In these days, Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, do not make their absence felt. They put online many moments of dialogue, and also of singing, which make us a little forget a little the sad moments we are experiencing.

Just the moments of singing I want to bring together today, starting from their participation, Sunday March 31, at an online concert “MUSICA CHE UNISCE”, of many Italian singers, to raise funds for Civil Protection.

Of course, they sang, each from their homes, GRANDE AMORE. ❤️

I would say that the song went very well, the voices are there and powerful!

In these videos, you understand that the power of the voices is true and not amplified by technical instruments. Here everyone has been able to feel the strength of their individual voices !!

BRAVI! ❤️❤️❤️

And what about this acapella (voice only) execution of IL MONDO, made by Piero during an interview via Skype?
Gorgeous 😘

(Thank you to Viviana Viv for the video.)

But how much sweetness there is in this piece by Lewis Capaldi performed by Gianluca.

Gian your voice is caressing, but also very powerful. Your performances on the piano have improved a lot.

Very good 😘

I was so amazed at this splendid duet by Ignazio and Lidia Schillaci.

Magnificent, their voices are very well united, they blend very well.

Really excellent duet, both very good 😘😘

But I believe that not all of you know Lidia Schillaci. She is a Sicilian singer, exactly from Palermo. She is 36 years old,

In my opinion, she has a beautiful voice, yet, I didn’t even know who she was, it seems incredible, but here in Italy there are many talents who do not have the success due. It’s true, I read that she is in great demand, but certainly not known by most of the Italian audience.

Many compliments Lidia! 😊

Unites 01

This other duet is also fantastic, where Ignazio and Lidia sing “Shallow”. ❤️❤️

Wonderful, I would listen to them endlessly and nice also Ignazio’s comment:
“Well I only miss blue eyes! 📷📷
Besides, I have my Lady Gaga !!” 😁

And here is another video that amazed me: there are three of them: Ignazio, Lidia Schillaci and Nico Arezzo.

The song is the beautiful “That’s What Friends Are For.”

I like all three very, very well. 🤗

Now that we’ve met Lidia, we know the guy with the guitar. He is Nico Arezzo (Domenico Arezzo) is 18 years old and is Sicilian, from Modica.

Maybe not everyone knows that this guy is followed by Ignazio, because before leaving for the American tour, Ignazio opened his own record label, Floki Production, and the first artist that follows is Nico Arezzo, always under the final supervision of Torpedine .

We wish Nico and also Ignazio a deserved success.

Unites 02

This song has just been published on Instagram by Gianluca, really beautiful.

How much sweetness and how much feeling. Bravo Gian! ❤️

Well, I would say that the boys kept us company this time too.
I want to know your opinion on each of these performances.

Also I have a question to ask you, a question that was suggested to me by Regina:
“If Il Volo were to do a duet with another singer (male or female) who would you like to hear with them?”

I await all your opinions.


Unites 03


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

58 thoughts on “MUSIC THAT UNITES US by Daniela”

  1. I have said their voices are perfect. They always hit the notes perfectly. They don’t slid up or down to notes. That have phenomenal talent.

  2. All the songs were amazing. I love that they are sharing so much with us via the internet. I would love to hear them sing with Celine Dion Thank you so much for this wonderful article ❤️

  3. Thank you for keeping us up to date with Il Volo. I have their Instagrams but do not get notifications that they are live. Shallow was not my cup tea, I enjoyed all the others. Duet with ? need to think about that one 🙂

  4. I would love to hear Gian sing with Michael Bible. and another song with Ed Sheehan

  5. Since I love Celine, she would be my first choice then if she were still alive I would pick Montserrat Caballe the Spanish opera star.

    1. RoseMarie, I love Celine too, but Montserrat Caballe would have been a phenomenal duet. I love Barcelona with Freddie Mercury, fantastic.

  6. I absolutely enjoyed Gianluca’s rendition of “You Raise Me Up.” Bravo, Gianluca. The lyrics are so uplifting.

    I hope that Ignazio’s new record label does not take away too much of his attention from singing with IL Volo. I guess it’s difficult for some of us to get used to change, however, I wish Ignazio best wishes on his new endeavor, and congratulations.
    Piero — what can I say except to repeat what millions say about your high, extended notes in “O Sole Mio.” I adore you. I BELIEVE YOU WILL BE A FAMOUS OPERA STAR.


    Let’s pray that we stand together, never give up hope and believe God will see us through this pandemic.

    Thank you Daniela for your translation, and to all who provided the photos and videos.

    With my love to all,
    Elisa Marie from New York

  7. Love the music these guys have been putting out That one by Gianluca was really good Ignazio and Lidia and are fantastic together Ignazio has really put out some great videos Loved Piero on AveMaria It is so nice to see them on their own but they really belong together We are in all the time now and these guys are filling my days and evenings Thank you guys I would like to hear them sing with Celine Dion Thanks for the article Hope you and your family staying safe Unfortunately we are in bad shape over here in the U.S. and I am staying home except to get groceries. The store was crowded and people not following the rules Couldn’t wait to get back home. Stay safe everyone

    1. Beverley, surely the boys gave us very nice songs.
      Celine Dion, I would say it is in great demand.

      We hear every day that in America you are experiencing what is still not resolved here. Let us all pray that it may end soon.

  8. Strange as it is, I would like to here them sing with Adam Lambert. My favorite singer after Il Volo.

      1. Daniela, lol didn’t think of that but it would be so true. Adam reminds me of Igna. Both sing with soft and powerful voices.

  9. I just saw a video on Instagram of Gianluca singing “You Raise Me Up” and it’s just beautiful! I am really enjoying all these impromptu performances by the guys these days. We are seeing another less formal side of them and it’s wonderful! As for who they should duet with, I think I really just prefer the three of them together!

    1. Clarissa, Gianluca had just published the video, and Pat quickly added it to the post, he really did a nice interpretation of the song, and the words are so suitable for the moment we are living.
      Clarissa, the duet is intended between Il Volo and another singer.

  10. For me, it is more the song than another singer. Tho I have really enjoyed Igna and his friends immensely and Gian singing “You lift me up”. SO:
    All 3 singing “you Lift Me Up” together, harmonizing. Igna knows how to make that happen.
    Also, “You are always on my mind”.
    “The More I see You”
    “This Song For You”
    “Try A little Tenderness”
    That they are comforting us and themselves with their singing, interviewing, and Igna talking to fans is so heart warming.

    1. Kay, maybe tomorrow you will read the translation of Ignazio talking to the fans.
      I don’t know all the songs you say, but I promise that I will look for them and listen to them.

      1. I love Il Volo! They are exceptional and all of their fans already know this!! I have been to 5 concerts in Miami !
        The song You Are Always On My Mind is an excellent choice!

    2. I’m with you Kay, I just want them to sing more songs together, I cannot get enough. I imagine them singing:
      “If Tomorrow Never Comes” Garth Brooks
      “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling,” “Soul and Inspiration”
      Righteous Brothers
      “I Still Miss Someone” Johnny Cash
      “Only You” Platters
      “This Guy’s In Love with You” Herb Alpert
      “Suspicions” Eddie Rabbit
      “Crying”, Pretty Woman” Roy Orbison

      well there is a lot more, but I stop.


  11. Just the three of them together is my choice. I would love to hear them sing “You are the sunshine of my life “, Love Me With All of your heart “. Thank you Ignazio for making me smile during this very difficult time. God bless you and your family! Praying for you and the group and your country! ❤️

    1. Mary, “You are the sunshine of my eyes” is wonderful, it would be beautiful sung by Il Volo. You must know that Stevie Wonder is Ignatius’ favorite singer.
      Stay safe.

  12. Daniela, many thanks for this post, as always! I enjoyed learning who these other two talented singers are. I agree with the others regarding the female choices for a duet (& Michael Buble, of course). I also feel that Josh Groban would blend beautifully with the guys. It’s wonderful to know that it will take more than this terrible virus to keep Italians from singing!!

    1. Yes Judi, I think Groban’s voice would blend in well with our guys.
      You’re right, it takes more than this virus to prevent Italians from singing.

  13. Loved all the songs and duets! It really make the days go by much better! Thanks guys for your interactions with us by videos!! Love it! More more! Singing together is my favourite! ❤️❤️❤️Stay safe and inside and help us all to do the same! Thanks so much Daniela! 🌹🌹🙏🙏👍🇨🇦🎶🎤

    1. Linda, these songs that the boys proposed to us, thrilled us. But let’s remember that they are Il Volo and we are waiting for their fantastic song soon, all for us.
      Stay safe you too.

  14. Hi. I believe the boys and ed Sheeran would be beautiful together. They each have a warmth, a tenderness and vitality to do an ed Sheeran song.

  15. I’m so hooked on them as a trio that it is difficult to decide who to suggest they duet with, so I’ll go with Barbara Striesand singing “Love is a Many Splendid Thing”. They could harmonize full blast and it would be phenomenal. I think Celine could actually overpower Ignazio-we wouldn’t want that.

    1. Mark, however, the duet is intended between Il Volo and another singer, not just one of them.
      Pretty much like they already did with Barbara Streisand, and it was magnificent.

  16. Hi Daniela
    I can’t wait to hear Ignazio message to his fans. If they have to sing a duet with someone, I too would choose Céline Dion.
    I can’t believe that Lidia is not that well known even in Italy. She has a beautiful voice, and the most lovely smile.
    Stay safe😘

    1. Jill, I also believe that a duet between Il Volo and Celin would be mythical.
      Lidia participated in a beautiful show last year where she imitated great singers like Lady Gaga and Whitney Houston, but she as a real singer is not well known. Wait, Ignazio’s translation will come.

  17. Thanks again Daniela for your post. I would love for the boys to have a grand concert in Verona and have some of the above mentioned singers plus my choice of two musicians. Daniele Vitale SAX and 2Cellos (stylized 2CΞLLOS) are a Croatian cellist duo, consisting of classically trained cellists, Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser. Signed to Sony Masterworks since 2011, they have released four albums. They play instrumental arrangements of well-known pop and rock songs, as well as classical and film music. The duo performs internationally and has been featured on several US TV shows including Glee and The Bachelor. Daniela said that the boys have met S. Hauser.

  18. Thank you Daniela and Pitterpato for all the articles, videos, and translations that you do. I really enjoyed Gian’s you raise me up, and Piero’s You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me. I’m amazed at Gian’s ability to play the piano cause I remember him saying he wants to learn how to play and If i remember correctly, Ignazio said if it took Gianluca 4 years to get his driver’s license, then playing the piano would take —- years. Anyhow, Shallow was not my cup of tea. Endless Love sounds much better for me. However, I prefer all 3 of them to sing together and use this time to think of songs for a new album. As to who to duet with, I vote for Celine Dione or Ed Sheehan.

    1. Sonia, as I said, in an interview, Gian said that as a child he had taken piano lessons and now that he has his own plan and even more time, he is having a beautiful result.
      Thank you for your compliments.

  19. I am a huge fan of Celine Dionne. However, I was blown away by lidia Schillachi! I would love to hear more duets with her. Also, she’s very beautiful.

    1. Marie, exactly my thoughts. I love Celine and a duet between Il Volo and Celine would be magnificent, but I would also like to see Lidia’s presence in the Il Volo concerts, I would say that it would be excellent, an intervention of a couple of songs together with our boys, as already done with Serena Brancale in 2016.

  20. For Gian I would say a duet with Michael Buble’ or Josh Groban. I loved Ignazio and Lidia together. Beautiful. He and Adam Lambert would be great together. I’m not sure who I would pick for Piero, but for all three I would say Ed Sheeran . A female artist I think who would do well with Ilvolo would be Kelly Clarkson.

      1. KC is the first American Idol winner and I just recently got to know her by watching her talk show which is really cute and she covers a song a day and dang the woman can sing and hit those high notes and I read that she has some opera training so that’s why I included her in my choices, although I forgot Mariah Carey because I do love her as well.

  21. Thank you so much for all the translations and videos. I look forward to your posts every day. I was really impressed and touched by Gian’s “You raise me up”. Very moving and emotional. i agree that a good match with Il Volo would be Josh Groban, and I”ve always loved the song “Love is a Many Splendored Thing”. I’d love to hear Il Volo sing it.

    I’d like to suggest the guys sing a whole album of Italian songs from different parts of Italy. Songs that are typical of certain areas of the country, and of course, include a couple of songs from Sicily. I think the Italian public would appreciate that and fans from the US, Japan, Europe would also like it. For example, what songs are identified with Genova, or Lecce, or Bolzano, or Firenze, or Pescara, and the classical “Ave Maria’ from the Vatican? Every town or county has their traditional songs. I’m sure there would be hundreds to choose from and all would
    sound beautiful if Il Volo would sing them. It would be kind of a gift to the Italian people after pulling through these tough times. Anyway, it’s an idea that I would love to see happen.

    1. Majia, I love that song too and it would be beautiful performed by Il Volo.
      Nice idea of ​​a CD of all Italian songs from different regions.
      Instead I would propose a whole CD of all their unpublished grouped.


    1. Dear Connie, these are very sad moments for everyone.
      We try with these posts to alleviate the constant presence of news about the virus.
      We must hope that everything will end soon.
      We try to distract ourselves by following our dear boys.
      Stay safe.

  23. Here I am with the results of this survey, to understand what other singer you would like to hear singing with Il Volo.
    First of all, I wanted to clarify that it was intended as a duet, but between Il Volo (and not just one of them) and another singer.

    However your marks gave these results:

    10 points:

    4 points:

    2 points:

    1 point:
    2 CELLOS
    AMIRA WILLIGHAGEN (comment on facebook).

    Perfect, so when your choice was overwhelming: CELINE DION, we really hope this duet will happen.
    Even if it’s a few years ago, here they are all together.
    Thanks to everyone for participating. 🙂

  24. They should do a duet with the young girl they sang with on Americas Got Talent. That is when I first saw them. She was incredible,and should have won.

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