A Fun Service: AF.MAG by Daniela

In this period there are numerous interviews with IL VOLO, but this one of Accessori Fashion Magazine, is really different, in particular for the attached photo shoot performed by Angelo Lanza and fashion editor Luca Termine.

The article is translated into English, so I will report it to you.

AF 01

A bright flash to caress the smile of the models and the elegance of fabrics.

Latin atmosphere as musical soundscape.

Sometimes, to the rhythm of loudspeakers is joined by a warm, powerful, precise voice that accompanies the riff in the fascinating typical acoustics  of a theater (even if it is a studio).

Time passes, shots alternate, and you discover that there are three tonalities.

Three voices that every now and then break the march of the shutter and the hum of lights, notes filled with the youth and passion of Piero Barone, Gianluca Ginoble and Ignazio Boschetto echoing ten years of career of “IL VOLO”,  in tour all over Italy starting from June, until the big show on September 24th at the Arena in Verona.

AF 02

Their success, in a couple of frames: the first Italian artists in history to sign a contract with an American major star of world discography; they took part in Barbra Streisand’s “Back to Brooklyn” tour in 2012;  they held 50 sold-out dates from Canada to South America in 2013, winning the Sanremo Festival two years later and sing almost anywhere in the world.

For example, in the Abbey Road studios in London, where they perceive “the magic of a place where history was written”.

When this year, in Panama, during World Youth Day, they sang in front of the Pope, they realised that they could not have asked for better beginning of the celebrations of their artistic anniversary: “An inexplicable moment and emotion – remembers Piero – We were immersed in a deafening silence. Only the beats of our hearts echoed.”

AF 03

And the magic repeats itself, given that in May they started a new tour that, for a whole year, will take them to Japan, Europe and America.

In the Italian spirit they identify part of the reasons for their success: “We always say it: we don’t do anything in particular. Our success is not only due to our voices, but above all to the music we sing, the music of the Italian tradition, although re-proposed in modern key.”

AF 04

It is possible to perceive the three different personalities, in their last album Musica (Sony Music). A sort of journey throught their souls, between Piero’s more classic direction, to reach the vein pop of Ignazio.

He explains how it is possible, at the age of 25, to hold a decade of success: “The great thing is that we can turn work into fun. That’s what we love to do, so we never stop to appreciate the luck we have.”

AF 05

And how do they deal with fashion?

Gianluca appreciates Tom Ford, because he manages to express a particular, always very elegant, but also eccentric, and never ordinary personality.

For Ignazio, the choice falls on Saint Laurent, which combines simplicity, sportiness and elegance.

Piero, who has a total black soul, inevitably says the name of Giorgio Armani, to then quote Dolce & Gabbana and Brioni among his favourites.

And if there is variety in clothing tastes, it is on the shoes that all three agree without a shadow of a doubt: they would all just buy sneakers. Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, or Armani sneakers, worn this year on the Ariston stage.

AF 06

AF 07

AF 08

AF 09

AF 10

AF 11

And here is the funny and nice moment of the backstage of the photo shoot.


AF 12

What to say, the service speaks for itself: fun, funny, cheerful and fresh.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

24 thoughts on “A Fun Service: AF.MAG by Daniela”

  1. Not sure I care for those pics of girls in their underwear…Really?!
    I’ll Volo is better than this….😏Love those guys…they don’t need this to succeed.

    1. Betty, the girls are in sportswear, which is not so unseemly. If instead of white it had been colored, like that of the Olympic competitions, it would not have made you this effect.

      Of course the guys don’t need this, but so many here, think that, they are “old”, in Sanremo everyone thought that Mahmood was a young guy, actually he is their same age.

    2. I totally agree with you Betty. Sports outfit or underwear, does nothing for our guys. These are not boys they are grown man who does not need half naked women to help them. They are wonderful by themselves and have so much talent to draw from. I have followed Il Volo since the J Leno show they appeared on as young teenage boys. I have watched them grow into the beautiful young men they are today. I am a faithful follower, they will continue to excel by their own merits. Soooo MUCH talent. Also, I respect everyone’s opinion, this is just my reaction from the photos. Oh my best 😍

      1. Imogene, you are right, they are men, but I don’t really think that the image of the half-naked girls (as you say) was made to give more importance to our boys, on the contrary, often the boys are not taken into consideration by their peers , because they are considered too “mature”.
        Let us remember that we are talking about a photo shoot of the fashion world, a fairly frivolous world.
        Can I tell you that at the first moment this service shocked me? Yes, but then I looked closely, I read, and in its context I liked it, just for what it is, a fashion service and nothing more.

  2. Not really underwear but workout clothing, however I agree boys look a little uncomfortable but the darling guys will survive. LOL. Thank you Daniela for your dedication and informative posts.

    1. That’s right, Beverly, the girls are in sportswear, white was to be the neutral color to enhance the garments worn by the boys (which in some cases are in pajamas).
      Me too, the boys seemed a little uncomfortable, they will surely survive 🙂

  3. Always it’s a pleasure to read your posts, I really enjoy all the comments that you bring in..
    I love GIANLUCA, Ignazio and Piero so much, their made my days better !!! One more time ..Thank Daniela ” GREAT JOB ” 👍❣
    Millie Ladaga from USA

  4. Thank You Daniela for sharing. I like this photo shoot. The boys are young and I think they like trying something new. Youth has its rights. I’m sure they had fun doing the photo shoot with these beautiful models. It’s nothing wrong with it. Otherwise i have to admit that they look extremly handsome on the pictures, really beautifull. I also like the video very much.Thanks again Daniela. It’s always a great pleasure to read all your posts. Baci

  5. Thanks Jolanta, I too don’t see anything wrong with this photo shoot. Speaking with a friend, we concluded that it seemed to us that GIanluca was the least comfortable in these photos, did he seem to you too?
    I read your euphoric comment under the billboard for the concert in Poland, I’m happy for you.

    1. Yes I agree Gianluca was the least comfortable, he’s not such a showman as Ignazio. I think he’s still a little shy. They don’t do such photo shoot “every day” so they don’t used to that.
      Thank You Daniela, I’ really glad that in the end the concert is widely advertised, till now it was only annoucements on web and facebook of the organizer, and by fansides. Now I hope more people could to get know about it.. And I really can’t wait, this week I’ve bought Meet&Greet ticket, wow I’m so excited. Hugs

  6. Thanks Daniela. The boys where always attacked when they stepped out of their everyday personalities. I think that is the reason they felt uncomfortable. Remember the video they made that was a little “risque” ?. Some of their fans did not want them in that type of setting. I am glad that they try different things and learn from the criticism.

    1. Regina, I remember that video very well and I have to tell you that in that context, the service aimed to show different personalities of our boys, but in reality they are not like that. In this case, it even seems to me that the contrast aims to show that, even if surrounded by frivolity, our boys remain such. What do you say about my interpretation?

      1. I think it depends on the age of the fan. The older fans are more uncomfortable with some of the photo shoots and the younger generation says “go for it”. Being in the limelight is not easy. I love them and root for them in all their stages of growth.

  7. Thank you Daniela for posting this article for us and all the pictures and videos. I didn’t think they seemed uncomfortable at all. Young guys with pretty girls, very natural. Maybe a different color for their sportswear would have been a wiser choice, but the athletic shoes definitely show that it is sportswear. Oh well, you can’t please everyone.

    1. Of course Laura, I agree with you, tastes are not the same for everyone, but I must tell you that after the initial astonishment at these photos, I liked how much is written, I found it a nice article that gave importance to the our boys, even in a very frivolous sector. 🙂

  8. Frivolous is the theme all right. And objectifying women so that you hardly notice the guys who seem to be themselves. At least they are fully clothed, in outfits they would probably never choose for themselves. It just points out that they are young too and can mix it up with young others as well- that they are not continually stuck in what a lot of people feel is “old” song and motif.It’s an attempt to keep them relevant in appearance and not entirely “old” as some people would have them. The overall theme has nothing to do with their well established outstanding talents.

  9. I think this is so fun and really cute. I would guess the guys were having a wonderful time doing this.

  10. Daniela,
    Love this site and thank you for the wonderful work you do.
    First time I’ve commented, but after reading some negative comments by some fans on Instagram feel like sharing my thoughts.
    Been following the boys for a number of years and I’m of mature age.
    I think that maybe at least 80% of their fan base is also. The guys have said that they want to bring their music to the younger generation.
    Daniela,you would know how little radio airtime they receive in Italy and how their music is called old, they are perceived as young old men.

    The magazine shoot was beautiful done. It was youthful, fun. I loved it.
    I feel that for the guys survival they must expand their fan base to a younger generation. I don’t think that for a 10 year career the guys have made that much money compared to some other artists.

    We may not like seeing them with beautiful girls or models in bikinis on the beach or in fashion magazines, but they’re 3 young, gorgeous men. We can’t expect just to see them in suits.
    I’d love to see more of them in fashion shoots or endorsements.
    Ultimately, I would like them to have fun, be happy and stay together for long time.

  11. They chose to do this fashion shoot. Let them enjoy it. It looks like fun. And it is probably good for their profile among the younger set. They belong to the world … not just to us. We need to take care not to project too much on them. They get criticized no matter what they do from one side or another. Part of their appeal is that they can cross age and music genres to speak to everyone. Seems we could be more generous in our response to them. They are great. A true phenomenon …. they can do almost anything … try lots of things … why not a fashion shoot like this?

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