, and Cutugno # 6 ( he appeared with Il Volo in Russia).
    Of course my favourite is Il Volo.

  10. Here in Texas, Andrea Bocelli is first and I hope Il Volo is second . In my country, Peru, Andrea Bocelli is first, then Eros Ramazzotti. Eros was quite popular years ago! Il Volo is third there, hopefully too. In my heart and all around me, Il Volo is in first place!

  11. Here is my list.

    I have only included the singers that I have heard of, three of which (Pausini, Ramazzotti and Zucchero) I am aware of ONLY because I have followed IL VOLO for the past three years and have seen or heard them in the Sanremo contests or performing with IL VOLO.

    1. BOCELLI Andrea (I have listened to him before discovering IL VOLO)
    2. PAUSINI Laura (because she sings in English too)
    3. Il VOLO
    4. ZUCCHERO Fornaciari
    5. RAMAZZOTTI Eros

    I have never heard of the rest of these singers:

    Carrisi ALBANO
    CELENTANO Adriano
    CUTUGNO Toto
    FERRO Tiziano
    MENGONI Marco

    Maybe I will Google them to see who they are and listen to them sing!

  12. My area is not that big, but if I read off these names I would dare say Andrea Bocelli would be first and then Il Volo second then maybe they would recognize Laura Pousini but none of the others! Thanks Daniela!

  13. The only one is Andrea Bocelli, who visited South-Africa in April.
    Sorry to say, but IL VOLO is unknown. Although there are a couple of fans, and we trying to promote them through radio, it will take a while.
    My suggestion is that they start with formal songs (suites and ties), and then after interval casual sing along songs, with their schreded jeans! Also a new CD with Gospel/Christmas songs would be great. Think off Mario Lanza ” ill lwalk with God”…what an amaging song.

    1. Hi Bettie, I’m so glad you made friends with other volovers.
      Bocelli is undoubtedly the best known, but I also needed to know about others and you admitted that no one else is known. Thank you.
      We hope you can get IL VOLO on the radio, it would be great.

  14. Andrea Bocelli is well known, IlVolo is next and I’ve heard of Laura Pausini. None of the others are known to me.

  15. I agree. Bochelli is best known. Il Volo second. I have only heard of some of the others because I have been following Il Volo from the beginning, and therefore know that Eros Ramazzotti collaborates with them on one CD, that they appeared in Moscow with Toto Cutugno, and appeared on stage with Laura Pausini. The others I do not know at all.

  16. I would say Bocelli would be number 1 in America and 2nd would be Il Volo. I do not know the others and therefore cannot comment on them.

  17. In the Netherlands.

    1 Andrea Bocelli
    2 Eros Ramazotti
    3 Laura Pausini.

    I would love IL VOLO was more well known in the Netherlands. Although there are fans of IL VOLO in the Netherlands, I guess the problem is Dutch people like more English en Dutch singers…… alas. I hope one day IL VOLO will be well known over here, but I guess it’s got to do with the taste of my fellow citizens.

  18. 1. Andrea Bocelli
    2. Il Volo
    3. Eros Ramazzotto is touring US now
    4. Laura Pausini
    5. Zucchero
    Never heard of the rest

  19. Andrea Bocelli is the most recognized name around the world. Of course our favorite is IL Volo. I did not recognize most of the other names and will now go and search for them to hear their voices. I love the videos you send of the boys performing and everyone here appreciates the effort you put in for all of us. We are so appreciative and love you so much. Big hugs from grateful il Volo fans.

    1. Grazie mille Victoria, but as far as knowledge is concerned, who after Bocelli is known where you live?
      Thank you for your appreciation..

  20. Bocelli also will be touring the US shortly at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Does anyone know yet if Il Volo will be touring Canada first or the USA first???

      1. Once again it looks like they will come in the worst of winter! They shoudl go to the southern US states first and work their way north from Mexico–that way they would avoid the bad weather.

  21. BOCELLI Andrea Is the only one from the group that I would say is known here in the US. IlVolo has only been on TV (PBS) once a few years ago when they first started but I have not heard anything else about them,

    1. Grazie mille Carol. I believe that this year they will record PBS No. 4, if I’m not mistaken. These specials are very beautiful, I attended the 3rd Magic Night in Florence.

      1. Mamma mia, how many PBS, surely they hold the greatest number of special PBS of the whole list !! Thanks Laura.

  22. Bocelli number one, Il Volo number two, do not recognize any other.
    Thanks from Florida

  23. Bocelli number one, IL Volo number two❣️ I’m 72 years old on June 26th and I absolutely love IL Volo.🌹❣️ Would love to attend a concert when they come to America❣️I live in Southeastern Pennsylvania about 25 minutes from Philadelphia…the city of brotherly love! I hope they come to an area close to me….I’ve added IL Volo to my bucket list🤪🥰 Thank you

  24. Andrea Bocelli has been to South Africa a number of times. As far as I can remember he is the only one on your list who ever sang in South Africa.
    I hope to one day be able to include Il Volo as Italian singers who visited my country.

  25. Thank you Daniela for always keeping us up to date on our Il Volo boys. It appears they are loved in Japan and rightly so!
    Andrea Bocelli, I am sure, is the most popular or well known singer and then I would expect Il Volo. I know many people who love Il Volo. I know most of the others from following Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and their manager M. Torpedine. I know they sang at a concert with L. Pausini and T. Cutugno, and recorded a song with E. Ramazzotti.
    I have never heard of A. Celentano or M. Mengoni.
    I would add that because we love Il Volo and follow them, I have learned so much more about beautiful Italy and also the huge amount of beautiful music they have given us. Of course, I always knew the songs that were popular here but I love so many of the old Italian songs like Core ‘n grato and O’Paese D’ O’ Sole. We are so lucky and grateful to have you help us with translations, articles, and information. You also give us an inside look at how Italy and Italians view Il Volo.

    1. Grazie Margaret. I had no doubt that the best known was Bocelli, but it is interesting to know that he is known after him, because Italian journalists have very distorted ideas of how IL VOLO is known abroad.

  26. Honestly Daniela. The only well known Italian artists here that I know of is BOCELLI Andrea and Il Volo… I had never even heard of the rest until I started following Il Volo … I now know about Laura Pausini, because Il Volo sang with her in NYC…And I first heard of of Eros Ramazotti when he was in the Il Volo video showing him rehearsing the song with Il Volo…The other artists I have never heard of them.

    1. Honestly, Jeannette, I thought it was so, it’s journalists who don’t think that way.
      In Italy, everyone thinks that the other artists have introduced IL VOLO to the world, instead, it seems that it is thanks to IL VOLO if others are known.

  27. Andrea Bocelli
    Albano Carrisi & Romina Power
    Laura Pausini
    Il Volo
    Andrea Bocelli & Albano & Power have been around for a long time and each had its peak time in the US.
    Il Volo is loved by a certain segment of US population. Us older members who adore them and then the Italian and Latin “ancestry” groups here in the Us. I can not speak about other countires.
    The rest I got familiar with because of IL Volo. Every time they had some contact with these artists I looked them up on Youtube.
    I hope I will not be “flogged” by people for not putting IL Volo first.
    To me they are number one and have my unconditional love.

    1. Thank you Regina, your list is very interesting and I appreciate that it is true. Of course we don’t question affection for our guys. But I must say that you are the only one, for now, who has put ALBANO and ROMINA.

  28. It is all different generations, Adriano is around 80? The reality is unfortunately for all talented people everywhere is that if they are not constantly on USA TV, or radio or touring. . no one will know about them.The reason IL VOLO is famous is …Tony Ranis brought them to USA and promote them to the public ,TV, PBS special American idol ..almost every show.. if the artist is not known in here…sorry. I am from Europe ,but I live in Chicago for very long time,I know those singers, they are from my youth ,and IL VOLO is singing song from they repertoire, but in here… Andrea Bocheli is constantly singing with very famous singers..for the American audiences. Like the song ..if I can make it here I can make it anywhere New York, New York. Il Volo is staying in Italy ,training to worm the Italian public, but if they’re not touring in USA more often is a mistake. My opinion, Michael bubble performed in Madison square garden ,he is Canadian,IL VOLO is wayyyy better than him,but they are not that popular in here…again my opinion

    1. Anka, that’s your opinion, but I agree with what you write and I believe that many have the same thought. Unfortunately IL VOLO tries to be accepted in Italy, when it would be welcomed with open arms in the US. It is a mistake not to be there for so long.

  29. Bocelli
    I l Volo
    Pausini, Toto, Ramazzotti and Zucchero…only know of them through Il Volo!
    Do not know the others.

  30. Bocceli, Eros Ramazzotti, Albano, Celentano, Zuccero, CUTUGNO Toto, Pausini, FERRO Tiziano, MENGONI Marco, Il Volo,

    1. Jodo, Your list is interesting, but haven’t you written about where you are from? I bet you live in Europe. Let me know if it is. Thanks a lot!

  31. Hallo, ich komme von Austria und ich denke, dass in etwa das die Reihenfolge in meinem Land ist.


    CELENTANO Adriano

    Carrisi ALBANO

    BOCELLI Andrea

    CUTUGNO Toto

    Il VOLO

    ZUCCHERO Fornaciari

    PAUSINI Laura

    FERRO Tiziano

    MENGONI Marco

    Liebe Grüsse

    1. Hi Tina, in reading your list I already thought you were European, in fact I confirm Austria.
      It is interesting to see that IL VOLO is most famous outside Europe.
      In Europe the others in the list are also known, in America NO.

      1. Hallo Daniela, es ist einfach so, dass die erstgenannten italienischen Künstler es schon sehr sehr lange gibt. Bis auf die letzt genannten treten sie regelmäßig in Austria auf. Aber mittlerweile kennen schon viele Leute Il Volo. Schade, dass sie so überhaupt keine Werbung hier machen. Speziell bei “Notte Magica” wäre da viel möglich gewesen.

  32. 1. Andrea Bocelli
    2. Al Bano & Romina Power
    3. Eros Ramazzotti
    4. Zucchero
    5. Il Volo
    6. Toto Cotugno
    7. Celentano Adriano
    8. Pausini Laura
    the other are rather unknown in Poland.
    For sure Bocelli is now the most known italian singer in Poland, his last big concert in Poznan at the begining of the May was very succesfull.. Al Bano & Romina were very popular about 30 years ago, but I read lately that there will be their 2 concerts this year.
    Il Volo isn’t known for long time but lately their popularity is growing and I hope they will have more and more fans in Poland, they deserve all the best. I’m very happy about their success in Japan and can’t wait their concert in Poland.
    Thank You very much Daniela

    1. Grazie a te Jolanta. You too confirm that in Europe (Poland) almost all those on the list are known, and IL VOLO, is not among the best known.

  33. Hello Daniella

    Although I have not heard all of these artists, I will
    attempt a list of favorites.

    1. Andrea Bocelli

    2. Il Volo

    3. Laura Pausini

    4. Eros Ramazzotti

    5. Toto Cutugno

    The next five I will list but have not heard them.

    6. Fornacciari Zuchero

    7. Carrisi Albano

    8. Adriano Celentano

    9. Marco Mengoni

    10. Carrisi Albano

    This is the best I can do. I have heard the 3, 4,
    and 5th sing on computer only. I’m looking
    forward to Il Volo’s American tour.

  34. In Boston it would be:
    Il Volo

    Pausini and Ferro have never played here and Ramazzoti first came to Boston last year. The others have never been here.

  35. Andrea Bocelli is known here, mainstream. Manila, Philippines.

    There’s a possibility that Laura Pausini may be somewhat slightly known because she sang a duet with Michael Buble who is very much known here.

    other than that, i don’t know, thus can not give you a 1-10 list.

    Grazie, Daniela

  36. You mention that some Italian reporters don’t appreciate the music of Il Volo. My mother used to quote something from the Bible : A prophet is often rejected by his own people. Others, elsewhere, accept him, admire and love him. I have found this to be true for some other singers, actors, writers, choirs, etc. But Il Volo’s concerts in Italy seem to always be well attended – people like their music, it’s part of their own Italian culture.
    Il Volo is the best ambassador Italy has !

    1. Maija, right observation. I said that journalists do not like IL VOLO, indeed they despise them and try to hinder them, and it is true, the last Sanremo, confirms all this, even there was a group of journalists who recommended not to vote IL VOLO, otherwise they would win! !!
      But I never said that the public DOES NOT LOVE IL VOLO !!! We love them and we are so many, their concerts are also very popular with people from abroad to attend the concert. There is so much love around them, but certainly not thanks to the press that ignores them and writes as little as possible about them. This survey I am doing is also for this reason.
      Your mother’s proverb also applies to us, “no one is a prophet at home”.

  37. Live on Vancouver Island, off the west coast of Canada; Andrea Bocelli is well known here, Il Volo not so much, but the others are hardly, if at all known. I am hoping Il Volo will come back to Canada as I believe they will be well received following their successes in Europe, Asia and South America, not to mention the USA. We do get PBS in Canada and I know of people who have seen their concerts and loved them. It’s such a shame that the Italian press are so down on our favs. But I think it is not so uncommon to not be appreciated by your own kind. Andrea Bocelli was not liked by the press when he started. They put him down as a lounge singer and wanted to know how he dared to attempt to sing operatic arias.

    1. Thanks Christine for your comment. You’re right, they neglected Canada, but I hope that next year they will come, as promised.
      As for the Italian press, there are no words !!!

  38. Here in Finland Andrea Bocelli is clearly the best known and also very much liked. The second is certainly Eros, only a couple of his songs are played in the radio but he has had many concerts here, the next one will be in October. Then 3rd is Laura Pausini with 2-3 old songs played sometimes in the radio. 4th Zucchero with only one very old song in the radio (Senza una donna).

    Il Volo is not known here, I think I am the only Finnish fan 😀 Personally I know all those artists well, but I do visit Italy several times a year. I also have had a pleasure to attend 3 Il Volo concerts there and the next one will be in Genova in July ❤️ Therefore I listen to Italian pop music a lot and actually Marco Mengoni is my second favourite after Il Volo.

  39. Well Katariina, I was almost worried about Mengoni who seems little known to me.
    I too like Marco Mengoni, naturally after IL VOLO, but here in Italy they think that Mengoni is better known than IL VOLO, while this is only if we talk about Europe.
    I believe there are other fans in Finland, but you don’t know one of the other. One day I read a comment from a Lapland fan asking the guys to do a tour that was as close as possible to his nation.

  40. Andrea Bocelli is best known in the Deep South U.S.A., but in my heart, Il Volo is most loved and gaining ground. The others do not even rank on my list as “knowns”. In my selfish opinion, Il Volo should record an all, or mostly English album (like they have in Spanish) and their popularity and fame would skyrocket here. I think it is disgraceful how poorly some of the Italian press treats them. They are Italy’s best ambassadors!

  41. Andrea Boceli and Il Volo are are love in Canada but sorry I do not know the other artist

  42. Well Daniela I have been here a long time & the singers were Johnny Mathis I saw at a concert years & years ago., Also Frank Sinatra until he threw different word in a song which didnt fit the song. I have heard Al Bano sing & Bocheli once. I heard the Il Volo boys years ago when I started reading & commenting here. Someone said has anyone heard these boys? So I listened to them on this site when they were starting out & I have never listened to any other singer since. I am addicted to their voices & their carears @ am not interested in anyone else. In my eyes they are perfection & am trying to be patient waiting for their concert hopefully in Canada & defiitely in the States anywhere they will be.performing.
    Penina if you hear when the boys will be here or in the States PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

      1. Penina I dont live in Toronto anymore I live in the boonies called Chatham & people I have met have never heard of the boys so I am going to pay close attention to this site.

      2. Loretta you are very close to Detroit and I’m sure Detroit will be one of their stops when the come next year. I really hope you make it when they come. Definitely something to look forward to.

      3. You will have to educate them Loretta! Tell them to watch the PBS specials–I think there will be a new one coming up sometime this year–I hope its this year!

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