Second Who’s Going Where…

Ok, here’s the 2nd round with the next 4 concerts.  For those going to the Detroit concert, I don’t have anything planned as a group, per se.  Our little Detroit Il Volo Gals group are meeting for dinner in Dearborn before the concert and going down together to the concert from the restaurant.  Perhaps we can agree to meet in a certain area of the lobby before the concert.  Of those who are attending, let me know who has orchestra pit?  🙂

Donna Cunnane

Chris Hudnell

Donna Cunnane
Roseanne Ramunni and sister, Maria
Camille Greco

Jana VandeLaare & The Detroit Il Volo Gals!
Rose Marie Paliobeis
Lisa Joy
Chris Hadley and sister
Lucy Buzzee
Jeanie Herzog and husband
Jeannette Giglio

Ok, that’s all for now….

Thanks for sending in your Gianluca wishes.

A note about the concerts, seems they are cracking down on picture taking at the MG and other things… but at least it looks like we get a little something for our $300 besides a picture and the lanyard.  Someone, sorry, can’t remember who it was at this point, sent in a picture of the bag and a few other items.  🙂  However, I’ve also read that they are nearly 2 hour concerts with no break.  Pretty awesome!

p.s. ok, I’m getting a bit ticked off now, I’ve emailed the fan club every day and no one has gotten back to me yet!  Everyone is asking me questions and I can’t even get in!

Thank you to those that have written in with a few details on the soundchecks, etc.

I’ve also been trying my best to answer the emails coming into the new gmail account.  Thank you also for your reviews thus far, I’ve read them all and your comments.  🙂

However, please note that we do not have any direct communications with the guys… 

We also appreciate all of the accolades!!  However, if someone wants to help, let me know!  🙂





15 thoughts on “Second Who’s Going Where…”

  1. I have not seen any reviews about the February 6th concert ,n the beautiful Radio City Hall, and I wrote in a long one about how magnificent the boys sounded–their voices were in top form. The songs were great–a mix of our favorite Italian songs and some in English–I cried when Gianluca sang “Bridge Over Trouble Water” which has a special meaning for me.

    Piero came down from the stage at one point and stood up a chair stood up on a chair in the aydience singing right near all of us! He also dedicated a song to his Mom who was at the concert on February 6th-“Mamma” and to all mothers in the audience–very touching.

    I jumped out of my seat to clap ad screamed, “bravo” after every song IL VOLO sang. They were awesome, connected with us. When they said “We Love You New York” the audience enthusiastically responded back “We love you too!” with thunderous applause..

    Ignazio, your “Memory” rendition: was so heartwarming.

    There was much humor among the three of the boys, usually from Ignazio. The 3 of you are so kind, humble and sweet.

    The last song, “Grannd Amore” was so thrilling and went on for about 6 minutes, and we wanted it to continue forever.

    I wish my other post I wrote had appeared. I wonder if I appear on the official fan club list–I HAVE MY BADGE but how can I check to be sure I am on the list?

    I also sent my birthday wishes to Gianluca for his 25th birthday on February 11th.God Bless you and good health and may all your dreams come true.

    Love to Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio. IL VOLO FOREVER!!!

    Bravo IL VOLO.*** Please return to Radio City in NY next year 2021***.

    Elisa Marie from Warwick, New York

    1. Very nice post, Elisa Marie!
      Just one little clarification: Piero’s mother does not fly anywhere. It was Gianluca whose mom was in the audience on 2/6 and he mentioned this when they sang “Mamma.” She is traveling with them.

    2. Elisa, the same thing happened to me. I made a post and it did not appear.
      Thank you for this post that did get thru. It is so special to those of us that follow our “Boys”. We are all Il Volovers.

  2. I verified with Judy T. who was at RCMH in NY that we cannot give a hug or kiss to any of the guys at the M&G due to health concerns. They are very strict about this. Just giving everyone a heads-up!

  3. I will be going to their concert in Bethlehem with my son. Their concert at RCMH was beautiful. There was so much love!

  4. Hey, in case anyone is wondering, I am finally able to get in to the site. They just posted atlantic city sound check!

    I had to give up and buy yet another membership! 🙁 but at least now I can get in!

  5. It appears I will be attending the Mesa AZ concert March 1 with my sister, Lynn Sherman. We plan to stay in a nearby hotel, which she has not yet told me. Please tell me more about the Sound Check in Mesa.

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