And the time has come, for the Italian MUSIC AWARDS.

They will be held, as is well known, in Verona, in the beautiful Arena.


During this show, the singers who have had more CD sales or more people at the live concerts, the previous year, are rewarded.

There will be no prizes for IL VOLO, because as you all know, the year 2018 didn’t have new CDs and there were few live concerts.

But our guys were invited as guests, and to promote their work.

Here they are during the rehearsals.





And here in a funny video, where they say “THANK YOU” in many different languages. 😂

Even Torpedine has fun during the rehearsals .

Piero says: “Tonight we have an exceptional drummer, Torpedine. Torp”.


Here on their arrival, with some fans.





They also gave interviews, here is one for which you can use the translator function. Activate it.

This is another interview with Radio Italia (one of the few radios that always broadcast IL VOLO songs).

Man = From the Arena of Verona, ladies and gentlemen: IL VOLO.

Gian = Good pronunciation.

Woman = with a slightly American accent.

Man = They are international artists, guys, come on.

Ignazio = In my country say “U VOLO, more international than that.”

Man = How nice to meet you guys, how are you?

Ignazio = Well, happy to be back at the Arena, we will be back again in September on the 24th.

Man = Will be the final of a tour that?

Piero = Yes, from July we will sing, from north to south, in all the cities of Italy.

Man = Also, you just did a tour in Japan, where you were.

Piero = Yes, a month of concerts in Japan.

Woman = Furthermore, you are young, but you already have 10 years of career behind you.

Ignazio = In fact, look, to Piero, white hair has already grown. It has been 10 intense years, Piero always says that they have gone on the fly.
They have passed quickly, intense, we have traveled a lot, but above all, it is a concentration of emotions, because getting to different cultures has always been our goal, and succeeding, after 10 years also in Japan, is something that makes us very proud, and repays us for all the sacrifices.

Piero = In Japan, we were lucky, because they praise a discipline that is ice skating. Their champion, won the gold medal at the Olympic Games on the ice last year, with our song. So, we’re second in the standings.

Man = Boys, it must be beautiful.

Woman = That is, he introduced you to Japan.

Piero = Do you know who is first in the standings?

Man = Who is first in the standings?

Ignazio = Bohemian Rapsody

Woman = But, what an honor, second only behind Bohemian Rapsody.


We thank Radio Italia, and for the interview and always spread the beautiful music of the boys.

The day was long and hot for the boys, but now we have arrived at the time of the show ………. here they are !!!!!

Click Here to view the SEAT Music Awards performance

What can I say?

This is the video of the only song the boys sang, but before and after them, there were many singers and …… trust my judgment, the guys of IL VOLO are spectacular, their voices are unique. “I’ve heard so many singers who have sung so many false notes.”

Always in excellent shape, an amalgamation of perfect voices, and the high notes of Ignazio ………. excellent !!

Their live performances, however, never disappoint.


This was published on the Facebook page of RAI 1, it says:




“Have you guys seen our performance?
Hi everyone from the Verona Arena !!”

And here are some beautiful screenshots taken from Il Volo Sicilia.









A lot of waiting to see and hear a single song.
But it was worth it, right?
What is your opinion?

Until the next event:


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

21 thoughts on “SEAT MUSIC AWARDS by Daniela”

  1. I watch, I listen, I enjoy those wonderful voices that come from
    these fantastic, talented young men. What else can I say?

    1. Don’t say anything Gale, I have something to tell you, there were so many singers, but the maximum of TV listening was obtained while singing IL VOLO. The newspapers are writing this today.

  2. Oh wow aren’t they gorgeous? And what a huge audience. I just sent this to Tricianna and we enjoy all your posts together. I know we all want to be there in person. Thank you so much for sharing so much with us. You are a dream come true. Hugs!

  3. Thanks a lot Daniela for sharing these beautiful photos and videos and for translating the nice interview. The boys were gorgeous as always. I can’t wait to see them live. Hugs

  4. Yes Victoria, they are magnificent. You heard that beautiful voices.
    Our boys never disappoint us.
    I send a big hug to you and also to Tricianna.
    Grazie mille!

  5. You bring us the news from Italy as the events happen. Thanks. Since right after Sanremo Il’Volo’s management seems to take over control of how much we can see. I miss all the groups that used to post but now have been shut down.

  6. Daniela, Many Thanks from my Heart for translating. Oh how I appreciate it. I Love IlVolo as the rest of the world. They are the BEST GROUP EVER. ❤️😘

  7. Thank you for the photos and videos Daniela. Hopefully more and more people in the media will realize what a treasure they have with Il Volo. It has to be obvious to most that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are blessed abundantly with talent and wonderful character. They always sound perfect and effortless, but we all know how hard they work and how dedicated they are to bringing their beautiful music to everyone. And as you said Daniela, our boys never disappoint us!

    1. Yes Margaret. Even the most boring media must admit the evidence.
      In addition to having maximum listening, during the song of IL VOLO, their video of the evening has the maximum of views, with a separation from the second of the double. <3

  8. Il Volo never disappoints. They are too wonderful for words. I’m curious though, what happened to the Wind Music Awards? Seems like the same thing.

    1. In fact Laura, only the sponsor has changed, the show and the prizes are the same.
      Once it was TIM MUSIC AWARDS, then it became WIND MUSIC AWARDS and now SEAT MUSIC AWARDS. This year’s sponsor became known only a few days before, so they were nominated only as MUSIC AWARDS until the end.

  9. Thats really interesting Daniela. I bet next year the guys will win awards with the big tour coming up.

    1. Let’s hope Laura, because these prizes are evaluated only for sales and concerts in Italy, and they really deserve all the prizes.

  10. I can easily imagine that they were the best of the whole evening. A beautiful song and a fantastic rendition. So glad it’s on the latest CD.
    Thanks for making it possible to watch it live. The arena looks huge. Daniela, what are the ear pieces they wear that look like bright colored hearing aids? What are they for or how do they help them perform? I’m sure I’m the only one on the blog that doesn’t know their purpose.

  11. To all the wonderful girls & even men who posted on this site/. Thank you for all the pictures & all song @ information that you wrote.& which lets us see part of the Il Volo concerts & also the pictures of them singing so we can see our precious handsome singers. Their voices are perfection. I so wish I could see them in person in Canada but I am grateful to Daniela who is always on top of all information. Take care of yourself Dan

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