Even Cinquale (Arena della Versilia) has been conquered.

Wherever IL VOLO goes, it leaves a trail of new lovers – because their music enchants, because they themselves enchant.


Last time, I didn’t find a nice video of the solo by Piero, “WHERE DO I BEGIN”, and I was very sorry, so I asked my friend Silvia, who I knew was going to Cinquale and was in the second row, the pleasure to record this song.

I thank Silvia who did it, so that I can show it to you.
You have made many beautiful videos that I will use in this post.


What can I say, I like it a lot. I like Piero’s interpretation, full of strength, imposing.

These duets performed together with Quarta are very special. I hope that Quarta is with them also in the US.

Also this time Alessandro said only nice words about our boys.

Thanks Alessandro, you are great!

“Because you are lucky to be there listening to them, because i can assure you that before any concert I’m always with my baby girl from 1723 (his violin) studying, they came instead, and compel me to listen to them. I was over there and I said myself ‘what a gift God sent to us!’ Thanks guys!”

The audience seems to agree with him, and I agree too, they are a gift from above! ❤️


“PEOPLE” (grazie mille to Christiane Chouery for some video)

Ignazio, “ALMENO TU NELL’UNIVERSO”, is a wonderful song, performed very well, with the support of the maestro Grani on the piano and Quarta on the violin. Too bad, it’s just a short video.







Silvia also made a nice video of Gianluca and Alessandro Quarta. They are both fabulous and I had to re-propose it to you, they are too good.




Some good shots of the night from Silvia.



There is nothing to say, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are very good and their program is varied, but always with remarkable performances. This year there is also the support of an excellent violinist.

You guys never disappoint.

Next, the Swiss are waiting for you!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

25 thoughts on “CINQUALE MUSICA TOUR 5 by Daniela”

  1. i loved Piero singing from Love Story. That was grand. It was like being there. What a treat to have all this music. The guys are beautiful to watch with the audience. Thank you soooo much.

  2. I’ve watch this a couple times now and I’m trying to decide if I like the new rendition of ‘’where do I begin’ or the one that’s on YouTube.
    There is a line “everywhere I go “that raises the hair on the back of my neck on the first one and missing from the concert. They are both beautiful. Thank you again for sending them to us

    1. Yes, I agree !! …I miss that little extra note or two he added !! ….it made it all his own ….☹️☹️☹️.sad that it’s gone !! …..I also wish the violin player would get a longer shirt …..he is superb !! …..but why must we keep seeing his belly ???🤣🤣🤣

      1. Marlene, you make me laugh. Just today, seeing the photo, I thought the same thing.
        But tonight in Locarno, Quarta’s shirt was longer.

    2. The youtube version is the one I fell in love with, the concert version is somewhat slower and he doesn’t hold the note at the end as long. But, that being said. both versions give me chills and bring me to tears. Everytime!!! My very favorite of Piero’s, I hope he sings it on tour in the States and that I don’t faint when I hear him sing it.

      1. I agree, RoseMarie, they are two beautiful versions, and I like them both.
        After the concert, I’ll watch your eyes !! 🙂

    3. You’re right, Victoria, I also miss that piece, the first time I heard it, I thought, “What happened? Why doesn’t he sing?”
      I like it all the same, but knowing the other version, something seems to be missing.

      1. Actually this concert version is a shortened version. It’s more emotional while the one on you tube is more dramatic. I feel his pronunciation is also much better on the concert version. However I miss that higher note in “ where ever I may go “ Regadless I love both versions.

    4. Exactly!! Don’t shorten this gorgeous song; not enough Piero! I hope he reads these comments and makes the adjustment for the US audience. His first version on YouTube years ago was wonderful and now, with better enunciation and the addition of the violin solo, it could be perfection!!

  3. Oh yes they certainly are a gift from God, and those of us who have been fans for years have known this. Their selection of songs for the concerts covers such a wide range proving again that they can sing it all . To round it all off they should add one or two songs from Amame, but I love their choices. Can’t wait for Verona, and hope mr Quarto joins them in the US.

    1. Janet, I also forwarded this comment, I too would like a couple, even just one of the songs on the Amame CD, they would show everyone (we already know this) that they are all-around artists.

  4. I loved Gianluca’s performance of Mi Mancherai with the violinist. What emotion he put into that song.

    1. That song brought tears to my eyes even before I knew what the words meant. And Gianluca’s interpretation of it is so heartfelt.

      1. Pat, you are completely right, the emotion, there is already in seeing the interpretation, if then you know the words ….. the top! 🙂

  5. I also believe with the kind of talent they have it is God given. Not everyone is meant to be the same, some ordinary, some special, some are liars and crooks, and then their is IL Volo… Gianluca, Ignazion, Piero which have been blessed with angel voices so the world can enjoy. I give thanks to the almighty for them and for bringing joy to the people. Myself I am quite ordinary, just a woman who sometimes acts crazy, sad, happy. Il Volo makes me happy, glad, and excited to see them in America in 2020. “My Guys…somethin about my guys”… love them and laugh with them also. Big hearts full of love when they sing. <3 <3 <3

    1. What I find really interesting–and endearing– is that ALL of us, virtually all of us, refer to the three young men of Il Volo as “my guys” or “our guys!” We all feel a real connection with them, as if they are part of our family, our lives. Certainly I have never felt this about any other celebrity or entertainer.

      1. Penina, we welcomed our boys and their families with open arms when they came to the states. We all feel as though we have adopted them as our own. Some of us have met them, their parents, siblings, friends and girlfriends too. So, yes they are a part of our lives, and just ask my children and you will hear about how they are a big part of my family too.

      2. Of course Penina, we all hear them “ours”, because the relationship we have with them is very different from that with other singers. We saw them from an early age, and they often let us peek into their private lives, leaving the doors of their families ajar, of which we know all the relatives and tastes.
        As RoseMarie says, it’s like we had adopted them, we rejoice with them, we suffer with them.
        Nonna Maura, considers Gianluca, for all intents and purposes, his eleventh nephew.

    2. Undoubtedly, they spread so much joy.
      I have two friends who went to the Cinquale concert, both of them, for different things, the night before, complaining of fatigue and having to go to the concert, having so many jobs at home (renovations at the house etc.). They returned, after the concert, all excited and with a new charge of happiness, which will make their work lighter.

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