PBS Special by Daniela

Well, the date of the PBS special arrived, 14 June 2019.

We are all very excited to have photos, videos, discover the songs that will be sung.
There are two Flight Crew members that have been selected by the official fanclub for this great initiative, and they are Crystaldawn and Antonia Guzzo.

We are very happy for them, we hope they can send us some nice news.

Yesterday there were general rehearsals and little was leaked, just some afternoon photos and a video of TRM Tele Radio Matera.

Here they are.

PBS 01

PBS 02

PBS 03

PBS 04

PBS 05

PBS 06

PBS 07

And here is the TRM video, remember to activate the subtitles.

And TGR Basilicata.

And here is the opinion of Crystaldawn, who published in the comments of the post of Matera and that perhaps, not all of you have read.

The concert was very intimate with only approximately 20-25 round tables seating 6-8 guests. Upon arrival we were offered a glass of sparkling wine. The evening warm and the backdrop of Matera skyline lit up was spectacular. Our fan table was in the front row near the center. Due to PBS filming, we were not allowed to use our cell phones to video the guys.

PBS 08

Their voices were amazing and being so close it was a powerful sound. The guys were great of course, but somewhat reserved due to the filming. Ignazio the most active—but that is to be expected. 

Now for the songs, it was a mix of everything. Beginning with “IL Mondo” and ending with “Grande Amore”. Alessandro Quarta was their special surprise guest. He played “Musica Che Resta” with them, along with accompanying each on their solos, and having a solo of his own. Only a couple of songs from their new album were sung . . . “Arriverderci Roma” and “A chi mi dice”.

PBS 09

To be honest, I anticipated more songs from their new album (I will hear them Sunday night), but this is for PBS promotions in the USA and I felt a lot of the material they presented had already appeared on PBS specials and therefore to promote their new album for Americans mostly new material (along with some old favorites) was expected. 

The guys were dressed in casual black suits, black shirt and socks. Ignazio wore blue loafer shoes. They never changed their clothing and kept their jackets on. I like it where part way through they take their jackets off and roll up their sleeves. But again, PBS filming. I look forward to Sunday night when they can cut loose.

PBS 10

Ignazio brought a jogging friend and his mom. Ignazio looks great with his weight loss which all three made a point of showing it off. Gianluca had his whole family and girl friend Francesca. I didn’t notice any special guests of Piero. I was able to obtain a quick photo with Piero and Gianluca as they were entering the sound check prior to the concert and give both a small pilgrimage gift that I prepared for them. In the case of Ignazio, I handed it to his mom after the concert.

I had hoped that the guys would be able to say a quick hello and photo with the 10 fans who were selected. But that did not occur before or after the concert. We did receive a little wave from the stage when they were near our table and off camera. 

I look forward to Sunday night and a concert that will be more in line with my expectations.

PBS 13

PBS 11

Thank you very much Crystal Dawn, for your very welcome report, it must have been exciting to have the boys so close.

Well, the voices of the boys have not betrayed, strong and powerful as always.

We understand that you prefer a less formal program, where guys don’t feel harnessed by how they should look, but more free to express their personalities. I think their concert on Sunday will have a more formal initial part and then another less formal one. Sure that the songs will be different, less popular classics and maybe some new additions.

And what about Matera, the ancient Sassi lent their precious image for an even more beautiful show.

Thanks Matera.

PBS 12

From what Crystal Dawn said, and from what has transpired from the short videos, we can say that there were these songs: (in random order)

















(For now, they are the ones we have been able to know, but I believe there are others.)

And here are some short videos of the evening.






In the exchange of words, here is the speech:

G = We have a prince here.

I = Thank you, in fact, they wanted to do me PRINCIPE DI MARSALA (Prince of Marsala), but I said no, no, no, there is already a BARON, just a Baron of Agrigento here. (laughter)

P = Di Naro, not from Agrigento.


And here’s today’s Basilicata news.

Director Duccio Forzano in Matera for the live show of Il Volo.

Thanks again to Crystal Dawn for her report, now we wait for the other news.

Ok, the special PBS has been made. And now it’s running, tomorrow is the big day, MUSICA TOUR is waiting for us.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

30 thoughts on “PBS Special by Daniela”

  1. Oh wow. This will be soooo special and we wish we could have been there for the real show. Thank you for this. It is appreciated,

      1. And Jay is anxious for a concert to see them in person. The article and videos are soooo appreciated. All of us thank you.

  2. They are indeed three distinct voices, but clothed in those suits, all the same style, they are one spectacular soul and sound.

    1. Mark, you said perfectly well. This is their classic soul, which they will never abandon. They can be this and more, both in the way they sing and in the way they propose themselves, this is the secret of so much success, in addition to the undeniable skill, there is more.

  3. I saw some of the short clips and was surprised to hear old songs that they have already sung. Wonder why they included in the PBS program. Hope we get to see some of Sunday ‘s concert. I too like them when they are not asked to be reserved for filming and can be themselves on stage.

    1. Regina, I try to give you an answer. When the CD Amame was released, so many fans were in panic, it seemed that THE FLIGHT wanted to leave the “high road”. It is not so, and this proves it. Moreover, many people who have followed them only through special PBS, this is what they expect from them, their classic part, the one that not everyone knows how to do in this way. To those of us who follow them, we know they can do other things and for this reason we are waiting for them at their concerts.

  4. This is so exciting! I, too, hope to see bits of the concert tomorrow night! I knew Ignazio had lost a good bit of weight & I’m so glad to see them dressed to the nines!!!! Their voices are incredible as always!

  5. I love them to no end but I was hoping for more songs from the new cd but maybe they have a different song list after the PBS special which I believe will air in September. Thank you Daniela and Pitterpat for putting this together for us. And thanks to Antonia and Crystal, you lucky ladies!. Daniela, see you in Verona ❤️

    1. You’re most welcome, Rose Marie! I was also hoping to hear more from the new CD, like Vincinissimo, and a few others.They added other songs that I have never heard them perform before. I also can’t wait to see this on PBS!

    2. I too RoseMarie, I would love to hear “Vicinissimo” and also “Fino a quando fa bene”. Also some songs in Spanish, as well as Italian and English.
      I expect something different tonight.
      Ignazio sings “ALMENO TU NELL’UNIVERSO” is a fantastic song, which you foreigners do not know, but I assure you that it is very sweet and has very beautiful words.
      Yes, RoseMarie, we’ll definitely see you in Verona and beyond !!!

  6. How exciting to see and hear our singers again.
    I am looking forward to their performance in
    September. I also hope that some one of the
    Flight Crew gets some of the performance
    Sunday night. Thank you Crystal Dawn and
    Antonia Guzzo for your input. Thank you
    Daniella and Pitterpat for your updates and
    translations. They just make my day.

    1. Thanks Gale.
      Of course, this evening there will still be Crystal Dawn and even Antonia in the front rows and today, I heard, that there will be Bernard in the eighth row.
      Tonight there will be many videos and photos for sure.

  7. How beautiful… but I do understand why PBS concentrates more on the classical version for American viewers. There is still so much memories here of Pavarotti, Domingo, Carerra and hunger to have them back in the younger version of Three Tenors…. I will be the lucky one to see more pop concert in Italy and more classical version in US where I will buy as many concert as possible.
    Thank you Daniela for the presentation,
    Irene from Fl.

    1. Certainly Irene, you really understand the meaning of the special PBS.
      For this you are really lucky to be able to attend both Italian and American concerts.
      But I believe that the top is Taormina, where IL VOLO feels at home, protected, and is very natural.

  8. Thank you Daniela, Pitterpat and Crystal Dawn. You have had an amazing, once in a lifetime trip. God bless you! I am looking forward to seeing Il Volo’s PBS special. Once again they are singing in such a spectacular location! I am surprised also that they are singing so many songs they have sung on their previous PBS specials and would love to hear them sing more songs from their Musica CD.I also look forward to hearing the songs we haven’t heard them sing before.

    1. Margaret, Matera is certainly a very charming place.
      I like you too, I’d like to hear more songs and I think we’ll hear them tonight.
      We will update tomorrow !!

  9. Daniela—thank you!!! I am always amazed at how you are able to locate all the material for your posts. I was not able to video anything from the PBS concert, but I was at a front table and a guest of the fan club. Maybe guests in the back rows had more freedom. The interviews were great. I appreciate all the research and translations you perform for us with each post. You are an amazing investigative reporter!!!!

  10. Thanks again Crystal Dawn, for your impressions that you have transcribed.
    I very much hope that tonight’s show shows you the various facets that IL VOLO can have, I think there will be a more formal first part and a much more relaxed second part.
    Enjoy the show.
    I am so happy that you will soon be with your granddaughter.
    I’ll have mine here tomorrow, she’s only 2 months old.

    1. Daniela, I didn’t realize you have a two-month old granddaughter. Congratulations and God bless her! Thank you again for all the time and work you do for the Flight Crew especially when you have a beautiful little baby girl in your family!

  11. Wow! Daniela and Crystal Dawn you have outdone yourself on this post.
    Once again PBS chose one of the most beautiful places in Italy to showcase our guys, I can’t wait to see the finished product on tv.
    As Crystal Dawn mentioned , Ignazio had a hard time keeping still, and I loved the hip bump he gave Gianluca.
    And of course, thanks to Pat for putting this altogether for us.

    1. Thanks Jill, yes Matera is really fascinating.
      Jill, Ignazio’s two solos are stratospheric, he wanted to interpret two very famous Italian songs, but very sweet and made them his own. I hope you like them.

  12. Man all I can say is I wish I could have been there to see the boys in person but I am so glad it is going to be shown on PBS they have always done a great job with all their concerts shown on PBS and I don’t think this one will disappoint a anyone who see it..

    1. I, too, Luckylady, wish I could have been there, but there are always a thousand commitments and I am very happy that I can see it thanks to PBS.

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