THE RESULTS by Daniela

First of all, I wanted to thank all the people who responded with the list of the most popular Italian singers abroad. 🙂❤️

I asked you to do this “experiment”, because an Italian newspaper published the list of these singers, but in my opinion it was not very correct.

Of course it was logical that Bocelli was at number 1. His success and popularity are indisputable.
But I wanted to know the position of the remaining singers, which logically varies according to the country, where a singer can be more or less known, if he has been in that country to do concerts, or if the radios of that place broadcast his songs .

This is why I asked for a list that did not take into account the affection you have for singers, (it was logical for us it was IL VOLO), but only for the success, their popularity.

Of course this experiment was only useful to understand in what position was IL VOLO, after the first place certainly by Bocelli.

As I expected, the results were these:

2 IL VOLO for most of you

In short, IL VOLO ranks second, if we consider those who live in Canada and the US.

It can also be in third place, if we consider part of South America (where is very well known Ramazzotti and Pausini).

All other singers are little known or even unknown, by most of you.

The situation is different if we take Europe, those who live in Europe know the other singers and IL VOLO is only from Eurovision that has been known in Europe, therefore for a short time. Moreover, singers like Albano, Cutugno, Zucchero, known in Europe, have for many years been in their careers and are even older than our boys, so it’s been more time since we’ve heard of them.

Therefore, I would conclude that by mixing everything, the result can be this:

IL VOLO for popularity among those who answered, is positioned between the seat n. 2 and the n.3.

Now I publish the list as required by the Italian newspaper.

01 – Laura Pausini

02 – Andrea Bocelli

03 – Eros Ramazzotti

04 – Marco Mengoni

05 – Al Bano

06 – Toto Cutugno

07 – Il Volo

08 – Tiziano Ferro

09 – Zucchero

10 – Adriano Celentano

I tell you right away that the newspaper says “Ranking of the best known Italian singers abroad”, do you understand? Writes “abroad” ….. if they had written Europa, maybe I would have accepted the ranking, but abroad ???

Bocelli is not even at No. 1.
AND IL VOLO at no. 7 ??????

For me, those who have written this ranking do not have exactly the right vision.
Your lists confirm this.
Some singers who have been listed before IL VOLO are almost unknown to most of you.

For those who want, here is the link to the original article.

Investireoggi Article – Click Here

Ok, we played and it was fun too.
Did you like being able to say your opinion freely?
What do you think of the newspaper’s ranking?
Thanks again so much for participating.


Credit to owners of all photos and article.

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  1. When translating this article to English the articles starts out by stating:

    “Which are the most loved Italian singers abroad? The success of our own artists may be partly surprising, but in reality Italian pop music is very popular in some countries, especially Latin America, Mexico, Spain and Argentina, where our language clearly finds strong affinities with the musicality of Spanish. Definitely not much appreciated in English-speaking countries, although of course there are some exceptions”

    Now I know this was not said to offend any of us but what I do want to say is that all over the world Il Volo is the most loved and appreciated Italian artists, and they are clearly the best Italian singers Italy has ever given to the world…

    We can only hope that Italy wakes up someday and realize that not only do these three young men have the greatest voices but they are also the greatest ambassadors of Italy… They share their beloved country everywhere they go, every country they visit and to everyone they meet… Their heart is with their country, someday I pray that the people of Italy give them their heart and the respect they deserve for sharing the beauty of Italy with fans all over the world…

    1. The people of Italy GAVE their hearts to boys of Il Volo, are just some journalists who do not recognize their value (maybe due to hidden interests)!

      1. Yes Melina, I also believe that there are underlying interests, otherwise I do not understand so much wickedness towards these guys.

    2. I certainly agree with you Jeannette. I think their list and the ranking is way off! I would also say that the number of Il Volo’s PBS specials have made them more popular than L. Pausini, E. Ramazzotti and the others. Obviously for many of us, it was seeing their first PBS concert in Detroit which completely amazed me. I started telling everyone I knew about Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and how talented they were.

      I saw a PBS concert of Patrizio Buanne a few years ago and went to see him when he performed and enjoyed it very much. In the US, we have had so many wonderful singers with Italian heritage over the past 80 years or more. They also often sang some Italian songs which were popular.

      1. Congratulations Margaret, I believe word of mouth is the best advertisement for our guys, but special PBS have also done their part.

    3. Well said Jeannette, I agree with what you say.
      I wanted to make this article known, because, as usual, Italian journalists write without having any consideration for who they are writing, but only for their personal taste.
      I realize instead that Italians really love IL VOLO, I understand it from the concerts and defenses that people do to these guys. Unfortunately the press has denigrated them a lot at the beginning and is still doing it, but now many people defend them.
      And there is no doubt that they are the best Italian ambassadors in the world. We all realized this, except for the journalists supported by some music critics who want to cancel the Italian bel canto.

    4. Hi Jeannette I want to congradulate you for sending what you said to the newspapers in Italy. I have wanted so bad to get the names of the Italian papers to lambaist them for showing so much haitrid to the Il Volo boys. I have been at a couple of concerts in the States & Canada & the boys spoke about Italy & urged them to visit. So they proudly show their love. Hope to see you at a concert eventually.

  2. I agree with your comments Daniela, 100%, it all depends where you live. Obviously the newspaper is clueless and prints whatever nonsense comes to mind. your list is valid and the only correct one. Thank you so much for what you do

    1. Thanks Peggy, I really believe that these journalists don’t have the slightest idea how much the boys are known in the world.

  3. All IL VOLO fans would ignore what critics/journalist have to say in this regard. In New Zealand Andrea Bocceli is very well know and loved. Unfortunately IL VOLO are unknown by almost everyone in New Zealand. That is why I have to travel to Sicily Italy to see them in a few months! The other names are also unknown here.

    1. Annette, unfortunately it is true, New Zealand, like South Africa, suffers from this lack.
      I see that it does not discourage you, and you come all the way to Sicily to see them and hear them. Congratulations.

  4. Il Volo should be number one……..I like Andre, but the boys are superb and definitely surpass Andre on every level!!

  5. You’re welcome, Daniela, and thank you also.
    now you can write that Italian newspaper and suggest to them to transfer that writer/journalist to another department…. perhaps fiction!
    ha ha ha.
    and you have proof to back up your claim – from us, from various countries! 😉

  6. Daniela thanks again for keeping us informed about what the Italian press prints. Keep giving us more of this kind of postings.

    1. Regina, I would like to write to you that the Italian press appreciates IL VOLO and has been constantly talking about the concerts just held in Japan.
      Unfortunately it is not so.

  7. I wasn’t able to answer your initial request but I can say that in the UK only Andrea Boccelli is well known. Zucchero had a hit here many years ago but few remember it and nobody’s heard of the others.
    I’m pleased that Il Volo sold out their concerts here very quickly so they do have a following here and it is growing well. Eurovision is not very popular in England so they have not had any exposure here. That is something their management should improve, then everyone would know who Il Volo is and why I adore them. Normally people say” oh yes I’ve heard of Il Divo”!

    1. You are absolutely right Sue, IL VOLO’s staff, should care more about their advertising abroad, because I’m sure, like you, that they would be appreciated by many people.
      However, what I do not approve of is how our journalists always try not to give correct information about the success of IL VOLO, saying that unknown singers abroad are more appreciated than our boys. All very false.
      Instead you have to know that IL DIVO, here in Italy, is practically unknown,

      1. Daniela do you have the names of the press in Italy because I’v got my angry hat on again so I can send letters to the Press in Italy. I have never been able to find the Press’s name

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