NERVI : MUSICA TOUR 4 by Daniela

It was their first concert in Genoa and of course it was a success!

But here are the first photos, thanks to Mr. Ginoble.

Nervi 01

Nervi 02

Nervi 03

Nervi 04

The audience seemed much more timid than usual. It was the first time here, for IL VOLO and probably also for the public it was the first time, they were all very firm in their seats.

Let’s start with “A CHI  MI DICE”.

But now, I want you to analyze the videos of the solos well, because they are really beautiful.

Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, have certainly chosen songs that are absolutely suitable for them.

Gianluca, “MI MANCHERAI”


I believe that these two songs are really suitable for Gianluca. With how much love, with how much feeling, our perfect crooner performs, indeed interprets these two sweet songs.

Bravo Gianluca !! 👏

This song was a great news for us Italians. Battisti-Mogol (authors of the song) are considered among the greatest Italian authors. This is a sweet song and Ignazio interprets it very well, at first sweet and then going towards the high notes, which he performs so well.

Bravo Ignazio!! 👏

This piece became Piero’s workhorse. It is now part of his fixed repertoire. He strongly interprets this song, he feels it “in his strings”.

Bravo Piero!! 👏



These following photos have been posted from the Nervi Festival page, and have been published with this comment:
“Yesterday, fans of all ages filled the audience of the # FestivalNervi2019, to experience, a TOTAL experience, that left its mark: thanks to Il Volo and all the participants for giving us these unique emotions!” ⭐ 💗

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And these, some comments from the people:

Ottavia Primicerio = Good also as soloists, but together they are explosive, overwhelming, magnificent. And they are nice.
And the orchestra … a mention for violin and piano.
Great evening, young, and not so young, very old people, all happy, they sang, and they applauded for a long time.

Angela Pazzano = Three spectacular voices! Good guys with solid roots simplicity has been perceived a lot! 👏👏👏

Fran Ci = Wonderful concert! Very good, no doubt about it !! I went to accompany my mother, who has loved them for years, and I was also surprised by their sympathy and ability to involve the public. … a compliment also to the organization of the event. I found kind and helpful people. Thanks for the nice evening. 😊

Laura Tina = Fantastic location, they are great, great violinist, great orchestra … what more can we say? Let’s hope for a reply!

The regional television newscast also reported the news and made a nice article on IL VOLO. This is the title:
Il Volo enchants the Nervi Festival, a great success for the pop-opera trio at the international festival.

And finally, the wonderful words of Alessandro Quarta at the end of their performance. They are beautiful words of esteem and affection: thanks Alessandro!

And thank you to Christiane Chouery for the video.


A = It is wonderful, I am breathless. I’m out of breath, not because I do the dance, even if I’m not brought for the dance, but because they force you to every concert, to always do one more beautiful than the other.

I played with the greatest singers and musicians in the world, it seems to me that I have NEVER had anything to do with the older ones.

Because for me, in this context, we have them, because they have heart, they have heart, boys. I pride myself on being Italian, (applause) but you must not applaud me, but you must applaud them.

G = Thanks Alessandro, you are great.

A = Because they really do wonderful things, thanks guys.

P = Thanks to you.

I = Obviously these words, were part of the script …. (laughter, while Alessandro waved his arm and hand to say no). I’m kidding.

Nervi 12

In short, this time everything was fine, and the people, who seemed more detached, actually made beautiful comments and articles.

Guys go to rest, for a short while, the concert n. 5, Cinquale is ready !!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

23 thoughts on “NERVI : MUSICA TOUR 4 by Daniela”

  1. Another beautiful Italian setting for our guys, and if the audience was a little more subdued that’s alright they were probably just listening more intently than other fans and that’s fine. I can hardly wait till IL Volo comes to the U S it seems like such along time to wait but that’s the way it goes.

    1. yes, great that the people in the audience were seated.
      unless they were sitting on the last row, then they can stand all they want!

  2. I am so thrilled for the guys that the Concert was so well received and moved so many. I can hear the songs in my head and in my heart, and I can picture the guys onstage. I am so enamored with them and I wish for all the world to feel the music, romance and passion that I know is there…I allow myself the ebb and glow of their voices and I am never disappointed…Gianluca has captivated me and has my permanent and lasting adoration…thank you for sharing the interview and for once again moving my heart…

  3. Mi Mancherai is one of my favorite Italian songs. Gianluca sang it beautifully, and together with Alessandro it has to be the very best interpretation of that song ever.
    No one can surpass them.

    1. Jill, I admit that I didn’t know this song, but when I heard it, I immediately liked it, also Gianluca and Alessandro are a perfect couple, which transmits love and passion even in the work they do.

  4. They are simply the best. I love all the videos. Thank you so much. What a treat this is.

  5. I love all 3 of them, each with his distinctive voice. However, I find Piero’s voice unusual. Wondering if he sang “where do I begin” in this concert. Also I’ve seen other videos of this concert on different FB pages and noticed that the boys’ voices sort of “cracked” in certain songs. I realize that singers are not always perfect in all their performances but I hoped all 3 are taking care of their voices. I am sure everyone who loves them want to see this trio sing for years and years. Good luck to all 3.
    Daniela, thank you for this update and for translating the Interview in previous post. Your hard work is very much appreciated.

    1. Sonia, I didn’t find any video of Piero singing the theme of Love story, but I’m sure he sang it.
      I asked my friend Silvia, who will go to Cinquale to make a video of Piero with this song.
      There was a problem with Ignazio’s voice in the concert of Radio Italia in Palermo, but nobody understood if it was a problem of voice or volume microphones in the boys’ ears. Let us remember that the concerts are always live and of course there can sometimes be problems with the voice (which cannot always be perfect), but the important thing is to demonstrate the professionalism, in these cases, to continue the show and also to help each other one in these cases.
      I firmly believe that these guys take great care of their voices.

  6. In my 80 year old opinion, they are the best I have ever, ever heard, and I have heard a lot of singers. I compare them to many of my past favorites but they always come out on top. I have heard their voices crack occasionally, never Gianluca, but Ignazio trying for those high notes, Piero rarely. Take care boys, you have a long career ahead of you. We love you. Thanks ladies for your labor of love.

    1. Rose Marie I totally agree with you. They are the best we have ever heard as well. I love this site so we can see and hear so much about these wonderful boys. Thank you Daniela

    2. RoseMarie, in the concert of Radio Italia, you saw how Piero went to help Ignazio who had problems with his high tones. You saw the worried looks of Gianluca and how all three are pressed together at the end of the song, like saying “let’s help”

      1. I thought Ignazio looked unwell during that concert. He did not look his cheerful self. I would not be surprised to learn he had a fever or something–it is not the first time one or another of them performed unwell. There have been times when they even sang each other’s parts to cover for the one who was sick.

      2. And they do it with such professionalism–they don’t miss a beat. In those South American concerts unless you were a real fan and follower, you would not have known anyone did anything unusual. Or that the songs weren’t sung exactly the way they were meant to be sung!

  7. Thank you Pitterpat and Daniela for all the great photos and videos! Another great concert in beautiful Italia! I hope they keep most of the same playlist when they tour in the US. It’s a great mix of songs. I especially love Mi Mancherai sung by Gianluca with Alessandro and it’s nice to hear Piero again singing No Puede Ser. I hope that he will once again sing A Mano a Mano. I guess we all have so many songs we would love to have Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca sing. And of course I hope they will include songs from their new CD Musica which I am playing over and over!

    1. Margaret, I also think it’s a good program, what they are bringing on tour, and I hope they keep it even in the US.
      I too would love to hear A MANO A MANO.

  8. Thank you for sharing these beautiful videos and and pictures. It’s always great pleasure to watch and read the translations❤. All those beautifil words of aprecciation from the audience and especially Alessandro make me happy. Thanks again Daniela and Pat 😚

  9. Grazie Jolanta. To hear Alessandro speak those fine words is really a pleasure, and I think that Alessandro is an honest person. He himself has tried, what it means, not being appreciated, he knows this feeling well.

  10. Superb Daniela as usual. I also love the violin being played with so much love & knowledge. It would be lovely to hear if Alessandro is a permanent ficture with the Il Volo boys concerts. I would also like to ask anyone on this site if they know the theatre that the boys will be performing in the States would you please call me at 5198024983 & reverse the charges I am in Chatham Ontario. I so want to see their concert in the States.

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