Since there is no interesting news on Il Volo, I searched through the old videos, and I found one of June 2017, recorded in Taormina.

The speech that precedes the song is very hilarious, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are really three nice rascals, who know how to entertain us.

I hope that the translation reproduces the nice atmosphere…

GIAN = Here we are! (applause)

IGNA = Sorry I’m late, but tenors pee too. (laughter from the audience)  (he clears his throat)

I wanted to make a serious speech ….. we are fond of Italy, in particular Sicily, two of us are Sicilians, (he sees a white cloud from the audience) … but who smokes? What happened? Is there white smoke for the new Pope? (many laughs)

This cigarette hurts you, throw it away!


IGNA = (he resumes the speech interrupted by cigarette smoke). However, we are mainly linked to Taormina. Taormina is very special for us, because we think it is one of the most beautiful towns in the world, (applause) but above all because we met some real friends here.

To name a few, like Saretto Bambar who makes wonderful granitas ….

Piero = Hi Saretto

GIAN = We love you!

IGNA = … then Giovanni of LA BOTTE (restaurant near the Bambar), then all our tennis friends ….

GIAN = Even the Metropole Hotel, who always treat us like royalty.

IGNA = The promise I want to make to the people of Taormina is to spend my summer here in Taormina. (applause) ….. but it’s not that now that you know, this summer everyone come to Taormina !!!!! I come around day 32 …. (lots of laughter)

GIAN = of December !!

Well, let’s move on to the next song.

IGNA = Yes, sorry.

GIAN = Maybe many of you know that our journey, indeed, our flight together, started more than eight years ago.

The first time we sang together was April 25, 2009. The years go by quickly …..

PIERO = Eight years old … you must understand that we spend most of the year together, so when we go home I happen to call my brother or sister, by their names. (Ignazio or Gianluca)

IGNA = It can happen, but one thing worries me, I don’t mean for your brother, but to call your sister by our names ….. (lots of laughter).

PIERO = It can happen, but the real problem is that when Ignazio comes home, he calls his dog, by our names (lots of laughter).

IGNA = It’s details …

PIERO = But I say, have I ever replied “bow wow?”

IGNA = No, but you must know that dogs become like children and …..

GIAN = This is a show of affection!

IGNA = Exactly.

And then Franzino (Franz, Ignazio and Alessandra’s dog), looks a little like you, has your features, look I’m complimenting you.

PIERO = Thank you, what a brother!

IGNA = Maybe even the cut of the eyes, the tuft ..

PIERO = Do you have a dog with a tuft?

IGNA = It’s hairy ..

PIERO = And am I hairy? (he refers that  everybody knows Ignazio to be the hairiest of them three). Hairy me?

IGNA= (At this point, Ignazio speaks in Sicilian dialect. He is the hairiest of the three and I think this causes him a little embarrassment, since the current fashion involves smooth male chests. That summer, Ignazio shaved his chest, but the result was that his skin was not smooth at all, but full of small rashes, I believe that the meaning of the sentence said by Ignazio is this …)

And then, the hair removal must be done only on the legs of the women and not the men on the chest …. then I become a meteorite! 😁😁

Let’s move on. 

GIAN = The first song we sang together that day, you know it true, you remember it, you saw that famous episode (of Ti Lascio Una Canzone).

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll all sing together O SOLE MIO !! (applause)

Did you like their comedy?

They are good singers, good guys, good entertainers, what more do we want.

Attending one of their concerts is a real experience, but now we are in a crisis of withdrawal from concerts.

We hope that the situation will return to normal soon, so that we can once again enjoy your voices, your beauty and even your antics personally.

See you soon guys !!


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

64 thoughts on “THOSE THREE NICE GUYS by Daniela”

  1. Thankyou loved it I always re watch their shows on you tube and and social media and interviews see them laughing and talking and don’t understand a thing so truly appreciate your translations Thankyou 🇦🇺👏🇦🇺👏🇦🇺👏

      1. Thank You so much Daniela, this was a real treat. Since I do not speak and only understand a little Italian I miss so much of the conversations they have on stage/and interviews. So often would like to join in the laughter and try to understand what everyone is laughing about. Their joking along with their appearance and voices are just beautiful. They are just FIRST CLASS all the way around. Thank You Again.

  2. I saw this on YouTube and although I did get the jist of it it was much more enjoyable having it translated, thank you very much 👏😍

  3. Oh Daniela, Deborah, Judy and I were there… We did not understand the banter between songs… So this article was truly special… It brought back the memory of the Taormina concert and the enjoyment of knowing a little of what they said before the song O Solo Mio…
    It also brought back another beautiful moment for me… It was that same concert tour in 2017 that I was at the Verona concert and there you were… We met for the first time. A wonderful friendship was made that day and forever… Much love to you my dear friend…

    1. Jeannette, I remember very well your adventure and your beautiful encounters in Taormina and your dinner at La Botte !! They are unforgettable moments. I am happy to have brought back the memory of those evenings with so much laughter. In Verona it was an important moment for me, I could finally get to know you, it was beautiful and I look forward to our next meeting. A hug!

  4. This was just delightful. We love their sense of humor. Thank you for the translation. We all wish we could understand them better and yet we all understand their playfulness on stage.

  5. Daniela, being at this fabulous concert at The Ancient Greek Theater in Taormina as part of our traveling group, “Il Volo’s Fabulous five .. La Nostra Grande Avventura” was amazing and the stuff dreams are made of!!! Your translation is the cherry on top! Being in the audience there, we can always feel the electricity from the audience and the guys are always at the top of their game… but the banter is, of course, always in Italian as it should be! Now… after 3 years I understand!!!! Grazie, grazie, Grazie!!!

    1. Yes, Judy, I understand what you mean, to be able to fully understand their nice speech …. it is just the icing on the cake, of those beautiful unforgettable moments !!

  6. Thanks for this, Daniela, I loved it. I wish there were English subtitles on all their non-singing comments in Italian! It seems Ignazio always initiates it (I know he accurately calls himself “the funny one”) with Piero as his straight man, and Gianluca trying hard to keep the show on track…a good team.

    1. Judi, sometimes there are videos with subtitles, but you don’t understand anything about the translation, I would have liked to read how the translator would have translated the sentence in Sicilian dialect !!
      Yes, Ignatius is always the “driving force”, but the other two are two excellent “shoulders” (so, we call who answers your speech)

  7. It is so nice to be able to read what the guys have said and you do such a good job Love these guys and try not to miss anything they are participating in. I always received on my homepage when something came from this site and for some reason I no longer get the post Other than checking on your website when I remember to is there anything I can do Thank you

    1. Beverley, I’m very glad you liked the translation.
      Now I refer to Pat, who is more technical than me, to understand why you no longer receive the notification!

      1. Beverley, have you signed up on the blog site to receive email notices? You might try that again because I don’t see you on the email list. Scroll down a bit on the website……. there is a sidebar on the right with FOLLOW THE FLIGHT CREW ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Under that is FOLLOW US BY EMAIL. Please sign up there and see if you then receive notices.

  8. Daniela and Pat, I enjoyed that so much. They have such a good sense of humor and chatting with the audience like that between songs makes the concerts so fun. We always get to know a little more about them. And Igna in particular is so easy on stage and so spontaneous. He can react to anything going on around him and make it fun and funny. Piero as the straight man is always a great combination. I think that is what makes these 3 so special , the combination of gorgeous voices and fun banter and interactions with the audience. They make attending a concert like being at a party with them. Taormina, Sept 2021!!

    1. Janet, I think the mix of skill, friendliness and beauty is what wins out in this trio. All three complement each other in every field. I think it’s very difficult to find an interaction as beautiful and sincere as theirs.
      Taormina 2021 awaits you !!

  9. Thank you Daniela for transtating the guys’ jokes and funny bantering. It is so nice to understand all their funny conversations. I’d love to visit beautiful Taormina some day and to be at the Il Volo’s concert in this place would be a magical experience. Grazie mille cara Daniela.

    1. Hi Jolanta, and thank you for the compliments, we all want to be in Taormina, a beautiful town with a wonderful view. But am I wrong or have I seen your photos here in Italy these days?

      1. Yes I spent almost six wonderful days in Puglia and Matera. Your country is so beautiful. I came back home on Friday night and I already miss this magical places. Bacci and abbracci

  10. Daniela, I so enjoy your translations. I only get a little bit of it. I can understand the Spanish interviews (some years ago) when they were in Latin America. Anyway thanks again. I am so hoping this virus will be under control soon. They are real celebrities, on so many magazine covers yet they remain grounded. Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington U.S.A.

    1. Dena, thanks for the compliments.
      We all strongly hope that this virus is under control. We all need normality and positivity and why not ….. new concerts !!

  11. Thanks Daniela for giving us a look back on our guys. I so enjoy reading your translations. This one gave me a few chuckles. I love their personalities and the banter among them. They truly are “brothers”.

    Although I have all of their CDs and all of the PBS DVDs, I have never had the opportunity to attend one of their lives concerts. Hopefully when the borders open that will change.

    1. Mary Jane, was what I was hoping for, make you laugh.
      Because in these moments we are too worried about events and we forget to laugh a little.
      If you have never attended one of their concerts, I wish you so with all my heart, their voices, already beautiful, are fantastic live.

  12. Thanks Pat and Daniela for the video, photos and translation. I enjoy seeing them have fun and it’s always better knowing what was said. I remember Ignazio in a PBS interview saying that being on stage is like a second home to him. It’s obvious that all three feel the same way. They are smiling, having fun, enjoying themselves and of course, singing beautifully as well. They never disappoint!
    I too would love to see them in concert in Taormina!

    1. Margaret, the first time I saw them in concert, I was amazed of their naturalness on stage, they are so, simple and natural, what other singer would start by saying “sorry, but tenors pee too” … too loud !!

    2. You’re welcome, Margaret! My dream is to see the guys perform in Italy…..Verona or Taormina would be great!

  13. It was a delight to read your translation of their comments at the Taormina concert. It is perhaps my favourite of all I have seen on YouTube. But then again, I so loved their performances at the Nobel Peace Prize concert! And was so proud of them for being chosen to participate in it. They do represent their country in a really lovely way.

    Something I truly enjoy is when they harmonize together…like Notte Stellata, Reloj, Si me Falta tu Mirada, and so many others. I would buy CD’s of them just doing that!

    Thanks again for all the translating and sharing with their fans, Daniela. I do not know how many others do that, but together you all do a remarkable job of making the miracle of il Volo available to those of us who only speak English. I am working on learning some basic Italian.

    Is it possible to change something on my address. I signed in as Shirley Girl. That was my husband’s special name for me and now I feel I would like to take it down and just be Shirley from Canada. Please… if it is not too difficult to make the change.

    Have you any way of knowing if they will be coming to Vancouver, Canada in the future? That would be my only chance of ever seeing a concert, so I do hope they will.

    I look forward to the next posting! Shirley from Canada

    1. Thankyou Daniela for translating this fun time between the boys. They are such a joy when they are teasing each other. It was so nice of you to do this when things are quiet with the guys. I enjoy everything you share with us about the boys. Their love and admiration for each other is amazing and it shows in their concerts.

      1. Thank you Cathy, you are very kind, and given the success of this translation, I believe I will translate another speech between songs. They are so funny.

    2. Shirley, every concert of theirs is memorable, and then their speeches are inspired by what happens in that moment (like the white cloud of the cigarette).
      As for the name, now I see that you are Shirley from Canada, so it’s okay.
      They usually start their American tours, first with a few stops in Canada. For now everything is suspended due to Covid, we hope that everything will soon return to normal.
      Thanks for the compliments.

  14. Thanks Pat and Daniela. I have seen this video several times and enjoyed it every time. It’s a treat to now know what they are saying, though I have always laughed because of their body language.

    1. Kay, you said something very true, they speak with body language … you can guess what they say from their gestures and when you can combine the exact meaning with the gesture, you can enjoy the whole thing.

    2. You’re welcome, Kay. I sometimes laugh just because they are laughing and I don’t even understand all that they are saying!

    1. Linda, I was waiting for someone to make a comment on Ignatius’ hairy chest, and here you are.
      As I wrote, I think it’s a little embarrassing for him, but we, we love him as he is.

  15. thank you so much for taking the time to translate for us!! Just love hearing their remarks in english. they really are funny and yes Igna most of all.

  16. Thank you for another interesting story about Il Volo. These guys can be so funny yet serious when they need to be. I am starting to learn a little bit of Italian but until I get proficient I need your excellent translations. From myself and other fans thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us a glimpse of what the guys are saying. We appreciate you.

    1. Absolutely agree Doris, they can be funny, but they can also be serious. Once, in a comment, referring to lunches, Piero said, we eat sandwiches, but we also know how to behave in a lunch with VIPs and nobles.
      Thanks for the compliments, they are always welcome.

  17. Thanks Daniela! You fou d a good one to translate. Over the years there have been plenty of times we needed a translation. And now here you are!

  18. Daniela thanks for your efforts to find something we might enjoy and post it. I know everyone misses their concerts. I do not know how the other artists in Italy made thru this virus but I think the boys did have some good special events to at least let us see them perform.

    1. Thanks to you Regina, who always appreciate what I write.
      You are right, we are lucky that we have been able to see them in some events and I hope there are others, and that this pandemic ends !!

  19. Thank you so much for this fun translation!
    I’m always looking for their interviews with subtitles to learn more about the Boys, which are not easy to find.

    I saw an Italian carpool karaoke-type show that looked hilarious but sadly, no subtitles 😔 to enjoy.

    With great appreciation for all you do. 🙏

  20. That CARPOOL video is habit forming! A real ride or a PR video? Gotta give it to the driver. He was a perfect match. A translation would be a great gift from you. Could never drive like that around Boston!

    1. I think it was a real race through the streets of Rome, certainly not the busiest.
      Rome is very busy, but I think Boston is more.
      I hope I can do this translation for you!

  21. Thank you for choosing that video. From the laughter of the audience I could see that all three of them were interacting at their best. At the time I was so frustrated that I could not understand a word of their conversations.
    At last ~~ thanks to Daniela’s great translation, I could enjoy this beautiful video to the full!!!! Thank you Daniela and Pat.

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