MATERA by Daniela

The new tour is upon us.

We have been waiting for it for some time and in a few days the tour will start from Matera. Matera is a beautiful city in Basilicata (Italian region).


It is called the “City of the Stones”, due to the particular houses that were built inside the rock.

Matera is considered the third oldest city in the world.

It is part of the UNESCO world heritage and this year has been awarded as “capital of culture”.


Il Volo, will officially open the season of events in Matera with the concert on June 16, which will be held at the Cava del Sole.

But Matera, this year, will also be affected by the PBS special.

I will translate a piece from an article in the newspaper “La gazzetta del mezzogiorno”.

“The one scheduled in Matera at the Cava del Sole, is such a long-awaited moment to have interested PBS, an important American national television network, that two days before the debut – on the occasion of a private event, scheduled for June 14 in Piazza San Pietro Caveoso in Matera – will shoot the show of the three great Italian artists to make it an important overseas live show to program it in the coming months. In the television story in question, the Orchestra della Magna Grecia will serve as a precious frame to the extraordinary performances by Barone, Boschetto and Ginoble.


So the two concerts will be in Matera but in two different places.

The tour start concert will be on June 16 in Cava del Sole, while the PBS special will be shot in Piazza S. Pietro Caevoso and will be a private invitation-only event.

But here is the photo of the beautiful square where the PBS event will be held.


Really a place full of charm.

It will be a beautiful special, with fantastic singers, magnificent songs and a wonderful panorama.

What more could you want ……. to be present at the event …… but unfortunately Matera is not very easy to reach, and in any case there is no doubt, we will all enjoy the video, and surely our hearts will all be there on June 14th.


Meanwhile, Alessandro Quarta also announced that he will share the stage with  IL VOLO during the tour.


I look forward to hearing “MUSICA CHE RESTA” with the violin accompaniment.



What will the program of songs have for us?

A lot of good past and present music, classical and pop and why not, something about the Latin CD, but it will be excellent music sung by our fantastic GIANLUCA, IGNAZIO and PIERO.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.


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  1. Good luck to our boys on the beginning of their new concert tour. The Americans will have to wait until 2020, but we will be with them every step of the way. Our love for them and their music, whatever the genre, is immeasurable. I do hope they sing some songs from the Amame collection.

  2. Daniela, Many Thanks again. I so appreciate your translating this for us. I am looking forward to when they come to NEW YORK. I will be patient, only because I have no other choice..😄. I can enjoy the music when it is posted from their concerts. I just LOVE THEM.. I think they are the BEST GROUP EVER..❤️❤️❤️

      1. Daniella, the PBS videos are sold for the stations benefit. They do not have commercials like other stations and rely on selling products and donations from their viewers to keep the station going. As a result the DVDs they sell are usually very expensive.
        I did not buy the Pompeii DVD as I was very disappointed in the way it was edited. Part of the joy of Il Volo concerts is the interaction between the guys themselves and also with the audience, sometimes the musicians, etc. PBS edited all that out, and left only the songs, one after another, with very little or no introduction at all. Basically it was a visual CD. Plus, if I remember correctly it cost $80 (about 71 Euros!!).
        While I appreciate PBS in general and in particular for bringing Il Volo to US and Canadian audiences, that was just too much for me! I watched it on TV–but I did not buy the DVD.

      2. Penina, I guess. I do not discuss the value of the CD, being a TV that does not have commercial revenues, I can understand, but I think that really, some of the most beautiful moments, are due to the interaction of the boys and I realized in person, with Notte Magica, that being present , it leads you to watch details, which are then removed during assembly and it is a pity.

  3. I have arrived in Matera and I am one of the fans selected for the Friday night PBS event. I will update you after that concert, and the main event on Sunday night. Sooooo excited.

    1. Oh how lucky you are. Have fun. It will be magical, beautiful experience. Everyone would like to be on your place. 😍🤗

      1. Listen, Crystal Dawn, take note of everything, especially the exact lineup of songs, (I think they will be different on the two evenings) and it would be great if at the end of the concert you could send it to us.
         I don’t think you’ll be allowed to resume the show, but it depends on your location.
        I seem to remember that it is your first concert you attend, right?
        Enjoy everything, it will be a beautiful show.

        I tried to send you an e-mail, but it tells me you can’t receive it.

      2. I will do my best to note the songs and their order. Since they will be filming they may not want cell phones out—which is how I would type the list of songs. Early this morning I walked by the event site. It’s very intimate. Basically it would be the size of the first five rows in the center section of a regular concert with plenty of room between the round tables. I fully expect them to enter the audience while they sing. I had hoped to see Piero and Gianluca our for morning jog, and if they were, it was not at the time (7:00) or route I was walking. The fans meet at 17:00 at a designated site to receive the entrance bracelet. We are to be at our table by 20:00. More later….

        Daniela—FYI my email only works when I am connected to WiFi in Italia. I did not receive anything from you, and you also said you received a bounce back. Please try again. I will be connected this afternoon.

      3. Perfect Crystal Dawn, you are our special correspondent. Today I try again to connect with your e-mail.
        Thank you very much for what you can do.
        When I went to the PBS special Magic Night, everyone filmed but the place was very big. This instead is very intimate.
        The boys did the rehearsals until late at night and there were also people.
        See you later.

    2. Thanks Crystal Dawn! I expect the song lists at the two concerts will not be the same. Maybe more English songs at the PBS concert? Am really looking forward to your report!

  4. Matera is so beautiful and historic. I would love to visit this town. I wish we had the time when we are there in Sept for the Verona concert. Hopefully the next trip to Italy. I too hope they select songs from all the many sides of their repertoire. They can sing anything and I hope they choose to show that. I can hardly wait to hear what this concert season will be like.
    Crystal, what a fun privilege to be selected for the PBS concert. We look forward to hearing all about it.
    Daniela and Pat, as usual thanks for all you do to keep us up to date.

    1. Janet, I’d love to be able to visit Matera too, and I was hoping so much to do it for this special.
      Do you think it was once considered a city to be ashamed of, because the houses were in stone and now it is a UNESCO heritage site.
      I heard that the September concert at the Arena will be a great closing show. Let’s hope so.

      1. Daniela :Once again Thanks for your details on our guys agenda! You may recall that I mentioned I had visited Matera a few years ago and how true that it was a shame on Italy that people lived there in caves but now is a UNESCO site. It was a fascinating tour!! I am curious as to how or why this site was chosen for their concerts!! Looking forward to hearing from Crystal!! How lucky is she to be there!!!

      2. Annette, I have never seen Matera, but I will try to do it, this city fascinates me.
        We are all waiting to hear the opinion of Cystal Dawn and also of Antonia, there are two, our representatives in Matera.

  5. Once again thank you Daniela.and Pat. Such beautiful pictures of Matera a truly unspoiled spot in Italy. Crystal, how great to be attending the “kick off” concert connected with “Musica” I look forward to your report and perhaps seeing some pictures of the venue and of course whatever songs that the boys sing will be fabulous to hear.Have a wonderful evening !!!!

    1. Marion, thanks for the nice compliments.
      Matera is full of charm and tomorrow will be even more fascinating with Piero, IGnazio and Gianluca who will raise their wonderful voices.

  6. I am excited and wish IL Volo a huge over abundant crowd to cheer them on. I wish I could be there but I will see them when they come to America. Beautiful in every sense of the word, their manners, their looks, their singing style, their choice of music, but most of all the fun they have performing and giving the audience a spectacular time in history. Il Volo, Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero will be a huge part of musical history with their style of singing. They will make pop opera magical with the way they sing it. My best wishes and love to them for a stupendous beginning of their World Tour…. please hurry 2020 so I can hear and see them. All my love to you three gentlemen and may you rock the house apart with your songs.

    1. Sassylady, we are all very excited, we all want to know and see all the news of this new tour.
      The PBS show does not include a large crowd, because it is by invitation only and many round tables have been placed in the square, from which people can attend the concert, as if they were at a dinner party.
      It will be exciting and Cristal Dawn will tell us everything, I can’t wait.

  7. First I want to thank you Daniela on putting this article together the day before the Matera PBS concert… You know that all of us in the USA cannot wait to see it televised, and of course be able to buy the DVD…

    Also I want to congratulate Chystal Dawn for being selected to attend the PBS concert Taping… I hope we get a wonderful update about the concert and details of course on the taping… We have all wished at one time or another that we could attend the recording of a PBS special… So you have to be our on the spot reporter… Enjoy every moment…

    1. Thanks Jeannette, I think this special will be great.
      We are all anxiously awaiting news.
      Cristal Dawn, was selected by the official fan club, she already had the ticket for the 16th concert.
      We all want to be her.

  8. Daniela, somehow my heart is unusually thrilled about this “Musica Tour” and especially the PBS filming tomorrow night. Is it that they are grown up now and their voices are even more magnificent than before? Is it that perhaps this tour means that it will be less than a year before the American tour begins and the guys will come back to us? Is it that they are in Matera, a most amazing place that I’ve added to my “must visit” list? I don’t know but I am excited like a school child. Thank you, Daniela for everything you do to help us understand through the translations. You have my love and deepest gratitude! These boys (men) have a place in my heart that has changed my world!!!

    1. Thank you very much Judy.
      I too am very excited about this event, as if they were my children, but a little bit they are like children of us all.
      I too have not seen Matera and I think it is an extremely fascinating place, now it is even more so, with these 3 pearls.

  9. This is a fantastic post! I will see them in Taormina! Daniela, Thank you for continuing to make this blog special. Michele Azzara – founding member of Il Volo Flight Crew.

  10. Mfazzara, grazie mille for the compliments.
    Taormina is an extraordinary place, and they feel at home there, it’s easy to meet them in the streets, during the day before and after the concert.
    You’ll love it, I’m sure.

  11. Good luck our precious boys today, your first concert!!
    I remember their first PBS special at Detroit opera house, how young and exited they were, through PBS they were actually introduced not only to US but to the whole world…. And they know it, I remember GG in one of video saying ‘ I still do not believe if this is real or dream, but if it is dream, please do not wake me up’, and he was thanking us, no ! We are thanking YOU, for all the beauty you put in our lives. How humble they are….
    PBS is a special national network not supported by any advertisers, just by us, public, they give the DVD as a reward for supporting them, but you can always buy Il Volo CD or DVD on Amazon.
    For me only 12 more days and I will see them in Rome!!!
    Thank you Daniela again for all your work, Irene from Fl.

    1. Certainly Irene, is the first, but he is a forerunner.
      We are waiting for certain news, our desire to know is spasmodic.
      A few days and you’ll be here in Italy, in Rome, you’ll have fun.
      You read where to find the DVD, I replied to you on the other post.

  12. Thank you Daniela, I did, I’m sure I can managed to have it worked on my computer.

  13. Just arrived in Matera , I was one of the lucky fans that was invited to attend to recording of the PBS special!!
    Grazie Il Volo Fan club Staff!!
    Grazie ragazzi !!
    Can’t believe that I’m bere ❤️
    I’m Blessed!!

    1. Perfect, Antonia, we are very happy for you.
      There is also Crystal Dawn, also selected.
      I hope you can give us some news.
      You must have maximum fun !!!

  14. So wonderful to know we will have access via PBS. I thank them often via support of their stations, because if I had not watched my local PBS I would never have heard of our wonderful IL Volo. Thank you for the GREAT news.

    1. Yes, Marlene, PBS is always a great opportunity for them to give them visibility for all the US and Canada.
      One of their videos on PBS is a great advance for the upcoming tour, it’s the first step towards the US Tour.

  15. Oh how I wish I could be in Matera for one of these concerts! I was there about ten years ago and it is truly a magical spot, especially at night. We slept in a cave (a hotel room that was a cave!). Matera is used for movie settings showing Biblical times because of its timelessness. Can’t wait to see the PBS program!
    Thanks again for keeping us on top of events, Daniela!

    1. Yes, Sally, you’re right, Matera has been the backdrop for so many biblical films, such as THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST di Mel Gibson.
      Grazie mille Sally.

  16. Matera PBS Report
    The concert was very intimate with only approximately 20-25 round tables seating 6-8 guests. Upon arrival we were offered a glass of sparkling wine. The evening warm and the backdrop of Matera skyline lit up was spectacular. Our fan table was in the front row near the center. Due to PBS filming, we were not allowed to use our cell phones to video the guys. Their voices were amazing and being so close it was a powerful sound. The guys were great of course, but somewhat reserved due to the filming. Ignazio the most active—but that is to be expected.

    Now for the songs, it was a mix of everything. Beginning with IL Mondo and ending with Grande Amore. Alessandro Quarto was their special surprise guest. He played Musica Che Resta with them, along
    With accompanying each on their solos, and having a solo of his own. Only a couple of songs from their new album were sung. Arriverderci Roma and A chi mi dice.

    To be honest, I anticipated more songs from their new album (I will hear them Sunday night), but this is for PBS promotions in the USA and I felt a lot of the material they presented had already appeared on PBS specials and therefore to promote their new album for Americans mostly new material (along with some old favorites) was expected.

    The guys were dressed in casual black suits, black shirt and socks. Ignazio wore blue loafer shoes. They never changed their clothing and kept their jackets on. I like it where part way through they take their jackets off and roll up their sleeves. But again , PBS filming. I look forward to Sunday night when they can cut loose.

    Ignazio brought a jogging friend and his mom. Ignazio looks great with his weight loss which all three made a point of showing it off. Gianluca had his whole family and girl friend Francesca. I didn’t notice any special guests of Piero. I was able to obtain a quick photo with Piero and Gianluca as they were entering the sound check prior to the concert and give both a small pilgrimage gift that I prepared for them. In the case of Ignazio, I handed it to his mom after the concert.

    I had hoped that the guys would be able to say a quick hello and photo with the 10 fans who were selected. But that did not occur before or after the concert. We did receive a little wave from the stage when they were near our table and off camera.

    I look forward to Sunday night and a concert that will be more in line with my expectations.

    1. I was anxious to read your report and thank you. It may not have been all that you expected, but what a great opportunity for you to hear and see them up close. Did they mention at all when the PBS special will air here in the US?
      Thanks again.

      1. You’re right, Mark, and in two shows, so close but I’m sure, so different, I think only IL VOLO can do this.
        Crystaldawn you were really lucky.

      2. The PBS airings of Il Volo specials are scheduled independently. It depends on the dates which each affiliate schedules their Membership drives. This will vary from station to station. To my understanding the affiliates must buy the specials from the (in the past) Detroit PBS who funds and edits the tape. The first airing has always been in Detroit’s viewing area. The guys usually fly in from Italy to do the program breaks interviews and then go home again. The affiliates decide if they want to purchase the recorded break interviews or use their own local personalities at the breaks. I don’t know who is funding it this year. I hope it is still Detroit PBS. But dates are not the same all over the country. Contract your local PBS station for information.

    2. Crystaldawn you are a treasure, I thank you so much for your report, it will be rewritten in today’s post.
      I tried several times to send you the email but it always told me that it is a non-existent address.
      Thank you for contacting us anyway.
      Have you met Antonia?

  17. No mention of when PBS will begin airing in the USA. But my guess is that once the tour dates are announced the PBS will be the first promotion.

    I was delighted to meet Antonia prior to the concert and we sat together during the concert. Our seats for Sunday are in the front row and only a few seats separate us.

    I was very happy to deliver my pilgrimage gift to the guys, but would have enjoyed a brief visit with each. Their focus was racing to the sound check for PBS.

    I am nearing 100 days of travel, including the 45 days of pilgrimage in northern Spain. I truly enjoyed visiting each of the guys home villages. It seems I began with a spiritual pilgrimage and ended with an IL VOLO pilgrimage. The Sunday concert will be the capstone of my adventure. Then I fly out to Japan on Monday to meet my one year old granddaughter.

    I will report on the Sunday concert by mid week. I will be traveling without WiFi access for over 24 hours.

    Not sure why my email is not working for you. I am receiving emails when connected to WiFi. How do I double check my email address on this site to verify that something was not mistyped?

  18. Just saw my email address at the bottom of this text box and it is correct. Are you typing the “w” before 65?

  19. I am very happy that you and Antonia met, these are the friendships born from IL VOLO.
    Wow but now you go to Japan, but how nice you go to your granddaughter !!

  20. Hmmmm. Not sure why the email is not coming through. When I connect to WiFi all emails in waiting appear. Even if they were sent when I was disconnected. I will connected all evening tonight. Please try again. Thanks Daniela

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