MUSICA TOUR 1 by Daniela

And here we are with the first day of Musica Tour concert.

What an emotion!

Everything is ready…..

Tour 01

We immediately see the beautiful photos posted by Ercole Ginoble, and we immediately enter the atmosphere of the concert.

Tour 02

Tour 03

Tour 04

Tour 05

But who do I see in the front row? Our two friends from the Flight Crew.

Damn, what luck first row, right in the middle, fantastic places.

I’m really happy for them.

Tonight it will certainly be a more pop program, this is my feeling.
But let’s start seeing the first videos.

“IL MONDO”, and look at that beautiful public participation.

Now live videos, forgive the quality of the videos, but we thank Mr. Trombetta for the live broadcast.

A splendid solo by Ignazio that sings “E PENSO A TE” by Lucio Battisti, written by Battisti and Mogol.


“MUSICA CHE RESTA”, Alessadro Quarta, solo.


“ALMENO TU NELL’UNIVERSO”, beautiful Ignazio’s solo.




“GRANDE AMORE” (sometimes the video is not heard)


“LOVE STORY” (Piero’s solo)


Tour 06

Tour 07

Tour 08

Tour 09

Tour 10

Tour 11

Tour 12

Tour 13

Tour 14

Tour 15

Tour 16

Tour 17

I don’t think we’ll have an immediate report from Crystal Dawn because she came back after the concert (she wasn’t very close to where she slept) and after only five hours of sleep (if she could do it) she caught the plane for Japan and then a 24-hour blackout.

We will hear your comment in a few days.

But this message came to me in the middle of the night, after the concert (which seems to have been very long). 

It was sent to me by the other member of our crew:

Had a lot of FUN…  It was Awesome 😘😘😘

Tour 18

Of course you will already have noticed that Maestro Giampiero Grani is back, I am happy with this return.

He published this video on his Facebook page:

The audience at the end of the concert was literally crazy, Piero asks: “Can we leave?”


Tour 19

So, after seeing all these videos and photos, what is your opinion ??
I would say that there will be a lot to interact with them and have fun.
We can’t wait for our concert to come !!


Tour 20

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

65 thoughts on “MUSICA TOUR 1 by Daniela”

  1. Thank you Daniela and Pat. The beautiful array of colored lighting in the background really adds to their magnificent voices making the total concert experience breath taking! This 10 Year Anniversary Tour will be very special for many reasons. Can not wait for them to be back in the USA!
    All of you lucky fans who will see them in the Italian leg of their tour…ENJOY!

    1. Yes, Jane, I believe that there will be variations in the American program, but not too many, I think that, in principle, this will be the program. A lot of fun.

  2. Thank you so much for taking us to the concert through the videos, it really must have been a fabulous experience !! The Guys are certainly the best and give their all to please.I do not think anyone can command the following and attention that these three Guys have worked so hard to achieve.Their voices are amazing. Daniela you must be psychic as I had been wondering about Giampiero Grani and even checked his facebook page to see if he was doing anything with the three, as I always felt there was good rapport between them all, so I am pleased to see he is back .. Looking forward to all the upcoming concerts. and hopefully dates for USA soon.

    1. Marion, there have been so many videos, even if not of excellent quality, but the songs I believe are many more.
      I too am very happy about the return of the master Grani, I met him in Florence, in the afternoon, in the evening there would be Notte Magica. I took a picture with him and chatted a little, and he told me that the boys had been great in practice and that we would see a fantastic concert.

  3. We loved Notte Magica and the show that Il Volo did at MGM Harbor in. Washington. Sadly, I was disappointed in the Musica CD and this set list really does not interest me. If Il Volvo comes to Washington this year we won’t be going.

    1. Frank, I was in Piazza S. Croce, the night of Notte Magica, and it was fantastic.
      I was also in Brescia at my first IL VOLO concert, two different genres, but both very beautiful.
      If you are a fan of classical-lyric music, there will be little to your taste, but there is always something in their repertoire. But if you go with the intention of listening to good music, you will not be betrayed, because in any case, they sing well and are also good showmen, it is not another Notte Magica, but those who knew them even before, know that don’t let you down. In any case you can enjoy the special PBS which will surely be much more to your taste.
      However, you can watch the programs of the first concerts in the US and decide.

  4. I love IL Volo, have told more than a hundred people to find them on the computer and mentioned your site as well as a couple of others. Beautiful singers, lovely manners, and so much camaraderie between them, laughing, having fun, and being serious. I admit to be smitten by all and I’m planning to see them when they come to the US. I want a Meet and Greet, and a front row seat at the concert. Daniela I might need some advice on how to get in the fan club in order to get advance information if possible. Thank you for a wonderful report and pictures of “my guys”…. I’m claiming them as mine. <3

    1. Sassylady, you must have no doubt, they are our boys !!!
      Very good that you try to make IL VOLO known to as many people as possible.
      Of course, their camaraderie and their interaction with the public is one of the things we really like.
      I hope Crystal Dawn will give us her report soon.
      If you need for the fanclub ask me as well.

  5. Thank you so much Daniela and Pat for posting these beautiful photos and videos. Now I’m even more anxiously waiting for the concert in September.I love the choice of the songs, so many my favourites. I don’t think that Alessandro Quarta will perform with IL VOLO in Poland, perhaps only in Italy, it’s a little pity. Ok I’m waiting for IL VOLO, but it would be nice to listen them together. Thanks again.

    1. Jolanta, instead I believe that you will also see Alessandro Quarta in concert. He said it will be in all the concerts, so there are good chances.
      I also really like his touch, the evening at Sanremo of the duets, they had to win and with the victory of the duos IL VOLO would also win the final.

  6. I really love how much content you were able to put together so quickly…You are the #1 reporter in Il Volo Land, and we love it…You always deliver…

    Il Volo bad their PBS concert in the back drop and beauty of Matera and also their first concert of the 10th anniversary tour… The two concerts were beautiful with Matera being the backdrop but even the beauty of Matera could not compare to the beauiful performance of these three gorgeous men…The articles coming out after the concerts are telling Italy how Grande Il Volo is and that they are Italy’s grande treasure… All I can say

    1. Thanks Jeannette, you are always very kind to my posts.
      Yes, Matera has been a beautiful backdrop, but it has done nothing but act as a beautiful outline with three pearls that shine with its own light.
      I’m already preparing a series of post-concert comments, we expected something more in the national television networks.

      1. I look forward to more articles that you post about our precious young men… They have the power to change a mood with their music, they have the power to change our life with the friends we make thanks to blogs like this… We make friends all over the world and especially Italy because that is where I met you….

    2. I agree with you Jeannette. the press has been unfair to them for too long. Unfortunately I have been trying to find out the names of the papers in Italy to write them to how I feel as to how badly they have been treating the Ilvolo boys. These magnificnt singers are permanently in my mind & prayers.

  7. Thank you Daniela. Another wonderful article. Looks like our guys will have a successful tour on their hands. But the Italian tour is always more pop than the US tour so we will see what they change for us. I wish it would stay like it is.

    1. Thank you again Daniela for a great article.
      I was so happy to hear that Maestro Giampiero Grani was back with our guys, I met him at a meet and greet in Las Vegas and he is so nice.
      I often wondered what he was doing now.

      1. I forgot to ask you Daniela, does Giampiero Grani have the same band with him as before? I think I recognized the same two guitarists and drummer.

      2. Jill, too, was happy with the return of Grani.
        I don’t think they are the same guitarists, the drummer certainly isn’t.
        The master Grani has always been busy, but every now and then he named the boys, I believe that between them there is an excellent relationship of friendship.
        I would also like to see Maestro Diego Basso again, he too was a good friend of the boys.

    2. Yes, Laura, I had the same impression, but I think the program won’t be very different for you too.
      However you are now retired, so you could come to Italy for a concert and then make the right comparison !! 🙂

  8. What a marvelous concert! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. CrystalDawn and Antonia must have had an incredibly wonderful time.

  9. Fantastic report , as always, thank you so much.
    Which concerts are you going to Daniela?

    1. Hi Sue, I read that you’re going to Rome.
      I will be in Verona in September, it will be the closing concert.
      Then you lack a little.
      From what we have seen, the fun will be guaranteed. 🙂 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for sharing… from the videos I’ve seen from different Facebook fan page, they sang a great number of songs, songs from each their previous album and lots from the new … I heard Vicinissimo, la vice de silencio (one of my favorites), fino a quando after bene, etc… hope they will keep this repertoire when they come to the US.

    1. Sonia, I really believe that your wishes will be fulfilled. The program I don’t think will be very different. There will certainly be more classic songs, but also many new ones.
      The three unpublished CDs are beautiful and I am happy that all three sang them.

      1. Thank you so much for your kind response. It is much appreciated. I taught my second grade (7 years old mostly) students the song Volare which they presented as a song and dance during our multicultural night in school. I used the Il Volo YouTube as a their sing along. So you can say I sort of introduced the kids to IL Volo. I think some of their parents who have computers might get to know the boys too since I sent a copy of the lyrics home for the kids to practice and they know it’s an IL Volo version.
        Back to the concert… I’m so glad they sang Core’ Ingrato and Love story… I love these 2 songs… so much emotion in them…
        Waiting for some more of your articles…congratulations for all your translations…

      2. Sonia, you did a great job.
        Flying is such a beautiful song, that even children like it, and surely in this way you have solicited curiosity in people to go see the videos of IL VOLO.
        It will be a good show. 🙂
        I too love Core’n grateful.
        Thank you for your congratulations.

  11. Grazie Daniela!! This report is fabulous!! We’ve all been anxiously waiting to see the Musica Tour and now we know what to expect when we go to their spectacular 10th Anniversary concerts!! … and I absolutely love the song list!! I hope they don’t change anything!! The concerts will not be in the USA until 2020 and speaking for all the fans here …we can’t wait…we miss them.. but in the meantime we will take great pleasure in watching all the videos that you posted here for us to watch over and over again!! To all he fans in Italia, Europe and Latin America have a fantastic time at the concerts!! Our incredibly talented, handsome and kindhearted guys are the best and deserve to be loved all over the world!! And they are!! 💕💕

    1. Don’t doubt Joan, the program will be very similar for you in the US too.
      There will be a lot of fun and interaction.
      When I specifically asked the boys, they said that this year there will be many songs from the last cd.
      Thank you for your congratulations.

  12. Grazie Daniela!! This report is fabulous!! Now we finally know what to expect when we go to a Musica Tour concert and it’s spectacular!! I hope they don’t change a thing!! The song list is amazing!! Although here the USA we have to wait until 2020 to go to the concerts I think we are all thankful to have these incredible videos to watch over again with more to come!! Daniela and all the fans in Italia …have a fantastic time at the concerts and let the guys know that we love them and miss them very much!!💕💕

  13. Daniela, the only song I’ve heard so far that I didn’t really like is Love Story by Piero. The song itself, in my opinion, doesn’t let him really let loose the way I like to hear him. It’s great he wanted to try it, but it didn’t really highlight his great volume and expression. I would think it would be more for Gian to sing this one. Otherwise, they sang their hearts out. They can’t be expected to sing the same program every single concert until they retire and I hope they never do!

    1. Mark, what you said, they can’t always sing the same program over and over again …… you’re absolutely right.
      I appreciate their renewal.
      We have understood that they will never abandon the popular classics or even the opera, but they must renew themselves if they want to please more audiences, particularly if they want young people to follow them.
      I further admire them because few singers in two days, can present themselves in such a different way, live, as they did, they are to be admired even for this reason.
      You know that Piero is not the first time he sings the theme of Love Story, he did it the first few years.
      I heard, from a reliable source, that the program of the songs was chosen exclusively by the three of them and no one could say anything.
      Ignazio’s two solos, for us Italians, are very important, are two very popular songs here.

      1. I also meant to say that judging from what looks to be a lot of standing ovations, that is tour is off to a great start. I’m wondering what is written on the hand held signs that the audience are waving as the guys sing? I realize no one could tell who isn’t on the stage facing the signs, but curious just the same. The signs seem to be all the same size. Is this customary?

      2. Mark, on the sheets that the audience raises while the boys sing it said “Thanks guys”, sometimes there is this action, promoted by the various fan clubs, it is very nice to see, and the boys are touched by it.
        Even when I was in Verona I participated in this action, usually seats on the ground floor are interested. You find the sheet and the instructions on your chair.
        In other theaters, abroad, they have formed the Italian flag.
        They are very nice gestures.

  14. Thanks Daniela. I listened to all the clips even if the sound was poor. Just to see them singing was fun. I am sorry some people can not embrace the boys in different musical genres. I love just to hear their voices no matter what they sing. The US audience is elderly ( I am one of them) and many are of Italian ancestry. I would think that we would want the young generation to listen to the boys and carry on the tradition. For that they have to choose some of the songs that would appeal to the younger generation. Their voices and their personalities have given me a lot of joy. At 83 I love their “Amame” CD.

  15. Regina, I particularly appreciate your thinking. I believe that not only Il Volo must renew itself, but also the tastes of their sincere fans.
    They don’t betray anyone, but they have to keep up with the times, without going into the excesses of rap or reggaeton.
    They have great skills and I would like to hear them sing in Spanish and French as well as some Amame songs.

  16. Ciao Flight Crew
    I have arrived in Japan after a 30 hour travel day by my wristwatch. Daniela was correct in her post above that I had little sleep— only 3 hours after the end of the Matera concert and my departure from Matera to make all my connection (bus, two trains, and two planes) prior to my arrival in Japan where I am visiting my son and meeting my one year old granddaughter Fiorina. Now for the highly desired concert details……

    The signs we were holding up had written on them “Grazie Ragazzi” with s heart. We were instructed by Matera fan club members to raise the papers and wave them when Piero entered the stage for their first song. The guys were clearly touched from this gesture.

    This Cava de Sole concert was another beautiful setting in Matera with a lovely sunset as the backdrop prior to the beginning. The sound quality much better for me here than at the PBS concert.

    My front row seat was directly center. I was very close and when Piero sat on the edge of the stage near the end of the concert I was the first to reach his side with Antonia a few paces behind me. I was able to hear the power of his voice as it entered the microphone. Quite a thrill. I was also first to reach Gianluca when he stood on the speakers (he did not sit). Such a beautiful smile as he acknowledged fans below him.

    The banter near the middle of the concert when Gianluca acknowledged the inclusion of several songs in English and any Americans present— I had my hand raised and he pointed to me and asked where I was from and I said, “Oregon.”

    Security was very heavy at both concerts, with local police, military, and hired security people—not necessarily staff. I do not know if this is usual, or new. But when fans approached the stage at the Sunday concert security pushed in and quickly pushed us back. Several times I felt it was a bit over the top as we were being very respectful of the guys.

    The guys delivered an amazing concert. More relaxed than the PBS concert. Ignazio wore a black shirt and no jacket. Piero white shirt and jacket, and Gianluca in all black—always very stylish.

    This concert was also fairly intimate with only about 500 seats—I overheard someone state that number and looking around I would agree. The evening warm, the lighting and sound breathtaking.

    When the drums beat for the opening of Musica Che Resta I felt the vibration throughout my body. Alessandro Quarta delivered a passionate accompaniment. It is a sublime mixture of the guys and Alessandro. I was very happy to learn of his partnership in this tour.

    This Musica concert was more in keeping with my concert expectations. I do feel that as this was their first one, that as they continue throughout Italia that they will be even more relaxed and have more fun on stage with each other and their audiences. By the time they reach America they will have a finely honed mixture of songs and banter.

    My one GREAT disappointment was not having the opportunity to enjoy a meet and greet with the guys. Yes, prior to the PBS sound check I was able snatch a quick photo with only Gianluca and Piero—but no conversation in the few seconds exchange as they literally ran past me. Matera was considered a “Zero” concert by the promoters (why I do not understand). In any case, I had made great effort to attend. I extended my travels by two weeks to attend this concert—which gifted me with the extra days to visit their home villages (Roseto degli Abruzzi, Montepagano, Naro, Marsala (eating at Nina’s pizzeria), and Bologna). Prior to my travels in Italia, I was Praying in 10 churches (along the Camino de Santiago during my 800 kilometers pilgrimage walk) for IL VOLO ‘s continued success, well-being, prosperity, and joy. I traveled for 100 days with often an IL VOLO focus. To literally come to the end of my trip and not achieve that goal of spending a few minutes chatting with guys was honestly depressing for me. I was literally soooo close to them physically for the two concerts, yet also so far away with regards to meaningful conversation.

    The guys always deliver a spectacular professional performance, are engaging with their audience, appreciate their band and orchestra members, and acknowledge their management. They are humble, sweet, gorgeous young men.

    I was very honored to be able to attend both concerts in the historic Matera. It is now a cherished memory of a lifetime.

    Daniela your post beautifully captures the essence and scope of the concert—as usual, well done and very quick. You are amazing and I value your efforts for the Flight Crew fans.

    1. Crystal, how nice to hear from you, you had a good trip and already saw your granddaughter, how wonderful.
      Thanks again for your report, I’ll make another post.
      I think you had fun and I’m very happy for you, you had 2 different concerts in just two days. Magnificent.
      When you said you got up to go near Piero, I went to see the video, maybe I see you, are you on the right looking at Piero?
      I’m also glad you shouted OREGON. Perfect.
      Really a pity not to have exchanged two words with them, but believe me, many would like your opportunity to see them so close when they sing.
      Well done. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. You have had an amazing trip Crystal Dawn and now are enjoying your time with your son and little granddaughter! Thank you and Daniela for all the videos and information about the concerts in Matera. I am very much looking forward to the PBS special and also Il Volo’s concerts in the US.
        I can understand your being disappointed not to be able to meet and talk to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. It would have been lovely to tell them about your pilgrimage and prayers for them along the way. I’m glad you were selected to attend the PBS concert and that you had such great seats at both concerts. And it must have been lovely to visit the hometowns of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca! Best wishes as you continue your travels.

      2. Exactly Margaret, I didn’t see any Marsala or Montepagano. I plan to go see them.
        However Crystal has made a trip and two enviable experiences.

    2. Hi Crystal, how wonderful time you had durung your trip and still have with your family. When I think about your pilgrimage and Italian tour with two beautiful concerts, in such a magical place like Matera, at the end, I’m really impressed and a little jelous, of course. What can I say, You’re a my hero. Congratulations. I’m just curious, did you all that long trip alone or had you company? Have wonderful time with your little granddoughter. Hugs from Poland

      1. Yes, I have been traveling alone for the 100 days. Now with family in Japan for 7 days then home to Oregon.

  17. Yes, I am just next to Piero gazing at him when he is sitting on the stage. It was a powerful moment.

      1. Yes in the video I am just to the right below his arm with the microphone

  18. By the way ai read in one of the Italian papers (using google translate) that the Matera concert sits 1500.

  19. Thank you Daniela and Crystal for the videos/photos and descriptions. The one thing I didn’t see here or in any of the other postings were any solos by Gianluca. on the first night of the concert tour. Is that right or did I miss something?

    1. Roxanne, I tried a lot of Gianluca’s videos but I didn’t find any, I’m sure he did at least solo. I was very sorry, unable to attach them.
      If you saw anyone, would you pass it to me? Thank you!!

      1. Interesting. Maybe he wasn’t feeling well. Thanks for checking.

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