Dreams 01

You liked the first old video that I translated and so I looked for this Italian interview.

In some cases you will hear the boys answer, but there are no questions, evidently they have not been included in the video, but equally the sense is understandable. Only towards the end, we hear the voice of the woman who interviewed them.

I would add, for my part, that I always have the feeling that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, even then, were speaking more serenely if they were interviewed by foreign people. They have always known, from the beginning, that they are not so well liked by the Italian press, which in any case tries to embarrass them, especially in the final questions.

But the three of them have always been well determined in the answers, evidently when in a dream, you feel it truly yours, you defend it to the end.

G = We have changed the name from Il Trio to Il Volo.

This new name is above all as a wish, for music ….

P = Because music makes us fly.

G = It is as if it is thousands of meters (up, up) what is happening to us.
We put all the passion, all the love, for this thing that is happening to us, and that we love to do, because it is our passion and therefore, of course, we put all the effort.

I = And we will always give the best of ourselves.

P = We put all the effort into it, because we understand the depth of the people who are  alongside us and who are working with us.

I = The project was created, we made this recording, this CD between Rome and Los Angeles. It was a personal and also an artistic growth, we had people and producers behind us, who always told us “commit yourselves, with the heart, filling everyone with excitement.”

G = We must learn from these great artists, follow their steps. For example, the experience of We Are The World has made us grow. We have seen people, very famous, who have remained humble, like Celine Dion herself, or Barbra Streisand. We hope with this CD, to be able to convey to people, what …..

P = What we feel inside.

G = And of course we must remain humble …

P = Staying humble yes, as Gianluca said, Celine Dion or Barbra Streisand  are humble, but they have reached the maximum of world music, therefore we have understood that, with humility, great levels can be reached.

In my opinion, however, if one is too full of themselves or arrogant, he does not go anywhere.

Dreams 02

G = All this happened to us at the age of 15, it is not something that happens often. We work hard, because as I said, this is our passion, this is our love, it is singing, music.

P = We live for this.

I = How many kids want to have this ?? And we were lucky to be able to do all this.

G = We must also thank Roberto Cenci, because it is he who united us, he had the genius, no, the flair, to unite us, and then this project was born.

The brothers argue.

P = The nice thing about the three of us is that we tell each other everything face-to-face.

I = Yes, it’s not that we speak behind our backs, if I don’t like something I say “Piero, look, I don’t like this thing.”

P = And perhaps this is our strength.

I = Our strength is the friendship that unites us, the truth, and the genuineness that we have …. the spontaneity.

G = Obviously among us …… the groups must be like this, right?

Dreams 03

PR = I would like to know what criticisms you have had from the kids of your age, you are not afraid that, being so young, maybe you miss the stages (of your life), maybe school life, daily life, going out …..

G = This is the stage we want to do!

PR = Despite everything?

I = Yes, because we do it with passion, we don’t do it because we are forced, but that’s what we want.

G = Exactly, absolutely.

I = You know, when you are a child, you open the drawer and you like what you find ….. we would like to do this, in short it is what we want to do, this is the answer.

G = It happened to us at the age of 15, but as I said, this is our love, our passion and we are very committed to this. We do not believe in missing stages, absolutely.

PR = But because now is only the beginning and everything is wonderful, but then, maybe in a few years, you may be missing going out with your friends.

I = Maybe we could miss some outings with friends, but I don’t think other 16-year-olds travel the world, and it’s a beautiful experience. We do not miss stages, indeed we have more.

Dreams 04

But how sweet and mature were these young Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca already then?

I don’t know if it is my impression, but it seems to me that Gianluca has a red face, he is probably trying to hide his first shyness, which has now passed very well.

And the photos? What can we say, they make us melt even more, what sweet guys !!


Back then, they dreamed of being able to sing one day at Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall ……. the dream came true !!!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

40 thoughts on “WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE by Daniela”

  1. Thanks Daniela. You are working so hard finding videos of the boys to keep us fans close to the boys. I enjoy to look back and hear them sing before they grew up to be young men.

    1. Regina, it’s my pleasure, because when I find these old videos, I discover things from Il Volo that I haven’t seen, because at that time I wasn’t following them!

    1. Susan, not even us Italians, do not understand the obstructionism of the press, here in Italy, towards Il Volo. They don’t deserve this treatment.

  2. Thank you for translating the interview. I love the early videos of the guys, they were so sweet. I often watch the PBS from Detroit, cute kids enjoying singing and trying to look serious, really sweet. And after ten or rather already eleven years they are wonderful, loved all over the world artists. Good for us we have them. Grazie 😗🤗

    1. Jolanta, those old videos are amazing, and Il Volo, so far, has been good at keeping the same path, and we hope they will continue for a long, long time to come.

  3. The video of the first time in NYC and all of the dreams they had is the sweetest video. They are the most incredible group of teens and they have grown to be wonderful young men. Thank you, Daniela, for taking us back to a first time event.

    1. Jeanette, that’s why I titled “when dreams come true”, because in that video, watching those theater, they dreamed of being able to sing there, and it has happened several times already !!

  4. A prophet has no honor in his own country…perhaps this is what il volo is experiencing in music in their own country…and what a shame. They have done nothing but good for their country, which they always proclaim to love in just about every interview that I’ve ever watched.

    Surely they deserve better and I think it may be starting to happen. Among the people for sure

    How do people stay humble when praise is always being heaped on them. May Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca always be blessed for their lovely selves and their gift of glorious music.

    A fan from British Columbia, Canada

    1. Shirley, it’s true, even here there is this proverb and it is very valid for Il Volo, but it does not justify certain attitudes, in particular of the press in Sanremo 2015 and even more in Sanremo 2019.

  5. Thank You, Thank You, so much for all the presentations. I allow time to read them … book mark them and read again. We miss Il Volo so much and you keep us in touch. So much appreciated.

  6. Love these older videos, I play them often. Thanks for the translation and the videos. Looks like it will be quite a while before they can come back to Canada and the U.S. Glad to see that Italy is doing well and the guys and everybody can get out again. Enjoy your freedom.

    1. Thankyou Daniela for the videos of the boys when they were young. I loved the Radio City Music Hall one. They were so cute. (Of course they still are.) I am so amazed at how mature and perceptive they were at that age. I was not aware of how the Italian press treated them until I recently read your articles from Sanremo 2018. I am so saddened by that. I don’t understand why. But fans all over the world love them and that’s what’s important. Thanks again.

      1. Unfortunately, Cathy, the Italian press is a very painful and incomprehensible key to how they write and judge Il Volo.
        Something seems to be changing, because many fans are no longer silent and protesting when they read the stupid comments of the journalists.

    2. Unfortunately, Beverley, everything has been turned upside down because of the pandemic, everything is postponed at least next year.
      The important thing is that we are fine.

  7. Did anyone notice the audience in Florence for the Tribute concert? Thousands of Italians and they loved it. Could there be politics in play ? They should have won Eurovision. Fishy.

    1. Boston girl, but the Italian public loves Il Volo, there is no doubt, it is the Italian press, which wants to make believe that they are not appreciated, but it is not like that at all.
      By the way, I was there that night in Florence, memorable !!

  8. Daniela and Pat, this has so many memories attached to it.I remember them standing across the street from Radio City Music Hall saying that someday they wanted to perform there. It took so willing people to make this success happen. As they mentioned, people actually invested in them. Training them, preparing them, giving lessons, to what hey were to become. Of course their parents had to be apart of the dream. It all worked and we still have them to enjoy today. Thank you for all your efforts. This was a very good piece.I also remember when they were preparing in Detroit, a tech showing Piero what happens when he puts the ear piece in. The look on his face was priceless.

    1. You’re welcome, Kay! I only discovered IL VOLO in 2016 and I thoroughly enjoy seeing these older videos of them. I think I have seen them all and Daniela comes up with another one that I have not seen! I never get tired of watching them!! 😍

    2. Yes, Kay, undoubtedly, they have come a long way together, so much progress and so much friendship that has united them.
      It’s fantastic to see how their dreams came true, but there is a great surprise coming for all of us, too bad that the pandemic has put off everything, but they will amaze us once again.

  9. Thank you for inside information among the young guys. I am impressed with their growth as the young men of today . I love to hear them sing I have been know to say they make the angels cry. Their voices are so beautiful..

  10. Daniela, Is the press hard on them from a professional aspect ( the type of music they present ) or are they also hard on them from a personal standpoint-their personalities and how they live their private lives? Or how they conduct themselves publicly? There does seem to be a change in Ignazio’s overall demeanor lately, at least I think I see some kind of change. I can see how the press would eat this up and be very rough on him. You said once that he has haters, but why?

    1. Yes Mark, unfortunately the press does not support “bel canto”, but neither does it support the talent of the boys and not even their beautiful image, in short they have to complain about everything, about their repertoire, even about their way of dressing, they call them ” old young “because they often dress in suits. It is not good even because they are fond of parents and grandparents, in short, it almost seems that they are scary, but why ??? Perhaps because they do not conform to fashion, that is to sing loud, voiceless songs, to dress in ridiculous clothing, to show fully tattooed arms, in short, what everyone else is doing. However, the others, you can hear them every moment on the radio, while Il Volo only draws times.
      Too good ?? Too professional ?? Too clean ??

      1. I won’t mention this topic again, as it is sad and unfair. The guys bloom and grow despite what their detractors say. I feel bad that I did mention it once again, because it gives their detractors attention and, in a way, a breath of their own. The guys deserve the positive attention more than any.

  11. Thanks Daniela., What fun it is to look back at our boys and remember how and why we fell in love with them. They have come a long way since 2009, and I, for one, am very proud of them! – Allene

  12. Daniela,thanks for the note. The first time I watched the Tribute DVD, I couldn’t even get out of the chair. To BE there ?? NOTTE MAGICA !

  13. I love watching & listening to these three wonderful, handsome guys with incredible voices!!!

  14. Well I goofed, went to correct a misspelled word and lost the whole content… It would win the prize it was that good! Proud to say you are “my guys, my loves” and I wish I hadn’t loused up. Love you to the moon and back. You belong together but you are Kings standing alone also. Please come back soon. Mondo is my favorite song, beautiful in every way and sung with deep love and meaning. Please give your parents a big hug, because they taught you to be kind and humble. God gave you your voice and put you together. Love U always <3

  15. Thanks for this interview. They were so cute then. They have always kept their humility. 2012 in Boston was my first concert. Seems like just yesterday, never dreaming that I would be meeting them, AND their families, AND Barbara. I will NEVER tire of them or their incredible music. Thanks Daniella and Patrizia. Love, Donna

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