There are things that happen, so, by chance.
Remember this beautiful fan-art from IL VOLO that I used for a post?


I found this beautiful image on the official IL VOLO fanclub. I liked it immediately and so I asked who had made it, permission to be able to use it.

In this way I met Xinjie, a sweet Chinese girl who has lived in Rome for seven years. She is a graphic designer.

We have established friendship, started chatting and getting to know each other a little.

Looking through some photos of her Facebook profile, I found this beautiful photo.


Really a beautiful girl, but did you recognize the landscape in the background? It is just what you think: Capri.

I see Capri and I immediately think “A CHI MI DICE” and the beatiful IL VOLO’S video, and I write, a little amused: “But are you perhaps one of the three chosen girls to watch the video shoot?”

And she immediately replies “Yes, I am”.

You can imagine my amazement, of course I asked Xinjie many things about Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and what she felt during that day.

She had no photos of that day, she had not been allowed to take pictures of it, but the photographer had taken pictures that would later be published.

These days the photos have come out and so I thought I’d do an interview with Xinjie and publish it for you.

Here she is among our boys. That is a nice picture. I’m happy for her, but the envy !!


D = How did you manage to be chosen to watch the video?

X = I replied to the email of the official IL VOLO fan club that asking those who wanted to assist, to send the request to watch the new video resume. It would have been shot in central-southern Italy and asked to make the whole day available. I sent the membership and after a few days, the staff contacted me on the phone telling me where I should go and that I had to keep the secret.

D = How long have you been following IL VOLO?

X = Since I came to Italy seven years ago. I came for study and work and I came alone. At the beginning it was very hard. One day I was looking for videos on you tube and by chance I heard “O SOLE MIO”, sung by Il Volo, it was immediately love, but I had no one with whom to share this interest and on radio and TV I heard little about them.

D = Who were the other two chosen girls?

X = The other girls came from Campania (Italian region with Naples as capital). They were 14 and 27 years old. But I have been more with Sara, the girl from the official Fanclub, she is very kind and pleasant.


D = Had you met Ignazio Piero and Gianluca before that day?

X = Only once, this year in Rome, at the Instore at the Discoteca Laziale.

D = How did they seem to you?

X = They are very beautiful. They are normal boys, but more kind and nice

D = So many people,  say they are nasty and haughty boys, to you, how did they look?

X = They are the most sincere and nice guys I’ve met, real angels.

D = How long were you with them ?

X = It was supposed to be from about noon until 6:00 pm, unfortunately they arrived three hours late, because the video footage around the stacks was longer, but the wait was also nice.

D = What did you do when they arrived?

X = They were so hungry !!!! They had not had lunch, so we looked for a restaurant together for lunch. They asked us if they wanted to have lunch with them, but we had already had lunch so we said no. So we watched IL VOLO eat!

Then, when they finished lunch, Ignazio asked me: “Coffee? Ice cream?”, And I said “Yes”, so they got ice cream for us.

D = Were they embarrassed about your presence (as they were eating) or were they very natural?

X = Absolutely very natural.


D = Who was the most witty or who spoke the most?

X = Ignazio, but also Ignazio and Piero together.

D = Did it seem to you that between the three of them there really is an understanding as brothers?

X = They are really good friends.

D= After lunch, did you all go somewhere else or did you just stay at the restaurant?

X = We left but stayed close, they took some scene.

D = Don’t you mind that they didn’t record you in the video?

X = Absolutely not, I thought we were invited only to assist from afar and instead we were together with the boys.

D = You girls could  take pictures?

X = No, it was not allowed.

D = But the photographer took some very nice pictures of all you and you Xinjie are really a beautiful girl.

X = Thank you.


D = Were you excited for that meeting?

X = Very much.

D = Have you been to a concert already?

X = No, never, this year I will go to Rome and then to Verona.

D = Do you want to hear them in concert?

X = Yes, at 10,000%, I can’t wait any longer. My Japanese friend who met IL VOLO only this year (thanks to me) went to the Tokyo concert before me, I was jealous !! Also for her it was the first concert and she said she was moved. She said that their voices were divine. She wanted to come to Verona this year, but it’s hard to take this vacation now, maybe she’ll come to Italy for their concert next year if they do it in Sicily.

D = What’s your favorite song?

X = In this CD is “VICINISSIMO”.


D = If you were to win a dinner with one of them, who would you like to go out with?

X = It’s a difficult question for me, because I can’t really choose.
Fortunately I have already had a lunch with them in Capri !!

D = Yes, but they ate, and you three girls ate them, with your eyes !!!

X = But they also talked to me a lot. At one point, Ignazio and Piero (especially Ignazio) started talking to me with Sicilian words and then they explained to me. Then they tried to pronounce my name and they were good.
Gianluca didn’t talk much, but when they said my name Gianluca said “Who is better? Me or him? (Ignazio)”, but they were good both, they did the right pronunciation. After lunch, Ignazio looks at me and says: “But you’re shy, don’t talk at all,” and Gianluca replied: “She is shy like me.”

D = Were you sorry when you said goodbye? Did they hug you?

X = They had to leave with the boat, yes, they hugged us. Then Piero, from the boat, greeted us calling all our names, even mine !!! Mine is hard to remember, I know, and I’m so moved.

D = After meeting them, do you think they deserve all the success they have or, in your opinion, are too valued or undervalued?

X = They deserve all possible success. They are really the best, most confident, good and positive guys ….. I can say that they are perfect guys.

D = Was it sad to leave them? If you were to go back, would you do this adventure again or is it not worth it?

X = I wanted to stay in that moment, I thought: “Ah, how I would like this moment to become eternity”.
And then I realize that it has already become eternity, with the video that has been made. For me it was a divine day. It was my real “THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE”.


Thank you, Xinjie, for giving us all these nice details of your special day, we really appreciate it.
We are all very happy with this beautiful experience of yours and we wish you, with all our heart, to be able to have so many other meetings with Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio.

Surely they will remember you very well, you will have left your mark of beauty and kindness.

A hug from the whole Il Volo-Family! 



Credit to owners of all photos.

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    1. Hi Daniela I am answering to your comment on the previous page regarding if I saw the puppets. I also told Susan how talented she is. I can you picture the hooting the boys will have over those puppets?

  1. awwwwww!!!!!! sweeeeeeet!!!!!! precious! !!! 😉 😉 😉
    Grazie, Daniela and Xinjie!

  2. Thank you Daniela your article on the boys with this charming and talented young lady was truly enjoyable….I especially was captivated by the artistry of the three tenors. Wow what a delightful picture. Your writings are much welcome….you need to be with the three because your love for the talent is dedicated and sincere. Bravo Daniela….another hit for you.

      1. To you also Daniela….your love shines through in your writings…..Thank You!😃😃

  3. What a lovely story and marvelous artist who is herself beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Thanks Daniela. I’m glad that Xinjie was chosen to participate in this event. Her art work is beautiful, as is she, and she sounds like a very sweet girl.

    1. Susan, I too was happy for Xinjie, I also found another sweet friend, thanks to IL VOLO ……… and Xinjie found a big family. 🙂

  5. This is a beautiful story full of laughter, love, and friendship. I’m happy that you became friends with Xinjie and the events that happened. I dearly love these men, I look at Ignazio and see my the mischief of my grandson and I look at Gianluca, Piero and I see a twinkle in their eyes as they can be mischievous too. I am looking forward to 2020 when they come to the United States, I want a Meet and Greet, and I want to get front row seats. I think IL Volo has magic powers, I am thrilled to be able to watch on the Internet and hear their songs, converse with others. They are a blessing and so are you Daniela and thank you for sharing this story. Big hugs to Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero. I put them in alpha order because each are special. Much love. <3

  6. But of course, Sassylady, didn’t you know?
    Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are addictive, those who know them are trapped. 🙂
    Thanks for the compliments and I wish you a nice place in the front row.

  7. Beautiful story 😍. Thank you for doing that wonderful interview with this sweet, lovely and lucky girl. You’re doing so much for us. Grazie mille Daniela

  8. Thank you Daniela!
    For me it was such an unreal and beautiful day!
    Thank you for give me this chance to share the emotion with everyone💗
    I hope our beautiful stories with Il Volo can last forever.
    Best wishes to all💗

    1. Xinjie, you were very kind to lend yourself for this interview.
      You are a very sweet girl and we will soon get to know each other personally.
      On this site, you will find very nice people and lovers of our boys.
      The Volo-family is very big !! <3<3<3

  9. This is the sweetest interview ever. I’m so glad you discovered this lovely young woman and shared er story with us.

  10. Wow now that is a meeting to be jealous of & that young late was so lucky our precious boys a so caring kind & respectful.

    1. Yes Loretta, would you have liked to be in their place?
      That’s why I did the interview with Xinjie, because those sweet moments were accessible to everyone.

      1. ‘Daniela your postings are tops & YES Daniela I would love to be anywhere near them. Years ago I managedyp to get a hug from Gianluca & Ignazio & when I turned to Piero he took off. So if I can get a hug from either of them then I will be on cloud 9. Hopefully extra from Ignazio. Now seeing as you are already in Italy I am presuming you can get to their concerts & therefore maybe you could pass along to them that all the ladies here in the States & Canada are trying to pretend we are patient. Because I am having a very hard time. Wonderfully keeping in touch with you particularly

      2. Loretta, always think positive and you’ll see that time goes by fast, the concerts will come and you will get all the hugs. I wish you with all my heart.
        Thank you for your compliments.

  11. Thanks Daniela for your interview with Xiejie. She is lovely and very talented. What a wonderful experience for her and the other two girls. It’s amazing how love for Il Volo has made so many people make so many new friends! And it’s always nice to hear such wonderful comments from people who have met and spent time with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

    1. Margaret, is one of the things we have always repeated, that IL VOLO builds bridges of friendship.
      No matter the distance, the language, the religion, and it is a beautiful thing.

  12. This is the sweetest article ever. Thank you so much Daniela. We would have all been glad to be in her place.

  13. What a lovely young woman!… and so fortunate too! What a dream that would be to have some real time with our three Italian sweeties! Thanks Daniella!

  14. Xinjie, when you go to their concert, maybe you can get a seat close to the stage and then surely they will acknowledge you and give you a “thumbs up”!
    Daniela I think you are a great journalist! Love this interview, you asked all the right questions! You are a lady of many talents.

  15. Yay for Xinjie!!! I am so happy for her. I am in Bologna and had hoped to be selected for the in-studio initiative occurring on Friday. Sadly, I was not chosen. I will have to wait for a Matera to hopefully meet the guys. I am 62 and American, I think not the target demographic of young and Italian for the fan club initiatives.

    Thank you Daniela for bringing us such wonderful posts.

    1. Thanks Cristal Dawn, I wasn’t even selected, but last time for Milan, yes, and a friend of your age was selected in Verona yesterday. Therefore always believe in it, it could be the right time.

  16. Daniela, you never know! The guys are aware of the existence of this blog–maybe they WOULD allow you to interview them! Wouldn’t that be amazing!!! It can’t hurt to ask…

  17. Daniela I am so happy to know that for sure the boys know of this site & how much we love them & our thouts & prayer are sent to them costantly. I also appreciate how you keep yourself updated to keep us updated, you are a treasure.. Keep yourself healthy.

    1. Loretta, from the first time I met them and talked to them about Flight Crew, I realized that they know very well about this group.
      The articles that are published here are often shared by other facebook pages, and at other times I have noticed that some of them (boys and relatives) have seen the articles.

    1. Matera is a beautiful city in southern Italy, famous for its stone houses called “Sassi”.
      Il Volo will have two concerts in Matera, on 14 and 16 June.

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