Really very nice was Ignazio, who wanted to have a contact via Instagram so the fans who could call him. A really kind and nice idea.

Here’s what was said.

At the beginning Ignazio does not understand well how the activation of the calls works and says that it is too difficult and repeatedly asks for HELP, then complains that he must choose who to talk to and he does not want to do it, but only in this way he can access someone, so he then he says that will choose randomly.

The first call is with a fan from Naples who immediately asks Ignazio how he is. He replies that he is fine and that as soon as this invasion ends (he means the virus) the concert programs will continue, he says they will make the Arena and then Milan and then Taormina. (Ignazio practically assumes that from August onwards their concert program will remain intact.)

The girl says she is from Castellamare di Stabia, near Pompeii and that she can’t wait to see them again.

Ignazio also greets her mother who tells him that they love him. The fan’s dad also greets Ignazio and asks him why he stayed in Bologna. Ignazio replies that he lives in Bologna, but, he had to come to Sicily, but for the virus he cannot move. A friend also arrives, happily says goodbye to Ignazio and tells him to come quickly to Naples to eat the sfogliatelle (typical Neapolitan sweets).

Final greetings.

Ignazio 01

Ignazio regrets having to choose, but at this point he contacts a fan from Brazil, he hopes that the fan speaks English because he does not speak Portuguese.

Instead the girl immediately says that she does not speak English, but speaks Italian and Ignazio is happy.

Her sister also intervenes and she also speaks Italian, they are happy and excited that they are online with Ignazio. The girls are from Rio de Janeiro and say they will come to the Verona concert .

Ignazio replies that then they will meet in August and says goodbye.

Ignazio 02

At this point Ignazio says he has a little surprise and contacts a girl named Arianna. She sent Ignazio a message, where she said that her grandfather passed away recently. He was an unknown singer-songwriter. Arianna sent the  to Ignazio of a grandfather song entitled “A Riva Mare” (By the Seashore).

Ignazio tries to sing it, Arianna has  a lot of emotion, almost in tears.

(I will translate the song – it’s in Neapolitan, I hope to understand right … I also asked Jo Ann Tischler for help and for this I thank her!)

“A Riva Mare” (By the Seashore)

By the seashore, it hurts more than any pain. Looking at the waves of the sea, which spoke of love.

Fly dove fly, carrying my love far away from me.

Come back, come to Ischia (island near Capri) with me.

Don’t make me suffer; don’t make me die.

A loud noise beats hard in my heart:  “It was a lie, a little jealousy, that you can’t understand.”

You can understand, loud noise [in my heart].  Cry with me if this love doesn’t come back here.

Come back, come back to Ischia, to me, because hope is the last to die.

……really nice words, very moving)

Arianna thanks Ignazio, sends him kisses and applauds him. She tells him that he is immense and that there should be more people like him in the world. ❤️ She says her grandpa would be delighted.

Ignazio says he has also made a video and will publish it soon. Arianna thanks him infinite times and tells him that he has given a little light in this dark period, and thanks him with all her heart. She says that with her there are grandmother and mother who thank him with all their heart.

Ignazio asks where in Naples that she lives and what work she does. Arianna replies that she is from San Giorgio, a municipality in Naples and that she is a photographer of newborn children. Ignazio says that, so she could take a picture of him, with the pacifier and the diaper!😁

Final greetings.

Ignazio is happy to have made the basis for this song. Arianna sent him the video of his grandfather singing acapella these beautiful words, and he slowly tried to insert some background music. He says that once more romantic words were written, compared to the songs of today.

Ignazio 03

A fan asks Ignazio if he will come to Marsala soon and he says yes, because he misses Marsala, also because he has all the friends he misses there.

Ignazio is no longer able to connect and then says that he disconnects the live broadcast and then turns it back on. It finally works.

The girl calls from Puerto Rico, asks Ignazio how he is and Ignazio says he is fine, closed in his home.

Even the girl confirms that she is also in quarantine but that it is difficult. Ignazio advises her to be a good girl and not to leave the house. The girl says she is studying and Ignazio tells her that she hasn’t studied all year and is now recovering 😁.

Then the girl says the names of some of her friends, all Volovers, and asks Ignazio to greet them. Ignazio greets them and then sends a kiss.

Ignazio 04

The next call is from Argentina, it is a grandmother and granddaughter, the grandmother is Italian.

Ignazio says that now he has been vegan since late November, after seeing a documentary. Even the girl says she tries to be vegan and Ignazio says it’s hard to be vegan in Argentina.

The girl says that in October, Il Volo came to Argentina, to Luna Park, and her grandmother wanted to see them, give them a kiss, but she couldn’t. The grandmother is from Salerno and went to Argentina at the age of 14.

The grandmother asks how Piero and Gianluca are and Ignazio says what they are doing and says they are fine, all in their quarantined houses, that it is becoming a double quarantine!

Grandma confirms that they too are in quarantine, eat, drink and sleep. The granddaughter says that in her grandmother’s house, she has a photo of her grandchildren on the bedside table and nearby is the photo of Il Volo. Grandma confirms that every night, when she goes to sleep, she looks at them and says that she loves them very much. ❤️

Ignazio thanks, sends them a kiss and says goodbye.

Ignazio 05

Ignazio complains that he doesn’t like to choose, because he doesn’t want to offend anyone and says he is in trouble.

The name of a girl is Ginoble and then Ignazio says to call Gianluca.😁

The connection is with a laughing girl, because she was having dinner. She calls from Ukraine, from Kiev, Ignazio asks her why she speaks Italian and she replies that she is an Italian teacher.

The girl also confirms that she is in quarantine.

She was at the Kiev concert last year, and it was beautiful, her name is Anna.

Ignazio says he spends his days watching TV series, or playing and then confirms that for now the total closure, by decree, is up to April 13 (here in Italy), but he thinks that it will go further, at least until May-June.

Anna confirms June-July for her.

Final greetings.

Ignazio 06

The Internet is blocked again, but time is almost over and Ignazio is happy to have had this experience.

He reads some contacts:

Ignazio apologizes because he can no longer connect and then decides to sing a song, takes the guitar and says that he is self-taught, has never studied guitar, then asks to apologize for the mistakes.

Then he performs a refrain of songs and then ends with “Tirichitolla”.😁

Ignazio greets everyone, sends a kiss and ensures that he will make other connections like this. ❤️

Ignazio 07

And this is the video that Ignazio promised to Arianna. A truly beautiful gesture, good Ignazio.

I have translated the words of Ignazio.

“Wandering on Instagram I read the message of a girl, who spoke of her grandfather who died a short time ago, told me that he was a songwriter, writer, who had never been lucky, was not known. She sent me the video of his grandfather singing this song, of which he had written only the lyrics and the melody, and none had ever written the music.

I took this thing to heart and gave myself a gift, to be honored to be able to remember this man, Mr. Vincenzo.


(in the video Mr. Vincenzo)
Arianna = For you in a special exhibition, Vincenzo.
Vincenzo =  A RIVE MARE (At the seaside) Unpublished.

By publishing the video, Ignazio wrote these words:
Grandparents are only the most beautiful thing in the world .. will be that my grandparents are all up there, looking at us from the sky, but it was the least I could do for grandpa Vincenzo …

Ignazio 08

Ignazio, what can I say, you have a huge heart and a good soul.

Thanks for what you are and what you do.

You are a treasure.

Daniela ❤️


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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    1. Then Mark, a Neapolitan is the one who lives in Naples, and in the whole Campania region (Naples is the capital city), a region of southern Italy. But Neapolitan, it also indicates the dialectal language used throughout Campania. But throughout Italy there are different dialects, some difficult to understand. The Sicilian dialect is among those difficult to understand and certainly Gianluca had to undergo the linguistic complicity between Ignazio and Piero. Even the Abruzzese dialect is very difficult to understand, for me, even more than Sicilian.

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