Switzerland has also been enchanted.

The MOON & STARS festival held in the square of Locarno was a success.

Here are some photos.


Great to see people in these photos.



Here are some short videos:




On the fanpage LE MAMME ILVOLOVERS, I read a beautiful comment, about who was present in Locarno, I extract the most significant piece and I thank the fanpage.

I hadn’t heard them live for a year !! I thought that after Notte Magica in Taormina, where they had been great, they could no longer amaze me !! There are no more doubts about their greatness !!

Last night, instead, in Locarno, I had to think again !! Each time, they surpass themselves in skill !!

I don’t know where these guys are going, they are still so young, they have so many years ahead of them, but if they keep it up there is no one else who can have this success!!

I saw them so at ease, close-knit, happy to be on stage that transmitted joy to all of us present! I have seen their other concerts here in Switzerland, but to hear the square sing with them like last night, NEVER !!

Another comment from the Moon&Stars website:  Moon&Stars Website – Click Here

“They came to steal hearts. There was a lot of love in the air for IL VOLO. The voices of the three boys come from another planet – even live. The three wonders transformed effortlessly between classical and pop music, international songs and Neapolitan songs. Pop Opera in a class of its own in Piazza Grande. Well done!”

(Scroll down on the webpage to see IL VOLO perform “Grande Amore”.)

A very nice review about IL VOLO written by Mauro Rossi appears on this Corriere del Ticino website: Corriere del Ticino article – Click Here

The translation of the paragraph below the photo of IL VOLO:

But let’s start with the classic-pop Italian trio made up of Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto (tenors) and Gianluca Ginoble (baritone) who may or may not like it as far as singing style (belcanto, although considered the emblem of Italianness all over the world, at home and from us does not enjoy too many consents) but that is absolutely impeccable. The voices of the three boys are in fact optimally set, the harmony is perfect and even the repertoire chosen by them does not make a wrinkle: a dozen classics of the melodic tradition of the Peninsula (from “Il Mondo” to the “L’immensità”, from “Lontano Dagli Occhi” to “Almeno tu nell’universo” to the inevitable “Volare”), four to five songs of their own (including the Sanremo singles “Grande Amore”  and “Musica Che Resta”) and a couple of international standards like My Way and Love Story”. All accompanied by a classical orchestra of about twenty elements (the Filarmonia Veneta) and a pop complex: a sumptuous organic capable of offering an ideal sound carpet to the performances of the three, performed both together and carving out their own spaces personal but always in the sign of a continuity and an interpretative balance that has never failed. The undisputed heirs of Bocelli, in short, that the public appreciated them with long and enthusiastic applause.


Beautiful this support from Abruzzo, who knows for whom will have given their warmest applause ??  😉


This, their image is very beautiful.



And here are the beautiful words of Luce Blu, also present at the concert:

Hello everyone, yesterday I had the extraordinary fortune of finding myself in Locarno for the “Moon & Stars”, I don’t know what to tell you except under a different sky, other scents, a clearer night … the same intense sensations that you get straight to heart, they are impossible to hold and escape from the eyes. How can we not thank them for this? Always … it’s the minimum. But still for their availability and kindness, rare qualities in their world and perhaps also in the world in general.

All that immediately catches one’s eye is their serenity on stage and their great harmony, one can say aloud that they are back to being those three voices and one soul that in “Notte Magica” was perceived too, one can well understand, of the importance of that project so demanding that it weighed with considerable responsibility.

Quarta, then with that violin … an alien on earth that makes the strings of that instrument scream, and together those of the soul, the solos of our idols with its accompaniment cannot fail to make you shed tears.



And tonight Alessandro Quarta’s shirt is longer!! 😂😂😂


What to say, although the program was shorter, for reasons of time, certainly, Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, got a great concert.

BRAVISSIMI, but quick to rest, there’s another concert coming soon: Merano, al Maia Music Festival !!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

19 thoughts on “LOCARNO MUSIC TOUR 6 by Daniela”

  1. Thank you Daniella!! I am camp nurse for the summer here and am following everything from here. Italy for me next year!!! Bravo IlVolo. No matter where they sing , they bring happiness and great Italian belle canto. Thank you Il Volo for sharing all your love with us!!!! Donna P.

    1. Hi Donna, what an important job you do.
      I am happy to lighten your days with some news of entertainment and music.
      Read about our guys, always enjoy the day. 🙂

  2. Another great article with so much well deserved praise Can’t say enough about these guys they are the very best Thank you again Daniela for all your good work

    1. Grazie mille, Bevfosterattner, (what a long and complicated name)
      It’s certainly nice to read these compliments to our boys, isn’t it?
      I’m glad you like our translations, thanks 🙂

  3. Truly I cannot imagine anyone or group who could ever compare to IL Volo. I don’t say that lightly, they are masterful and confident and when they sing I could cry for the beauty of their style. My wish and dream is to see them in 2020 when they come to the United States. I want front row seats, a Meet and Greet and I want to give them a hug each one. I’ve never been this excited over music I don’t understand the words, but the melody and their voices just carry me away to a beautiful place where I relax and enjoy. Thank you to your parents, your manager, and most of all to you “my guys” somethin about my guys that just gives me lots of pride in listening to the greatest. Stay sweet as you are now. Big hugs.

    1. Sassylady, when they announce the tour dates, make sure you make the official fanclub card, so you will get nice seats chosen by you. Remember that the card lasts 1 year, so do not do it too soon or you will have to renew it.
      I’ve never been to a Meet & Greet, and I won’t do it this year either.
      But I will certainly have lots of Meet & Greet in Verona with lots of friends I met thanks to IL VOLO.

  4. I hardly have words for everything you share with us. We love it. I introduced the boys to a friend at lunch and she loved them. This was such a good article. I love you for sharing so much.

    1. Victoria, you are a perfect sponsor for Il VOLO.
      We spread their harmony more and more, it is the maximum we can do for them, defend and spread them.
      What other top fans do they want?

  5. How wonderful to finally read such great reviews. We have waited a long time to see positive reviews of “our” young men. I know very little of the Italian language to understand what the lyrics mean but I can certainly understand the emotions, and the voices, the voices were sent to us from heaven. Thank you Lord!

      1. Thank you for the link, but I have been getting English translations and have printed them along with the Italian lyrics since I started following the guys. My binder is overflowing with about 95% of their songs. But there are so many new ones that I can’t keep up.

    1. RoseMarie, believe me if I tell you that I’m basking in joy to read all these beautiful comments, and immediately I want to translate them to let you share this. Finally, and they are all compliments that the boys deserve.

  6. Thanks Daniela for helping us enjoy these concerts! It is so nice to hear all these lovely reviews and comments about Il Volo. We have always known they were one of a kind and a blessed gift from God. It isn’t just their amazing talent, they truly give so much joy and love to all!

    1. Margaret, thank you, but happiness is mine, to be able to bring you all this news. The problem is that they are unstoppable and I don’t finish writing one thing, that there is already another.

  7. Thanks a lot Daniela for translations and sharing these beautiful photos and videos. IL VOLO is amazing, these guys really infect everyone with their joy o singing. My emotions grow from the concert to the concert. Hugs

  8. Thank you Daniela for letting us all know how the concerts are going although I know in my soul they are absolutely perfect from the staging, to the boys voices, to the orchestra, everything is done so well what a joy they are I am so glad I have Il Volo in my life.

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