BIANCA MAGAZINE, has dedicated the cover to IL VOLO and inside there is a nice article by Omar Gelsomino, which I now translate for you.


Summer 01

When we saw them on TV for the first time, they were single beginners at the second edition of TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE. Since then Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto (both Sicilians, the first from Naro, in the Agrigento area; the second from Marsala, in the province of Trapani) and Gianluca Ginoble, from Abruzzo, have come a long way and since 2009, they have “taken off” as IL VOLO. This is the name of this extraordinary trio that in 10 years, from the talent of Antonella Clerici onwards, signed a contract with Universal and then with Sony, sang for the greatest personalities in the world, dueted with international stars, done and continue to do sold-out tours in every part of the globe, and in 2015 won the Sanremo Festival with “Grande Amore”.


We saw them at the cinema with “Notte Magica”, a concert film that marked the stages of the silimar “A Tribute To The Three Tenors”, recently in a film “Un Amore Così Grande”, and now engaged in their “Musica Tour”.


Three different personalities, but who are you really?

We are three guys with a great desire to make music and share what we love doing. Three boys, with completely different personalities, united by the passion for the same musical genre, a little forgotten, and we are trying in every way to bring back again among the “young”.

Summer 02

From a talent to global success. How do you experience it?

We live it with a lot of tension, as it gives you the incentive to produce new things, to make music, to never give up.

Our typical day is marked by the 24-hour workday, we can’t imagine our life without this work, the last thing the artist does is get on stage and sing, before the whole job is behind.

The people who are close to me every day, see me one day nervous, one day very happy , one day thoughtful, one day tense, we all have the stimulus and the question mark of tomorrow, but we must always enjoy the moment. (Piero’s words).


If you look back, what and how do you see yourself?

We see three very privileged boys, looking at our past we cannot but believe in destiny.

If one of us had participated in the first or third edition of that program, IL VOLO would not have been born.

Since then, thanks to Michele Torpedine, our current manager, we have done a lot of work.


How you have changed?

On the positive side, but also on the negative side (they joke).

We have grown humanly and professionally.

It is clear that each of us has his own needs, he wants to spend the holidays alone, he wants to be more alone.

We cannot complain, clearly as any marriage or cohabitation there are moments of discussion, the most mature thing for a group and for any relationship is to find the right compromise, a meeting point.

Summer 03

How do you feel, being ambassadors of the Bel Canto in the world?

It is a great responsibility. Pavarotti, Bocelli and Il Volo share the same songs.

People living in the wild cannot wait to hear “O sole mio”, “Torna a Surriento”, “Nessun dorma”, “Libiamo”.

Our success is due to the echo and strength of the Italian musical tradition.


Among the celebrities you have met, who has impressed you the most?

Each of us has his favorite, when we signed the tour contract with Barbra Streisand we didn’t realize how important and great the meeting was.

A magical moment that I will carry throughout my life and tell my grandchildren, it was two years ago, when we were next to Placido Domingo (We grew up listening to his music, I always listen to him because I am an opera lover,  points out Piero Barone.), an icon of classical music who gave us advice on how to sing.

It is the luck of our work, a way of life, it leads you to sing with Placido Domingo, a moment of extreme difficulty and two days later you find yourself in front of the Pope in front of one million people!

There are mood swings and moods that are difficult to control.

When you look in the mirror, the most important thing to do is to think, “What can we do tomorrow?”

We think of tomorrow, never cradle ourselves in success and what it gives you, and never say, me, me, me.


You returned to Sanremo celebrating ten years of career, what did you feel?

We felt so much emotion to sing there. The edition of TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE in 2009, took place right at the Ariston Theater, so that stage saw us being born. Last year we went as guests, this year instead as competitors.

The stage is a moment of sharing, whether you are a guest or a competitor, people are there to listen to you, the rest are just circumstances.

Summer 04

Tell us about “Musica Che Resta”, the song you brought to Sanremo and your new album Musica ……

This album is particular because it contains our other musical tastes, explains Gianluca, we believed that it was necessary to satisfy our three tastes and our personalities: “Be my love” is close to Piero, “Arrivederci Roma” is more my genre , while “A Chi Mi Dice”, to Ignazio.

“Musica Che Resta” is a fairly representative piece for IL VOLO, so we called Gianna Nannini, because it was missing that rock feel. When we sing this song, we perfectly express our vocals and we can’t wait to go back on tour, in June and July, among other things we will do two concerts in Sicily, on July 21st in Palermo and July 23rd in Taormina.


In what spirit did you start this new tour?

With a smile. With this tour, we celebrate our 10-year career in front of our audience, our fans, those who have allowed this.

The public is the reason we live.

We consider ourselves privileged and for this reason we thank them, because they allows us to share our gift, our voice and our passion.


What are your future plans?

There are so many, but IL VOLO’s goal is to confirm and consolidate everything we’ve done in the past.

Summer 05

BIANCA Magazine Article – Click Here

A really nice interview, with questions that are by no means trivial.

The boys always respond impeccably, and their answers make us discover more and more their personalities who have matured, but who have not deviated from the main road.

It’s very nice to read about you guys.

Until the next interview!


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  1. What a beautiful and insightful interview. They are always so humble and honest. Thank you so much Daniela for your translation.

  2. What’s not to love about these guys??? They are amazing singers and very humble! No “high and mighty” attitudes! Grateful to their fans! Oh! And did I mention that they are all very handsome!!!😉😉😉

  3. Nice. Grazie, Daniela.
    (i was trying to look for the date on the Bianca magazine cover above, but it’s so tiny. please tell me. grazie again)

  4. The guys are always great. I am so excited for Matera in a few days. It’s been a long wait for me. The official fan club responded to my questions of sound check and after concert meet and greet, Sadly, neither will be offered for Matera. That concert will end my tour of Italia. I am feeling sad to leave.

    Daniela thank you for bringing translations to the English speaking fans of articles we would never know about if it wasn’t for your generous spirit.

  5. As always ” very nice interview ” THANK” so much Daniela, it’s a pleasure to know about our lovely young men….👍❣👍❣👍❣👍❣

  6. I am besotted and my heart is filled with love for IL Volo. I love to listen to them sing, love to watch them cut up and be funny. I love the compassion that shows when they sing. My favorite song is Mondo and I love hearing them sing this. They are all so talented, so adoringly sweet. I wish I was 60 years younger…lol. I was telling my doctor about them and said when they come to America I am going to go see them, and he told me “Jackie, come see me a week before you go and I’ll give you a cortisone shot so you can chase them… LOL… I am surprised at how quickly they have captured my heart and the love of their singing. Thank you IL Volo, words cannot come close to describe how much I love to hear you sing and act up. Welcome to America, welcome to my little corner of the world. Thank you for being so mannerly and thoughtful and give your parents a hug for me for raising such wonderful gentlemen. <3

    1. Sassylady, you don’t have to be surprised at how fast they won your heart, it was like that for all of us.
      They are certainly excellent singers but also adorable boys.
      When you listen to them live, they will steal your heart even more, especially if they sing IL MONDO. It was the opening song of the first concert I saw of IL VOLO. Magnificent!

  7. Hi Crystal Dawn, we’re almost there for Matera.
    Listen, I need to tell you something. The Matera concert will be on June 16th, but it will not be the special PBS.
    The special PBS, is June 14 and is by invitation only.
    But these days, the fanclub has given the opportunity to some fans to be invited for the special PBS. If you can, enter the fanclub, and give your membership, you can do it until tomorrow 11 June and if you are chosen, then attend both events.

      1. Hi Anka, as you will have seen, there are numerous fan pages of IL VOLO, but only one is the official one, the one followed by the staff of the boys, and it is this of which I attach the link.
        on facebook:

        official link to their site:

        On their website, under FANCLUB you can register and get the official card.
        Registration allows you to be notified of the dates of new concerts, have the opportunity to purchase tickets before the public sale, attend soundchecks, and even buy advertising gadgets.

    1. Thanks, I applied for the PBS event but was not selected for that one either. I think staff are seeking Italians as neither the in-studio or PBS were offered to me. I am very sad about this outcome. Especially after traveling to their home villages this month. Plus the Matera concert is considered a 0 and no sound check or after concert meet and greet are offered. It does not appear that I will have an opportunity to meet them.

      1. I’m sorry Crystal Dawn, but stay in the area, because Matera isn’t very big, maybe you meet them.
        Let us know .
        Surely they will try the songs several times and maybe who knows, you can get the entrance. Good luck!

      2. UPDATE, it’s late in the day here in Italia, and I was just notified that I am selected to attend the PBS concert initiative. YIPPEE!!!! Overjoyed!

      3. Cristal Dawn I’m so happy for you, so you will see two concerts. Spectacular.
        You’ll update us on everything.
        Enjoy the whole show !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Thank you for the article. And along with Sassylady, we were instant fans like so many others. We wait for any and all news and love what you do for us. It is amazing that these three different personalities have joined to create such beautiful music. It benefits all of us and makes our lives happier because of them. Many hugs to you Daniela for your diligence and fondness for all of us fans.

    1. Yes, Victoria, the instant falling in love, is proven by almost all IL VOLO fans.
      I’m glad you like the interviews I translate.
      Thank you for your compliments.
      Hugs to all

  9. Thank you Daniela and Pat! Beautiful article-interview. What an incredible journey they have taken these past ten years…and have allowed us to go right along with them! I am so thankful for the ways they have opened up my world to amazing music, beautiful friendships, incredible travel and pure joy. We knew way back 10 years ago that we were seeing and hearing something so precious and rare. I l Volo…thank you for being you!

    1. Hi dear Jane, what a beautiful thing you said: “we knew 10 years ago, that we were seeing and listening to something so precious and rare”, we hope that the boys can read this beautiful thought about them.
      A hug to all your beautiful family. 🙂

  10. Hi Daniela
    I Am living in Canada and I know I’ll Volo is coming next year 2020
    It will be my first concert to go
    I would like to know the dates and also where I can buy the tickets . My city is Ottawa and they are coming only to Montreal and Toronto., also how
    Much does greet and meeting cost ? and how does to buy it
    Where can I buy a membership for
    Il VOLO?

    Thank you for your info

    1. Gilda, I’ve already replied to Anka, just above. Read how to join the IL VOLO official website. By registering, you become a member of the official fanclub and this gives you the right to be advised of concerts, tickets, even news.

      Nothing is known about the new tour in Canada and America. No definite date.
      Don’t trust any date printed on some unofficial fan page. Trust only the two links I sent to Anka.
      You can buy concert tickets through the fanclub and you will be notified before they are put on sale for all the people.

      1. Daniela, I do not have your email answering Anka
        Could you send me the information? I will appreciate it

  11. It is always so nice to see that after 10 years they remain humble, appreciative and down to earth. Of course they are an immense talent, but the frosting on the cake here is what nice and good people they are.
    I love that they are not getting too comfortable in their success, but always looking to improve, create their next project and looking ahead.
    Thanks Daniela and Pat for translating this nice article.

    1. Yes, Janet, it is their being such simple and pleasant people that makes them even more special.
      I have always thought that they are very mature boys and that they knew how to juggle well with success.
      Thanks for the compliments. 🙂

  12. Another great article about Il Volo… We cannot thank you enough for all you do to keep us up to date on what is happening with Il Volo ..Especially articles that are written in Italian and you so graciously translate them for us.. Your the best my friend…

  13. Beautiful article, it’s such a pleasure to read all those interviews with our amazing guys. Thanks to You Daniela we can do that, realy aapreciate it. I always look for new informations about the boys. I don’t remember being such a fan of any singer or group at my twenties or teens. Now I’m fifty and I’m excited listening and watching the boys at the age of my son. Maybe it’s a little insane but beautiful and I like this feeling. IL VOLO’S music and this blog give so much joy. Thank you very much Daniela and Pat. Big hugs to YOU

    1. Jolanta, I don’t even remember being a fan of other singers this way ………. but they are special and deserve this.
      It is certain that we are all crazy, but how nice it is.
      I reciprocate the hugs

  14. Good evening, dear Daniela!!! Big thank you for translating the beautiful interview article. I, along, with all IL Volovers, fell in love and in awe of these kiddos when I first saw them on PBS Detroit!!! It has been an exciting experience watching the boys grow up and make such an impact on the world with their music! Their charm, talent, humility and family closeness has anchored them for sure. I send my appreciation to you and to our boys for sharing so much with us, we are their loving fans for always!!! Hugs!!! ♥♥♥

    1. Dear Harriet, it is a pleasure to receive comments from you who have been following the boys for a long time.
      Accompany them in their careers and in their lives, they must have filled you with joy.
      Thanks for the compliments, you are always welcome. 🙂

  15. Dear Daniella, I love to read not only your translations but also comments from other fans, that assures me, I’m not only one who so hopelessly fell in love with these precious boys, nothing more can be added to all those beautiful attributes said already by so many……
    But I have a question, I will be in Rome attending their concert June 26, and will spend 4 days exploring this ancient beautiful city. I would like to buy DVD of movie Un amore cosi grande, where I can buy it and will that work in US?
    And again, thank you for giving us so much pleasure from your translations,
    Irene from Florida

    1. Hi Irene, don’t worry you’re in good company, we all fell madly in love with these guys, you’re not alone!
      How nice that you come to Rome for the concert.
      You can buy the DVD of the film in any CD shop, but also in department stores, in the disc and DVD sector. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for you in the US, but I’ve read that if you have a laptop with CD DVD, it works.

  16. I saw the photo of Il Volo on this magazine on twitter and had accepted that this interview will pass us by.Then Daniela gives me this big surprise! Thank you Daniela and Pat.
    This is such an interesting interview, our guys are absolutely wonderful.

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