Some time ago, I told you about the book written by Patrizia Ciava: “GRANDE AMORE AL PRIMO ASCOLTO, Il Volo, A Fan Tribute”.

This beautiful book, published by the Publishing House: AltrEdizioni, has been printed, for now, only in Italian, and I have already translated for you, the presentation of the Publishing House and the beautiful preface by Marino Bartoletti, in a post, immediately after the publication of the book.

As I have already told you, the first part of the book concerns articles written by the talented Patrizia Ciava, while the second part gathers stories of fans from all over the world, of how they got to know Il Volo.

Since the English edition has not yet been made, I asked Patrizia Ciava and the Publishing House for permission to translate the first of the fan stories. Kindly, both gave me their permission, and I thank them very much. So today, I propose you, the translation of the first fan story: LA FAVOLA DE IL VOLO E IAIA.

What I am about to tell you is a fairy tale, delicate and full of small and large daily gestures, of those lived with discretion and affection, in which the destiny of a little girl is intertwined at some point with that of three exceptional boys, three princes: Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio.

The fairy tale is about Ilaria, for many Iaia, a little girl with beautiful ringlets, graceful features, a naturally delicate and elegant gesture and two dark eyes, deep and penetrating, ready to light up with sweetness or shine with pride and courage.

A little girl apparently like many, but special for those who, like me, her mother and life partner, had the honor and privilege of knowing her.

It all began in late 2014, when Iaia was 5 years old and an important past behind her: at just 3½ her life had been marked by the discovery of a rare and serious oncology pathology.

Our fantastic family raised funds to give her hope and make her dream of life come true: destination, New York! My cousin Maria, contacted Il Volo and Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio immediately supported the fundraising, with personal gestures of solidarity, dedicating an evening in Abruzzo (presented by dear Francesca Martinelli, in the “Parco dei Principi” of Cellino Attanasio) and making an appeal to their fans.

The story of Iaia, crossed the borders of Italy and from all over the world, the fans responded with enthusiasm and affection.

At that time, our family had created a loving shell of discretion, to allow us to be able to live peacefully, the time available with her, but the fantastic family of Il Volo, with delicacy, wanted to know the little girl.

Initially the contacts were by telephone and there was no lack of occasion, in which they sent audio and video messages of greetings and encouragement; they even sent a video message to the New York doctor!

We did not imagine that boys, taken from such a dizzyingly fast and demanding life, could be so close to us!

I observed Ilaria, and I saw in her gaze, surprise and joy, every time a message came from them.

She was a difficult child to conquer, but they, slowly slowly, entered her heart. So many memories!

I remember the first time the boys participated in the Sanremo Festival, we had just arrived in New York, and we had organized ourselves to follow them in streaming.

The day before the start of the event, Ila wanted to give him a good luck and sing “Happy Birthday” to Gianluca for his birthday.

How much emotion in that sweet little voice and how much tenderness in Gianluca’s response, who promised her to dedicate to her with all his heart, the song they would sing.

There were many emotions on her face: surprise, pleasure and joy. She was overjoyed, she felt deeply flattered.

I remember that she started dancing on the bed from happiness.

This delicate correspondence between the boys and Ilaria continued over time and, returning from a trip to America, a surprise awaited us!

In fact, dear Francesco Di Donato, mayor of Roccaraso, told us that the guys from Il Volo wanted us at the opening concert of their Italian tour, which started right there. Ilaria and her brother, Alessandro, jumped literally with joy.

The big day came and we organized a dinner to give Ilaria the chance to meet them before the concert.

She had personally chosen the dress to wear that evening: candy pink tulle, which highlighted her small slender figure.

She was happy, but the closer the time came to meet them, the more tense she became! She was a girl with a very strong character, sometimes very lively, but when her most intimate emotions were involved, she closed herself up in silence.

That evening, Ilaria went down the restaurant stairs, like a radiant and excited Princess. The boys came up to her and hugged her gently. I perfectly remember the delicacy of their gestures and their looks ….. they treated her like a delicate flower.

Piero, Gianluca Ignazio and their whole family were discreet and sweet.

At one point, Gianluca went to where the children were playing and started drawing with them.

What surprised faces, Ilaria and Alessandro made! Both of them were excited and happy. We were already happy like this, we seemed to have received much more than what these fantastic guys could give, but promises are promises.

On the day of the concert, Iaia was sitting in the front row and looking at me agitated: she was not used to being the center of attention and it was not easy for her.

When Il Volo arrived on stage, she ran away. I went over to reassure her and the boys reassured her with their eyes, until, relaxed, she could enjoy that magnificent gift. How nice to hear her sing their songs and see her happy!

The moment of GRANDE AMORE arrived, the most magical moment of the evening. The boys kept their promise: they dedicated the concert to her and Gianluca dedicated the song to her.

Once again, surprised and flattered, Ilaria had shiny eyes. The emotions that showed through her eyes were strong and she sang,very excited, the song. The boys had given her a unique and special moment, unrepeatable and indescribable emotions.

After the concert, we said goodbye with the promise to meet again.

From that day four years have passed, years in which the boys of Il Volo have never stopped showing their affection to Ilaria, in various moments of her short life: birthdays, small and big daily hits, and also her First Communion.

Their affection has always struck us, they have given her a lot and they were in her thoughts. She often listened to their songs and sang them around the house with her dad, creating an alchemy of joy and happiness.

Unfortunately, this beautiful fairy tale had an ending that none of us wanted. In spring 2018, Ilaria’s conditions worsened, despite her desire to make the most of her days.

She had also decided to do something to help other children and for some time she had felt ready to sing in public. So in May, she decided to attend a charity concert, led by the hospital’s music teacher, Bianca.

On that occasion, she should have sung solo, a lullaby written for her. I remember that moment very well, it was May 30, when, during the last rehearsals, the teacher and Ilaria jokingly talked about beautiful songs, and Ilaria said: “But Bianca, now I’ll make you listen to GRANDE AMORE of IL VOLO! So she started singing, proud and excited.

It was her last song!

The last time I heard her splendid voice singing, it caressed my heart.

Unfortunately, a few days later, Ilaria left us to become a beautiful angel.

In our hearts, the words that she wrote a short time before, to little cousin Greta, for her birthday, are always alive; in six words, the synthesis of her existence: “Life is beautiful, live it well!”

This is one of the most beautiful teachings that Ilaria has left to all of us, together with the affection and generosity that her dear friends of Il Volo continue to show us!

A heartfelt thanks to Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero and to all the Il Volo family.

Mama Ida

The part of the book ends here, but I go further and I want to tell you that when Iaia left, the parents made the sad announcement and the boys made these statements:  (taken from the article below)

Caffeina Magazine Article – Click Here

“We hoped until the end that Ilaria could win her battle against the evil that had plagued her for years. We hoped she could do it. But this did not happen. We have always been in contact with her parents to learn about the evolution of the situation. Relationships never stopped and unfortunately we were aware that the girl’s condition had suddenly worsened. Nevertheless, we continued to pray for her, never abandoning the hope that a miracle could happen,” explains Ginoble himself together with the other members of the group, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto.

“On this day of mourning and sadness – the three say in a statement to Ansa (National Press Agency) – we feel even closer to the parents and little brother, convinced that Iaia from the top of the sky can guide us in the battle for a better world, especially for the more young.”

Iaia’s parents, founded a charity to help sick children, is called IL SOGNO DI IAIA, and is also on Facebook.

How sad, a little angel has gone to be among the hosts of paradise.

Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, had hoped until the end that she could stay, but God wanted her with him !!

Sleep peacefully, little Iaia. ❤️


Credit to owners of all photos. Thanks to Patrizia Ciava and the Publishing House, AltrEdizioni, for permission to translate the story of Iaia.

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  1. Heartbreaking and inspiring.
    Unforgettable wisdom from a young child who left us a powerful lesson—“Life is beautiful, LIVE it WELL“.

  2. The generosity and emotions invested in this little girl by IL Volo does not come as a surprise. We know this is just the sort of thing they would do. Who knows how many other wonderful gestures they have made to others that we will never know about.

  3. Both happy and sad. Brought tenderness and tears to my eyws. I’m glad tjhis child felt comfort with IL Volo. Our guys give with their heart and their songs. I was hoping for a joyful ending, but sweet girl you will meet again and they and you will love each even more. “My guys” go beyond normalcy, they are blessed by God and God gives them whatever is needed to succeed no matter the situation. IL Volo is brave also as the little one was. I wish IL Volo guys laughter, hugs,, and many accolades the world can see and know. God Bless the child’s family and all that read this beautiful tribute. IL Volo is a healer in many ways other than music…. Always love in my heart for you and God will give me a front row seat in heaven when you perform. Thank you Momma for helping to make her last days happy ones.

  4. What a wonderful story and tribute to Il Volo. Thank you so much for translating it for us. What a gift to give happiness to a little girl who needed it. Wonderful!!

  5. Thank you to everyone who is a part of this story. It was a very heartbreaking situation with a heart rendering outcome. The photo of Ignazio teaching for her at the foot of the stage has brought me to tears. You can feel the gentleness of this young man, I have seen similar looks on the faces of Gianluca and Piero, but I think Igna feels it more because of what his mother went through when he was a young child. May these young men continue to live their lives as well as they have up until now. Daniela this for you ❤️🐿

  6. What a tender story I say with tears in my eyes. Life is beautiful, live it we ll. Powerful poetic words from such a fragile young girl. The young men of Il Volo are drawn to the purest of hearts like Iaia. What beautiful lessons of love they give and receive from those fortunate enough to meet them in this world.

    1. Dear Jane, this is such a moving story. Losing a child is a terrible thing and I can’t think of such great pain, for a parent, and I think you know it well, unfortunately.
      A hug.

  7. Daniela and Pat , thank you for giving us this story. The guys are so generous and empathetic to their fans, especially this beautiful little girl. I read the story with tears in my eyes. I do look forward to more stories from this book.

    1. Janet, this painful story was expected to cause so much emotion, to tears. Many have been paid by the family, to whom we give all our support.
      With the authorization of Patrizia Ciava and the publishing house, I hope to be able to translate other stories from the book.

  8. What a wonderful and lovely story. I knew these young men were angels butvi never realized. the true depth of their love. Thank you for this touching and lovely story. These young men have hearts of gold

  9. Thank you, Daniela and Pat for providing us with this loving and moving story that captures the loving, caring, and empathic nature of Ignazio, Gianluca, and Piero. The joy they must have brought to laia and the comfort they surely brought to her family were immeasurable.
    Thank you again for sharing.

  10. Ignazio sings a poignant song, Ilaria, that moves him to tears. Was he singing about this precious little girl?

    1. Barbara, I believe that song was by Daniel Pino, an Italian singer. ignazio loves his music.

      1. Hi Barbara,The name of the Pino Daniele song is Alleria. It was written before Iaia was born. You can google the English translation of the lyrics.

  11. I really appreciate all the both of you do to make our Il Volo close to us. Their hearts and souls are always on the ready to give away. They are so special.They live and give their goodness. Precious memories.

  12. Thank you Pat and Daniela for this lovely story. We always see how much Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca love children and what tender, loving hearts they have. Dear Iaia, an amazing child, is now a beautiful angel!

    1. Connie, impossible not to be moved. Iaia remains a sweet memory, in the hearts of all of us, and also in Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

  13. Daniella, I hope I can read the entire book. Tears are in my eyes. I remember donating so she could come to New York. Our boys are so kind, and always make sure to make the kids feel special. I am so happy for her that she had this special relationship with them. Thanks for the translations.
    Love, Donna

    1. Woman, I hope to be able to translate many other stories, not all so sad.
      We are certainly even more proud of our guys’ behavior.

  14. Thank you Daniela and Pat for translating and posting this moving story. I can’t imagine how difficult the loss of a child must be. It is so beautiful that Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio help this sweet little girl to make her dreams come true. Big hearts of gold. Now the little angel from above watches and takes care of her family and the boys I hope. Grazie mille 😗

    1. Thanks Jolanta, I have been ready for the translation for a long time, but I was waiting for the confirmation to be able to publish this article for you.
      I knew you would like it. The people who are in Flight Crew have a sweet sensitivity towards some facts of life and a lot of love for the boys of Il Volo.

  15. So sad yet so beautiful. Her short stay on this plain touched many and will continue to do so.

    Another testament of our gracious endearing young men.

    Thank you so much for this moving translation.

    1. Dear Marie, the earthly time that has been granted to Iaia is far too little.

      Surely our guys had another demonstration of how much love they have towards children.

      I hope to be able to translate other stories.

  16. Such a beautiful little Angel, many thanks for the translation such a inspiration to read. This only re enforces what we all know how compassionate and loving Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are and that comes from their families and all that are connected to them. Stardom has not altered their values, they are truly remarkable young men.

  17. Roslyn, a shining angel, who watches over from heaven, but how much pain for that family. A great pain that also touched Piero, GIanluca and Ignazio deeply.

  18. I wanted to tell you that I sent the link of the post, to the association IL SOGNO DI IAIA, and mamma IDA immediately replied me.
    She was very grateful for this translation, was very moved to re-read what she wrote about the little treasure of Iaia and thanks all of you for your sweet thoughts.

  19. Thank you. Beautiful and sad but no surprise that the boys were so sweet to her and made a little girl happy. Gif bless the family.

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