It was a really nice dream, what Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca allowed to come true, for the beautiful and sweet Rachele and for her mother Alessia.

In the TV show LA PORTA DEI SOGNI (The Door of Dreams), broadcast by RAI1, the possibility of realizing a dream is given.

I chose this video, because it is the most complete of the whole evening and therefore I will translate it for you.

At the beginning Mara Venier, the host of the program, reads the letter from Alessia, a mother who with great difficulty raised her two daughters, practically alone (after separation from her partner), one 4 and one 9 years old .

Nine years have passed among sacrifices and Rachele, the eldest daughter, turns 18. Mum asks Mara that Rachele be celebrated with the boys whom the girl admires very much, because they managed to obtain, with study and sacrifice, what they wanted and have always been an example for Rachele.

La Porta 01

Alessia tells how difficult it was to raise the girls, especially Rachele, who in adolescence, did not understand the mother’s constant NO to any request, a pizza with friends, go to the cinema, a continuous No, because the money sometimes they weren’t enough to eat. Furthermore, Rachele did not like herself, because she was a little overweight, so the mother-daughter relationship was very difficult.

At some point, they also had to leave the house and go to live in a basement, where in only one room, they had a sofa bed and a small kitchen and TV.

Alessia, with some tears, however, says that they were the best moments. They sat down and watched a program of little singing children (TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE)

“There were three kids that I indicated as an example to follow, because to succeed you don’t have to follow fashion, but to commit yourself, because what you believe in can be transformed into reality.”

La Porta 02

Mara adds that now these guys have become famous all over the world and they bring our Italian spirit up high.

So Mara says to Alessia, “Let’s see what Rachele thinks of you.”


Rachele remembers the many problems they have always had. Remember that they often ate white pasta and potatoes, but mom always had a smile for them.

At some point Rachele understood that the sacrifices that her mother made were immense and therefore she left school and went to work to give valuable help.

Rachele thinks her mom is truly UNIQUE

La Porta 03

Rachele enters in the studio, and Mara asks if she has understood what is the dream that her mother has desired for her.

Alessia says that she would have liked Rachel to marry someone like Piero.

The dream is to bring Rachel together with the guys from her favorite group, IL VOLO.

Mara tells Rachele to go to the door that will light up.

La Porta 04

Enter Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

Kisses and hugs and a lot of emotion, Rachele is happy.

Ignazio tells Rachele that he too was a little overweight as a kid, and that this year, he sang a solo by Mia Martini (ALMENO TU NELL’UNIVERSO) and she said that “Nobody is able to judge us, only we know what we are worth in this world.” and these are words to always remember.

A medley of beautiful songs from IL VOLO begins.

La Porta 05

At the end Piero, gives a gift to mom and daughter, a VIP package, for the Arena di Verona, complete with Meet & Greet.

So much emotion and in the end Ignazio asks “but who is the most beautiful of the three of us?” and Rachele, between laughter says that Ignazio is the most beautiful!

Final hugs to everyone !! ❤️❤️❤️

La Porta 06

Did you like this nice surprise? 😊

How many of you would have liked to be in Rachele’s place?

I await your comments.



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. I am sure that every fan will definitely say I wish I was in her place. I know I certainly wish that. The guys were so wonderful with her. They are definitely the best. Getting closer to my concert date of Feb 22 so excited

  2. Alemeno Tu Nell ‘Universo is the most beautiful song I have heard Ignazio sing. I so hope he sings it when the guys are in concert in Atlanta GA next month. So very sweet that they took time to lift the spirit of one who needed encouragement.

  3. A dream come true and one that will be with her all her life, as it would be for any of us. It is not surprising to read this about IL Volo, they are kindness personified over and over. I fell in love with each of them and if I was asked by any who they liked most… I could not do it. I love each of them for their own personality Gianluca being a bit shy, Ignazio full of life and spice, Piero… the romantic when he sings his songs… his heart is in the words he sings. I absolutely adore each of them. I wish I could even say hello to them in Arizona on 3/01/2020. I’d love to be staying at the hotel they are staying… I’d be room service so quick they wouldn’t know what to say… for that matter me either, I would look my hearts’s content though. Lovely story and these guys are nothing short of being the kindest, considerate, and loving of all singers I’ve enjoyed over the years. How many times can you say I love them? Over a million I know. Blessings and peace always to the three of you and to be safe wherever you are. I do love all three of you. ❤️

  4. Rachele is a lovely young woman, dearly loved by her mother. As always the boys are sensitive and caring toward those who struggle. I’m especially touched by the words of Ignazio who brings comfort to Rachele by sharing with her his own struggles as a child. These young men continue to impress me with their humility and willingness to connect with others in a meaningful way. They unique as human beings and role models. ❤️

  5. This show was a great complement to the boys. Their down to earth life and wholesome personalities are the envy of every mother and grandmother. One reason I have been an involved fan since 2009.

  6. Is there anyone who wouldn’t change places with Rachele for this moment? The meet and greets after the concerts are short and pass quickly but the guys leave a permanent mark on us never the less. I am happy to have experienced quite a few and am looking forward to more this year.

  7. I watched this video earlier, wishing I knew what was being said. Thank you so much, Daniela, for translating. What a nice surprise from you as well as for the young lady!

  8. I am not all surprised at the kindness Gianluca, Pierro and Ignazio showed to Rachelle. These kind, talented singers are the epitome of shining hearts of gold, filled with love, so humble and serious when called for, yet so humorous putting a smile on all their grateful fans’ faces. Bravo Il Volo!!!! Elisa Marie

  9. Thank you for translating Daniela! I was hoping that you will do it. This was a nice video. Bravo Il Volo!

  10. Thank you Daniela for translating. The video is great
    Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero are so wonderful with this young girl. Who wouldn’t like to get such beautiful gift for birthday, I’d like to very much. Happy Rachele 😍

  11. Dear Daniela…
    Thank you so much for sharing this. Even at my advanced years, I would find it an honor to be in the company of these three talented and beautiful men. I am a Forever Follower; however my heart breaks for I will never be able to give the sincere love that I have for Gianluca. I find his sincerity and gentleness so desirable and loving, and I love his quietness, playfulness, and yes, I know he finds flirting a way of life…I accept that because I know he has a heart and commitment to real love. What I thought was love in my life long ago was nothing compared to my feelings and my longings of this time in my life for Gian. I am not a weird person, but rather a sincere romantic who has seen the beauty of such a special love that only comes once in a lifetime. Unfortunately it’s not in mine…

    1. Yes, I agree, you are a woman in love with love. Gianluca represents everything beautiful that love can give you. Don’t be ashamed, it’s such a beautiful thing to experience this beautiful feeling!

  12. Daniela, this translation and video is such a special treat. Thank you for getting this for us. It’s one more demonstration of these remarkable “boys” (to us). They are so generous with their voices, hearts and time for others. They give and give and give.

  13. Hello Daniela ❤️
    I watched part of the video online the other day, but did not understand what was going on….
    Now you translate it beautifully and I thank you from my heart .
    Grazie Daniela
    Nice to hear from you🥰

  14. Hello Daniela ❤️
    I watched part of the video online the other day, but did not understand what was going on….
    Now you translate it beautifully and I thank you from my heart .
    Grazie Daniela
    Nice to hear from you

  15. I love the humility all 3 express and the compassion they have for people, I would love to meet them, i enjoy their music so much and follow them but I am widowed now and barely making ends meet so I personaly can not afford the fare or the tickets for a concert may they always be true to themselves.

    1. Betty, I understand your problems, but you always follow us, and we will make it seem to you that you are at the concert with the three of them !!!

  16. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful was your translation, Daniela! Thank you so much! I am looking forward to my concert in Tampa in February. Time does seem to be going faster now that Christmas has been here and gone. Can’t wait to see my guys again. – Allene

  17. Hi Daniela, been looking all over the Internet for you. I have a question for your ears only, would you please give me a msg on my FB messenger… kind of personal so that is why I’m asking… nothing bad at all, just a question and maybe you know. Thanks. Sassylady1937

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